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Download Four Exclusive ‘Alien’ Coloring Book Pages!

Titan Books have shared some high-res pages from their upcoming Alien: The Coloring Book, which you can download exclusively from Bloody Disgusting!

The graphic, adult coloring book, featuring 80 pages of hardcore Alien awesomeness, streets this week in the UK (March 30) and then in the US on May 9.

About the book:

Forget relaxing mandalas and sharpen your red pencils for the official Alien Coloring Book! From facehuggers to xenomorphs and from Ripley to Jonesy, all your favorite creatures and characters and their most memorable scenes can be found inside. As for the color scheme? Well, that’s in your hands now…

Titan Books have been releasing a bevy of wonderful Alien-related books lately including three volumes of “Alien Omnibuses” compiling Steve Perry’s expanded universe novels and many special edition “Art Of…” books.

Click any image to download hi-res.



  • wedellbudwhite

    That’s one strange interpretation of the queen. Wonder if they used the old shitty Kenner toys as inspiration

    • Forest T-Rex Thomer

      Those toys are awesome. That queen is based on a cartoon series. Kenner also did a queen like the one in the movies w a hive. The one w the 6 arms and tge flying queen are based on an unreleased cartoon. The toys look very much like the drawings.

      • Pubicle

        there was an Aliens cartoon?!?!?!?!

        • Forest T-Rex Thomer

          It was never released… Google it. There was a board game too.

      • wedellbudwhite

        haha have to disagree even as a kid the toys annoyed me not looking like the films. I did love when I got the alien predator two pack that were both based on they’re first films. Had the queen that was close to the film, think the back of its head was soft and shot out its tongue. Had the bull alien too and pretty sure I cut off its horns trying to make it more like the films

  • Colin Christian

    I’m happy to see the surge in Alien related goodies,that movie changed my life in 79.

  • David Tucker

    8 year old me just shit his pants. As a child, for some reason, I wanted nothing more than an Aliens coloring book. This is a must-buy.

  • I needed this in the 90s.

  • A&LMakeAHorrorMovie


  • aFriendlyAgenda


    If the alienS queen and that terrible escape pod and a bunch of crap from the second movie is the order of the day, why dont they call it the alienS coloring book

    Everybody wants to keep talking their bunk isht and latching it onto Alien’s reputation
    Including ridley scott

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