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I’ve Read the ‘Halloween Returns’ Screenplay By Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton!


Can you believe it’s been nearly seven years since Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel hit theaters? It’s no wonder the franchise was plucked away from The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films, where it now resides at Blumhouse with Adam Wingard circling to direct.

But before this impasse, Dimension and Trancas International had been developing the living hell out of the franchise. Back in 2009 they had tapped Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine duo Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier to write and direct, respectively, Halloween 3D, with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton taking the reigns in 2014-15 to develop Halloween Returns for the two companies.

I’m not one to “review” screenplays, mainly because they change so drastically by the time they’re realized on film, not to mention that the director often takes the writer’s vision and contorts it into his own. But seeing as Halloween Returns is no longer in the cards, I thought it would be fun to share what could have ended up in theaters this coming Halloween.

From what I’m told, this screenplay dated 4-13-15 is a casting draft, which is slightly different (including the names of characters) from what was further developed internally at Dimension.

Halloween Returns was being pegged a “recalibration,” and what was meant is that the timeline is unique. There’s no mention of the actual year in the script, only passage of time, although it does live in the same universe as John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween. To confuse things a bit, Halloween Returns takes place in modern day, and is not period (this feels like a studio note), but in fact does fill the gap between Carpenter’s Halloween and Halloween 4. You know, pre-Thorne Cult. So, in essence, it’s continuing the story of Michael Myers, who vanishes after Loomis shoots him off the balcony, only on a new timeline (seemingly ignoring Halloween 2). Whatever the case, it’s a cool parallel conceit that takes Halloween fans on a ride that answers the question, “What happened to Michael during Halloween 3: Season of the Witch,” which is given a loving nod multiple times in the screenplay.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.04.03 AM

Click “PLAY” to set the mood.

The film would have opened in HADDONFIELD on the same night as MICHAEL MYERS terrorized LAURIE STRODE at the DOYLE HOUSE. In fact, it opens with a shot of Michael standing up at the exterior of the Doyle home, where he’s stalking a young girl, KAREN. While she lives through the ordeal, Michael leaves dozens of victims in his wake – many of which comes back in the later part of the screenplay.

What’s unique about Halloween Returns is that it’s told from Michael’s perspective, and follows his POV on many occasions. It’s a refreshing approach because, as the viewer will typically see Michael standing in the shadows and then mysteriously vanish, here the viewer will actually follow Michael as he moves out of frame (picture the scene where Laurie catches a glimpse of Michael out the window by the clotheslines – instead of it being from her perspective, the audience would experience it from Michael’s). There’s a heavy dose of this in the opening sequence, which eventually leads to his capture by DEPUTY GARY HUNT and his clinical psychiatrist, PAUL ROGERS. There’s an important line here that comes full circle by the last page: “Everyone is dead. You’ve killed everyone,” Rogers bellows. As he’s surrounded, Michael falls to his knees and allows himself to be captured.

News reports and clippings segue us to the title card and set the scene for Michael’s execution 10 years later. Rogers is at the center of the story, as is his daughter, SOPHIA, and her friends. NOAH is the son of a woman who is murdered in the opening scene, and the deputy who captured Michael.

A lot of the screenplay focuses on building the characters and setting the stage for Michael’s execution/escape. I’m not a huge fan of prison scenes in genre films as for whatever reason they don’t ring “true” to me. It’s sort of the same here, although there’s some great dialogue and additional mythology layered throughout (it’s noted that, even though Michael is unmasked, we never ever see his face).

the ultimate stare

The MEDICAL EXAMINER explaining the process of putting Michael to “sleep”:

“It’s a three-tiered system: One, he feels nothing. Two, we spike his nervous system into the red. And three, we push him into the black.”

This reads like a wonderful reference to Dr. Loomis’ dialogue in the 1978 film, “I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes… the devil’s eyes.”

Noah begs Sophia to sneak him into the execution, as it would help him heal after losing his mother a decade prior. As Michael is about to shut down, he catches a glimpse of Sophia, which turns him back “on”. This is when shit hits the fan, and eventually Michael adrenaline sets him loose. This sequence touches Rob Zombie’s Michael a bit too much for me, ending in a bloodbath and with Michael back on the loose. The police deem Michael dead, thinking he burned in the facility that ends up exploding, this leaves everyone in the community acting a bit too normal – Sophia, Noah and their friends are already on the mend and partying the next night.

Michael returns, obviously, and comes after Noah and Sophia at FARMER JOHN’S HAUNTED PUMPKIN PATCH and CORN MAZE.

Hunt and Rogers are trying to find Michael, as they’re the only ones who think he’s still alive, and have a conversation about Michael escaping 10 years prior. This leads to this fantastic gem of dialogue:

Well… all those years we thought we were watching him. But no. He was watching us.
Every move. Patiently waiting. One night, we blinked, and he was gone. Right through my office window.”

This is an insanely important exchange that explains how Michael escapes in the script’s final moments. It also beautifully mixes in with the story’s overall narrative, theme, and direction. Rogers also reveals his motivation for not wanting to execute Michael:

“You know the critical difference ‘tween you and me, doc?
You need to understand these people. I don’t.”

“Shoot first, think later? That’s your plan? Well, watch the news, Sheriff, that credo is broken. I know exactly what you lost, and I feel it every day. Every second. There isn’t a moment that goes by I don’t feel what happened.

And you know what? It’ll happen again. In a different down. By a different maniac. And it’ll keep on happening until someone like me can understand the ones doing it. Until someone like me can spot them before they snap.

That’s what I’m trying to do. And that’s why I’ve spend sixteen hours out of every day for the past ten years with that monster in that cage.”

Ultimately, Rogers and Hunt end up saving Sophia. Michael then stages a diversion, much like in H20, where he cuts up Rogers’ tongue, puts the “Shape” mask on him, and sends him running out to be shot by the police. Michael slips away into the darkness, as foreshadowed by the “blinking” conversation from earlier. But before he does, he writes something on the wall in blood: “THIS TOWN WILL NEVER BE SAFE AGAIN.” Rogers whispers:

“He doesn’t want to kill me and you…he wants to kill everyone.”

This harks back to the opening of the film when Rogers tells Michael that everyone is dead, which is why he disarms. But the goldmine is the film’s epilogue, which takes us into the interior of a hospital where Rogers is recovering. There, he speaks with another doctor… DR. LOOMIS.

“I tried to understand him…I wanted to help him, but when I saw what was inside of him, God help me, I tried to kill him.
I tried to kill him, Dr. Loomis. I tried.

You speak of Michael Myers as if he were just a man.
He is not a man, Dr. Rogers. He never was.
He’s simply… and purely… Evil.

Outside of some issues, which may or may not have been changed in later drafts, I absolutely loved the script’s direction – and knowing Dunstan was going to direct only made it better. Halloween Returns read like a classical horror film, using an immense amount of tracking and dolly shots, possibly from a low angle. There’s an old-school creep factor that permeates from Michael, even if the prison sequence diminished it a bit. There’s a lot more to love here, especially that Melton and Dunstan show restraint – Michael doesn’t necessarily kill everyone for the sake of on-screen violence. The death sequences are approached like a dance; they’re smooth and unnerving, unlike Zombie’s Halloween in which Michael just uses brute force. It’s a bummer we’ll never see this on screen as I believe this would have been a welcomed and beloved addition to the Halloween franchise; it would have scared new genre fans, while giving the purists a reason to cheer.




  • CGP

    That script was terrible. I cannot believe this review, but it is Mr. Disgusting.

    • BloodyDisgusted

      I know, how could someone have a different opinion about something. Why are you shocked by something as subjective as a review? lol

      • CGP

        Because Brad has zero taste and it’s the laughing stock of the film industry?

        But keep writing in hyperbole, cultivating click bait headlines, and reviewing things based on who pays you most. What a cool site!

        • BloodyDisgusted

          LOL I’m not Brad, I’m not sure if/why you think I am. I haven’t read the screenplay so I can’t say much as to its quality but, it seems to have had a mixed reception as opposed to being the universally loathed trash you’re making it out to be. Any chance you could forward a copy my way? 🙂

  • Halloween_Vic

    I heard that this Script was horrible and I’ve been wanting to read it, do you have a link? Anyways this doesn’t sound too bad, I mean I see why they scrapped this but I also kind of like the vibe that was going on, a little confusing a bit but none the less definitely seems not to shabby. I really hope the new script is in the works so that the KING OF ALL SLASHERS can return to the big screen next year.

    • CGP

      It had no Halloween vibe – this review is stupid. They retconned it in a way that made no sense at all. I think dumbass Brad missed that they eliminated Laurie and REPLACED her with Karen. Then they morphed Loomis into Rogers, but still throw a Loomis teaser into the end.

      And the teen characters (Brie, Bear, etc) were abominable. Worse than Friday the 13th kids. Was super hard to care for Sofia too, who BREAKS INTO AN EXECUTION FOR NO REASON. Ugh. I hated this script. And I love Halloween. When I found out a few months that they were either rewriting or scrapping it, I was thrilled. They had been location scouting in Ohio and Louisiana so I thought it was going to go, but Dimension mercifully killed it.

      • ScriptGiverTJ

        I agree with you. I think this script was, on paper, the worst of the franchise. And that includes resurrection and zombie’s films.

        • Kruger

          Do you have an email?

      • CLK

        Yeah, by far even worse than RZ’s H2. All the main teens cared about were beer and sex. Although the broom/mask trap at the end was sort of clever.

        Do you have any insight to Alien: Covenant? Was the script good? Is production going good?

        • CGP

          Original script was great – have no idea what is going on there now. I think they’ve been doing major rewrites during production, which is typical with Ridley Scott.

          • CLK

            Was it a cerebral at all? Ambitious like Prometheus, or just straightforward like Alien? What movies could you compare it to?

          • CGP

            Is there a way for you to private message me? I am not going to post any specifics about the original Paradise Lost script online. It’s too risky. Halloween has been leaked around a lot.

          • CLK

            Sadly, there is no function on Disqus for private message. Is there any way we could communicate via alternate, non-work related emails? I know you probably don’t have one, but I would appreciate it beyond measure if you could quickly make one, and you can message me on there. Alien and Aliens are my favorite films haha.

            I just made one for the sake of this account lol. It’s: hellotherewaitwhat AT gmail

          • CLK

            PS I’m legit and in the business too haha, albeit low on the totem pole.

      • Halloween_Vic

        I see, yea it didn’t make sense to me, I’m like Karen??? Does he mean Laurie?? It was weird. You’re right actually not Halloween at all. Do u know where I can read the script?

      • Dylan Woodson

        I read a couple drafts of this myself and I completely agree. Holy shit was this a clusterfuck. Particularly irritating was that they had played it like we missed a Halloween reboot that never happened. Rogers and Karen replaced Loomis and Laurie respectively, so who the fuck is Loomis in this universe? Also agreed on the teens. Particularly the running joke about Bear and his beard. A lot of it just felt like fanwank. Like they just threw in a ton of superficial Halloween series references and were like “alright, we have a script”.

        What’s also maddening to me is that they stole Michael’s escape in the finale wholesale from an official Halloween comic from 2008. From a guy who’s been writing the Halloween comics since 2003 and pitching the studio multiple times. I haven’t actually read his pitches, but he’s written some good Halloween stories in the past and it just baffles me that this got as close to production as it did.

  • Grandpa Fred

    Movies where the killer’s point of view is shown are never scary at all during those scenes. It takes you out of the film completely because we know exactly where the scary monster is. That aspect alone about this script sounds like ass. None of these idiots know what they’re doing.

    • ScriptGiverTJ

      Also how is it refreshing here? Zombie just did it twice.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Well in the end when most horror films aren’t scary anyhow, might as well make them intriguing and following the killer certainly does they. But the things is you can still do that and not know where the killer is. You know Michael is in every scene but you don’t have to know where. That’s suspense. The old ‘you know it’s there…but you don’t know where.’

      • Grandpa Fred

        I find it scarier when we know what the victim doesn’t. I’m not advocating ‘The Strangers’ as a particularly scary (or good) film, but that scene where Liv Tyler walks into the room and we see the masked person just standing there staring at her in the background is terrifying and very well done. That to me is suspense.

        • Ocelot006 .

          And that of course goes towards the old Hitchcock’s ‘suspense is you know there is a bomb under the table but the two people at the table don’t.’ But that can very well and still easily be done in a horror film told from the killer’s perspective. Not like full on Maniac POV but more Big Lebowski every-scene-has-the-lead in it way. In theory a horror film in such a way will condition us to know the killer is always there even when we don’t explicitly see him and that is suspense.

  • Ocelot006 .

    When I was fifteen I wrote a 220 page Halloween screenplay. There’s no way in hell Halloween Returns could be worse than that…..could it?

    • Khy

      We’ll take the 220 page Halloween script, now please. lol

      And wow, I call myself a writer and haven’t wrote 220 pages of ANYTHING. At least you had a passion.

      • Ocelot006 .

        I also forget to mention the fact that I wrote those 220 pages in a single, 3 day weekend. Quantity? Yes. Quality? Eh.

        • Khy

          LMAO. Well I wish I had your writing speed, you can keep the quality haha

          • Ocelot006 .

            Well that speed is long gone sadly. Well the speed comes when I actually get my ass down to write which very rarely happens. I was working on a novel back in ’13 and a few months in and 45,000 words later it just became ‘eh….this is quite awful.’

    • lupe

      haha i’m sure we all did similar things and I wish I could read everyone’s. I once wrote a story about Halloween & Scream in the same universe – especially since I realized if you’re going to do so, the movies have to be under the same production company. I wrote it after H20 and it was about some killers trying to copycat the “stab” murders, but end up being confronted by Michael Myers. In my mind, the movie playing in H20 was a Stab movie. Idk haha

      • Ocelot006 .

        Yeah I remember back in the day trying to imagine a ‘Michael Vs. Ghostface’ movie. I didn’t even think it was that bad. I would have happily watched it. Just like a muse stream of thought as opposed to actually having to think about it and my conclusion was ‘I don’t know what signals I’m picking up here but this is some good fighting and murder.’ Maybe I was picking up your signals? 😛

        • lupe

          maybe we were both a part of a message board! 😛 jk

  • SonnyFern

    If you’re hankering for some Halloween action, here’s a cool little short-

  • REC03

    i read the script a couple of months ago and thought it was a mixed bag. some really cool sequences but overall it wouldn’t have worked imo. way to much action (this is Halloween keep it simple!) and the two lead teen characters were not interesting in the slightest. plus kills involving selfies….no thanks. i don’t think it would have been terrible but not the Halloween film we deserve.

    • Khy

      Exactly. I mean I’m not a picky man at all- Just give me Michael, the mask, and him doing what he does best and I’m a happy camper- but this was such a letdown in comparison to all the hype they were giving it. The teen characters were so dry, I mean even by slasher movie standards. I had no idea who Sophia was as a character- other than being attractive and being the main girl. No hobbies, no personality, no substance. I did like her feeling as though she came second to her father in regards to his obsession with Michael, that was nice but wasn’t really played with enough to really mean anything other than fluff.

  • Alex Barndollar

    I also read the script, and while I enjoyed it, the whole timeline threw me off for a while before I realized it was basically the sequel to a Halloween remake we never got to see. As Michael is recouping from his fall off the balcony, we hear news reports of the bodies discovered, and the death toll is higher than anything we got in the original movie. Laurie has essentially been replaced by Karen. We didn’t get to see the Haddonfield spree this Michael committed and it hurts the story a little bit. The teens taking a selfie at one point also couldn’t happen till present day, but the time jump in the script makes it clear that the Haddonfield massacre is way beyond the 1970s. This script had a lot of good ideas but the fact that we didn’t see this Michael and his relationship to Dr. Rogers pre-Haddonfield killings took a lot of the weight away from it. Would have been interesting to see how it would have developed, though.

    • Khy

      I agree about It playing like a sequel to a Halloween reboot we never saw. Very odd and the Karen character who was supposed to be a new Laurie I guess was pointless. I found her death not at all emotional because she was literally a random chick we saw in the opening and then that was it. We didn’t have time to get to know her or root for her or anything, so her dying I guess was supposed to be this emotional thing but it’s a lot like Aunt Kate in Scream 4- why such dramatics over a character who we barely have seen? Would’ve been better had Karen bonded with Sophia and the two spent the remainder of the script trying to survive, that way Karen would’ve at least had some sorta purpose.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Sounds like trying to do what Texas Chainsaw 3D. Alternate sequel bullshit that contridicts timeline and continuity.

      • Dylan Woodson

        That is literally exactly what it is.

    • Kruger

      Yeah. Rogers is basically Loomis in this new universe BUT Loomis shows up at the end and he is written like he was MIchael’s Doctor and knows him, even through Rogers is established as Michael’s doc in this script.

      Doesn’t make any fucking sense since it is a remake, and a sequel to both original and remake of Halloween but with a minor cop character from part 2 and with alternate characters that replaced characters from originals.

    • CC Rhyder

      the script + execution = way different and stuff, brah

  • Simon Allen

    YUK sounds like a right load of bloody rubbish , thank god Dimension dropped the ball ‘
    I hope the new one that comes along is better ….and NO alternate timelines , that is such a crappy idea .

    • lupe

      there are so many of them 🙁

      • Simon Allen

        Crappy ideas or alternate timelines ? 🙂

        • Creepshow

          I’m hoping just as much as you, that you receive an answer to your good question. I guess it was a stumper?

          • Simon Allen

            You do make me smile on a regular basis .

          • Creepshow

            Likewise, and I’m glad to hear it.

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher


  • lupe

    That is this script is no doubt a very rough draft. maybe it was written just to focus on figuring out how to, after 35+ years, pick up where Halloween II left off. Another reason that I think they are playing around with the story is because this script takes place 10 years after 1978, but you see cellphones things like that.

    I think they did an OK job with figuring out how to pick up a sequel after Halloween II, but the elimination of Laurie and Dr. Loomis is what’s bothering me the most.

    • CGP

      Nope, it was a shooting draft. They were bringing crew on with that draft.

      • lupe

        YIPES! No way! Wow… Then that’s just sad. I hate to read the first draft of this then.

      • CLK

        And it read as if it was Zombie’s Loomis at the end…so confusing.

        • Khy

          I didn’t take it as Zombie’s Loomis at all. It said this Loomis would have the look of Gary Oldman. Either way putting Loomis in was pointless when we already had a character filling in that role already.

          • Kruger

            Biggest thing that bothered me is Loomis that appeared in the end was acting like he knew Michael for a long time and was his Doctor where in fact Dr.Rogers filled all of his duties in the script.

            So, why the fuck he is there since he has nothing to do with the new timeline? And why he wasn’t at Michael’s execution than? It is pointless appearance from a character that is not relevant for the new story.

          • Khy

            Exactly. So confusing. It would be like if Laurie appeared out of nowhere even though she was pretty much replaced by Karen and Sophia. That was just weird. Loomis should’ve been omitted.

          • Kruger

            The most logical way would’ve been if DR.Roger’s called Loomis to help him out after the events of the script and it would’ve been the start of Loomis vs. Michael saga in the new timeline.

            Or Loomis should’ve been FBI profiler that seeks for maniacs or something.

            It probably was first draft since it has glaring plot holes. But I still liked it. Considering how many bad sequels franchise had it is not among them.

            I like many Michael POV stuff. There are lots of them which is cool. But his message on the wall is quite out of character. I just can’t imagine Michael standing there and writing message for the cops. Dude doesn’t spoke for decades at his own will. He is evil. Just should be left at that.

          • Khy

            I mean it wasn’t amazing and I don’t think we missed out- but I wouldn’t have hated it if they made it. Like you said, it would’ve been no worse than some of the other sequels. I just thought it fell flat after Michael escaped and that the whole final act was extremely rushed. But I think it would’ve been decent- just no worthy of the “Halloween Returns” title or all the hype they were building making it seem like it was sooo much like the original lol. It went back to being simple- Michael stalking new characters, which was great, but that’s it. Also, the characters could’ve used a little bit of meat. Sophia was so bland- like I literally knew nothing about her character, it was hard to root for her really.

          • Kruger

            Yeah it became generic after the very stylish prison and execution scenes. Well, I liked many scenes of Michael’s POV as well.

            I understand that they wanted to make Halloween with a new approach and they have nailed few ideas but it those did not make up for the illogical mess and unnecessary character inclusions or name changes.

            I don’t know if you remember but at the time they had excellent Halloween 4 script where Halloween was banned after Massacres that occured in part 1 and 2, but since the fear of Michael was compressed for so long it erupted in mass hysteria and eventual return of Michael. “Halloween Returns” seems like a title for that movie.

            I never found that script myself but I’ve hear many praises.

          • Dylan Woodson

            Quite literally. They refer to Rogers throughout this script as having been Michael’s psychiatrist this whole time. So who the hell is Loomis in this?

    • shawn lawson

      Is that perfect blue? Fucking awesome

  • enemy

    Actually sounds like a decent entry in the halloween franchise. But wonder how he would get his mask back.

    • Khy

      A store like in the original.

      • enemy

        Spouse he can get a William shatter mask.

    • lupe

      in the script, a local guy sells them and displays them because the kids want them.

  • Cameron Fraser

    Didn’t this script leak months go? It’s a pretty tight race as to whether it or the Halloween 3D script is worse, at least Michael didn’t get a Myersmobile to drive around in the 3D script.

  • Khy

    I thought the first half of the script was quite strong actually. Everything including the entire prison escape scene I very much enjoyed. HOWEVER, the script fell into generic territory after that. The teen characters were bland and useless, our lead girl had no personality, and I thought the whole third act at the farm attraction thingy could’ve been cool but it was rushed. Also, wtf was with that post credit sequence? Why did we need Loomis brought into anything when we already had a new character that was filling in his shoes pretty decently? It is better than Halloween 3D, though Halloween 3D was so bad that I at least got a few laughs- Returns was just mainly boring and would’ve simply been another typical Halloween sequel- Which I wouldn’t have minded, but it didn’t live up to the hype. We didn’t miss anything.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    So it’s basically another reboot, not a sequel. Except that this new reboot starts directly with part 2, skipping a new remake. A sequel to a second remake we never saw; wow, how unoriginal. That’s pretty much like Texas Chainsaw 3D, where they retconned the original movie to take place in the 90’s -_-

    • Khy


    • TheTwoJakes

      Neil Blomkamps Alien 3/Aliens 2 is also going back and branching off from Aliens. It seems this is going to be the new trend with beloved properties…..
      1)Continue hit movies with direct sequels until the inevitable franchise fatique sets in with the all but guaranteed crappy, low grossing sequel somewhere down the road.
      2)Instead of a remake that doesnt seem to make loyal series fans happy, go back and course correct with an alternate timeline starting from the last, well liked installment.
      3)They dont have to call it a remake cause its a sequel, and they cant add a chapter number to a course corrected sequel remake due to confusion. (see the Demons series if you want to get sequel confused)

      I like the idea better than straight remakes, and it would be cool to watch a movie series and be able to branch off on different storyline sequels just like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I read in the 80s.

      I guess after all this ranting I never really made my point which is that they still need to call these course corrected sequels remakes….for example Blomkamps version may be a direct sequel to Aliens, however since we already had a direct third sequel, his movie is actually a reboot/remake of Alien3….isnt it?

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        You get a point ! Though I guess these alternate sequels, should have a new name. “Altquel” ? xD
        Halloween H20 was also an alternate sequel, as it ignored H4, 5 and 6 and was a sequel to H1 and 2.

  • Df

    Wow you read the script? That’s so fucking cool! I means that’s awesome, no one ever gets to read scripts!

    Enough of that shit, that script was posted on reddit 2 or 3 months ago. But that’s awesome you can read little buddy.

    • Khy

      Echosmith’s Cool Kids is the story of Brad’s life

  • Kruger

    In the script for some reason Dr.Rogers was Michaels Doctor since he was a kid than why add Loomis there in the end. It is confusing. Timeline is even more fucked up in it.

    Ok, it starts after the Rampage of Carpenter’s part 1. Loomis is not mentioned nor does Laurie. Then they want to execute Michael? he escapes and goes after Roger’s daughter and her friends on their drink-fuck-teen house from slasher movies. After all things done, Loomis appears and tells that Michael is eveil, BUT Roger’s is Loomis in this reboot-sequel-remake and it wasn’t established that Loomis had any connection to this story until the very end and it doesn’t make sense.

    • Pat Rossi

      sorry to ask but would it be possible to send a copy of the script?

      • Kruger

        I doubt that disqus will allow to post a studio property that we actually shouldn’t have had in the first place. If you post your email I guess it will be possible.

        • Pat Rossi

          It’s Thanks and sorry about asking.

          • Chief Rocka

            Hey would you mine sending me a copy of the script? I’d love to read it.

          • Kruger

            What is your email?

          • George Brautigam

            I would love it too! Please!

          • Kruger

            I can’t share it telegraphically, you know.

          • George Brautigam

            damn…I thought you could, my bad! Haha… Thank You!

          • Kruger

            Blame yourself. Should’ve not buy that Magneto helmet!

          • ᗰIKE castranella

            sent out the first batch. Anyone still want a copy EMAIL ME at and ill send both scripts. Make sure to put ‘Halloween Returns’ in the subject line. DO NOT request here. Thanks!

          • ᗰIKE castranella

            Email me at and ill send it to you.

          • George Brautigam

            Got it! thank you!

          • Kruger

            It is always a pleasure to share a studio property that doesn’t belong to me)))

          • switchwise

            dude could you send it me, would love to read it!

          • ᗰIKE castranella

            if you haven’t already received it, email me at and ill send them to you.

          • Chief Rocka

            Apologies for the late reply. My email is Thanks for sharing Kruger.

          • ᗰIKE castranella

            if you haven’t already received it, email me at and ill send them to you…

          • Kruger

            I would suggest to delete your email or a comment now. I’ve sent it.

        • keep_it_low

          I’d love to see the script if you don’t mind.

          • ᗰIKE castranella

            if you haven’t already received it, email me at and ill send them to you…………..

        • Jim Patton

          Kruger, I would appreciate it reading it as well. Thank You!!

    • switchwise

      Hi could you please send me the script too, I would love to read it!

      • Kruger

        I am sure people that I send a copy to will share. I am on my phone currently.

        • switchwise

          That’s kwl man, ill ask the others

  • Wang Chi

    It did a lot of things right, but I feel like it humanized him to much with him being captured, put into a jail cell, and almost kill by lethal injection…. Lethal injection!! Who knew it only took a shot of fluid to almost put Myers down? I also didn’t like them placing it in the present day.

    I did like how they showed how calculating he really is, and how he lures his victims into certain situations. The timeline feels weird though, especially with how they straight up ignore Laurie strode and Loomis until the end of the script.

  • El_Fez

    So Halloween Returns is dead?

    • Khy

      Uh yeah, They decided to start new after Dimenson was out of the picture. Good

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Script’s first glaring problem: Todd Farmer

    • Khy

      Todd Farmer didn’t write Halloween Returns. He wrote Halloween 3D

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        Ah, good eye.

  • ᗰIKE castranella

    Anyone who hasn’t read the script, email me at and ill send it. Just put Halloween Returns in the subject line.


      Brah, throw it to me

    • Debbie Salt

      I emailed you and it said it couldn’t go through. Could you send it to me?

    • Donavyn Joseph

      Hey man I’ve been searching for the halloween returns script everywhere! Could you please send it to me at

  • Lawanda Thompson

    First, let me just say that I love love love this story! I’ve been a fan since I saw the first one in the theaters! Yes, I hate when they do a new one but don’t follow the storyline. This franchise is a classic and if they can’t do it justice…don’t eff with it! It’s just that simple. Now, if they’re looking for a new angle still sticking with the storyline, they should tap into the loyal fans ideas. For the past 2 week’s, I’ve been watching fan films on YouTube which have been great! That’s how loyal I am, watching other ppl’s creative thoughts of Michael. Pls someone, anyone pass the word onto the powers tbat be to review these films and make something happen. We need this in our lives! Halloween: Michael Lives!


    Just from what I’ve read here this movie would’ve been awesome! Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton really know how to deliver an intense dynamic to their movies and that was just the surge this franchise needed. Man,what could’ve been…

  • Jay

    This sounds OK I guess. I would love a H40 in 2018 with JLC and John doing the music, and producing. Opening showing Laurie surviving her fall/stab in Resurrection and ending her story on high note like in H20


      I agree, something like H20

    • Overton Green

      that ship has sailed. There is absolutely no way to bring the Laurie Strode character back with JLC in that role. The last two films butchered the series to a point of no return. I would think anyone that wants to see the franchise live again and multiple movies would not want to tie the franchise to the later sequels.

  • aNYagenda

    “…a “recalibration…”

    Is that the new excuse word for a remake/reimagining/sequel/prequel/sidequel/update/reboot/ripoff?

    • Kruger

      Yeah. It is a new Hollywood word for “give us more money”.

  • Shawn Simpson

    Even in a piece that has absolutely nothing to do with Rob Zombies version of Halloween Brad still finds a way to bash on it.

  • Francesco Falciani

    i loved Rob Zombie’s H2…better than the remake. i’m happy they’ll go back to basic…i would like to get an old school Michael.

  • The Godfather

    Am I the only one who thinks Michael getting arrested, tried, and given the death sentence sounds real stupid? Who was his lawyer, did he speak, was it an insanity case….HELLO?

    • CC Rhyder

      just stop. lol. people will read too much into this.

  • Overton Green

    This sounds absolutely terrible. I am a firm believer that focusing on Michael to much is always going to make for a bad Halloween film. I also feel humanizing Michael is very bad idea.

    What made Myers frightening in the original film was the fact that he was “The Shape”. The situation that caused him to stalk Laurie was scary because it could happen to anyone. A random chance encountered that caused a crazy to fixate on someone.

    It’s the Dr. Loomis character that builds the lore of Myers. How he was pure evil etc… but the audience doesn’t really get a hint of the supernatural elements of the character until the final chase scene where he seems like he won’t die, and obviously when he is shot 6x and vanishes at the end of the film.

    I feel that any Halloween movie that is going to be successful needs to go back to that format. Fleshing out Michael’s personality, or giving him too many motivations has only ever served to weaken the character and the franchise. Considering there have been so many sequels in the franchise that have made this mistake which ultimately resulted in the series needing to be rebooted, I would think new directors and writers would steer clear of that narrative.

    Slashers first of all are going to be hard to translate into the modern day (which are why so many are bad), especially slashers from the late 70s and early 80s. Those movies worked because of the era they were made. Halloween worked back then because those of us that are old enough remember a time with no cell phones. Quiet nights in the suburbs. The one house on the block that everyone was afraid to go pass when you were a kid, and the lore in the neighborhood of the bad stuff that happened there. The reason that younger viewers don’t think Halloween is very scary is because they don’t remember how quiet, and silent the world use to be at one time. When TV actually went off… One of favorite scenes from the movie Silverbullet is at the end when the werewolf comes to kill them right before that happens TV actually goes off. There is just a quiet, and stillness of the late 70s and early 80s that made slasher films plausible, and dare I say it believable. It’s just very hard to imagine a Michael Myers character working in the modern era cell phones, voice activated everything… I mean if someone were to try to kill me in my house I can by just speaking out loud get my Amazon tower to call the cops for me lol, and then speak to them without ever having to physical touch a phone. Cutting the power in a house (which was a go to in 80s slashers), has no impact on cell phones…

    I personally think the only way to truly recreate the magic that is Halloween is to create a period piece and transfer the series back to the 70s, and early 80s pre-cell phones, internet, computers, and non-stop communication access.


      I totally agree with youre saying, but i do think that the slasher genre can make a comeback, its just gotta SMARTLY and EFFECTIVELY tackle all the things that this generation feels secure in. Thats all.

  • Overton Green

    Oh and this is just nitpicking and me being extremely silly…..

    IL hasn’t had the death penalty in over 20 years so if this movie was going to take place in the modern day based off the murders that took place in the fictional town in IL……Michael couldn’t be executed. ^_^

    • Phillip Blair

      If he was charged with and convicted of federal murder the US government could put him to death, regardless of any state law.

  • Fistacuffs

    How is it unique that the POV is from Michael’s side? That was done 35 years ago in Halloween 2. The whole first sequence is told from Michael’s POV.

    • Blade4693

      Not to mention the opening shot of the very first film when Michael is a kid lol

    • Overton Green

      Even in the first movie a ton of the POV shots were done from Michaels POV or over the shoulder. I mean his first encounter with Laurie when she drops off the key has him watching her walk away and we get a POV of him over the shoulder. We also get another POV shot when he stalks Tommy at the school. When he is watching Annie make popcorn.

      I found that entire point about the POV odd since that has been going on since the first film, and like you pointed out the entire first sequence in the second film is from Myers point of view.

    • scott

      He said it’s unique in that we see Michael moving away and seemingly “disappear” from his point of view. We’ve never really seen that in the previous Halloweens. We’ve seen him kinda hide in Halloween 2, but that’s about it. This one would’ve shown him vanishing from his point of view.

  • Daucus Karota

    I still want to see Rob Zombie’s Halloween 3 😀


      oh man, FUCK THAT!!!

  • The_Gentleman

    Sounds like crap, just like when they reviewed it on Dread Central months ago (I think it was DC. Could be wrong). Melton and Dunston are terrible. Almost as bad as McWeeny and Swan. Almost…

  • Overton Green

    Just looking at those pictures is their any slasher film that has more iconic scenes then Halloween. I mean I can think of the shot of Michael standing by the cloths line watching Laurie.

    The scene where he is standing by the stationwagon watching her while she is at school…

    The scene of him looking at her from the car driving by as she is walking home with Annie and Linda from school.

    I mean never has a movie had so many iconic scenes. The movie is just beautifully shot, and is pure genius from a visual stand point.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    sounds good, should be released


    i hate all these damn Naysayers nitpicking at this and that. No Halloween or Friday the 13th will ever be good enough! There will ALWAYS be some upset fan or FANS that cry about something. most of them just want the same old story rehashed over and over again when if they got what they wanted it would really be somewhat of a remake/ reboot and yet they cry about that. yeah, i hold the consensus that Rob Zombie’s Halloween renderings were just straight up shit and nothing more. but whats worse is how some of the fans, or alot, are crying about how they should go back to H2O/ Resurrection or the H6 storyline. people, that will NEVER happen…and thank the powers that be for that! you know what i like about this rough draft take of Dunstan and Melton? it restores some of the integrity of the OLD SCHOOL Michael Myers…that’s right, The Shape. And how did they do that? by retrofitting, look that word up if ya dont know what that means folks. but they did it by pursuing a NEW STORY and NEW DIRECTION with NEW characters, using only the familiar SHAPE we know and love. so people get over yourselves, this was a great take and better than any shit i’d seen in a LONG time.

  • VTTM

    I’ve also read it and, frankly, it wouldn’t be the best horror movie ever/of the franchise, of course, but I REALLY enjoyed it. Especially Michael’s escape from execution. And, after all, I’d rather have one more “good” entry than no movie at all.

  • Mr. Park

    Hmmm….Not sure the Halloween franchise needs yet another alternate timeline. Its horror, not sci-fi Star Trek territory.

    I know, I know, they sorta have to do things this way otherwise the alternative is a straight reboot which people complain about too.

    All of these old-school slasher movies are in a weird place right now. Can’t go forward, can’t go backward, can’t rehash, can’t reboot…

    • Alternate timelines only work in Paul Naschy’s Waldemar Daminski/Wolfman films,since this structure has hurt the HALLOWEEN series more than helped it. Otherwise,I can’t comment on this one since I haven’t got the time to spend on critiquing about it for too bad that it joined a pile of other HALLOWEEN projects that never came to be since it’s been too long and Everyone is strongly itching for a Michael Myers comeback. And BTW: I’m curious upon who’ll be chosen to direct the new HALLOWEEN film(since nobody has made mention of who’ll exactly make it[although Adam Wingard is just a guess]).

  • Stan Below
  • switchwise

    After reading the Halloween Returns script, Iv’e been looking everywhere for this!, Thanks dude!

    • Stan Below

      Your welcome.

  • Michael M

    Based on the description, it sounds too far removed from the “Halloween” mythos and nothing that would entice me to feel excitement over it. Glad this version has been abandoned. I’m much more curious to see what happens now that John Carpenter is back in the fold.

  • Joseph

    The first part of that was great, the idea of Michael on his knees and then also about to be executed were really interesting to imagine, and especially the following of Michael in the scenes he seemingly disappears really made me want to see this, but the whole “and so they party the next night” brought me back down to Earth. I love the Halloween series; The original is an all-time favourite, the second is a great film and the rest are fun, nostalgia whether a great movie or not, but I feel the second half here would just fall in to “seen it before”, which, whilst being fine, would not have been a reason to resurrect Michael.

    Great article though!

  • Greg Bradley (thegregbradley)

    I will say this, this script is so much better than the Halloween 3D script. Halloween Returns isn’t perfect and there definitely needs some tweaking here and there, but Halloween 3D was an absolute abomination.

  • JackLantern13

    I must be the only one who likes the Thorne aspect of the story…

  • CC Rhyder

    Hopefully this one isnt another disappointment

    • Steve Haupt

      i beleive it already is Doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen.

  • Kevin Powers

    its like they tried to merge parts from the Original Movies (Halloween I/II), The Sequals (4-5), and a little bit of the Rob Zombie remakes into one to tell the story and foreshadow the future movies kinda like a prequel, but not an actual prequal, the only thing I didn’t understand was why would the movie that’s supposed to replace H3 pick up where H1 left off when H2 already does that, other than that it seemed to be a prequel & sequel merged into one.

  • Shamon Temple

    Wow This sound Dope i hope this is used nice little review .

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