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‘Cage Dive’ Finds Footage From Latest Shark Attack! (Exclusive Trailer)


Looking like Open Water meets [REC] meets The Shallows meets In the Deep/47 Meters Down, Bloody Disgusting has the exclusive trailer premiere for Gerald Rascionato’s Cage Dive, which will have its world premiere tonight at Sitges where he’ll be in attendance with both the producer and cast.

“Cage Dive follows three friends from California who set out to film an audition tape for submission to an extreme reality game show. To ensure they stand out, they decide to travel to Australia where they will be documenting themselves taking part in a most extreme activity…Shark Cage Diving. While on the dive, a catastrophic turn of events leaves them in baited water full of hungry Great White Sharks and turns their audition tape into a survival diary.

The trailer is pretty great, especially if you’re into shark survival horror movies like I am. We’re seeing a resurgence of these kinds of films and I can only hope it’s as fun as the incredible films listed above.

Trailer removed per request of Odin’s Eye Entertainment.

“Above all, my goal with CAGE DIVE was to re-create that magic I had experienced when seeing the great films of my youth from titans such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron and Robert Zemeckis,” Rascionato explained. “The typical blockbuster film these days rely heavily on visual effects. I think it’s important to focus on the characters so that you feel for them as you go on their journey, all the while tactically using visual effects as a device to help tell the story. I want people to connect with my characters and feel immersed in the story.
“Since first I saw JAWS, I’ve always wanted to make a GREAT shark film. But how could I make something different from the others, that would stand apart and be something new but also capture the essence of the classic that started it all?
“CAGE DIVE is the first and only shark film shot entirely from the first person point of view. It drops you in the water with living Apex predators in the most realistic and terrifying way.”

From Just One More Productions Pty. Ltd., the film is an Australian production starring Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff, Megan Peta Hill, Pete Valley, Christopher Callen, Tara Wraith, Teagan Berger, Chris Bath, Paul Adams, Wilma Adams, Mark Fell, Mary O’Neill, Nicholas Phelan, Mathew Phelan, Harry Pinkney-Blain, Craige McPhersons, Andrew Nathan, and Alessandro Romeo.




  • That night vision shot…that is some serious nightmare material. This looks nauseating…can’t wait!

  • Matt

    I’m not a card carrying member of the “I Hate Found Footage” fan club. This movie looks like it could be very interesting and terrifying. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more about this one!

    • Yakushiji Tenzen

      I am, they ARE mostly shit. But this actually looks good. It makes sense for someone to have recovered footage from like a gopro out on the water. Not much to fill your time out there, stranded in the middle of the ocean. Now horror movies? no…the whole concept is ridiculous. Whose going to have the time to speak into a camera let alone let someone film you while your horrified or running in terror. DUMB.

      • J Jett

        Yakushiji, i agree w/ you 100%.

  • Hahaha. My cousin and his mate did this very same cage dive experience at Port Lincoln late last year here in South Australia (where this film was shot).

    • Michael Favelle

      The film was actually shot on the same boat – Calypso – with the actual guys who run the dive experience.

  • Benjamin Priest

    This looks genuinely terrifying!

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    looks good. I’ll see any shark movie.

  • J Jett

    this looks very intense! IN THE DEEP and THE SHALLOWS were very good so hopefully this new shark movie will be too!

    • PlantsVSjunior

      where can i find in the deep:??? its not on itunes

      • J Jett

        it’s on…cough….the usual places….cough (not that i use those usual places). 🙂

        • PlantsVSjunior

          Haha! Man you should support the movie by buying it cough

          Cough cough

          • Tiger Quinn

            Better get that cough checked out. It’s the sort of thing that develops when you live on high horses.

  • Darren Kerr

    Quite frankly, I think I’d shit myself watching this.

    • Matt

      Place a bedpan on your favorite chair. Problem solved!

  • Maxime C

    WOW this looks good !! Surprinsingly good !!!

    As for recent entries in the genre, I enjoyed 47MetersDown quite a bit while I finally ended up disappointed by TheShallows.

  • Gobias Industries

    The night footage had me clenching my sphincter

  • PlantsVSjunior

    it looks nice

  • Pihlis

    Oh no! not again! Lost footage movie! .. but seriously this looks pretty good.

  • This looks pretty good for a found footage film, feels reminiscent of Open Water.

    I was disappointed by The Shallows. The film was beautifully shot but just got so silly in the third act, and the moments of 1st person narration for the express purpose of audience exposition had me groaning.

  • BigBadFish

    I’ll be rooting for TEAM SHARK!

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