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[Micah’s Mausoleum] Horror Newspaper Ads From Yesteryear!!

A column where horror and nostalgia meet. Topics range from VHS, Vinyl, repertory screenings and a hodge-podge of anything else horror related that that harkens back to the days of yesteryear.

Remember when newspapers were a thing? They may not be relevant anymore, but back in the day newspaper ads were one of the only ways, outside of video store shelves, for young me to see things that would permanently scar my young impressionable brain. Often just seeing an image alone of a particularly nasty evil, like say Freddy Krueger, would haunt my nightmares for months. But those newspaper ads also served as a guide for what to watch when the opportunity finally presented itself.

Thanks to Cinema Du Meep, who is constantly posting newspaper ads and similar clippings, Jared Denison, and Jon Donahue for digging up the adverts. Hope you enjoy.

Head inside to check out a selection of ’70s and ’80s horror newspaper ads.

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