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The 5 Most Obnoxious Children In Horror!

Obnoxious Children

As in most movies, children can play an important part in horror movies. Sometimes though, those children can hamper your enjoyment of the film you’re watching. Be they bratty, evil, murderous, or just plain stupid, children in horror movies have the worst track record when it comes to being likable. Here are five of the worst offenders!


Mara Chaffee – Village of the Damned

Village of the Damned may not be one of John Carpenter’s best movies, but it features one of his most memorable and brattiest villains. Mara (Lindsey Haun, True Blood) is a bitch of the highest order. The leader of a group of telepathic and mind-controlling children, her mere presence is enough to make you want to jump through the screen and give her a good slap across her face.

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  • concerned citizen

    In defence of Samuel Vanek.
    One of the (many) things the film’s about is one of the greatest taboos remaining: those times a parent actually hates their child. In this case it goes even further: those times when a parent thinks about hurting their child.

    By making Samuel so damned slappable in the first half of the movie we’re made complicit. The simple fact is he’s the hero of the movie. Unwavering in his belief that his mother is a good person and that she is in danger and that only he can save her. We’re just seeing that hero through the lens of the “villain”.

    If this were an 80s Speilberg movie then Samuel would be the Goonies style kid with homemade weapons to fight off the boogeyman that no adult believes exists. Once you get to the end of the film and realise what the Babadook actually is…well, my heart breaks for that little kid.

    • Justin McGill

      I am surprised you didn’t include Danny Pintauro (“Cujo”). Who seems perennially on these lists.

      • James

        Yes or the boy from pet cemetery. Or the creepy chubby kid from near dark.

        • Angela M Campany

          Obnoxious is never bet-dah !

          – Jud Crandal

        • Evil Otto

          Really??? I thought Miko Hughes was adorable in Pet Sematary, Lol.

          Now as Dylan in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, on the other hand… I wanted to smack the hell out of him.

          Hard to believe he’s the same age that Dale Midkiff was in Pet Sematary now (30).

          • James

            Oh yeah that’s a good point. In new nightmare I just wanted to see Freddy get him.

  • Creepshow

    The twins in The Witch. They deserved to be Devil food.

    Jurassic Park… Who over the age of 8 would consider this horror?

    • wehoaks

      I wanted to smash those twins heads together.

    • Austin Young

      Jonas and Mercy from The Witch were little brats!

  • Richter Belmont

    The kids from Spielberg’s War of the Worlds were the worst.

    • J Jett

      Richter, i too had the brother & sister from WAR OF THE WORLDS!! lol. great minds think alike. 🙂

    • BlubberNugget

      Ugh….Dakota Fanning screaming every 2 minutes in War of the World’s was painfully annoying. The older brother was an unlikable doucebag.

  • Tryst V. Umbra

    I’m shocked you missed Cole from Sixth Sense!

  • Angela M Campany

    Kids from `The Visit` especially the boy were bad to i thought !

    • Michael James

      Christ, the rapping in that annoyed me.

      • Angela M Campany

        that to hun !

    • Ms. Ripley

      But they also made me laugh. They were typical kids/teenagers and I was glad they didn’t overdo it big time.

  • Joshua Miller in Near Dark.

    • Angela M Campany

      That kids always annoying in pretty much everything lol !

    • Evil Otto

      I agree 100%… But he gets bonus points for writing a great screenplay (The Final Girls) in his 40’s, though.

      Still hard to believe he’s Jason Patric’s brother.

  • J Jett

    i agree w/ many of these. the BABADOOK kid had me wanting to smack him big time! and both the son and especially the daughter in THE PURGE were so irritating (the daughter played the daughter on THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW and it’s the actual actress herself who’s freaking annoying and not how her character was written in THE PURGE).

    i never found the 2 kids in JURASSIC PARK to be annoying. the little black girl in part 2(?) and both boys in JURASSIC WORLD are easily more obnoxious than the girl in the first film was.

    for me it’s Dakota Fanning (who i love now that she’s grown up. she’s wonderful as is her sister Elle) and the young man who plays her brother in WAR OF THE WORLDS who are mind-numbingly atrocious. they ruin an otherwise good movie.

    • I debated including Fanning from WOTW but wasn’t sure if it had enough horror elements.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Esther/Orphan is pretty much the only “kid” I’ve ever liked in a movie. She’s charming, not obnoxious. The boy in that movie though, goddamn. I wish she’d killed the whole family for that matter, the parents were irritating as shit too.

    Anyways, agree with Babadook as my #1 (reminds me of my nephew, who I also want to smack the shit out of on a daily basis), will add the ever goofy Danny from The Shining.

    Or I could just make it easy and say every kid ever (cept Esther).

  • RidleyScott

    Man, now I know why I’ve never watched Village of the Damned. What a nasty piece of work.

    It takes finesse to make a children horror film.

    • alwayswipetwice

      It’s just one disturbing scene after another. Effective in its own respect, but FUCK…

      • RidleyScott

        Yeah I don’t do mean spirited horror. It’s why I had to turn off The Mangler.

        • alwayswipetwice

          Agreed. Specifically I can’t do movies that are ultra-realistic that offer no escapism. Like watching dramatizations of real life crimes. Makes me sick. I’ll never understand the cultural fascination with “murder porn” (ie: the ID channel).

  • wehoaks

    I would gladly drown the kid from The Babadook.

    • Creepshow

      That kid knocked “annoying” outta the park. He did a great job.

      • wehoaks

        Award winning annoying.

        • Creepshow

          Perfectly put.

    • J Jett

      wehoaks. LOL!

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    The little girl in Case 39. She just wouldn’t die. That actress went on to play Patience Buckner in The Cabin in the Woods, and is actually kind of gorgeous nowadays, though. Also, the little girl in The Possession. Like, of all the things your guilty feeling, newly divorced dad could buy you, and you pick a nasty old wooden box? I’m just kidding, of course, but I think she was old enough to know not to pry open a wooden box that seems to be whispering to you at night.

    • Ms. Ripley

      And don’t forget her big role in “Silent Hill”. The girl’s name is Jodelle Ferland and she’s has done a pretty good job in horror movies imho.
      But yeah, I hated her as much in Case 39.

    • BlubberNugget

      Little girl in Case 39 was annoying. Why Emily? Why Emily? Why Emily? STFU!!!

  • Mr. Dry

    I can’t express in words how much I hated the kid from The Babadook throughout the movie, the difference with most children in horror movies is that he was intended to be obnoxious and his performance is extremely good.

    It would be easier saying which kid from a horror movie is NOT obnoxious and actually likeable.

  • Mr. Dry

    It’s curious that you added Esther to this list, I know she’s the villain but the most hateful kid from that movie is Daniel.

  • Alexis Spicer

    Oliver Robins as Robbie Freeling in Poltergeist

  • LastCubScout

    Holland Perry from “The Other” (1972).
    Seth Dove from “The Reflecting Skin” (1990).
    Rhoda Penmark from “Bad Seed” (1956).

  • 1captainhooker1

    Danny Pintaro as Tad in “Cujo”.

    • KittyKat

      Who names their kid “Tad” I roll my eyes at that name .

      • J Jett

        the same people who name their son Biff? LOL.

      • lonestarr357

        Abraham Lincoln. (Seriously. Look it up.)

        • KittyKat

          Hahahahaha I’ll have to look into it . Haha

  • Steven Best

    You’re wrong about the kid in Babadook. This kid was intuitive and brilliant and inventive. His pathetic dishrag of a mother dragged him down with her glum, unstable and self-involved parenting. Give him a better homelife and upbringing and this boy genius could rule the world. And that girl he pushed out of the treehouse? Bitch had it coming.

    • Lirabelle

      I couldn’t stand him at first, but by the treehouse scene my view had changed and I agree- she had it coming.

  • Stephen Mulvaney

    The child behind the camera in Cloverfield was the most annoying kid ever. He never shut up whining through the whole thing.

    • J Jett

      Stephen, i’m confused.

      • Stephen Mulvaney

        I’m saying the guy with the camera was like an annoying child.

        • J Jett

          oh! i agree, he was very annoying.

  • You gotta admit tho, the actor who played the little boy in The Babadook was fantastic!

  • Grimphantom

    The most obnoxious kid gotta be the one from Return of the Living Dead 2. The kid was so annoying and naive especially when he was calling the army……haven’t you learn from the first movie? Not to mention too bossy and thinks he knows more.

    • Alex Dye

      I loved the kid from ROTLD2. His calling the army fit well within the sphere of the movie.

      • Grimphantom

        Yeah but do remember how the guys from the first movie ended when they called the army….

        • Alex Dye

          Yea, it wasn’t so good for them…and that’s when I learned that zombies dressed like cops is terrifying.

  • Derk73

    Elijjah Wood in “The Good Son” was so annoying and goodie two shoes that I wanted MacCauley Culkin to kill him.

    • THAT is a very interesting opinion lol. Don’t think I’ve heard that one before!

  • David

    Tyler from Child’s Play 3. My God I hated him lol

    • BlubberNugget

      Yeah, he was annoying. “Charles is my new best friend” “He’s a good guy, he want’s to play hide soul” “Charles stop swearing” His stupid slow motion “WOW” at the Good Guy commercial. LMAO

  • Chaybee

    The correct #1 answer, always and forever, is Bob from House by the Cemetery.

    • Chaybee

      For those unaware, get ready to cringe:

    • Edward Carney

      Chaybee speaks the truth. Combine bad dubbing with the complete absence of a personality and you’re in for a spectacularly annoying treat.

    • Terrorize Children.

      A thousand times this. This will forever be the correct answer.

  • Demetra

    Andy from 28 Week Later

  • Bobby Jones

    the only children i haven’t hated in movies are Damien from The Omen and the sisters from Mama

  • Wes Draven

    I immediately had flashbacks to the rap free-styles from The Visit.

  • Cody

    Lex was annoying, but I found Tim the worst for the fact that while Lex was at the computer he stood there doing nothing except smacking the back of her chair when he could have been helping Ellie and Alan by i don’t know…grabbing the gun for them? And him taking his sweet time climbing the fence, it was not that fricken high for him to jump.

  • lonestarr357

    Bobby from THIR13EN GHOSTS. What an annoying little shit.

  • Mary

    The boys from ”Goodnight Mommy” are terribly cruel too. And we can’t forget the creepy and smart girl from “The Little Girl who Lives down the lane”

  • Vincentburton

    Chewy from Mimic his poor dad

  • Alex Dye

    Samuel from The Babadook ruined that movie for me. Seriously, I hated that kid.

  • craig smith

    The kid from cujo. I wanted to throw him out of the car. Bob from house by the cemetery. I love that movie but I wish dr. Fruedstein would just kill him. Also the little girl from pet cemetery. I wish gage would come back just to kill her. She is so annoying.

  • KittyKat

    Little blond girl was just ruthless

  • KittyKat

    The little deaf girl from Orphan was so adorable

  • 1EyeJack

    Ha! Ha! Gotta say there is no worse than the kid in Babadook! But the character was supposed to be annoying so that we could sympathize as to why the mother hates her kid. When I watched Babadook I was in just the right frame of mind that the kid, while the most hateful and annoying ever, was so much so that I found it to be hysterical and had some great laughs whenever he opened his annoying mouth.

    As for roles where the kid wasn’t supposed to be annoying, I never liked Danny in The Shining and I REALLY disliked Homer in Near Dark.

    A shorter article would be which kid in horror (or any) movie is NOT annoying.

  • Biscoito18

    The blonde girl (Zoe) from HIDDEN. I almost gave up watching this. Very annoying and too dramatic. She ruins the film’s atmosphere and they keep her and her bullshit on screen in 70% of the time.

    But this boy from Purge is one of the most stupid kid in a horror movie ever.

  • BlubberNugget

    Ellie from Pet Sematary. God, what a terrible little actress, with her scratchy whining voice.

    • Stu Corbett

      Another good one

  • PsychoMantis18

    Great you mentioned Sam from Babadook; annoyed the absolute shit out of me.

    • Stu Corbett

      Sooo right. I too wanted him to fal to his death or anything really

  • Lars Berglund

    Hands down Sam from Babadook , both me and my girfriend waneted the kid to die brually after the first 20 minutes of the film
    Great movie and the kid was a great actor, just in a really obnoxius role

  • Morgan McDannell

    No Bob from House By The Cemetery? This should be called The 5 Most Obnoxious 21st Century American Children In Horror.

    • Rick-Taylor

      Top of the list, right there. I cannot watch that movie because of that character.

  • Sylvain Thibodeau

    All the kids from the movie The Children. They were obnoxious when they were normal and after they turned crazy…

  • Lirabelle

    Your avatar was about the expression I had by the end of this video.

    Edit: I lied. I only made it to 0:40.

  • Neckbeard

    I would like to see what the fuss is about with the Babadook, but just the picture of that kid pisses me off. Not to mention the word “Babadook” no way am I watching some little shit, scream that stupid word for an hour and a half.

    • alwayswipetwice

      It’s more depressing than scary. Not a great drinking movie, unless it’s to drown out the screams of the kid.

  • Mike

    The Babadook is told from the perspective of the mother. It’s not necessarily that the kid is annoying, but that she perceives him to be annoying, especially when dealing with everything else.

    • maymay74

      Also I believe the kid has ADHD which gets worst with the lack of real attention.

  • Darnell

    The Babadook is one of the most overrated movies ever, and that kid… Oh my God that Kid. I have never hated a kid in a movie so much. I felt so bad for the mom because she gave birth to that cretin!

  • If were talking adorable little kids ill say the little boy from Emelie or the deaf kid from Orphan. I didnt want them to die its like my big brother senses kicked in for them

  • BlubberNugget

    Ugh….the little boy who played Danny in The Shining mini-series. That stupid bowlcut, nasally ass voice, and wide agape open duck mouth was distracting. He had such a punchable face. Hated this kid and his shitty acting.

    • Evil Otto

      He definitely ruined what was already a bad television screenplay.

    • James

      Yes! And the little kid in the remake of the omen.

      • BlubberNugget

        Yep, the kid in The Omen remake sucked ass. He had a bad case of permanent resting pouty bitch face the entire movie.

    • Dani

      You almost sympathize with Jack’s insanity due to his witless wonder family. Which blows because in the book they are quite good characters.

  • AdamX

    I wanted to throat punch the kid in the Babadook…seriously.

  • Alex Dye

    Awful. And I would never trust a kid named Bob.

  • alwayswipetwice

    Couldn’t disagree with this list more (or at least 80% of it). The Babadook is the only one I agree with, and even still I feel shitty giving a child actor any grief.

  • rikb007

    I agree with mostly everyone here and their opinions.
    but to me the most annoying child ever was that talent less brat that was cast for Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery.

    I wanted that kid to get hit by the truck, really, really bad.
    I would have driven the truck for them if they would have asked and been happy about it.

    • TheSlitheryDee

      Definitely alone with that one…

    • Dani

      Which one? Gage or his daughter? Surely you’re not having a problem with a what, 4 year old? Haha.

  • Chamber

    Samuel was great in The Babadook. He acted like a real child, which is why I dislike all children IRL.

  • turk

    Can I vote for the youngest daughter on the show “Louie”? I know that isn’t horror, but sometimes she makes me think it is.

  • Adam Clifton

    Bad dubbing lol. Real bad

  • Eric Bi

    If you think the kid in The Purge was “obnoxious” just because he helped a stranger, then you are an egotistic asshole who cares only for himself. By your own admission, you don’t deserve to be saved on Purge night.

    • JAWS

      Except that one decision got almost his whole family killed. His Dad did get killed… I can’t recall if anyone else in the family did….. Didn’t help that he looked annoying also 🙂

      • Eric Bi

        So if you were stuck out there in need of help, you’d rather no one helped you?

        • JAWS

          Of course I would want someone to help me.. I want to live. But at what cost? Saving my life to risk a families life? Would it not be just as Heroic not to put a family’s life in danger just to save yourself? Its the same logic when you think about it. The kids Dad wanted to protect his whole family and wanted to live himself… I am not saying that what the kid did was not without good intentions… But he put everyone’s life in danger in that home.. Not just the dad who deserved it (I don;t remember the dad saying anything about killing people himself but I was not in love with the film and only saw it once).. Anyways.. I have a wife and two children and I would love to think that I would want to help my fellow man in the same situation (where murder is somehow legal) At the same time if that means the rest of my family might get killed I tend to think I won’t be so noble and would be pissed if one of my boys put his brother and mother in danger. Cards are stacked against you in this situation.. Basically it boils down to my families safety.. So yes.. I found the kids choice annoying. If I did not have any kids it would be a different story.

    • I wouldn’t call myself an egotistic asshole, I’m just into self-preservation. Sorry!

      • Eric Bi

        Perhaps I was overly harsh with my words, sorry about that. 🙁 I just wouldn’t call the kid “obnoxious” because at the end of the day, he did the right thing. It’s just that the right thing isn’t always the practical thing; even on non-purge nights, protecting someone from a murderer or a rapist isn’t wise from a self-preservation standpoint as doing so puts you in danger as well however doing so is still the noble thing to do.

        • Noble, yes. I completely understand where you’re coming from, but I’m not into high-risk situations so I would do everything I can to protect myself. I get that that comes off as douchey, but it is what it is!

          • If one thing is for certain, it’s that that kid got darn lucky. Absolutely, there was good in mind, but considering the dangers of bringing in a stranger like that during purge night … they could have risked bringing in someone who’d only see to kill them all.
            To digress somewhat, this can even be likened to real-life issues. It’s a good thing to bring in good people, but sometimes, ‘good’ people lie about themselves.

      • Evan3

        Wasn’t the daughter far worse? At least the son acted for seemingly selfless reasons. The daughter pretty much invited her dad’s would be killer to stay the night out of pure selfishness.

        Also, gotta say I’m a bit confused re: Tim manning up in JP. Didn’t he literally have to be zapped off an electric fence?

  • Rick-Taylor

    I really want to know what that kid is up to, today. Along with whomever did the dubbing.

  • JAWS

    Remember the Babadook kid was basically unloved until the mom leaned to deal with her grief… His annoyance at least made sense. Remember the beginning and how she reacted to is touch. She blamed him for the loss of her husband. Any kid would be messed up and reaching out for attention… Lets not forget that she was the one abusing him since there was no real Babadook. I thought he got better as the film progressed also.

  • Skrub Tre

    Macaulay Culkin’s character from The Good Son should definitely be on this list

  • Miguel Sanchez

    Oi, what about House By the Cemetery? Yes it’s dubbed but the result is one of the most annoying kids in any horror film

  • TheSlitheryDee

    Pretty sure these kids were mostly obnoxious just to you. The fact that the little shit from The Visit isn’t on this list is proof. Th kid from The Babadook wasn’t obnoxious, but actually great at playing a kid who was mistreated and likely dealing with psychological issues due to his mother choosing to ignore every special aspect about him. The boy was far more annoying than the girl in Jurassic Park and both kids were more annoying in Jurassic World. I’ll just stop here since it’s probably useless.

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