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Top 5 Italian Horror Films By Stolen Babies’ Rani Sharone

Alt-metal band Stolen Babies may have one of the most unique sounds going on for them in today’s music scene. Their mixture of metal with avant garde instrumentation and theatrical presentation all blend together to form a highly addictive and exciting sound that is as surreal and bizarre as it is enjoyable!

That’s why I’m really excited to host bassist/guitarist Rani Sharone’s Top 5 Italian Horror Films, which comes as a precursor to their US tour with none other than Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin!

Sharone comments:

I chose these films because they have one thing in common…they have incredible soundtracks!

I was familiar with the scores before ever seeing the films. It’s the music that made me check the films out.

More often than not i’ve found the music to be best part of the films, but i do appreciate the editing, camera work, twisted plots, and the usual swankiness found in Giallo films also.

I’m really stoked Stolen Babies is touring with Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN. I’ve got my CD’s on hand for him to sign.

Head on below for the list!


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  • Jim

    At first I didn’t find Suspiria all that remarkable, but then I caught myself wanting to go back and watch it several times. Inferno and Mother of Tears are rather enjoyable too.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I LOVE Suspiria! Such a wonderfully done film!

    • Leebo

      Gotta say that when I first watched SUSPIRIA, with all the hype of it being “amazing” I was totally bored and didn’t “get it” – perhaps because I was about 12?
      Then i rewatched it a few years later and realized it was a work of genius – it’s now my 3rd favourite horror movie of all time.

      If you’ve watched it once and thought – “meh” – give it another go.

      • Jim

        Same here. I read in to all the hype and was underwhelmed on the first viewing. Second and third time, I was hooked.

        • Leebo

          It just seems to get better and better with each viewing.

          I also love INFERNO too, and although it’s a weak end to the Mother’s trilogy, I’ve got a soft spot for MOTHER OF TEARS.

  • fruitcake555

    As a man of Italian heritage it pains me to have to say that most Italian horror is unwatchable, drawn out, overly mellowdramatic, much too wordy and always badly dubbed. Not until recently was I able to go back and watch them in Italian because I got a region free bluray player… And ya know what? They are still boring as shit.

  • fruitcake555

    Oh, and the music is awful. Maybe one or two great bits per movie, usually classical compositions, but give the Moog a rest

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