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‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Sequel Update (Exclusive)

The chainsaw has stalled and won’t be revving up anytime soon…

It’s been well over a year since we reported on a sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D, Millennium Films and Lionsgate’s followup to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Blood Disgusting regular ‘Kyle K.’ was the most recent reader to ask me about the sequel to the John Luessenhop-directed film, which made $47M worldwide ($34M domestically). I figured we may as well check in with our sources to see if there was any progress. Unfortunately, we have non-news to report. Our sources tell us that the project is surrounded by crickets, most likely because the rights to continue on with the franchise are so incredibly expensive (something that was also relayed to me during the Platinum Dunes years). As of this writing, the project is likely dead.

UPDATE: As anticipated, a Millenium rep reached out for comment, telling us: “While the film’s development is taking a bit longer than usual, it is still an active project on Millennium Films’ slate.

Either way, we have strong faith that Leatherface and the Sawyer family will once again create havoc across screens everywhere. You can’t kill the Sawyers…

Released in theaters on January 4 2013, the sequel followed a young woman who travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-wielding killer is part of the reward (and her family). Alexandra Daddario, Tania Raymonde and Scott Eastwood starred.

You can read my review of the film here.




  • Jason Bartlett

    Do your thing, cuz. I actually thought it was fun at times. I’ll see a sequel. Do that shit.

  • Maxime C

    So it’s sure, they killed the franchise with that awful movie !

  • morrisseylikesburgers

    The ‘do your thing, cuz’ line sent douche chills up my spine. Fuck this movie.

  • LuJr81

    Thank God. I hope they never ever make a sequel to this film. I’m a huge TCM fan and I was so excited for this movie before it came out. But then I went and saw it and was letdown so fucking hard. The writers for this movie should never be allowed to right anything again. They should have just continued the platinum dunes remakes which were waaaayyy better than this shit. I’m sure another reboot will come out in a few years but i’m sure it will better than this garbage movie. Just please don’t make a sequel to it, I think TCM fans suffered enough. I guess Next Generation isn’t the worst entry anymore lol. Which by the way I actually think Next Generation is a good entry in the franchise that gets a lot of undeserved hate.

    • John Wills

      you should be allowed to “right” either moron

      • Krug09


        • John Wills

          apparently neither should I lol

  • Merlo1980

    I was very let down with Chainsaw 3d, and since then I have made a short film for a prequel idea that I hope the rights holders will like! I can understand people being skeptical after all the bad chainsaw movies that have come out over the years, but this will be a very true to the original!

  • Merlo1980

    Editing the film now and you can like our fb page at First Annual Barbecue!

  • Jessee

    I thought this sequel was really well done! I enjoyed the back story on the family and Dan Yeager as Leatherface did NOT disappoint! I’d love to see another!

  • Mike Baumeister

    Whether or not they make a sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D or reboot the series again I hope they bring Dan Yeager back as Leatherface. Even without saying words his movements and overall portrayal of Leatherface was a bright spot.

  • J Jett

    i didn’t think the movie was terrible (i adore Alexandra Daddario). the problem i had with the movie was that the film’s writers made Leatherface WAY more (dare i say) innocent/sympathetic than practically everyone else. compared to most of the other characters in the film, Leatherface was the protagonist! lol.

  • Giacomo Ferraiuolo

    I want again Dan!
    he was amazing!
    and i hope they do another one!!!
    they cant left us with an open end 🙁

  • Kaye

    Would definitely like to see Dan return. There’s more the character and to him as an actor than we have yet to experience.

  • frankie smith

    A prequel would be great IF IT FITS the timeline of the original movie.What about the Franklin House? Talk to Teri McMinn(Pam from the Original),she has great ideas and stories for a prequel.Bill Moseley had a role in Butcher Boys,and he tore that role up! Drayton Sawyer needs to to be more(but not too much)like that character.For sure bring back Bill Moseley,Dan Yeager and John Dugan.

    • Merlo1980

      Just so you know Frankie, in my prequel idea script the Franklin House is very prominent! There is a back story behind it and the events that happened at the slaughter house! This would take place only a couple years before the original took place! I would love to talk to Teri McMinn about my script! I think that when you see my short film that you will see where I’m coming from! Just remember that I had to change the names of characters and locations (Francais house, and Sayer House) to avoid any legal issues!

      • frankie smith

        Thank you for the reply,this is the first I heard of a short film.As always I am late to the party.I just found your Facebook page” First Annual Barbeque” . Great pics,looking forward to watching it.And thanks to Dan Yeager for tweeting this link.Good Luck

        • Merlo1980

          I think you’ll like my film, but do keep in mind that I made a 25 minute film for only $1000, so it’s not exactly a hollywood budget! I’m sure you like the plot I have for this film though and see why it would make a great prequel! The ultimate goal is that Lionsgate will see what I have done and want to produce an entire film for it! I do actually have a full feature script for First Annual Barbecue and would love to see it get made!

  • Alex Lagowski

    Killer rack though.

  • Hellion Hellsing

    I would love to see another sequel with Dan Yeager behind the saw….he was great.

  • Chainsaw Graphics

    Yes,.. WE WANT MORE CHAINSAW!!!!! Tragic part about the TCM series from the get-go, seems like rights to it and the films are always in some kind of turmoil.

  • Chris Gregory

    Dan Yeager best LF since Gunnar. He needs to be the Kane Hodder of LF. Let him run with the chainsaw for the next 10 sequels please. Hope to hear better news on another movie asap!

  • Stephanie Wacker

    We want more Leatherface!!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’ll happen sooner or later. I actually really liked Texas Chainsaw 3D. Sure, it wasn’t great like the original or the remake, but it’s still miles better than any of the sequels between those.

  • Derek Jones

    I want more sequels with Dan Yeager and Alexandra Daddario!!!! Come on people the story is just getting started! Long live Leatherface!!!!

  • Brad Bennett

    I definitely want more sequels!! the buzz will be back

  • chris hayes

    I liked the 3D one even though the timeline was completely stuffed up , I would love a sequel based on what happened at the end ……

  • Lana Del Gay

    MORE TCM!!!

  • Derek Bunt

    Chainsaw will never die. There is a kickass story in place with the potential to become something even better. There is a greater story to be told. The saw is the law!

  • J Jett

    i’m not against more movies continuing from the TCM 3D ending/storyline but wouldn’t that mean that now it’s Leatherface as the anti-hero/protagonist? in TCM3D he was the hero of the film!! lol. that’s weird.

  • Anthony Gulino

    Wow.. not sure if its just me or what but i was completely let down by this film in a huge way after the 2003 reboot and the prequel in 2006.. I thought those two films were extremely well done..Dark and horrific.. I was shocked and disappointed with the latest installment and found it too be a major step down in quality… The whole thing with Leatherface and Daddario was silly..
    Was it the worst film I have ever seen ? NO but I thought it paled in comparison to the two very serious films that preceded it..

  • Krug09

    This movie would have been much better had they used the original idea to make Leatherface old so they wouldn’t have to dance around the dates.

  • Texas Chainsaw 3d was a giant turd in a bucket. Most would agree. Best to scrap that whole idea and do something else. In the 2003 remake, didn’t Leatherface’s arm or hand get cut off? Would be awesome to have a one handed chainsaw maniac with maybe a prosthetic hand. After all, he still lived at the end.

    I say have a brand new TCM story. No remakes, reboots or prequels. Kinda like what TCM 2 was to the first.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      I thought the prequel to the reboot was the second best one after the original.

      • Nah. Goes the original, TCM 2, TCM remake, Leatherface, Next Generation, then prequel to the remake and the latest one.

        I have a feeling you’re young.

  • Nathan Dean Graham

    Dan Yeager was a great Leatherface.

  • Adam Paquette

    Booo! “Texas Chainsaw 3D” was fucking awful.

  • Nick Greeley

    Hopefully any 40 year old characters will actually be 40, and not in their early 20s

  • whitezombie

    i thought texas chainsaw 3d was horrible…..they should get the director from last 2 chainsaw films before 3d …they were more dark and realistic

  • Rob

    That’s my hopes of the franchise.

    Texas Chainsaw 3D and it’s GOD FORSAKEN sequel can lick my fat ass.

  • Killyoself Asap

    I wish they would just re-release the original back into the theatres for a new generation to see.

  • Killyoself Asap

    This franchise seems done to me. How bout a ‘Madman’ remake?

    • Anthony Gulino

      I’m down with a Madman remake..That movie was awesome.. i loved how these one kid goes missing then the next kid goes after to look for him,then he goes missing, then someone else follows suit, calling out into the woods ..TJ are you there ???.. 80’s horror at its best..

  • Doug Shemley

    More non-news from BD!

    • Jon Phil

      yeah Hahahahaha. They ran out of non news from GREEN INFERNO…..

  • Rainbowbeany

    Yeah 3D jumped the shark by making leather face the hero. I hope they take a long break to realize what they want to accomplish.

  • Francesco Falciani

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh i want it i want it…so 3 of the 4 horror 70s/80s icons are back…where’s freddy?

    • Raiden McFly

      Bro u missed the Nightmare on Elm Street remake from 2010?

  • Mava95

    when is there going to be an update about Wrong Turn 6?

  • Strong Bad

    Maybe next time, the 40 year old character will look their age! I don’t understand how people praise that movie when the producers couldn’t follow basic logic and continuity…

    • VictorCrowley

      It did strike me as very odd when pics of Leatherface started coming out and he looked surprisingly trim compared to what I was expecting. He probably doesn’t get a whole lot of exercise being holed up in the cellar most of the time and eating those hefty portions he’s served. The Gunnar Hansen Leatherface would’ve been about 50 pounds heavier at that age in the new film. Didn’t the story flash forward 30 years after the events of part 1? That should make Leatherface no younger than 50. Definitely not the kind of shape he’d be in.

      • Jon Phil

        he looked too tiny. looked like a teenager at times.

  • Stoibs

    Texas Chainsaw 3D was an absolute chore to watch. I went and watched this in 3D opening day. I was so excited to get a new chapter in the original series. In the first five minutes I was fuming. They open with an awesome 3D enhanced version of the original, then all of a sudden, out of fucking nowhere, they decided to splice in Bill Moseley as Drayton Sawyer instead of Jim Siedow. Just absolutely shameful. I was ready to walk out right then. Who’s stupid idea was it to try to make the Sawyer clan sympathetic? They were eating people! Leatherface dragged the kids in, killed them, and then they fucking cooked and ate them! Drayton was an absolute maniac. Did they just forget about the entire dinner scene? Where did the extra Sawyer family come from? Why is Heather 20? What the hell is Trey Songz (I can’t believe I’m typing this stupid fucking name) doing in this movie? Why is there a smartphone? Why does Heather just forget about her dead friends? Wouldn’t she still be pissed that Jed killed them all? This movie is so stupid and so boring on so many levels. I remember an interview with Luessenhop where he stated that he was trying to hit a home run with this movie. This guy was actually trying to convince us that this group tried to go out of their comfort zone and knock this one out of the park. Is this for real? We spend a good three or four minutes of this 85 minute movie watching Heather read newspaper articles! They literally film the newspaper. Like we are supposed to fucking read along with her as she and us (the audience) begin to unravel the history of the family. We already saw the first fucking movie!!! We know what happened, it’s the opening scene of this movie! It’s a small miracle this movie ever played in as many theaters as it did. I never want a sequel to this crap. Even if they made it, where the hell would it go? Are we really going to watch Heather and Jed track down all the people involved? That is about as boring a film series as can be imagined. They can’t very well take it another 180 degrees in the other direction. That just goes back to the original storyline. They can’t go back to making the family cannibals. This movie literally killed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise for another decade or so. Now everyone might say “Hey, if you are so smart, what the hell would you have done to fix this movie?” Well I am glad you hypothetically asked! If I were to have started from scrap, then I would have included Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as cannon. If I was unable to do so, then I sure as hell could have fixed this mess of a movie in about twenty minutes.
    1. Make heather Leatherface’s niece!: Heather’s mother is the child that was taken. She was raised by the family, had a child, then dies at a young age. Now the time of the movie makes sense! Although I would despise leaving it in, this at least explains the smartphone and the new cars.
    2. Leatherface is old: Even if we say Leatherface was only sixteen during the first movie, that still makes him nearly 60. An older, worn down Leatherface is far more interesting than a Leatherface that never ages.
    3. Gunnar Hansen is Leatherface: If you’re going to make a sequel to the original, then you get the original actor.
    4. The Sawyers are cannibalistic maniacs!: The townspeople killed them because they were killing and eating people (plus grave robbing). They aren’t just some misunderstood rednecks. The most important aspect of this change is that actually allows the audience to understand the actions of the people in the town. It makes us sympathize with them. The makers of this movie were obviously trying to juxtapose the story of the Sawyers and the people that killed them. We’re supposed to see that the people are actually more evil than the cannibals, but the interesting, engaging, and murky gray area of this is completely lost when you make the decision for us.
    5. The Sawyer family rises from the ashes: There are only two Sawyers left. How do we maintain a drawn out story over several sequels while taking the story in new and interesting directions? The Sawyers are known for inbreeding. The Cook is probably their father and their brother. Or any other combination you can think of. Heather is brought back to the town not only to take care of Jed, but to breed with him. Now the lineage can continue. A new family of maniacs is born and new dinners will need to be prepared. This allows for endless possibilities. This also allows for an aged Leatherface to hang up the saw and pass the torch to a new Leatherface.
    6. Have some balls: This movie is gutless. It’s tame a horror movie as I have seen in the last couple years. We have the resources to do stuff on the cheap, so there is no excuse. Leatherface doesn’t run into a carnival and play chicken with a carny acting like a character out of Saw. Leatherface kills.
    To conclude, never make a sequel to this movie. Let it be. You’ve harmed the franchise enough. Walk away and accept responsibility for what you have done. End rant.

    • Jon Phil

      Excellent, Excellent post. I understand that maybe Bloody Disgusting gets paid to talk about some movies, but Texas 3D is a complete piece of shit. I Wish people would stop giving it any attention. Not only is it the worst Texas movie but it is also one of the worst Hollywood horror movies.

    • Man_of_Sin

      Jim Siedow is dead.

      • Stoibs

        You don’t say.

        • Man_of_Sin

          Don’t get me wrong. The movie is trash but I’m just saying that there is no way they would have got Jim Siedow to play the role of Drayton again.

          • Stoibs

            Didn’t pick up on my saracsm there. I know he is dead. No one has a problem with re-casting, we have a problem with splicing out Siedow in the footage from the original TCM that opened this movie.

  • scooby279 .

    I loved texas 3d! I would gladly go see a sequel! best one to the original, don’t know why some people don’t like it

    • Jon Phil

      you must be a glutton for punishment. Texas 3d was very cliche and had a really stupid story. Leatherface as the good guy? Come on… is that good?

      • scooby279 .

        how was he good? he killed heather’s friends, her parents, and that dick of a cop at the end along with his sidekick, just because he didn’t kill heather? she is family why would he kill her? yeah he tried but that’s before he found out who she was. So Leatherface has maybe good qualities so does Jason

        • Jon Phil

          exactly, How the Fuck does Heather become his guardian all of the sudden after he killed all her friends? that is so fucking stupid….. that is the point.
          This movie was such a piece of shit, you are either a really hardcore fan of leatherface or very flexible on shitty movies

    • Merlo1980

      Would you like the list buds?
      Well lets see……..The story was terrible, The characters were unlikable, The actors….(my god I don’t think there is a bad enough word to describe how bad the actors were), The lack of continuity, the terrible 3d effects, and the fact that the things that took place in this movie were just so unbelievable!

      I don’t understand why it has been so hard to make a good chainsaw movie. The original was a masterpiece of horror, but everything else that has come out after it has been one train wreck after another. This may be the worst one! Next Generation and this one are pretty close though!

  • Jon Phil

    this movie was such pathetic garbage…. it was all together bullshit. my biggest gripe is that two of the characters didn’t even die from Leatherface’s hands, One girl gets shot by the cop? was that a fucking Joke? what a pathetic excuse for a movie.

    Also Leatherface looked tiny. He looked like he was played by a 17 year old. I don’t know why but he look puny.

  • Daniel Sadler

    Daddario titties or nobody cares.

    • Collin CG


      • Daniel Sadler

        Trust me homie, I was all over that.

  • horrorexpert10

    You people don’t understand. Leatherface isn’t really an anti-hero. The only reason why you all think that was because he saved Heather. But it was clearly stated that he protects family and they we’re cousins. Otherwise he killed everyone else except Nikki. So I don’t really see him as an anti-hero. And those of you complaining about the age problem or any other minor problem just ignore it and take the movie for what it is.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      a piece of shit – that’s what it is.

      • horrorexpert10

        thats your opinion

        • Merlo1980

          And your opinion is that it was good? My opinion is that you are dumb! I’m sorry but this film has totally taken what was great about the original and just made it very cliche, not interesting, and most important than anything else when it comes to horror, NOT SCARY!!!!!!! I was let down by the remake when that came out, but now I see this garbage and I think to myself that the remake was actually not that bad. It was definitely not what it should’ve been, but it was far better than this junk pile! If they make a sequel to Texas Chainsaw, I bet it will flop bigtime!

          • horrorexpert10

            Yes That’s MY opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. And See that’s what i’m talking about lol. You’re thinking into it too much. You’re trying to find something bad about it. You’re also comparing it to other movies. Don’t do that. Take the movie for what it is. If you have a problem with all the flaws in it, then so be it. But don’t judge it based on other movies, base it on what the movie itself is. I understand you hate it, but don’t let all the little mistakes bother you lol. I also understand it may bother you cause their trying to make a sequel to the original which was pretty good so you have high expectations.

          • Merlo1980

            You know, it’s okay to have your own opinion there buds, but make sure you know what you’re talking about! You say that I’m trying to find something bad in the film? When I went to see it, I didn’t have high expectations for the film but being a huge fan of the original I was really hoping it was gonna be good. I was trying to find some good in the film, which obviously I didn’t find. That’s my opinion!

            As for comparing it to the original, no offence but all horror movies will be compared to that film, and Halloween, and Friday the 13th etc! This just so happens to share the same title which really shouldn’t. It has no business sharing that classic title! I can see this film for what it is buds! It wouldn’t make a difference if it did have a different title, because either way it is one of the worst horror films of ALL TIME! Not too far off of Zombie’s shitpile that was Halloween 2! If a horror movie isn’t scary, it has no business being called a horror movie! This was not scary! Not even close!

          • horrorexpert10

            Ok i see what your saying and sorry i assumed you had high expectations considering it’s a sequel to the original lol. And some parts of the movie we’re scary. Just the couple of jump scenes, but otherwise i see what your saying i guess

          • horrorexpert10

            And just one more thing. this is definitely NOT one of the worst horror movies of all time. I’ve seen a lot worse and haha Zombie’s H2 is really bad

  • A Little Too Raph

    They went to the trouble to make it a direct sequel…they recreated the Sawyer house to maintain continuity and then they added in random characters who didn’t exist in the original?

    F A I L

  • Brian Wiley

    WHo the fuck jumps in a grave to hide from a killer when you can disappear in to the woods!? Who the fuck jumps on a Ferris Wheel to escape a madman!? Who does that? Oh and one of the most cringe worthy lines/deliver ” DO YER THING CUZ.”

    • Jeff Rittenour

      LMAO – EXACTLY. Man this movie was SO bad, it took bad to a new level. Do yer thing cuz is one of the worst lines ever – my jaw dropped when that shit ACTUALLY came out her mouth. Fuck this movie was so dumb. I loved the flashback opening and thought this is gonna be great…Jesus Christ was I ever wrong.

    • Stoibs

      Who slams their van into a metal gate? Leatherface was jogging toward them. They are in a car! They have time! Hell they could have just run him over. Why is the side story of Heather’s boyfriend cheating on her completely forgotten? Couldn’t this storyline have been used to provide a reason for Heather’s transformation from kind of weird girl to sadistic killer? How come basically none of the cast can speak normally? I mean we can go on and on. Just dreadful storytelling. I’ll leave you all with another terrible line from the movie. “Welcome to Texas motherfucker!”

  • Merlo1980

    Check out the facebook page for my short film inspired as a prequel to the original I think any fan of the original will like what I have done! A trailer will be up very soon 🙂

    • Merlo1980

      Here’s the new trailer!

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