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Michael Myers Returns In ‘Halloween 3D’ (Exclusive)

UPDATE 5/2/2014: The official Halloween movies blog is confirming our below exclusive story that The Weinstein Company is once again moving with Halloween 3D.

(Original story published on April 30, 2014.)

The boogeyman is real and will return on Halloween.

Some really brief news out of Cannes has Michael Myers being resurrected. Our sources on the Cannes stomping ground tell us exclusively that The Weinstein Company is once again looking to get Halloween 3D off the ground. We don’t have the names of any writers or directors attached, although Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier had previously been working on a screenplay. While we may be back at square one, at least the Weinstein brothers once again have Michael Myers on the brain.

It’s unclear if this would be a re-remake, or another sequel to Rob Zombie’s modern take.

John Carpenter’s 1978 classic followed a psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, who escapes and stalks a bookish teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets.

The franchise has spawned nine sequels and made over $500M worldwide collectively at the box office.




  • bwick80

    While this excites me greatly, I am more than apprehensive about The Weinstein Company getting a new Halloween movie out of the “We are looking into this” phase.

    • Strong Bad

      Yeah, they have been “looking into it” since 2009!

  • John Marrone

    Let it die already, for god sakes, please

    • Bob Marshall

      Don’t wanna see anymore then its simple don’t watch it

  • Sigh.

  • Please no.

  • XxBryanXxLee

    why wont they continue the part where his eyes open in resserection or who was the guy who kill all them guards at the police office in H5 like come on v.v

    • rs

      If I remember right, H6 answers that question.

      • AL

        and the answer was retarded

    • Justin McGill

      The Man in Black turned out to be Dr. Wynn in Halloween 6.. something about druids.. and stones, and the Cult of Thorn trying to control Meyers.. and experiments. honestly it was some kind of jibberish.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I knew it would happen soon after the announce for Jason Voohrees return ! I wish they would make a sequel to Resurrection. Yeah I know that movie sucked big balls but, a good sequel tying up all loose ends, to finally include all 8 previous movies into ONE continuity would be good. But I’m pretty sure it won’t be that, they’ll probably too a new reboot.

    • Strong Bad

      I am so glad that the fans don’t have any input based on the above comment. The studio has made it clear that 4-6 never happened in the H20 storyline and it will stay that way.

      • Joseph Lee

        Doesn’t mean it SHOULD stay that way. Jamie Lloyd shouldn’t have been erased from history.

        • Strong Bad

          It WILL stay that way. The old series is dead.

        • Joey Misfit

          I could not agree more.

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          Thank you, I 100% agree !

      • disqus_RYdgXeqDjB

        You can actually fit 4-6 in the H20 timeline if you squeeze hard enough. It’s explanation of Laurie’s “death” helps with that big time.

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          Absolutely ! They also said in the beginning of H20 that Loomis hunted Myers all of his life and died a few years ago. While if you only watch H1 & 2 and then H20, Loomis is supposed to be dead in the hospital at the end of H2… It’s only in part 4 that we learn that they’re both alive.

          Actually you just have to find an explanation as to why Laurie left Jamie but kept John, and then you have one single timeline.

          • disqus_RYdgXeqDjB

            I always assumed Laurie was fearful for Jamie’s life or something and sent her to a safer place, and that some of her “demons” in H20 were caused by the strong suspicion that something happened to her. That would make good sequel material if they ever do a new film in the original universe. H20 WAS originally written with 4-6 in mind, but they really wanted a film that could be picked up after II. Doesn’t mean 4-6 still didn’t happen! XD

            Was it even proven that the “thorn” stuff was even the real cause of Michael’s “evil”? I always thought it was something of a red herring. Maybe I’m adding too much of my own interpretations! XD

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        Yes I know it, H20 ignore 4, 5 and 6. Thank you. But it sucks ! Retcons is the laziest way to make a sequel. I wish somebody could finally undo this crap by making it a coherent saga. Come on, even the Fast & Furious writers succeeded in doing that by making F&F 4, 5 & 6 prequels of Tokyo Drift, so they could definitely make it. I saw fan fics doing it, so professional writers could do it too.

  • Nick M.

    Please don’t let it be connected to the awful zombie movies!!! Just reboot it properly this time.

    • Michael Cerruti

      wait awful zombie movie…are u that stupid..rob zombie remake halloween movie was amazing…he explained everything about michael myers…so i dont know what you are talking about

      • wehoaks

        It’s funny when someone like you calls someone stupid. Maybe more …. Will help your argument.

        • Full Frontal Squashing

          Shut it……STUPID!

          • Tom

            Your avatar sucks.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            My Avatar rocks! Believe That!

      • Nick M.

        While I’ll admit his first remake was ok, H2 was one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen – certainly the worst Halloween movie. And the fact that he “explained everything” is one of the movies flaws in my opinion. The less you know the scarier something or someone is imo.

        • mobstar67

          the opening to RZ’s H2 was incredible….In my opinion its one of the best horror openings ever…
          however he loses focus and loses steam with the whole “white horse” thing…

      • Justin McGill

        yes,, yes he did.. and made it AWFUL. That’s the one thing as someone who is a huge fan of Micheal should have gotten. The thing that was scary about Micheal is that.. why was he so *$*ed up? Hell.. his dad looked normal. He was just an unhinged kid with a head full of bad wiring. I didn’t need to see he was some abused kid and a mommy fetish..

      • Zeroed Out

        Exactly. He explained everything. Which means he didn’t understand anything about the original character or what made him unique and frightening. The whole point of Michael Myers is that there is no explanation for his actions. He is simply PURE EVIL. Rob Zombie destroyed this idea by making him just another guy who tortured animals.

      • Adam Clifton

        I don’t see how Rob Zombie can claim to be a Halloween fan when he completely trashed the whole thing. The worst is what he did to the Loomis character. And Michael Myers wasn’t explained, only Rob Zombie’s idea of Michael Myers. That was a lumbering Jason clone, not the supernatural shape that we’ve grown up watching

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        Explaining Michael Myers is one of the biggest problems with that film. Michael is supposed to be just the embodiment of pure evil. You don’t need to know his backstory. Just listen to the Dr. Loomis’s monologue in the first film about him and you’re set. You don’t need something to hold your hand and not knowing makes things all the more scarier because is leaves it up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. And it could be any horrible thing your fearful mind can conjure up.

  • Strong Bad

    They said this back in 2009 and nothing has happened! This article implies that major progress has been made, but they are just “looking” into it…

  • Zahk Scott

    Please no Zombie.

  • wehoaks

    Forget both canons and start fresh with Michael and Laurie and Loomis. No need to rehash carpenters. Create a new world with these 3 integral characters.

    • Full Frontal Squashing

      How about you get a job and move out of your mom’s attic?! Thought you hated this site? Trolling Douchebag!

      • Tom

        2200 comments. Hi.

        • Full Frontal Squashing

          2200 strokes it takes you to get the creamy filling of wehoaks blowpop! Hello!

  • pacman68

    Start over and reboot.

  • KnightOfTears

    Pickup from the end of Resurrection. No more reboots, or re-imaginings!! Also, remove the thought of 3D completely. It will be retarded!!

    • J Jett

      Resurrection was god awful.

    • David Angle

      No. That was so bad…that would be like making a sequel to Jason X or Jason Goes to Hell. It would be best to ignore it.

      • OpTYmus13

        Not a sequel to Resurrection, but continuing where it left off. Because it was the same Michael that chased Jamie Lee Curtis in the original. Continue THAT story. Like Halloween 9. Or would it be 10? I think it’s 9

        • David Angle

          Continuing where Resurrection left off would make it a sequel. How about we drop this sequel business and focus on a new set of teens in the town of Haddonfield who get trolled by Michael Myers on Halloween?

    • Chris

      why the hell would they want to pick-up from Resurrection.. that movie was probably one worst next to the remakes. Pick up from H20 would be way better.

    • OpTYmus13

      I couldn’t agree more! Continue the original. Not the Rob Zombie mess. It would be soooo much better!

    • Adam Clifton

      Here’s an idea. Have this one continue from Resurrection (without the other characters, only Michael Myers will return). However have the storyline continue from Halloween 6, which would finally bridge the gap between H6 and H20 and R. Include the two Rob Zombie Halloween movies as simply movies that Hollywood wanted to cash in on the Michael Myers murders from 1978 but has since caused the town of Haddonfield to sue for character assassination. Hollywood was inspired to make those two movies after the world saw the real Michael killing people on the Dangertainment webcam which brought him back to the mainstream.
      Michael can then go after baby Steven (who would be 17 by now and is probably still being protected by Tommy Doyle)
      Also, ditch the 3-D. It’s a tacky device

    • Dustin

      So do what “Texas Chainsaw 3D” did and ignore the remakes and go for a direct sequel? …hmmm, could work, though let’s hope that the second half isn’t the most bloody, heartwarming, most redundant family reunion ever put on film. But I wouldn’t mind if the film was in 3D: the original “Halloween” had great use of mood and lighting and shadows and if they incorporated that element into the new film and made to great use in 3D, they might actually be able to make it moodier and creepier instead of bloodier and gorier. Intriguing…

    • Markk

      Thank god i’m not the only one who hates the idea of Halloween 3D. Let’s treat this classic horror and the generations of the fans with respect.!


    What kind of shit reporting is this? I clicked on this article very excited that one of the most Iconic Horror Characters was coming back to the big screen, only to be let down by something that was posted years back. Are you guys so desperate for hits that you would bait and trap us into this article? This is beyond absurd! Next time do some real investigative reporting before you put up this trash.

    • wehoaks

      Is this literally word for word the same article from then? This site is beyond awful anymore

      • Full Frontal Squashing

        You are beyond awful, and a waste of skin!

        • Tom

          Man you must have written the book “Comebacks for 6th graders” you genius, you.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            Actually, I wrote the twelve volume set: Comebacks Grade 1-12. I cab see you have not made it past the 1st one……
            Stop licking wehoaks nuts and coming to his defense. You got something to say, original that is, not coming to defend your boyfriend, then bring it, otherwise, know your roll and shut your hole! BELIEVE

    • wehoaks

      I wouldn’t doubt this site reporting “news” like this just to gain hits after people flocked here when the friday series was announced.

      • Full Frontal Squashing

        You are giving it lots of “hits”! Flock to this

    • OpTYmus13

      Wow, you are a douche

      • wehoaks

        Why is he a douche? Because he called this douche site out on their horrible reporting as of late?

        • Full Frontal Squashing

          No, because the two of you use this forum to bitch and come off looking really stupid! Two fags and a baseball bat! Get a life and the Twilight forum needs their mediator back! Believe That!

          • Tom

            I forgot, this forum is for the sole purpose of licking BDs nuts. Also calling people stupid then following up with a homophobic comment speaks for itself. How’s the closet?

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            Looks like Michael has torn the shit out of that closet! You lick BD nuts? That is Bloody Disgusting….and Gay! Believe It!

      • Markk

        Agreed. If anything it made me think about it again. I think i’ll tweet about the ridiculous 3D Halloween idea… Halloween is a classic. Let’s treat it with the respect it deserves.

    • Full Frontal Squashing

      What kind of shit response was that?! If you are just sitting around waiting for the next bit of news to hit about your favorite Iconic Horror Character, then get a life douchebag! You my friend, are absurd! Believe That


        First of all I do not know how far you go back in reading this site but I go way back. I just never made and account because I was agreeing with everything Bloody-Disgusting stood for.
        I created an account solely based on when I seen the site changing and not being current with what the Horror Generation likes. I have been into Horror ever since there was black curtains in Video stores blocking you from certain Horror. It’s funny you should mention Twilight. That was around the time this site started falling off when they were covering that trash.
        Second, you talk about us “Bitching” on forums which leads me to believe you read a lot of comments. So if there is anybody who needs to get a life it is You! Third, insulting others on the internet with no merits is So 1995, I only call people out and this site out when it warrants it. Four, you see that little up arrow with the number (44) by it, Yeah I thought so.

        • Full Frontal Squashing

          1a. Could care less.
          1b. You are not reflection of current horror generation: FACT!
          2. Again, could care less.
          3. You warranted it, Douchebag!
          4. Means 44 idiots, Big Deal!
          Believe That! Get an original avatar too, and go hide back behind your “black” curtain!

          • Tom

            I’m pretty sure telling someone to get an avatar makes you the king of douches.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            Then go get one, Douchebag! I have been called worse! Believe That!

  • Saren Nevac

    All you Halloween fans….more money. SHOW ME THE MONEY. Yep, thats all i got from this.

  • Eric Curto

    Once again people say “sources” and people are gullible, Mr. Disgusting WHO is this source? Without a name this is just another internet rumor, please someone learn some real journalism

  • WarThrash

    Make it a stand alone with all new characters, with it left ambiguous as to whether it’s a direct sequel to anything other than the original. Just have Michael in Haddonfield, and make no allusions to any sisters or family or any of that shit.

    And hopefully get Michael back to his “average” appearance and not the hulking behemoth he became in RZ’s films

  • Kroenenrules1

    I hope Rob Zombie directs it again just to piss people off.

  • Gilius

    Bring back Sheriff Brackett!

  • Remake Season of the Witch!!

    • steve

      Are you joking?!?

  • Bob Marshall

    Reboot, take it back to what it was. No sister angle, no loomis, make it fresh.

  • I’d rather have a Halloween III remake from Zombie instead of another notch in the belt.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Hated the remake, but somehow enjoyed H2 quite a bit- but I really think they should reboot it or ignore the Rob Zombie movies altogether. Would love to see Michael make a comeback with a bit more suspense and style like the older films, and less Rob Zombie grunge. And please for the love of God don’t make it 3D (especially if you’re only going to throw a few million at it- look at Texas Chainsaw 3D. Yikes).

    • Rob_52

      I also loved Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 after really hating his first remake. In fact, it’s my second favorite film of the franchise right under the 1978 original. I’d rank his first remake pretty low. Anyway, And they’re still clinging to this 3D angle. Ditch it Weinstiens!! No one wants to see a goofy, over the top, camp fest Halloween movie.(Tod Farmers awful script) I wouldn’t even get my hopes up until we hear some REAL news. This is basically the same stuff we’ve been hearing for years now “We’re trying to get it into production!”… Not anything we haven’t known…
      It might be a long shot, but get Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury back if possible, the directors who did Inside(2007), or at least someone like them. Someone with vision and is well regarded in the horror community.

      I’m looking forward to another Halloween, but not if it’s going to be some silly 3D nonsense. I get that they’re trying to depart the franchise from Rob’s realistic take, but can we can something else that’s dark, brooding, and suspenseful please? None of this gimmicky, faux-scares junk.

      • J Jett

        count me in to guys. i really liked H2!

  • Michael Cerruti

    rob zombie remake was the amazing.. they shouldn’t remake anymore halloween just leave it go and just continue it on Resurrection

    • J Jett

      except RESURRECTION was an abomination. one of the worst movies ever made.

  • Eh, so there”s no real new news, huh? Because I vividly remember a similar report not too long ago. Okay, maybe it was a while ago. lol.

    As far as a new film goes, I think it’s time for a fresh start, if Michael Myers returns to the big screen. I don’t see the point in continuing Zombie’s story for a few reasons:

    1. H2 was in 2009, and let’s be honest, outside of us die hard horror fans, who actually remembers that film, the ending, and the direction for the characters? You’ll have to spend too much time playing catch up to explain the story in H2.

    2. I guess I’m one of the few people, who actually enjoyed the 2007 remake, but too many Halloween fans hate H2 (going by what I see here & other places). You’re starting off with a bad introduction, if you jump start Zombie’s story.

  • David Angle

    It would be nice if it followed Michael Myers. However follow him attacking and harassing a random group of teens on Halloween in Haddonfield. Like the first film did before the sequel confirmed Laurie Strode was his sister. However a nice reason for the attacks would be if one of the victims was the only best friend of Judith Myers from High School’s offspring.

    Relevant and still sticking to the Halloween mythology as well as being it’s own thing with a few nods to Laurie Strode and his family. But not having them be the focus.

  • wehoaks

    An FYI everyone: Cannes doesn’t start til mid-May. This site is retarded

  • Amy

    IF they do decide to do another Halloween they should get the guy who made that Animated Pitch. If u haven’t seen it yet it’s on youtube! I honestly think he would make halloween SCARY again and FRESH! I mean if I can get creeped out by a cartoon pitch I know he would do an awesome job with the full feature film. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • J Jett

      Amy do you mean that black & white graphic novel type HALLOWEEN short film? if so, i LOVED that one! it was indeed atmospheric and creepy!

      • Amy

        Yep that’s the one!

  • Rob_52

    They’re still clinging to this 3D angle. Ditch it Weinstiens!! No one wants to see a goofy, over the top, camp fest Halloween movie.(Tod Farmers awful script) I wouldn’t even get my hopes up until we hear some REAL news. This is basically the same stuff we’ve been hearing for years now “We’re trying to get it into production!”… Not anything we haven’t known…
    It might be a long shot, but get Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury back if possible, the directors who did Inside(2007), or at least someone like them. Someone with vision and is well regarded in the horror community.

    I’m looking forward to another Halloween, but not if it’s going to be some silly 3D nonsense. I get that they’re trying to depart the franchise from Rob’s more grounded take, but can we can something else that’s dark, brooding, and suspenseful please? None of this gimmicky, faux-scares junk. I loved RZH2 btw. Tons better then Robs first remake, which I’m not a fan of at all.

  • Jonny

    Patrick Lussier and the 3d is old News. They’re tangled up since 2009, after the disastrous H2 by Zombie. Not too hyped for this Franchise no matter what they will bring from now on. Unless a miracle occurs and Carpenter is actually interested in writing or directing. The 3d gimmick being talked and even considered for these types of films is already getting old! 3d screwed most of my horror experiences yet.

  • J Jett

    i don’t know which possibility is worse….a 3D Halloween movie or a found footage Friday the 13th film. both are terrible choices.

    • Adam Clifton

      Michael Vs. Jason as a 3D found footage movie? That’s worse.
      It IS inevitable that another Halloween is coming. Dimension Films doesn’t like losing one of their horror series when they see their contracts winding up, look at Hellraiser: Revelations for that one

  • bonerghost

    Open with the end of Zombie’s H2, then have a group of kids coming out of a movie theatre that says Rob Zombies H2. Never Happened. Problem solved.

    • Brian McNatt

      Marry me.

  • Christensen

    This site is awful.

    • Full Frontal Squashing

      You, sir, are awful!. If this site so awful, then why waste your time responding? Douchebag!

      • Christensen

        Did Mr. Disgusting get a new account? One would figure he’d be too busy reporting on false stories with zero factual basis 🙂

        • Full Frontal Squashing

          Really, you just upvoted yourself? How utterly fucking lame! No wonder you think this site is awful, you are officially the Douchebag of the day! Upvoting yourself, incredible!

          • Christensen

            I accidentally downvoted myself so I clicked up dumbass. This isn’t facebook you zealous dweeb literally who cares about upvoting. What’s ~truly~ lame is reporting ancient stories from 2009 as “Exclusive” to get hits on your website, which is what we’re supposed to be discussing but clearly you ran out of ways to lick the site owners’ asses. That’s what’s lame imo.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            No accident there dumbass! Upvoting yourself has got to be the lames thing ever! Nothing to be zealous about, douche, just think you are really pathetic! You comments have proven all of that to be true. Come back when you have something of “merit” to say! Amateur!

          • Christensen

            I’m getting real strong ADHD vibes from the way you type so I’m gonna let u take ur meds & then you can come talk to me 🙂 Get some new material other than me upvoting my comment that had more votes than yours to begin with. go on and defend scam “journalism”, lmao what is your point? B-I-T-T-E-R.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            I am getting a real lonely vibe from you. You really want to go there? I have a lot of material, but upvoting urself is by far the best! A lonely little boy whose worth is based upon how many upvotes he gets! I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!

          • Christensen

            I bet you’re one of those mid-30s horror fans who pollute message boards and horror sites from their mother’s basement. Stop worrying about my upvoting & go take your meds, or a shower at least PLEASE you’re so far up this site’s ass you smell foul. Second hand embarrassment lol. Petty loser.

  • OpTYmus13

    I say make it a continuation to the original series. After Resurrection. Forget the Rob zombie stuff.

  • pizowell

    And I thought you said BD does’t post wild speculation just for the bump in website traffic. LOL, okay.

  • ThunderDragoon

    FINALLY!!! Took them long enough! I really hope they go with what they planned first. Make it in the spirit of the original movies. A continuation of the original story would be great, but I would understand if they just want to start fresh. Rob Zombie’s story is finished, so there’s no reason to continue off from that. Hopefully we’ll get some more news on this very soon. Now we just need to get some news on Jeepers Creepers 3 and I’ll be set for life lol.

  • Krug09

    Please do a new story and characters, don’t follow RZ Halloween, and make MM under 6’2, thanks!

  • Krug09

    I blocked out the fact that it said “3D”…. Drop that, 3D is dead. Let it stay dead. Just make a good horror film.

  • Tony

    Starting a new sequel from where Resurrection left off isn’t that hard. The first 10 minutes of Halloween 9 should be about Myers returning, and killing Busta Rhymes, VIOLENTLY, like he should have. Then the rest of the movie should focus to two characters who are going after Myers. After 8 movies of Myers, make one where he is the one being hunted down. Hunted down by Laurie Strode’s son John, who has teamed up with Tommy Doyle. John for revenge for his Mom, Tommy because he knows the evil must be stopped. Done. Franchise back on track.

    • Can’t kill the black guy. That’s racist.

  • LuJr81

    I would be fine with a reboot, I just want them to get the right writers and director. Don’t really like the idea of farmer and lussier, I mean really, farmer is the one behind Jason X and yeah I don’t want any of that nonsense anywhere near Michael Myers. It would make zero sense to continue after resurrection or rz’s H2, for one resurrection is a memory we are all still trying to forget so no way we should go back there and Zombie made it basically impossible to follow H2 when he killed Loomis and had Laurie put in a crazy house. So yeah I think its time for a reboot I would love to see Alex Aja(High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes 2006) write and direct a Halloween film, I think he would do good. Anyways whatever happens I’ll be happy to see my favorite slasher back on the big screen, I just hope its good.

  • Markk

    I really wish if they were going to make another which i would like because i’ve watched all the others hundreds of times but 3D.. No, no, no.. Than it’s all cgi done and will be so shitty for me watching it…

  • raulfro

    Good! take this series away from Rob Zombie and make it good again. We could really use a reboot of this series.

  • VictorCrowley

    Hard to decide really. I originally liked the idea I read from Todd Farmer some two or three years ago where he talked about how he’d written a script about the next Halloween. It takes place in RZ’s world, but Michael is restored as the creepy Carpenter version. I could get on board with that for the simple fact that RZ’s world, without RZ, would be pretty cool seeing how it’s rapperless and is not worrying about catering to the hip-hop genre. Bring back The Shape and have him properly stalking people and I think the universe RZ created, tweaked to allow some creep factor and genuine tension and suspense, could stand up well.

  • John

    Fuck 3D give me a sequel to the originals.

    • walter

      hell yeah totally agree continue after Resurrection and have Michael go after Laurie Strodes Son


    Its about fucking time….YES

  • Michael

    THIS IS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO talk shit about this website and the person who wrote the story.. HALLOWEENMOVIES.COM updated fans saying that the movie ON TRACK AND MOVING FORWARD if you can read, read the link and stop trashing people and sites because you rush to judge..

    • Jer

      Yes this is the same site that were hosting an “official” fan film contest that many people entered until they “officially” decided to cancel at the last minute. Not exactly the most reputable or reliable source. I’ll believe it when a notable source, like Variety, makes a confirmation.

  • Manny Furlong

    PLEASE REBOOT!!!! Zombie’s take was not in the original Halloween/Michael Myers style! the remake was good, but should have been called “The White Trash Killer”!! I want a true reboot in the original style! 3D???? lets get a good story & script, with good actors, before we start thinking about 3D!! The new Friday the 13TH was a great disappointment & Nightmare on Elm Street was boring! these classic stories deserve better!

    • So what your saying is you want the same story and movie, only with new actors ?

    • Pleather-Face

      Please reboot? Please kill yourself.

  • The-Boogeyman

    I know many people hate the Rob Zombie Halloweens but I enjoyed them. Its not even possible to do better than the original but I liked seeing a different take on it. But this new film needs to be a reboot because I think Zombie’s films were concluded enough especially with him not doing another one. So it would make sense to leave that series completely and reboot the classic series. I just hope its better quality than Texas Chainsaw 3D.

    • Is that what Hollywood should do now? Remake movies 3, 4, 5 times? I guess it’s the inevitable.

      I guess if King Kong and Godzilla can do it, so can Michael.

      • The-Boogeyman

        I said “reboot”.


    Glad you guys removed the page that had a third article on Halloween 3D. That comment section was about to get ugly. I do not blame you for taking it down. For those of you who missed it, well that’s to bad. Mr.Disgusting lost his cool and he knows deep inside that what we were saying was true. The Weinsteins had this movie on the back burner for years. Until we get official confirmation from the studio I would not read to much into this. This movie has been in limbo for years. The writers from back then are not even a hot commodity anymore. I can start a Blog and say Halloween 3 is coming out. it’s a given but can you give us an exact date yet? Exactly.

    • Tom

      Was he bitching about people calling this site out on their terrible reporting as of late and how it essentially has become a blog for the staffs opinions? Which, by the way, is warranted.

      • Lemonade

        Not only was he doing that, but he was up-voting his own comments. Glide over the “^” and you can see who up-votes a comment. It was him and his lackey, JonathanBarkan.

        Mr. Disgusting was quickly getting ganged up on for his shit reporting.

        • Tom

          So then he took it down like a pussy? Which only further proves people right and that this horror news site is now essentially his horror blog. And commenting on his own articles AND voting up his comments? Yup, that’s honest and unbiased reporting.

          • Guest

            Yup, he said some Halloween Movies Blog site confirmed that something was “developing”, and I guess that somehow warranted an entire new article.

            This site is a tumblr essentially.

          • Tom

            The blog also states they dont comment onr umors etc yet they make a point of confirming Mr. Ds article? why this one? Also they state no source, no info etc. Who owed Mr. D a favor?? Also I am pretty sure he has some involvement in that site yeah?

          • Lemonade

            Yeah, he’s involved with that site. JonathanBarkan in the deleted article basically said “We are official and credible with good sources, just believe us, something is happening!”

          • Tom

            Good lord, they are shameless. Shouldn’t Jonathan be busy posting articles about bands no one gives shit about?

            Also EXCLUSIVE… I mean all know it is happening. What the hell is so exclusive about that. That’s like saying EXCLUSIVE NEWS the sun will die out one day. Shitheads.

        • Jer

          Of course he took it down, he looked like an unprofessional hack which surprisingly what he has become. It’s really a shame. The best thing this site could do is distance themselves away from him, he’s really bringing it down.

    • Tom

      I also find it hilarious that the blog, who even goes as far to say they don’t report rumors etc., posted a piece saying essentially what Mr. Disgusting’s article said. Brad certainly called in a favor.


        Oh wow, I did not even know that he was cool with that other blog. He commented on that blog too saying something like Your Welcome or something to that extent. I did find it strange that he commented on it though. It happened to quick. He was getting hammered and I feel he was backed into a corner. He should just take the article down until something more concrete comes out. If this is what the site has been relegated to, then I am definitely gone. This getting beyond ridiculous.

        • Tom

          I am pretty sure he has some involvement over on that site as well.

        • horrorexpert10

          OMG dude if you are so upset with this site then just stop following this site and find a different one. JEEZZZZZ

        • c-s-a78

          let me guess,your a editor from another horror website!?!

  • Pleather-Face

    The Weinsteins should just release “Halloween: The Night She Doubted” as an official addition to the franchise and call it a day. I’ve heard amazing things about it and I can’t find it since it’s been pulled.

    • I think that’s a fan made video. Isn’t it?

      • Pleather-Face

        Yes it is. I’ve been dying to see it, and (as far as fan films go) it’s supposed to be pretty awesome.

  • Please no more god damn remakes or sequels to remakes.

    Continue the original series and make it fresh again. Tell a new story, not the same story.

    • The-Boogeyman

      You can with “reboot”.

      • I’m confused what reboot means these days. Sounds like it wouldn’t be continuing the original series though….exactly what I asked not to do.

  • Fistacuffs

    God, please don’t use Patrick Lussier’s draft. It was terrible.

  • Array Coriers

    There is no way you can make a sequel to H2, and you can’t go back to the original series. Your best option is to do a reboot, and by “reboot” I don’t mean remake the original Halloween again.


      Yes there is a way to continue from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II:

    • Even though I don’t want a sequel to H2, it’s definitely possible. All these horror villains are demons and can come back from anything. Jason exploded in Jason Goes to Hell and still came back.

      No more god damn reboots! Continue the unfinished original series.

      • The-Boogeyman

        H20 was a reboot and interestingly enough it continued the original series. It seems you don’t understand the concept of a “reboot”. Since you haven’t figured it out by now I’ll help you out. Its not the same thing as a remake.

        • To be honest with you, I don’t think I do understand the concept of reboot. Seems like it’s a fancier term for remake.

          Reboot means restart in my opinion and I don’t think they restarted anything in H20.

          • The-Boogeyman

            The series was restarted with. H20 because they came back to a troubled series and did something new which ignored alot of what was established through the franchise. Its not fancy really. Its just different. If I was going to take Halloween and remake it, it would be the same plot. Michael stalking Laurie. Things could be different but it would be the same film as the original. If it were a reboot, that could mean several things. It could mean they new this franchise and start it up again with a plot that has nothing to do with the original family. It could be liked H20 and the other films I listed before. Predators was a reboot of the series. It was a sequel to the original but it was also a reboot because it ignored Predator 2 and the other AvP films.. So they rebooted the franchise.. They didn’t remake it.

            Anyways, I not important if you understand the difference between reboot and remake. For the sake of this topic, I share similar feelings about what Halloween 3D will be.

          • At the same time H20 was a sequel. It was a sequel to me more then anything. There was just other stories told in the process and it returned to familiarity. All movies in the original series are connected in one way or the other which makes them all sequels to me. I think I would enjoy it more if people said reboot/sequel or sequel “with a new idea”.

            So now days, a movie series that gives a fresh new idea but has ties to a previous movie has to be a reboot. Got it. Time to join the new school.

          • The-Boogeyman

            Well like I said, reboot isn’t just one thing. Its not always a sequel. Its sort of messy. Is it a bad thing? Yes.. And no. It depends on how you look at it. I would like to see my favorite series be revived over a poorly crafted, lack of new material, cash grab remake from some non-passionate filmmaker. Some movies might need a remade. Typically a much older film. I don’t think Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween really needed it. I would rather see those series die with dignity than wither away.

            I guess you can say its when a franchise goes south and there’s still a bit of milk left in the utters, they’re going to rush into a way to reboot the series, if they choose not to remake the original film, before the milk dries up completely. My biggest problem with reboots is they usually screw with the continuity of a franchise but I suppose its better than a straight remake of the original.

            Are they

          • I agree and I would choose a continuity any day over a remake or sequel of a remake. Plenty of fresh ideas they can think of while continuing the story. If they want to jump ahead in the future while ignoring some previous ideas like H20 did, however still keep ties with the originals and call that a reboot, then that’s fine in my book. Just please don’t do what Texas Chainsaw 3d did.

            I can come up with a few ideas that would be so much better then continuing Rob Zombies vision without Rob Zombie.

      • The-Boogeyman

        Originally when I said reboot, I meant the word in how it was defined with the movie H20. As we know the film doesn’t neglect everything that happened in the series.. Just everything that happened after Halloween 2. They rebooted the series by ignoring, what I assume they thought were weak sequels, and continuing. That’s what happened many times in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. A reboot could many things but never a complete remake of something. It could be a sequel like H20, Texas Chainsaw 3D, or Predators. Or it could be a complete restart of a franchise but it doesn’t remake what’s been done before.

        In my opinion, I would love to see them reboot by acknowledging everything that happened from the first to H20. There’s a ton of plot holes there but if need be they could work them out. Even though Resurrection was garbage, they could accept the fact that Laurie is now dead especially since they had her true likeness in that film. It would be weird to ask her to return when she was killed off already. Anyways, going off in a new direction would be great anyways as long atleast the fist two films are part of that cannon.

        • I guess what it comes down to is I don’t like that word “reboot”. If it’s a sequel in any way and connects to the original series in any way, then it’s a sequel.

          Reboot to me simply means restart and seems to be this new word that Hollywood created.

    • Jesse Sikora

      Texas Chainsaw Massacre did it!!

  • Jesus Garcia Coronado

    continue in Halloween8 or H20 ,Michael myers look that his nephew John son of Laurie Strode and kill his family and Laurie did not die


      Halloween 8 and H20 were the worst two in the franchise in my humble opinion. That’s the last place I’d continue from.

      • I don’t see what the big deal is continuing from H20 and Halloween Resurrection even though they weren’t the greatest. They were pretty bad, but also fun movies. Most importantly, they continued the series.

        It’s not like they’d be making tons of references to those films. Sure Laurie Strode might be dead, but keep the story going. Just make it much better this time. Make it about what Michael does when there’s no more family members left to kill. What does he do then?

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    Personally, I don’t think a “reboot” or remake would be necessary with this franchise. To make a sequel and give it that 70’s Carpenter vibe to it? Yes. I’ve been a fan of Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise ever since I had my first viewing of the original classic in the first grade of 2001. (yes, I started at a young age lol). I feel that most Halloween fans would appreciate the nostalgic feel of a rural suburban atmosphere of Haddonfield again, a mysterious man in a white mask stalking teenage high school girls babysitting on Halloween night, and just going back to the roots somehow. Maybe a new set of characters but with relations of Laurie and the Myers family? Idk. All I want is for the franchise to go back, not taking a step forward into the remake/reboot realm.

  • Brian Patterson

    Seriously please give us a halloween 9 that’s a sequel to resurrection. I’m sick and tired of seeing so many rob zombie reboot trash films. I enjoyed the 8 movies from the first continuity even the 3rd one the one without michael myers was good IMO compared to zombie’s pile of feces reboot. Please give us a halloween 9 as H3D will suck.

    • Mario2319

      The Rob Zombie movies are far better than the abysmal Resurrection

  • Trojann Go Perez

    a question who will portray Myers?..

    • VictorCrowley

      I have a feeling it will be someone new.

  • VictorCrowley

    The only way I would want a continuation of the original story is if they tied them all together. As it stands, there’s an “official” continuity with parts 1, 2, H20, Res, and an alternate universe with 4, 5, and 6. If they would tie everything together and actually acknowledge Laurie Strode knew about her daughter Jamie Lloyd, then touch on the whole Thorn angle and either confirm it is legit or disprove the theory, then move forward with new characters in Michael and Laurie’s bloodline, I could get on board and be happy about it, especially if they took the series back to it’s roots of a rural suburb and The Shape being creepy and stalking as others have mentioned. Could totally see that working.

    Otherwise, a new reboot is necessary IMO. RZ told his story, but the entire Halloween mythology has been completely f*cked up and thrown into the garbage disposal and regurgitated. Can’t move forward in RZ’s universe under the premise of the story that’s already been told unless they take on Todd Farmer’s idea of restoring Michael to the classic Carpenter version and dispel a lot of the crap that happened in Rob’s world before continuing on in it. Although it could be interesting, I just don’t see any studio taking on the kind of work and creativity it would require to get that done effectively.

    Whatever story they choose, I like the idea of bringing in someone brand new to direct. And upstart, hungry director with strong desire. The series needs some tender affection at this point.

    • Lori Hopkins

      I agree Flu-Like Symptoms. I hate the RZ version of this movie. It sucked monkey balls, and the premise behind WHY MM was a killer was just so cliche and stupid. Whhaaa…I had a bad home life and hated everybody! Please, just someone go back to the classic and expound on what Dr. Loomis was saying…I met him, fifteen years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes… the devil’s eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil.
      THAT is where the money and story is…not the gore fest that RZ portrayed.

  • tom

    This will be updated in 2021. Halloween 3d still moving forward …….poop or get off the pot already !!

  • Gods above, don’t let Lussier (of Dracula 3000 fame) get his hands on the Halloween franchise; we don’t need another Resurrection.

    • Criddic

      Patrick Lussier is a good editor, having worked on such films as the original “Scream,” but leaves much to be desired as a director.

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