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Every Character in ‘Leatherface’ Who Connects to a Previous ‘Chainsaw’ Film

Every Character in ‘Leatherface’ Who Connects to a Previous ‘Chainsaw’ Film

The saw is most definitely family in brand new prequel Leatherface.

Now available exclusively through DirecTV, with a traditional VOD release to follow on October 20, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s Leatherface returns to the continuity of the original franchise, taking place before both the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre and 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D.

The events of Leatherface are set in two different time periods, kicking off 18 years before Tobe Hooper’s classic (1955) and then jumping ahead to just 8 years before Sally Hardesty and friends crossed paths with the twisted family (1965). One of the coolest things about the film, penned by Seth M. Sherwood, is that it’s loaded with fun ties to the franchise’s past, most of which go weirdly unacknowledged or only mentioned in passing.

To make sure you know exactly who’s who in Leatherface, we’ve put together a handy little guide that points out all of the fun character connections. We think you’ll get a whole lot more enjoyment out of the film if you’re armed with this knowledge going in…


Early on in the film, we meet a young man and woman whose names we never learn; they appear very briefly in the film, confined to a single scene that plays during the opening credits. Only by looking on IMDb would you realize that the male character, played by Julian Kostov, is actually Ted Hardesty… the father of Sally and Franklin!

Writer Sherwood explained the subtle connection to us recently.

Yes, Ted Hardesty is Sally’s dad,” he told us months ago. “There was a later scene that went into it, but it was cut for budget reasons. I don’t know if we ever hear Ted’s last name in the movie as it is– but he’s there briefly. I mean, Grandpa Hardesty’s farm was in walking distance of the Sawyers, sooooo…

Eighteen years before Sally and Franklin arrived at the Sawyer house, their father had his own experience with the family as a young man. Pretty cool!


Easily the most bizarre character in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is Grandpa, an ancient corpse who feeds on human blood. Grandpa Sawyer appears in most films throughout the franchise, but Leatherface introduces us to him as a living, breathing old man for the very first time. The film even shows us his weapon of choice, serving to explain his bizarre role in the infamous dinner scene in the 1974 classic.


Referred to as “Cook” and “Old Man” in the original film, we learned in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that Leatherface’s oldest brother is named Drayton Sawyer. The memorable character was played by Jim Siedow in the first two films, with Bill Moseley taking over the role for his brief appearance in Texas Chainsaw 3D. Drayton is back in Leatherface, giving us a glimpse into what he was like as a much younger man.

Hint: he was just as sick and twisted back then.


Another thing that Leatherface takes from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is the name Nubbins Sawyer, who is of course the same character known as “The Hitchhiker” in the original. We catch up with Nubbins at two different points in the film, first in 1955 as a child and then later in 1965, played by Dejan Angelov. The couple scenes that Nubbins appears in are darkly lit, but if you look closely you can spot the facial birthmark that identifies him as the sadistic character Edwin Neal played in the original film.


Verna Sawyer-Carson, the matriarch of the family, is played by The Conjuring star Lili Taylor in Leatherface, and the character has a fairly sizable role in the film. As we learned in Texas Chainsaw 3D, Verna is the mother of Leatherface and the grandmother of Heather Miller; in a fun little tribute, Verna was played in that film by the original Sally, Marilyn Burns.

Leatherface is really the first time we’ve ever gotten to know Verna, which is another little treat for longtime fans of the Chainsaw franchise.


The connections found in Leatherface aren’t just in regards to the Sawyer family; Stephen Dorff’s Hal Hartman, though never outright mentioned in the film, is the father of Chainsaw 3D‘s Burt Hartman (Paul Rae). Burt was one of the men who burnt down the Sawyer family home immediately after the events of the first film, and he later became mayor and waged war on the family. Dorff’s Hal Hartman is out for revenge in Leatherface, stopping at nothing, like his son later would, to put an end to the family once and for all.

As Sherwood explained to us, Hartman was also inspired by Dennis Hopper’s character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

From Chainsaw 2 I borrowed a few things. Obviously, the character names,” he explained. “Mainly though, the idea of a corrupt, mentally unstable Texas Ranger on a vendetta against the Sawyers gave birth to Hartman, the real villain of my story. Like Lefty, he’s out for revenge against the Sawyers over something they did to his family.”

Similarly, new character Clarice was inspired by Chainsaw 2‘s Chop Top.



  • Blade

    Weird that things that actually add to the story/lore like that got cut while they left in pointless bj and necro scenes lol

    • Dennis

      Necro scenes are never pointless!

    • The Fucked Up

      Weird, I’ve never gotten a pointless bj… what’s that like?

      • Necro


      • Blade

        Not what I meant lol I meant the scene was pretty pointless and added little to the film while those other things would have.

  • Neto Ribeiro

    Just saw it and it was a waste of time, unfortunately. I kinda had high hopes for this one, the trailer got me excited but only the final 15 minutes were REALLY good.

  • James Tillotson

    As far as I’m concerned, the original TCM is a stand alone film. No sequel or the prequel (which I just watched) feel like it belongs to TCM. They are not good and no matter how hard they try to continue the story or add to it, not a single additional film belongs to its gritty universe. They’ve al failed in capturing that as well as the time and spirit of the original. I’m not being hater. I can enjoy the sequels. But I never feel like I’m watching a continuation of the original story – just standalone films.

    I say this with complete appreciation for the effort. All the other major slasher films and their endless sequels all have the same tone and feel like real additions to the story. TCM has yet to see that.

    • I would have to put TCM2 in there, that was a solid sequel

      • Robby

        I liked part 3 better than two actually. Two is fun, but I like the more serious tone of 3.

      • DJ sTikInsEkT

        they did. Nubbins, Drayton are names from TCM 2. they also put Bos Sawyer [Gunnars chara in 3D] at the end of this one so you can interpret that it is chop top

      • John Carlson

        I agree but it doesn’t have the same feel as the first one not as gritty and realistic. which is what James is saying. He’s not saying TCM 2 is bad just doesn’t match up with the original very well

    • PacMan Cereal

      I completely agree with you and feel exactly the same way.

    • Necro

      Yeah as much as I like the franchise as a whole, you’re definitely right. Now this might be a little blasphemous to say, but in the remake when it switched the name to ‘Hewitt’, that film and ‘The Beginning’ are the only true continuity films, even though it’s only those two films. As far as a timeline is concerned anyway. But the ‘Sawyer’ films are all over the place.

  • ChrisDACase95

    So they didn’t fix the timeline problem in 3D ?

    Also dissapointed that they don’t appear go for the “dark grey” morality I was hoping for with the Sawyer vs Hartman issue. If the problems of 3D are this glaring, you’d think that the sequels or prequels would try to fix this

  • Francesco Falciani

    Uhmmm was leatherface Heather s cousin I Texas 3d? If Verna is his mother and Heather s grandmother… he should be Heather s uncle then

    • ChrisDACase95

      I’m pretty sure there its explained in the movies comic’s and the third film that the Sawyer’s practiced incest at some point. They’re deranged hillbillys after all.

      • Stogie Jones

        What happens in the comic doesn’t mean jack. It’s not a movie, its a comic book!

        • ChrisDACase95

          Yeah, but they mention it in the third movie if I remeber correctly, with grandpa Sawyer raping mama Sawyer ?

          • Stogie Jones

            No, that didn’t happen. And If it did, they meant Mama, as in grandma Sawyer, as in like the mother of the clan.

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)

    I actually rather enjoyed Leatherface, but wished they used a ton of stuff from the original script that got cut. There were some REALLY great ideas that they didn’t use, sadly.

    • Stogie Jones

      I was afraid of that. I was impressed with the script.

    • DJ sTikInsEkT

      wait for the DVD? it will have all that stuff in the extras

      • And an Extended Director’s Cut, hopefully. I hated how underdeveloped a lot of the characters and plotlines were, and there were extensive reshoots. Surely they have enough footage to put something together.

    • The movie felt very watered down in general, and one of the biggest problems with the film is the overall lack of development of pretty much everything.

      -The asylum portion of the film was underdeveloped, as we are told to hate Dr. Lang because he experiments on his patients. But we barely see any of this, and the riot happens very early on.

      -Then it becomes a road trip film, which also doesn’t go very far. They get new clothes, they raid a BBQ diner, they find a place to sleep, and then they get caught. That’s it.

      -Finally, we get to Leatherface’s origin, which was frustratingly oversimplified. All it takes to turn a functional human being into a child-like monster that doesn’t remember who he is, is a gunshot to the cheek. Literally, that’s the only major “trauma” that makes him that way, and it doesn’t address his other traits (such as why he is devoid of personality to the point that he has no gender identity, except for the masks he wears).

      -Even Stephen Dorff’s character wasn’t developed enough for me to feel anything for him
      [End Spoiler]

      Overall – I agree with you that a lot was probably taken out, especially after the extensive reshoots. I’m really hoping that there is enough footage for an Extended Director’s Cut (and I’m not referring to only adding an extra minute of gore, like the Unrated Texas Chainsaw 3D did).

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is no longer canon and, according to Texas Chainsaw 3D (which is canon), Drayton is Leatherface’s father. Of course, it is possible that he could be both due to inbreeding.

    • John Squires

      Really hard to even pinpoint who’s who in the family, and they do point that out in Leatherface. I’ve always taken Drayton to be Leatherface’s older brother, and in Leatherface he certainly seems to be.

      • To be fair, Tobe Hooper has said that Drayton is his older brother (even though this wasn’t revealed until TCM2). In the canon Texas Chainsaw 3D, they say in the beginning that he’s Leatherface’s father. My best guess is that he’s probably both. As mentioned earlier, the Sawyers do a lot of inbreeding.

        • Cappy Tally

          So what you’re saying is, Drayton is one sick motherfucker.

          • Well, THAT is confirmed, haha

          • Cappy Tally

            Sure, but like…if he’s Leatherface’s brother AND his father, then what that must mean is, he’s a sick…

          • Haha. Well, on one of the audio commentaries for the original film, Tobe Hooper mentions that the Hitchhiker is the product of one generation of inbreeding and that Leatherface is the product of two generations of inbreeding. Leatherface writer Seth Sherwood has also acknowledged the Sawyer inbreeding. Same probably goes for the Hewitts. Yeah, they’re a sick country family. There’s also this –

          • Benjamin Samuel Triplett

            Apparently Verna is leather faces aunt and mother so I’m guessing draton is her brother and husband or was until she married into the Carson family

      • gjk2012 .

        The fact of the matter is, It really doesn’t matter who is brother, sister, mother, or father when inbreeding is involved. Just like current events when some people don’t like to be called male or female and a female transgender likes to be called a man.

    • DJ sTikInsEkT

      TCM 2 not being canon is BS.
      the directors told me this movie can be viewed as a prequel to the 3D timeline or the TCM 2 timeline. They even put Boss Sawyer at the end, who you can interpret to be Chop Top in the TCM 2 timeline

      • Boss Sawyer is not Chop Top Sawyer (he’s Gunnar Hansen’s character from 3D), and the studio owns the movie. The official canon is the original, Leatherface and Texas Chainsaw 3D. I think that 3D is one of the worst of the series, so I have no reason to be biased in this regard.


        • DJ sTikInsEkT

          No you misunderstood me, at the end of Leatherface we see a bearded guy with nubbins. He is Boss Sawyer the man who will become Gunnar’s 3D character. For fans who want to see this movie as 2017-1974-1986 they can pretend that is Chop Top. For those who want to watch this movie as 2017-1974-2013 then it is Boss. Unless it is Drayton with a beard, but he looks a little young to be him. Furthermore Boss was in an original draft and if it is not him then he got cut out.

          • When I said “canon”, I was referring to the official canon that the studio and writers going by with Leatherface (and presumably any new Texas Chainsaw sequels). Fans are always free to create their own head-canon.

          • John Carlson

            yeah or wait until a new studio buys the rights, so we can forget 3D ever happened.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised.

          • After watching it, it’s really just a fan film with high production values. This movie will soon be forgotten by everyone except the core fanbase and, even then, I doubt it will be treated as canon by the fans.

          • John Carlson

            Yeah, I know I personally will never consider it to be true canon. Also thats about the most apt description for the movie.

          • In the last several years, Friday the 13th fans have been asking “How hard is it to make another good Friday the 13th film?” Now that Leatherface is out and, after so many misses, I’m starting to ask – Is it really this difficult to turn Texas Chainsaw Massacre into a franchise? Is this really what happens when studios don’t have an exact formula that can be easily replicated in every sequel?

          • Harry Manback

            Its drayton with a beard

          • That wasn’t Boss Sawyer or Chop Top. It’s not even left open to interpretation. I just watched the film, and the bearded guy was just an older Drayton. The other guy is Nubbins. The only family members in the film are Grandpa, Leatherface, Nubbins, Drayton, and Verna.

            The only thing character “left open to interpretation” is why Burt Hartman (misspelled as ‘Bert Hartman’) is listed in the credits, but is nowhere to be seen in the actual film.

  • Rohan

    Umm, how are the Hartmans villains? Haven’t seen Chainsaw 3D, and haven the seen Leatherface, but from descriptions they don’t seem any different from Lefty. So, is Lefty a bad guy now?

    • Blade

      I would say the Sheriff in this movie is definitely a bad guy, but really other than the kidnapped lady they all kind of are. Now I won’t pretend to know Texas laws especially in that era but he for sure did some things I don’t think he was supposed to be doing as a man of the law, a fellow officer in the film seems to think so as well.

      I understand why he was doing the things he did, but from a legal standpoint I think he was doing some criminal things and in the film is portrayed as the antagonist.

      • Rohan

        So, what kind of things does he do? I mean, they killed his daughter right? I think anything he does against them is just revenge, kind of like the punisher. When you read the punisher and he kills a guy involved on the murder of his family, you’re like “hell yeah, fuck that guy!” But, apparently you are following the sadistic cannibals in this, so that makes them them the protagonists and apparently the good guys?

        • Poland626


          he flat out murders a suspect without trial in one scene, not saying that person didn’t deserve it, but still, that’s not how the law works. I won’t say who or what but that part was called out too by other officers in the scene so others knew he was going off the rails.

          • Rohan

            Hmm. Well, I guess that’s not too good. I guess I’ll have to see it myself. I wouldn’t say that’s villainous or evil if there is enough proof or reassurance that they were involved, but if he’s just gunning down random people because he has a slight suspicion, then that’s bad. Personal question: do you root for the killers or the survivors?

          • Poland626

            Yea he mentions her crimes right after but still, in the wild that’s not the real law or justice. In the film they mix survivors with killers to make it a mystery. Like, some killers are innocent and just following orders and some survivors are just there because they helped escape the hospital. Just give it a watch. It’s a fun who-did-it

          • Rohan

            Alright, I dig it. I’ll check it out when it comes out.

          • John Carlson

            The officer is most definitely one of the most interesting point to the movie.

          • Rohan

            I just watched it a couple days ago, and I found it to be pretty decent despite a few setbacks. I think that the mother should have been killed by Hartman or the nurse. It could have pushed Leatherface over the edge and made it a little more believable when he really snapped. The mother is dead anyway by TCM2, or is that not canon in this universe? I don’t know, but Leatherface should have had a real mental snap instead of “oh I got shot in the face, now I’m a retarded maniac with a chainsaw” Leatherface should have been retarded to begin with. He was never intentionally evil or cruel, he was just bullied by his family and defended his home out of fear when people came running into it.

          • John Carlson

            100% agree on everything you said. Alot of missed opportunities, all in all though one of the better TCM films.

          • J Jett

            Rohan the Sheriff is definitely not just gunning down random people. in fact the only people he shoots/kills are explicitly guilty of murders.

          • Rohan

            That’s what I was thinking. It seems this film reeks of ‘grey’, and I am very excited to check it out, when it does release.

          • J Jett


            yeah but the other officer calling out the Sheriff for his actions is the same officer who was breaking the law himself by his actions with Verna and her family.

        • Blade


          No I get what you are saying and I agree. I do not blame him one bit for how he was acting but the movie does portray him as the bad guy and four out of the five characters had absolutely nothing to do with his daughter’s death, and the one that did was like a 6 year old kid whose family made him trick her into running into a trap as we see he really wasn’t into hurting people.

          Again I get it, but because he did decide to go full punisher mode the film does want the viewers to see him as the bad guy but at the same time clearly wants us to see a few members of the group as bad too, while kind of portraying the other thee as ok people that we want to live lol

          • Rohan

            Alright. Well, I am definitely intrigued. I’m gonna pick it up as soon as it comes out,

      • J Jett

        Blade but then again that fellow officer in the movie……….SPOILER…………..SPOILER

        was overtly breaking the law himself by being an informant for money. just sayin’.

        • Blade

          That crossed my mind when I decided to mention him in that comment and I agree, he was doing bad as well, but I guess even bad guys know when other bad guys are doing bad guy stuff lol

          • J Jett

            true true! 🙂

      • John Carlson

        Yeah but I don’t think I’d go as far as to say he’s the true villain in this story. He was hurting and then killed someone who ha already murdered a few people. So I didn’t feel that bad at all, you can feel the directors wanting you to hate him but honestly I was on his side if anyones.

        • Blade

          I do see your point. Honestly the only character who really wasn’t a villain was the kidnapped girl, I feel like everybody else can be considered bad. I would for sure say the cop , the skinny guy and the blonde girl were all meant to be the “main” antagonists in their own ways. Which is weird since they were enemies lol kind of cool.

    • DJ sTikInsEkT

      hartmans are villians. times have changed. we dont route for the people to get away. Leather has grown with horror fans for so long we route for him to kill and survive. so yeah anyone who is against him is the villians.

      • Rohan

        I’m kind of the opposite. I always root for the good guys. To me all horror villains are the definition of evil, and the survivors, the final girls, the ahabs, are all good. I guess it just depends on if you find good or evil more interesting. Grey characters are even more interesting because they are perfect examples of the inner struggle between good and evil, whilst they are in a true struggle between the horror of evil and the underdogs of good.

        • J Jett

          Rohan, i agree w/ you 100000%.

    • Harry Manback

      Lefty was a Hardesty, right Sally and Franklins uncle.

      • Rohan

        I know. I’m saying Lefty is to TCM2 as Hartman is to Leatherface. Basically the same motives for both.

  • Cali-Chainsaw

    This movie was good! It just didn’t have the “Texas Chainsaw Massacare” feel until the last 10 minutes!

  • I watched today, it’s not bad but it’s far away to be good.
    For me TCM 3D was better, Leatherface hasn’t the typical vibe from the another movies, looks more a spin off than a prequel. To be honest, I’ve never watched TCM: Next Generation, so this one and The Beginning are the worst movies of the franchise.

    My rating is 4.5 or 5/10! I was expecting something way better.

    • Robby

      Yikes, TC 3D was the worst of the series. If this is worse than that, that is pretty bad.

      • For me wasn’t so bad.
        The character development is horrible, the main girl is annoying and could be more crazy and gruesome. At least has a nice plot twist and the 10min (from the credits scene until the massacre in Sawyer’s farm) are completely amazing.

        • Harry Manback

          Next gen had the illuminati in it and a cracked out matthew mcconaughey in it. That was funny, but the leatherface in the movie was horrible.

      • Stogie Jones

        No, next generation is. I liked 3D a lot.

        • John Carlson

          I personally cannot for the life of me understand the love people have for 3D. I see alot of people happy this movie tied in to 3D, personally I try to forget that movie ever happened lol.

  • IWC-3PO

    I’m guessing it will be released on blu-ray and/or dvd at some point.

  • Christian

    I’ve given up on this franchise now. The ”road trip” idea was horrible from the get-go and it wasn’t executed well at all. The last 10 minutes is the only part that looks like it belongs in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

    • BooMstick Critique

      It was at least something different in a franchise that just keeps repeating the same thing over an over.At the worst this film was perfectly watchable.

  • Satanzilla

    No theatrical release? Must be amazing.

    Amazingly bad.

    • BooMstick Critique

      Not really its perfectly watchable an is a theater quality movie its not low budget looking.It simply went direct to dvd because lionsgate dosent think Chainsaw is popular any more an were afraid the film wouldnt hit with teens an they would loose there money.

      • Satanzilla

        No thatricsl release though. Must be terrible.

        • J Jett

          Satanzilla, i thought it was decent. i still am not 100% sure on the competence of Baustillo & Maury (their editing/filming of some scenes looks completely amateurish) but the film IMO was not too bad. then again, i say this as someone who’s not really a die hard fan of the TCM films (i’ve only seen a couple of them). the only issue i have with the film is that the big baddies for most of the movie are the blonde insane girl and her equally insane boyfriend (both who escape the sanitarium with Jed and what’s-his-name).

  • Jon Burrows

    I just finished watching ‘Leatherface’ hoping it would be be a great prelude to the original 1974’s ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. I was not disappointed in the least. With an approximate running time of 1hr and 24 minutes, it managed to fit all of the main characters into the film. I believe the gore hounds will be a bit disappointed. There is not an abundance of explicit violence. By that I mean the bloody scenes are not dwelled upon, which in my opinion is a plus. We even get to see how Leatherface achieves his deformed looks, as well as his muteness. Please don’t listen to the naysayers, or the so called ‘professional’ movie critics. This is a great film as a prequel. I hope they do not attempt to remake the original again. This ‘Leatherface’, as well as the original from 1974 should stand as they are, and if another TCM movie is made, it should continue from when Sally Hardesty escapes in 1974. Watch this movie. It has action, gore and suspense. Again, you won’t be disappointed .

    • Necro

      Cool Jon will do! I don’t listen to naysayers, haters, or ‘so-called’ professional critics, it’s all opinions no matter how you look slice it. The only opinion that’s important is my own.

      • Aaron Johnson

        I concur. The review here lowered my expectations. I actually liked it. I was pleasantly surprised. I disagree on the gore, though. They must have gone through barrels of blood and body parts. I was practically nauseous at one point but I’m not a big gore person at all.

      • BooMstick Critique

        The film is getting mixed reviews from fans an critics but its still getting more positive reviews an fan reactions then the majority of the other films.

    • Benjamin Samuel Triplett

      The one scene in the movie that freaked me out was the threeway in the trailer you know what I’m talking about lol I was not expecting that

      • gjk2012 .

        Benjamin, I know it was just a movie but even if you were crazier than a loon I can not understand how you would french kiss a smelly dead corpse let alone have sex next to it. lol

      • BooMstick Critique

        I liked that the film had balls an was trying to show crazy violence but that was the one scene were it felt out of place.I dont have a problem with going there in a horror film but I dont think it was earned it just felt thrown in.I diddnt hate the scene but it wasnt needed.Other then that the movie was fine.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      There was plenty of gore in this movie and a body count that would make Jason proud.

  • Uh, Grandpa was never a corpse. He’s just really, really old.

    • John Squires

      I’ve always viewed him as being way beyond “really old.” He’s practically a mummy, well beyond a natural lifespan. And he definitely drinks Sally’s blood in the first one:

      • John Squires

        Also, from Wiki…

        “Director Tobe Hooper stated on the audio commentary for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, that Grandpa is kept alive by drinking the blood of his family’s victims.”

        • Exactly. He is alive and old (and kept that way due to drinking blood). He’s not an undead zombie.

      • I wasn’t debating the blood thing. He just wasn’t an undead corpse. Grandpa Sawyer is an old man, well over 100 years old. Also, an undead corpse wouldn’t have fit in with the realism of the 1974 original anyways. The only film where he’s an actual corpse is Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, which takes place over a decade later.

  • Max Schreck

    If it weren’t a TCM movie it’d be an ok revenge/road flick. However, it fails at being a Leatherface origin story. Tobe Hooper and Gunnar Hansen have suggested who Leatherface is and that lame twist ignored that. Leatherface is someone with a stunted mind, no personality and has been raised by his psycho family to slaughter humans like cattle. In the prequel Leatherface hardly grew up with the Sawyers and is the complete opposite of what he should be in every way. I guess to make it more tragic? When will Millennium Films realize Leatherface isn’t the hero of this story. He’s the Sawyer Family guard dog. The reason and motivation for the Leatherface transformation is very weak. Hell, even Drayton and Nubbins didn’t act how they should. I’m all for a prequel to the original, but stop trying to explain things. Just give us a solid TCM movie.

    • BooMstick Critique

      Leatherface wasnt a hero in the film though.An he was all ways a tragic character.Hes a mentally handicapped guy that only kills because his family in the original said so lol.Here hes a a boy with mental problems that gets worse an becomes a killer eventually which is realistic.The idea that Leatherface is just born evil makes no since.The film shows how the character becomes stunted by the end of the film he cant talk has broken teeth an is now wearing masks.An you can see the seeds planted for him becoming re gressed as a person an child like like the original.The Leatherface origin in the film made since.Its simply do you want an origin for Leatherface.

  • steadymobb

    Was kind of looking forward to this when I kept hearing things just because I’m a sucker for the franchise. I can’t believe we’re getting a new chainsaw movie but straight to video! Sad. Must be really bad and I’ll prob never watch

    • Aaron Johnson

      I don’t know what everyone is whining about. I just watched it and I don’t know if I had my expectations lowered or what but I actually really liked it. Well worth seeing. A different sort of origin story, but I was pleasantly surprised.

      • BooMstick Critique

        Its getting mixed reviews just like every chainsaw sequel an prequel.The reason some people arent liking it is because they simply are accustomed to the style of the franchise an want that same thing instead of something new.For me I have had going on 7 or so films doing the same thing with A Chainsaw family killing Teens on a farm.This franchise has been hit or miss as most of the sequels just do the same thing.

        • Harry Manback

          No, its the fact that leatherface is like 5’8 in this movie and by the time tcm takes place he is 6’4 and like 300lbs lol with a smaller chainsaw.

          • Matheus Martins

            Right? lol

            I mean thats the equivalent of casting Robert Pattinson as the new Dracula or Blade.
            Didn’t buy for one second this skinny pretty boy was Leatherface or even remotely threatening/badass.

          • Robert Jacks and Sam Strike are the worst Leatherfaces. I don’t think that Leatherface is supposed to be badass, but he is supposed to be threatening. Strike was a joke, and his screaming while killing Stephen Dorff was unintentionally hilarious.

          • Kristoffer Groves

            He probably didn’t eat as much human meat as a child, so he was smaller. Once he became Leatherface, he embraced the people only diet, and that caused a growth spurt.

    • Benjamin Samuel Triplett

      It was actually really good I watched it earlier today and I’m thinking about watching it again IMO it was one of the darkest movies in the franchise

      • Stogie Jones

        That’s what I love about these directors. Their movies are dark.

    • BooMstick Critique

      It was supposed to be theaters but what happened was the studio diddnt think Chainsaw would bring in enough money.

    • John Carlson

      Wasn’t terrible there have been worse in the series.

  • Benjamin Samuel Triplett

    This was surprisingly good, especially for it to not be a theatrical release. It had the right amount of story and the right amount of gore I was glad they tried to tie in the story from 3D and I was glad we got to see how Verna got to be rich and got the mansion she lives in in 3D I just wish we had seen who heathers mother is for some reason I thought she might be the nurse but I was wrong maybe somewhere down the line they’ll make a movie and it’ll go into more detail about the family

  • J Jett

    i just now realized IRON FIST himself is in this! lol. he’s the deputy(?) working with Stephen Dorff’s character.

  • Harry Manback

    This is now the worst of the tcm movies, at least the next generation had some hilarious moments in it.

    • John Carlson

      I mean it’s better than 3D right?

  • Ocelot006 .

    The name Sawyer was introduced in Part 2 yet these films are ignoring Part 2….

  • J Jett

    speaking of other new horror films released this week, has anyone watched CULT OF CHUCKY yet? i thought it was pretty good. Fiona Dourif (much like her role in DIRK GENTLY’S…) really gets to show different/intense sides of her character.

  • cat

    im so lost wtf, at least Drayton Sawyer is hot.

    • Matt-fBR

      Not mention the guy playing Leatherface…
      I mean, even at the end with his face all hacked up he looked good.
      Funnily enough the actor playing young Drayton reminds me a bit of Matthew McConaughey.

      When you consider that later in this timeline Heather would become Alexandra
      Daddario, you realize the Sawyers sure have some pretty good genes…

      • Saturn

        I actually commented on the guy looking like McConaughey to my friend while watching the movie – I wondered if it was intentional, that perhaps he fathered McC’s character in Chainsaw 4.

      • John Carlson

        Dude, same I was hoping they were going to tie into next generation somehow. Thats actually why I came here to find out.

      • SecretaryofBalloonDoggies

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that dude was doing a little McConaughey.

  • Keith Yambert

    Im lost. Wasn’t Drayton supposed to be the father if Nubbins, Choptop, and Leatherface? I don’t know, either way, the only way to recapture the magic of TCM is by using the same old beat up style film that Tobe Hooper used and dump the studio music. I feel the need to take a shower after watching the original and no movie since has made me feel like that!

    • Spunker666

      Its been talked about that Drayton is one of the brothers..Bill Moseley confirmed it before

    • Larry britt

      I like to think hes the brother and father…

  • mark long

    I was really looking forward to this, then the review here kind of took the luster off. I don’t put everything into reviews, so I watched it on VOD and I am VERY glad I did! Was it perfect? No. Could it have easily been better? EASILY. But it was very entertaining and much better than I was expecting. My issue isn’t the timeline or how tall leatherface was as kid. It is that for a back story, they didn’t tell enough, especially at the point where he becomes leatherface. That was BEGGING for more!

  • FA Khan

    i thought bud was meant to be leatherface, he fits the bill physically, and he is already stunted in his psychological growth, and he was abused at the hospital too. jackson becoming jed was lame, he just became bad all of a sudden out of nowhere :S honestly these guys messed up – leatherface became the evil tool that he was cuz of the enviroment he was in, not because he got shot in the cheek 😛 tbh since neither party remember what jed looks like, and jackson doesnt know his family either, it may very well be that he took bud’s place by accident 😛 also, why show bud to be this horrid killer if he wasnt guna amount to anything other than the butt-end of a m.night samylan twist in a horror flick :/

    • John Carlson

      It was all misdirection, predictable misdirection at that..

  • John Carlson

    I hate that they try so hard to make the Sawyers out be likeable or that they are some persecuted people, they fuckin kill and eat people and not always necessarily in that order either. So you’re not getting my sympathy. I’m glad they burnt their house down and I wish the cop in Leatherface would have killed a few of them.

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