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‘IT: Chapter Two’ – What We Can Expect

‘IT: Chapter Two’ – What We Can Expect

As you undoubtedly know by this point, the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT has blown through the box office this past weekend and Pennywise the Dancing Clown has shimmied all over the records books. With over $200 million dollars worldwide in less than one week, IT is a huge deal for the horror genre! As the closing credits titles revealed IT: Chapter One, it’s more than plainly obvious to expect Chapter Two sooner rather than later. In the packed auditorium where I saw the film, a group of teenage girls behind me were losing their minds. “No! Noooooo!” seemed to be their running mantra. When the Chapter One title popped up on screen, one of the girls stated, “Aw, man! They don’t need to do another one. It’s fine the way it is!” On one hand, this is sort of groan-worthy. But honestly, this speaks to how well crafted IT truly is. Despite most of us going in with the realization that we were witnessing the first part of an extended piece, the film manages to work perfectly as its own entity.

Despite the resounding monetary success, critical and audience acclaim, New Line has yet to shine the official greenlight for Chapter Two. Fear not, readers, there’s no way this doesn’t happen at this point. We’ve already been hearing early rumblings of the future exploits of the Losers’ Club and their continued battle against evil. Let’s run down what we know for sure and maybe speculate on what could be.

Same Creative Team

The road to bringing this iteration of Stephen King’s gargantuan novel has been a long and winding road. Cary Fukunaga was originally attached as writer/director. Ultimately, he left the project due to “creative differences.” Rumor has it the production’s inflating budget was the crux of the matter. Enter, Andy Muschietti. The original script from Fukunaga and Chase Palmer was reworked by Gary Dauberman. It was reported over the weekend that Dauberman (writer of the two Annabelle films and upcoming The Nun) has already been tapped to start writing the script for Chapter Two. While we know a lot of what Fukunaga/Palmer wrote made it to the screen, it will be interesting to see if Dauberman’s solo credit provides as solid a foundation for the sequel. Muschietti hasn’t been signed on yet, but he and producing partner (and sister) Barbara Muschietti are already discussing their plans for the follow-up.

The Return of Pennywise

For anyone remotely familiar with the source material or the TV miniseries, you know the demented entity known as Pennywise may be down but IT is certainly not out. The interdimensional fear monger was originally played by Tim Curry in Tommy Lee Wallace’s adaptation, and Fukunaga had his own rendition of the character in mind (Will Poulter). When Muschietti took the reigns, casting news broke of Hemlock Grove star Bill Skarsgard stepping into those oversized clown shoes. Fan reaction ranged from skeptical to…well, pissed off. Thankfully, most of the naysayers were quieted upon the release of the film’s first trailer. After having seen the film proper, Skarsgard’s take on the character is maniacal, leering, slobbering perfection. The actor has confirmed he is attached to the project (like, duh!). In an interview with Metro UK he explained his hope for the character in the next chapter:

“We’re in the early stages and I’m talking to Andy about it and figuring out what It will be. It’s a different story but I’m excited to delve in deeper to the character as there’s more exploration for who Pennywise is….that’s where I want to go for the second one, to delve into the psychological and metaphysical spaces of this transdimensional being.”

The Losers’ Club

The cast of child actors that make up the Losers’ Club have won over the hearts of many this past weekend. Each one of them delivers a truly outstanding performance with Sophia Lillis as Beverly staking her claim as a breakout star. We already know that the focus of Chapter Two will shift to the Losers all grown up, 27 years later and preparing to battle IT all over again. That’s not to say we won’t glimpse this talented crew of youngsters again. Speaking with EW, Muschietti has already promised flashbacks to the 80s that will play as integral pieces to the present day narrative. Barbara backs this up with a need to get production going quickly:

“The hope is we’ll find the best way soon, because it’s also important for Andy to get flashbacks with the kids, who are growing very fast. They are an important component in the next film.”

Grownup Losers

Fans assumed news of the actors picked to portray the adult Losers was going to start trickling out some time ago. However, no announcements have been made to date. Considering the massive box office draw the IP has proven to be, we can safely assume Chapter Two will draw in some fairly substantial names. With what will likely be an increased budget as well, we could be looking at an all star cast for the second go-round. In a video interview with MTV, the child actors have already stated who they’d like to see portray their adult selves. Lillis has her eyes on Jessica Chastain, an inspired choice that is perfect considering Chastain has a pre-existing relationship with Muschetti from her role in Mama. Chosen Jacobs (Mike) stated Chadwick Boseman would be his ideal choice. Surely Boseman would be a perfect fit, but considering he’s currently riding the Marvel wave, he might be a bit busy for a “lowly” horror film. If anything, here’s hoping that any stigma attached to appearing in a gory fright flick has been obliterated by IT’s monstrous box office. Personally, I’m excited to see how this cast will eventually shake out.

We do know that Muschietti will be taking some liberties with the source material. He has already revealed in the chat with EW that Mike Hanlon will still be the one stuck in Derry who ultimately drags the rest of the losers back to their hometown.

“My idea of Mike in the second movie is quite darker from the book. I want to make his character the one pivotal character who brings them all together, but staying in Derry took a toll with him. I want him to be a junkie actually. A librarian junkie. When the second movie starts, he’s a wreck.”

It’s exciting to note that no matter how familiar you are with King’s novel, there will still be some surprises awaiting you when Chapter Two hits theaters. Plus, seeing as to Mike’s character got the short shrift in the first film, it’ll be nice to see his role get fleshed out.

Speculating the Future of ‘IT’

It’s still early in the game, but that won’t stop us fans from building our own dream cast or trying to figure out which scenes from the novel will make the final cut. Below are just a few stray thoughts I have on what could be.

  • At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the second half of the book will be split into two more films. It might not be necessary, but there’s more than enough material to draw from. If Hollywood thinks they can scrape a couple hundred million dollars from two more films as opposed to one, you better believe they’re thinking about it.
  • NO GIANT SPIDER! Yes, there was a brief reveal of IT’s true identity in the climax of Chapter One that did slightly resemble the lumbering creature first seen in the ABC adaptation, but I believe that Muschietti has something much more grand and horrific in mind for us. At least, I hope so.
  • Based on Muschietti’s statements regarding Mike’s character, I think it’s safe to say that things will be much darker in Chapter Two, both literally and figuratively. Almost every scene was set in the bright, summertime sun (sans the showdowns in the sewer). The next installment could very well cloak things in darkness as the characters come to terms with the evil still plaguing their lives all these years later.
  • Things are going to get a bit more heady. While Chapter One eschewed a lot of the Lovecraftian, multi-dimensional flourishes of the novel, Chapter Two will likely delve into just what the hell IT really is. By doing so, there’s plenty of room to build the film’s world(s) and explore the potentially more terrifying evil behind it all.

What are you looking forward to in IT: Chapter Two, fiends? Sound off below!



  • MrX13

    I’m just looking forward to seeing IT 2 at the movies. I do hope that they consider some of the actors that the kids chose, it would be an awesome cast though. And yes no spider in this one, something more frigtening

    • Chip

      I really don’t think New Line is going to want to pay for some of those actors though, sadly.

      • MrX13

        Not all of them but maybe one or two of them…if that

  • Brett

    The entire movie, I just kept picturing Amy Adams as the adult Beverly, because the girl that played her is a DEAD RINGER for Amy Adams. Just ridiculous how much she looks like her!

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      A friend of mine said exactly the same thing after we saw the film!

    • zombie84_41

      Or who the actress said for her to play jessica chastain looks dead on too. But Amy Adams will be a great choice too.

      • Brett

        Yeah, I could see her too. Also Bryce Dallas Howard. Basically, throw in the red head and go.

        • zombie84_41

          Oh yeah Bryce be great too. Either three of those actresses be the top choice.

    • Papa_spoosh

      Jenna Fisher could work too. Not as well known so possibly more reasonable

    • Chip

      I can’t see Amy Adams being as…powerful. She didn’t exactly impress me in Batman vs Superman, and everything else she’s played has played on her basically being a Disney Princess incarnate. I love her to death, but her charisma is from her sweetness, and I just can’t see her pulling out the same steel that Bev is made of.

      • Brett

        Good points. Although I saw some toughness in “Arrival” and in “American Hustle.” I think she could get around the image.

  • Hope this goes in production ASAP, still i don’t think two other movies are the right move. One will work

    • zombie84_41

      Yeah one 3hr movie will be fine. This needs to be make ASAP like you said too. I dont’ want to wait 4yrs lol, end of summer 2019 will be a good time slot.

  • James

    I personally hope they keep the big spider. I was always a really creepy concept but then again I’ve always been really bothered by spiders.

    • zombie84_41

      Guess you won’t like my short stories I’m going to be doing LOL.

    • I’m not a fan, but at least we have the reassurance that if they do bring the spider in, it’ll be a LOT more effective than it was in the mini series. As much as people love the mini series, I still struggle to believe when anyone tells me the ending was anything other than cringeworthy.

  • diapers

    Adult Beverly = Molly Ringwald!

    • OMG, yes, please!!!

    • Creepshow

      She already got her moment when Richie made his Molly Ringwald joke to Beverly. Plus she’s too long in the tooth.

      • diapers

        Oh shit, I didn’t know that cause I haven’t caught the film yet! Am trying to convince my old lady to see it this weekend.

        • Creepshow

          Aw crap, sorry about that my man.

          • zombie84_41

            Damn you Creepshow, stop ruining it for people. LOL>

          • Creepshow

            A thousand pardons for my fat yapper.

          • zombie84_41

            LOLL. hey it happens, I always get in trouble on here. LOL.

        • zombie84_41

          lol not really a spoiler. And get your old lady to see this movie too. Its fantastic. But if she hates horror movies. She might hate you too LOL. Cus for somebody who doesn’t watch alot of horror this will scared them to death. For us who love horror alot its not really scary more just creepy.

        • Papa_spoosh

          Yeah but this is an article about the sequel?

      • Fracassi

        Plus she looks more like Jonathan Brandis than Molly Ringwald. There I said it. It’s been driving me crazy since I saw IT. I can’t unsee the similarities. Watch it again and try not to notice this.

  • Jason Allen Brown

    I’m hoping for the Pennywise-possessed car from the book. Plus the dinner banquet scene to be vomit-worthy.

  • Jada Maes

    Jesus, I just want MORE CREATURES. I love them all so… the headless boy, undead Georgie, the leper, Giga-Pennywise… And Judith, oh my GOD.

    • Big Boss Rogers

      More clowns!!!! Lol

      • Jada Maes

        YES PLEEZ!!

    • Chip

      I wasn’t sure if she should still be called Judith. But it’s better than Painted Lady.

      • Jada Maes

        I think Painted Lady, I think “Woman of mercenary affection.” Judith is weirdly ominous; maybe she’s sisters with Lisa from P.T.

    • The creatures were all pretty awesome, I’m glad they didn’t spoil that part of the film in the marketing

      • Jada Maes

        Yeah, they managed to make trailers that didn’t condense the whole movie down to three minutes and used alternate footage to maintain the element of surprise. What a NUTTY concept *glares at Spider-Man: Homecoming’s marketing team*

  • zombie84_41

    I just hope they do what they did in this one. I want to see some good ass creepy monsters, more of pennywise.

  • I really hope they don’t split it into two more movies. That always feels like a cash grab, and I hate the wait in between. I think they should stick with a long runtime and tell the rest of the story in the next film. Perhaps they could do a “Complete Cut” Blu Ray release that edits the two films together with additional material, but I don’t want to see them try to bloat the other part of the book to fill out two movie run times.

    I’m also not sure I want big names for the actors. Sometimes that gets distracting. I hope whoever does the casting will worry first and foremost about the ability to inhabit the character and play it well and, like, tenth about whether they have a marquee name or not. At this point, I think the title of the movie itself has enough marquee value without needing to attach the baggage that comes with casting “a name” or “a bunch of names,” where you get into “Oh, but I hate ___________, why did they cast him?” or “I’m not watching it if _________ is playing _______.” I would be nice if It Pt. 2 served as a nice platform to help launch some new talent–there are plenty of gifted, lesser-known actors out there that could benefit from it, and it would likely not hurt the potential of the movie to do well.

    • Chip

      Thing is, the only film franchise I know of that has had three films from the outset is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. In LOTRs, that ‘book’ exists as three volumes because Tolkien’s editor went “…No” and made him cut it into threes so the damned book wouldn’t scare away customers. With the hobbit, they tried way too hard to make three movies out of too little material.

      With IT, there’s more than enough material to work through three movies, and STILL have stuff left out.

  • Fred

    People always say that having a giant spider is a bad idea, but I don’t agree. Spiders are creepy, and if done right (which it wasn’t in the mini series), could be absolutely terrifying. Just take a look at the french cover for the book:,204,203,200_.jpg
    How awesome is that?

    • Papa_spoosh

      In the book the “spider” communicated within the dead lights and had its personality in tact. I can’t fathom how CHUDcan be well respresented in the movie so the personality dies. No one wants to see a talking spider and when you go and reduce this awesome clown to just a scary huge spider it takes a lot away from what has been built up. I think it works excellently in the book but I can’t see it panning out well in film

      • Chip

        This is kinda why I want three films. Because of the tricky nature of the memories that have been lost, it’s very possible to retcon that the ending of Part I doen’t actually end where it does, and they pursue IT to it’s truest physical form. They can devote all of Chapter II exploring IT and the Ritual of Chud, and then make the final conflict part III.

  • Papa_spoosh

    I feel like maybe 2 of the 7 should be Well known actors at the most. And they should be reserved for Ben and Mike.

  • jose ramirez

    I hope the writers get into the history of Derry. That made for some of the scariest parts of the book.

  • Big Boss Rogers

    I wanna know why Penny is the entities favorite form! Maybe go back and show how Pennywise sold his soul to the devil back in the old Derry days! On some Annabelle type shit or something! Idk outta our control I’m sure they’ll whip something up!

    • Chip

      Mostly because it was the thing that Stephen King thought scared kids the most.

      As for what you said? That’s…a bit of a departure. Go read the book.

      • Big Boss Rogers

        They switch stories up all the time in films that go from novel to film or tv, etc. I’m just saying that could be part of Penny’s origin if they dive into his background. This is a new take on the character so it wouldn’t matter if it that was part of the story.

        • Chip

          Having IT have mortal origins is a huuuuge departure and a let down.

          • Big Boss Rogers

            So you don’t wannna know how he became IT?

          • He didn’t become. He always was an eater of worlds from far than the outer space.
            He choose the clown form ’cause, probablybin the past, it was the best way to lure little kids

          • Chip

            Okay, spoiler time: Pennywise isn’t a person. He never was. IT is an eldergod/old one inspired entity that existed before the dawn of time, originating from a dimension King refers to as “The Macroverse” along with Maturin, a giant turtle that created the universe quite by accident, and The Other, an entity that defies explaination and may well be King’s interpretation of God, sans Judeo-Christian affiliation. There are other books that delve into The Other, but that’s irrelevant here.

            It exists on the edge of the Macroverse, a massive tangle of living orange “Dead Lights” with a singular desire to satisfy it’s need to exist, feed, and to a lesser extent, feed and entertain itself. At some point in Earth’s history, IT was able to send a physical manifestation of itself to our planet, crash landing in the area of Derry, where it remained dormant. It awoke sometime during the era of American Settlement, and began feeding.

            It operates on the power of imagination; it can manifest as whatever it perceives will frighten it’s prey the most, as the fear ‘salts’ the meat. IT targets children in particular because their fears are less abstract, and more tangible than an adults. I mean, how do you manifest the fear of taxes, or divorce?

            Pennywise comes into play because King decided that the thing that scared kids the most are clowns. So Pennywise became IT’s mouthpiece. But these are all still just illusions, with no history or background. They exist when IT needs them to, and cease to exist there after. So there was no genesis of Pennywise as a person. It’s just a puppet, something the film interestingly alludes to with the dancing sequence during the climax.

            Now, that’s not to say that this origin is going to be a 1:1 thing in the film. It’s an extremely lofty concept that takes pages and pages of very crazy writing for King to explain, something a film can’t do very well. The early drafts of the script goes for a middle ground: Pennywise is still just a form for a much more ambiguous, other-worldly entity, albeit one not on a cosmic scale. IT in Fukunaga’s vision feels more akin to a Wendigo than an Old One, which is a scale down, but still valid interpretation.

            Andre Muschietti has said that if he is signed on for part two, he intends to go for the Macro-verse concept a lot more. So we’ll likely see if not the Turtle, at least something very similar to the book’s origin story.

            So you see, your idea is reaaaaally off base, and kinda born from provincial horror concepts. Too small for an entity with a much deeper meaning. I really recommend you check out the book.

          • Man I really need to finish the book, there’s so much that I haven’t read yet!

            I think the curiosity is in the name/persona of Pennywise specifically, not just the idea of IT being a clown (we all know the reasoning behind that). When did IT invent that persona? Why the name Pennywise and choice in outfit? Did IT ever masquerade in a circus to lure people in?

            It all sounds pretty silly I know but after seeing the new movie and the big circus carriage under the sewers, and drawing in the library I can’t shake the idea of this evil presence sitting down at a desk with a pen and pad and saying “yep, Pennywise sounds cool, I’ll go with that”.

          • Chip

            The thing is, IT draws itself out of the imaginations of people. So at some point IT encounter a kid who had a bad encounter with a clown, and devised IT from that fear. Then IT probably just kept running into enough people that either loved or hated clowns, and found it a useful form to hold onto.

          • Yeah that explains it well. It must be a great piece of storytelling to have so many people delving into the history and trying to interpret it in their own way.

          • It’s funny, I was just thinking about this and just spotted this article


            So it seems they covered it in the movie but it was left out, interesting!

          • JNaNA

            Someone who is pennywise is someone who is wise only in small matters, which explains IT’s interactions with its victims. IT manifests their deepest fears when dealing with them one on one, but when the Losers Club comes together, they manage to outwit IT.

            But, yeah, why IT would choose a name for its most favored for that is basically its biggest weakness is sort of incongruous.

      • Big Boss Rogers

        Last I checked in the novel and the original film they never tell you where Pennywise came from exactly.

        • Chip

          The novel explains pretty much everything, shy of what spawned IT itself. It just kinda always existed. But the novel explains everything else.

          • Big Boss Rogers

            Yeah most of us wanna know what IT trully is and if they explored that or kept it sacred so be it. Just knowing Hollywood they would play with the idea of a origin story with Penny. They pretty much did in the old Derry books in the library.

    • That’s one thing I’m curious about, but I don’t think going into it in the new movie is a good idea. I haven’t read the novel to the end yet so not sure if it’s something that gets covered or if it just “is”, but I always wondered where IT got the idea, name etc of Pennywise… (SPOILERS)…especially since in the new movie there’s the old school circus in the sewers with its name plastered all over it

      • Big Boss Rogers

        Yup exactly that’s also a good point! What circus and how he got setup in the sewers And what was in his room? Before he came out also!

        • I guess they’d probably just put it down as it made it, or used someone to make it to help it lure in children or something. But the character seems so crazy I couldn’t imagine it going up to some carpenter guy and paying for them to make a nice circus carriage, haha.

          Guess we’ll probably never find out. It would be cool to see the first time IT decided to be Pennywise though

  • Cure4Humanity

    I actually find myself hoping that some theaters would allow you to watch Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 one after the other when it releases.

    • Chip

      That is gonna be a hell of an afternoon.

  • Horrormikfl


  • Khy

    So happy Mike’s role won’t just be given to Ben. I was worried. I loved the darker angle they’re thinking about taking him. It makes sense- every one else left Derry and the memories of that summer eventually faded over time, but not for Mike who have spent the past 27 years living with that. I also think his parents deaths might play a role in him becoming more obsessed with finding a way for them to end IT which would help make that particular change an important one and not just random.

    Mike Hanlon is such an important character, if it wasn’t for him staying in Derry there never would’ve been a “final battle”. I’m glad Andy will depict that in chapter 2.

    • Chip

      I think one of the few things that the Fukunaga script tried to do that the final final kinda messed up was trying to take Mike’s abilities and give part of them to Ben, but gave Mike a whole new track. The racism angle and fued between Mike and Henry was a lot more strongly written, and the alegory about sheep, and the way IT treats the town of Derry stood out a lot stronger. Somehow in the process of shooting, Mike’s role got reduced down.

      • Khy

        That makes sense! Thanks for the clarification on that!
        Is it true that Fukunaga’s original script had Henry masturbating on a birthday cake? I know that sounds outlandish but I heard that was actually in one of his drafts.

        • Chip

          I’ve only seen one of the last drafts where Fukunaga was an active writer on it. So I dunno about the crazier ideas. But one thing that stood out to me is that Henry tried to frame Mike for bike theft, and such.

          As far as crazy sex stuff goes, the furthest any of the early scripts wen that I know of us that Bev’s father was ehr…much more hands on with how he treated her. Judith was a very different kind of monster, as a naked woman rising out of a pool of water, with bits of flesh peeling off her body. Very “Shining” inspired. I prefer the current version of Judith more.

  • Khy

    I think they need to leave this as two films.

    HOWEVER. If they ever wanted to go down prequel territory AFTER the losers stories are complete then there is plenty of lore at the randy. The iron works easter explosion, the black spot fire, the Bradley gang shoot out ect- I can see a third film about all of those tragedies that happened in Derry or even one about the original settlers and when IT first made contact with them. It wouldn’t feel cheap because most of this would be key events noted in the novel.

    Just something to think about if they did want to do another beyond the Loser’s story.

    • Even after they finish adapting the book, it technically wouldn’t be impossible to continue the story. In Stephen King’s novels, he has dropped several hints that Pennywise may have survived his encounter with the adult Loser’s Club. In fact, Dreamcatcher even featured the words “Pennywise Lives” spray-painted at Derry, Maine after IT took place.

      • Chip

        If not Pennywise, at least some of ‘her’ spawn.

    • Chip

      If it comes to that, I’d rather have part II spending a lot of time cutting between those points and the Losers converging on the town, with a final conflict with Henry in the Library mixed with the Chud Ritual coming to light. Then the final part can actually be a shorter movie.

  • Necro

    I hope they keep everything the same that made ‘chapter one’ so great, that way (hopefully) ‘chapter two’ is just as great, if not better. Also I really hope this doesn’t turn into an Oscar® list of actors signing up for this film because of the success of the first film. Thus far I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Elijah Wood as ‘Richie’ or maybe ‘Bill’, Idris Elba as ‘Mike’ and Jessica Chastain as ‘Beverly’. Also keep it to one more film and that’s it.

    • Chip

      Considering New Line’s outlook, I don’t think they want to spend the money on anyone more high level than Bill. Jessica Chastain is a likely candidate as someone who worked with the director. Elijah is no stranger to do lowing budget horror for the fun of it either. But anyone else? Gotta be B list or unknowns.

  • Mike Lawrence

    I’m just so looking forward to part two, the surprises they’ll throw in, and most of all who they’ll cast as the grown up losers!!
    Let’s get on with it and get it done so they don’t have to recast the kids after too many years of waiting like Zombie did for H2!

  • A version of the giant spider could work, if they go with it. What’s more terrifying than real life spiders?

    • Chip

      It would work, but it’d need a major budget upgrade. They need to get things on the same kinda budget much closer to 50-75 Mil. I always had my own head canon where IT’ spider form is constantly making, destroying, and remaking itself. Just this massive ball of legs, eyes, and teeth poking out of this amorphous mass of inky/oily shadow, with hints of the orange dead-light at the heart of it.

      • I could dig that.

      • Well, Enemy had a smaller budget than the 35mm of IT, still they had one amazining giant spider

        • James

          It did have a great spider!

    • dsxy

      They could get Lindsay Lohan, would save a fortune on effects and meeting her in an underground sewer would be more terrifying than a cosmic spider!

  • Zoe Kavanagh

    Love the new film but regarding Chapter 2, and probably a very unpopular opinion but, I think if they’re going to make a few changes and make it scary and dark I think they should kill off most of the characters and leave one or two standing. Otherwise Pennywise is just showing up and going ‘Boo!’ scared ya! It raises the stakes that the Losers Club is crumbling and their team effort is shattering at the hands of Pennywise’s kills.

    • Khy

      “It raises the stakes that the Losers Club is crumbling and their team effort is shattering at the hands of Pennywise’s kills.”

      I really think Eddie’s and Stan’s deaths are quite effective enough when it comes to that.

    • CalUni

      Very much agreed. Also, I hope it’s not an a-list cast (too distracting).

      • Khy

        Don’t worry, from what I gather Warner Bros aren’t looking to waste any money on huge names.
        They might get a few notable faces, but best believe they’ll be affordable. Definitely no Chris Prat types.

      • I could see them springing at least one surprise death just to up the stakes for the rest of the characters and keep the audience familiar with the material on their toes.

    • Chip

      To be fair, one character kills themself, one is put in the hospital, and one dies in the final conflict. That’s a pretty fair amount of damage done to the cast already. I could go as far as having the other four get very badly hurt in the final conflict, or the gauntlet of fears leading up to it. One of the interesting changes is dealing with Stan’s final encounter with Judith, which was enough to make me wonderful if they really had just killed a character. But we also know that Stan isn’t just a close call, and he’s seen something that is going to lead into part II anyways.

    • James

      Pennywise showing up and scaring them is basically how it is in the book.

  • llcc1103

    This movie was terrible. I have no idea why it has so much praise/hype. It was a commercial horror film with jump scare after jump scare laced witch corny CGI and typical loud horror music over every scene …and hack directing.

    • Khy

      “This movie was terrible. I have no idea why it has so much praise/hype”
      Something called different opinions.

    • Chip

      As opposed to…?

    • Frank Gambino

      Guess we should all share your opinion.

    • Trav

      Maybe this movie is getting so much praise and hype because this movie actually did it’s job in satisfying the audience and giving the book an adaption that truly scared people, and was great. People have different opinions, you know.

    • steadymobb

      I agree

  • Trav

    Really loved Chapter One, and I’m confident Chapter 2 will be great. I’m really excited to see flashbacks to 1989 as well. The flashbacks could really help ease the biggest complaint about the first film, which was not enough character development for Mike and Ben.

    Also, a darker Mike is also a very interesting idea. It’s kinda hinted at in the book that he is bitter that he stayed in Derry while the others moved away and became huge successes. I wouldn’t mind seeing them expand on that. The one thing that worries me is the idea of going deeper into Pennywise’s backstory. I think the main thing that makes Pennywise so scary is that we don’t know exactly where it came from. it’s kind of a mystery.

    Overall, Chapter Two has one big challenge ahead of it. While the adult portion in the book had it’s scary moments, it simply wasn’t as good as the kids portion of the book. The same can be said even more for the 1990 miniseries. The biggest complaint about that one is that while the kids part of the movie was good, the adults portion was boring. Even as a kid, I recognized the same thing. Chapter 2 has a huge challenge ahead of it, especially after Chapter One was so good.

  • The Horrorist

    I wouldn’t mind if they made a chapter II and III. Haven’t read the book yet, but from what I hear there’s a lot of backstory to the It Universe. Better get those flashback filmed asap. To be honest I would have thought they already filmed those on a big production like this.

    As for the spider; maybe they Pennywise could transform into an ever changing clown/spider hybrid, with spider legs protruding from his body and mouth in a practical “The Thing” style. And when he talks little spiders can crawl or fall out of mouth leaving a trail of them and they will be stepped on and be squashed with crunchy sounds. This way they can up the body horror aspect.

    • Chip

      Not…quite what the book is going for, but an interesting interpretation. The reason that King chooses a spider is because of metaphor: IT sits in a web of influences at the heart of Derry. it can extend it’s ‘limbs’ across the town, and weave it’s web around everyone and everything. It’s an insidious, unnerving entity that has no compassion, and no empathy. A spider very much captures this cunning, amoral idea.

      So to me, the important thing I think is indeed to make IT this amorphous, many legged thing that is constantly reaching out and reforming itself. I’m just not so sure I want to have the clown element so integrated. When IT takes a form, usually the tell is there’s something orange and silver on it. That represents the Deadlights, IT’s truest form.

      • I didn’t really think into it this much before (and still need to finish most of the book) but that makes perfect sense, really interesting! I agree though, a clown/spider hybrid would be a whole lot of cheese and very much miss the point.

  • steadymobb

    There will absolutely be more than 2 IT films. Don’t even kid yourself if you think otherwise

    Don’t like it? Yall shouldn’t have made the first one so much money!
    Just look what WB is doing with The Conjuring. The Nun, more Annabelle, Conjuring 3

    • I doubt it. The Conjuring universe is written for screen, but IT is a novel written in 2 timeframes. To make an extra movie would be disrespectful to the source material

      • steadymobb

        I’ll bookmark this comment.

        Hollywood loves respecting source material

      • Chip

        But there’s a ton of source material here to work with. It’s not just two time frames. It’s actually over 6.
        1. Prehistory
        2. The various disasters of Derry
        3. The times before the Loser’s Club forms
        4. The events as the Loser’s club, and facing off against IT
        5. Their adult hoods
        6. Converging on Derry, defeating IT, and the destruction of Derry as a consequence.

        • Oh yeah, there’s a tonne of material in the novel that would be interesting to see, but the focal point of IT is the Loser’s Club and their journey, so making more movies and adding more context would end up going into overkill territory and it’d probably end up another Conjuring scenario. If every movie they do is as good as the first then I’d be down for it, but it never ends up that way

  • Bart Crowe

    How do you stretch out It to a third movie? I know It is a thousand page novel but it’s written in such a way that it can easily be edited down to two convenient parts.
    I also assume they don’t dwell on the cosmic turtle that vomited out our universe but I do kinda want them to use the weird psychic staring contest that Bill uses to fight It. I am curious as to what It’s true form will look like because in the novel King describes it only as a spider because that was the closest form our minds could comprehend what is an unworldly entity.

    • James

      I want the contest and the smoke hole scene for sure.

      You could, in theory, do the second movie has an interlude with the history of Derry, but then again probably wouldn’t work for most viewers.

    • Chip

      If part two focuses on intercutting the adults converging in Derry with their past memories and events of Derry’s history, they can fill up a 90-120 minute film to the point of making a climax in the Library, where they first feel the magic of their childhood return to them when the circle is reformed. They can give a climax with Henry attacking them in the library, switching around a few elements.

      Then they can focus part three on them finally going to the sewer, and remembering what finally happened in the real last conflict with IT, intercutting with their last encounter with IT’s true form, and the subsequent destruction of Derry as a harrowing second climax.

      • Bart Crowe

        That is some Hobbit levels of stretching shit out. Two movies is perfect to the tell the story of IT. If a New Line wants a Stephen King movie trilogy they should remake The Stand. You got the plague for your first movie, the survivors making their way to either Colorado or Las Vegas for the second movie, for the finale you have your showdown of good versus evil.

        • Chip

          No, it’s really not stretching anything. If anything, there’d STILL be details left out even with three movies.

          • Bart Crowe

            The stuff cut out of the books would make for bad movie making. Plus Chapter 1 alters enough from the books that those scenes wouldn’t fit the narrative. We already saw the kids defeat Pennywise what more is there to show? The kids moving away? Do we spend two hours of Mike trying to get the band back together? Sounds like a terrible movie to me. The only way we should get a third IT movie is if Stephen King or his son Joe Hill writes a sequel novel.

          • Chip

            This chapter is a memory however. They’ve already stated they want a dialogue between part one and two in the fact that part one is a memory that’s been locked away. What we see there may not be the ‘real’ memory. At least not in it’s entirey. I can easily see it that it turns out they actually progressed deeper into Pennywise’ layer, and encounter it’s true form.

  • in6087

    What’s scarier



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