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FilmRise Will Release ‘The Nightmare’ On Home Video!

The Nightmare, Rodney Ascher

Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned that FilmRise has acquired North America home media rights from Gravitas Ventures for the hit Sundance documentary-horror hybrid The Nightmare (read our review), a terrifying examination of the mysterious phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. The Brooklyn-based distributor will release the film on DVD and Blu-ray on August 4, 2015, with pre-orders available now.

In The Nightmare, filmmaker Rodney Ascher – who previously helmed the acclaimed Room 237 – combines captivating interviews, otherworldly bedtime re-creations and heart-stopping scare tactics to explore sleep paralysis, a condition between wakefulness and sleep in which the victim is conscious of his or her surroundings but completely immobilized.

Gravitas Ventures released The Nightmare in select theaters and on Video on Demand platforms earlier this month. The film was produced by Campfire and Zipper Bros Films.

The Nightmare is without a doubt one of the most terrifying and original films of the year, and we are thrilled to be releasing it on DVD and Blu-ray after the incredible buzz it received at Sundance,” said FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher. “The film defies genre boundaries and will frighten and fascinate audiences of all sorts.”

“Rodney Ascher has proven again that he is one of the most innovative documentarians working today,” said Julie Candelaria, Vice President of Marketing, Gravitas Ventures. “We’re very excited to have FilmRise distributing the film on DVD and Blu-ray so that an even wider audience can experience The Nightmare.

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  • And if this film was worth more than at the very best… a rental, this would be excellent news.

    • KSE1977

      not even sure a rental is warranted. Amazon has given me like 100 days to finish it and I have only stomached 20 minutes so far. Just not good for me.

      • Get an S/o, get drunk with them, watch the rest and imagine that the entitled sounding jack assess who make up this movie are in the room with you and can hear you mocking them.

  • DeadInHell

    Looking forward to seeing this. I’ve experienced my fair share of sleep paralysis and the trailer looked interesting and creepy.

    • Scott Tidwell

      I have sleep paralysis quite often. Will NOT watch this movie lol because in real life from it happening, already makes me not like sleeping.

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