The Evil Dead


Five friends go up to a cabin in the woods where they find unspeakable evil lurking in the forest. They find the Necronomicon and the taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, the evil is released. One by one, the teens become deadly zombies. With only one remaining, it is up to him to survive the night and battle the evil dead.

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  • Butterkeuh

    this is the best horror movie ever made.

  • paurinos

    if you havent seen this yet you must do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jpugly13

    When i was a teenager i watched this and then had to walk home. i ran all the way. This movie is pretty scary and man really good. Watch this.

  • slaygrl29

    Really is there anyone who DOESN’T like Evil Dead? Love this movie!

  • tonton666

    my absolutely favorite movie of all time!

  • DoctorHerbertWest

    It’s the Evil Dead, 5 Skulls of course.

  • vanilla blade

    this movie scared the shit out of me

  • Anthropophagus

    Tied with ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ as being the best horror film of the eighties, and is certainly among the most definitive horror classics of all time that accomplishes so incredibly much with so little.

  • TheDeadMayTasteBad

    “What more can be said of Raimi’s legendary cult-classic that hasn’t already been beaten to death like a puss-oozing zombie that crosses paths with Ash? Possibly nothing, but I’ll try.

    Before Spiderman and before the countless spin-offs of this movie were made or even conceived, Raimi and friends decided to make a low budget zombie flick mainly for fun, and surprisingly it has become a masterpiece of shock and horror. Possibly a perfect example of how to make an entertaining film on a shoe-string budget, The Evil Dead delivers what it promises, the ultimate in grueling horror. Even with it’s mild budget and sometimes shaky acting, TED shocks and spooks the audience through chilling atmosphere and some of the most violent effects ever put on film. Those who are squeamish need not apply. As a matter of fact, just run for your girly life.

    There are several reasons this film succeeds. First, Raimi’s camera work is truly masterful. By using fast camera work and aggressive shots, Raimi has created an eerie world that is sometimes hard to look at but too entertaining to turn away from. His style from behind the camera is absolutely unmistakable. This is perfectly exemplified in the beginning of the film, where the camera alone creates enough atmosphere to leave you biting your nails in suspense of what’s to come. You feel at any moment someone is going to get their neck chomped on by some zombie hiding just out of view. One of the most impressive openings I can think of, perfection in pacing and atmosphere. It gets even better once the action starts. Some shots hold for a seeming eternity, and part of you wishes for it to stop for it’s unrestrained gore and violence…but the other part of you is getting a sick kick out of it. One of the most impressive shots is where the darkness from the trees begins to chase people, knocking any tree or obstacle down that happens to be in it’s way. Truly magnificent technique, however they did it.

    TED also succeeds because it’s self-aware of the fact that it’s a simple zombie movie and never takes itself too seriously, and doesn’t expect the audience to do so either. It’s meant to be campy, cheesy, revolting and chilling at the same time. There are moments in the film where it seems to be making fun of itself and the genre in general. For this fact alone, one cannot hold certain things against it such as sometimes questionable acting from the supporting cast and sometimes the downright implausibility of certain situations. If you can accept this and you’re not put off by mannequin ultra-violence, then you should find yourself on the supporter’s side of the fence. I think some don’t like it because it can be ridiculous and cheesy in parts, although it was meant to be. Even with the fact that it’s sometimes cheesy, there are some downright chilling moments in this film that most horror films nowadays cannot begin to muster. Case in point, the zombie screaming from the cellar door. The zombie growls and howls themselves are enough to send shivers up one’s spine. And let’s not forget the unforgettable tree love scene, ridiculous and hilarious simultaneously.

    Last but certainly not least: Bruce Campbell as Ash, the badass of all zombie films. Campbell is Ash, period, and always will be.

    In my opinion, this is by far the best of the trilogy, and although there could have been more of the chainsaw, this is the definitive zombie film and probably always will be. I feel it succeeds over it’s sequels due to it’s increased violence and lack of humor in comparison. It’s blood, gore, camera work, and shock factor are still formidable even today and are what make this such a cult classic. If you’ve ever liked any horror film, this is an absolute must-see.

    Love or hate it, there it is.” — Manthorpe,

  • Gwangi

    There is no need for me to give a detailed review of this movie because if you’re on this web site you’ve likely seen it. If you haven’t, just go out and buy it. The Evil Dead is hands down among the best horror ever made, it makes my personal top five list easy. Though it starts off slow, and lacks the comedic value of its sequels it just has something special about it. Whatever that something is I love it. Save for ED2 everything else Raimi has produced is crap, Spiderman included. At least we got this gem out of him first.

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  • Jacques

    Let me be blunt: I ignored this movie with my life for years because I assumed it was just another cheesy zombie movie that would amount to nothing more than yet another night of boredom that I’d end up falling asleep to. I LOVE zombie video games, but I have never once seen a zombie movie that could fulfill that awesomeness and utter zombie carnage that games like Dead Rising and Resident Evil did. Until I saw The Evil Dead, I assumed it was simply impossible to put that much awesomeness that zombie games have on film. Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead both bored me, were pathetic, and couldn’t come close to filling that hole that zombie games put in my heart. So, why would I want to watch something like The Evil Dead?

    I only watched it because one of my favorite critics, Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, suggested it. To my shock, The Evil Dead is the first and only zombie movie I have ever enjoyed. Ever.

    Unlike boring George A. Romero films–

    The amount of punk carnage was not toned down, much like the games I love. The characters actually have some personality and had something to say other than: “Oh, God, zombies!” over and over again. They didn’t bother to ask what is going on, giving them a sense of self-aware realism. This movie was also purely for ENTERTAINMENT. Let me repeat myself: ENTERTAINMENT. Do half the directors/writers out there even know what that world means? There was no brainless social commentary we’ve heard since we were old enough to pee on our own, as seems to be included in every movie ever made by law or something. I think that is why I like Sam Raimbi so much, because he clearly states that his movies are for ENTERTAINMENT (I’m going to put that in all caps from now on in hopes some random director who stumbles on this will remember what it means) and not for retarded critical acclaim or some pointless social commentary.

    As for the violence, for an 80′s movie, it was freaking childishly amazing! This is the kind of stuff I’d dream about as a little boy. Some of the gore effects were hard to look at because they were insanely outdated, but they were few and far between. At times, they even added to the cheese atmosphere. This is just as violent as modern horror movies like 30 Days of Night and The Hills Have Eyes remake, if you can look past the armature blood effects. (I’m mainly referring to the lack of decent blood on the severed limbs/heads.)

    Also, the cheesy disturbing factor added to it. But unlike modern horror movies–like Mirrors–there was no cheap cliché scares. The clichés that were there this movie created, which I can ignore. The idea of being raped by trees was pretty original and laughably disturbing, in a good way, as well. Also, the idea of zombies that . . . umm, shape-shifted–is that what they did?–was both original and just awesome. I’m not even sure I’d call them zombies as much as vampire-evil-doll-clown-zombie-demon . . . things.

    Overall, this gave me a new hope that zombie movies could be truly amazing and gory. This really is THE best zombie movie EVER. Why? Because it remembers ENTERTAINMENT.

    What more can I say?

  • awjhall

    I’d give it six skulls if I could …

    My favourite and the best horror film ever made. If you haven’t already seen it watch the original *uncut* version. Think *pencil* and you will know what I mean!

    Bruce Campbell rocks!

  • Darkened Soul

    I remember the first time I watched The Evil Dead. And I must say it was one of the moments when I was utterly speechless and amazed at what I had just witnessed. The entire movie was frightening from beginning to end. It also had a few moments that might be considered comical. But overall it was a spectacular gore fest that any true horror fan would love. I also found myself watching it again and again. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I live in East Tennessee not too far from where the movie was filmed. Or maybe, it’s just because it was an amazing film that will stand the test of time for generations to come.


    I was like ten or 11 the first time I saw evil dead. It freaked me out back then and confused me. I didn’t understand why a woman got attacked by a fucking tree or why Ash said, “we can’t burry Shelly….she’s a friend of ours.” But when I rewatched it in high school, then in college, and after college, it just keeps getting more awesome-er (yes I did say awesome=er). The trilogy is the only flawless trilogy out there in cinema as far as I am concerned.


  • CuteMurderdollChucky

    this movie is brilliant
    i love it

  • dorkinb

    haha this is a classic!

  • dherna7704

    didnt like it that much

  • Futant462

    No need to be long-winded with a review for Evil Dead. You can sum it up like this…

    Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Tree Rape, Blood and lots of it…

    If only all horror movies were this entertaining.

  • jasonvoorhees601

    Amazing film. I did think that the acting was surprisingly good, for Sam and Bruce’s first feature film. The whole idea of the Book of the Dead was fantastic. Gore was great, and the film itself was fucking fantastic. This will remain one of my favorite horror films of all time. Strongly recommended for anyone who hasn’t already seen it. Hell, if you’ve seen it before, Watch It Again!!

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  • kaicooper

    so Classic .. So Scary .. So Gore .. So Gri8 ..keep it up..nobody can gives u low rating .. cus simply u r the best

  • SamuelRisenhoover

    Wonderful… I can’t believe it took me so fucking long to see this. I remember staring at this on the wall in the video rental stores back when I was a tot and never once did I try it until 20 some years later. What a masterpiece, gory, terrifying imagery, and a great concept. This is a classic and a must for the collection.


    A great blood soaked film with some humor.
    buy it now if u dont have it

  • rusted31

    When I was a kid this film was the most talked about in the playground with everyone saying “have you seen Evil Dead ? woman gets raped by a tree”. I remember first seeing the cover of this movie with the woman being dragged under and pictures of the undead on the back and thinking it looked nasty as hell and I wasn’t wrong. This film had soared to legendary status so when the parents were away I watched it and yes, A WOMAN GETS RAPED BY A TREE !!!! One of the most craziest , bloodiest and out of control horrors i’ve ever seen. Besides the now infamous tree scene the one with ‘the pencil’ will linger in your head too. This is a movie not for the squeamish at all. Love the low budget-ness of this frantic movie. A classic for sure alongside TCM and Halloween. Too bad Sam Raimi sold out to make stoopid Spiderman movies.

  • AshWilliams95

    I thought that evil dead is the best horror movie ever made.

    Storyline: 5 friends go into a cabin and discover a tape in the basement they play it unknowingly awakening evil spirits that soon posses a few of the group. Ash is the only sane one left and has to fight his way through all this madness. 10/10

    Acting: Fan-fucking-tastic. 10/10

    Special Effects: Even though this movie had a low budget I thought the effects were very wonderful and I still do to this day. I just love the low budget effects for some strange reason. 10/10

    Best Scene: TREE RAPING SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

    Ending: AWESOME like the rest of the movie.

    Overall evil dead is my favourite horror movie of all time and will never be defeated. Hail to the king baby. :P

  • sixxchik

    Evil Dead is one of my top 5 favorite horror movies and all time favorite movies ever,

    it was scary, creepy, and got under your skin.
    it made you wonder how they were able to get the shots they did going through the words and how someone could be transformed into a deadite like that.
    and bruce campbell is amazing.

    I Love Evil Dead!!!

  • weasel corpse 666

    The best movie ever made!If you dont like this movie suck your own dick and kill yourself because it doesnt get any better!

  • Necronatalusz

    Great movie.

  • LuJr81

    Sam Raimi will NEVER top this masterpiece. It took me a little while to see it, I always heard people talking about Evil Dead and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Sure enough it was great, I wish i would have watched it sooner. A classic that deserves 5 skulls.

  • JohnnyHorror30

    Shockingly one of the best horror movies ever made, nothing in this day and age can compare to this display of madness of gore and demons. This is one movie that will have a tendency to be talked about 50 years from now, its that good, Damn Good!

  • randomrick

    genius loved every second, a must see!!!

  • TheOutcast05

    “we need to bury her” “but she’s our friend”

    How is it, that a movie filmed almost 30 years ago, with a a budget that even todays b-movies would laugh at, is still one of the best horror flicks ever made? Great suspense, acting, story, effects, keeps you uneasy the entire time.. I jumped at one time, I never jump in horror movies! Even the legendary tree-rape scene was great (and like most scenes called disturbing at the time, its pretty tame nowadays).. This foreshadowed Raimi’s directing ability, and Cambell’s soon to be status as THE B-Movie king..

  • That Dead Guy

    This is where horror took a new and bold direction. After watching this masterpiece of unrelenting terror and claustrophobia, you will be surprised to find that many modern directors have borrowed heavily from Sam Raimi’s bag of visual tricks.

    Arguably one of the best horror films of all time, Evil Dead stands head and shoulders above many of its peers (and even many modern horror attempts for that matter) in pacing, scares, and let’s not forget the all too important gore quotient, which this movie has in spades.

    Another treat within the film are Sam Raimi’s numerous homages to the legendary comedy team The Three Stooges (basement scene near the end of the film). The subsequent sequels are dynamite entertainment, but they were played more for laughs than sheer terror.

    But I leave you with this: If you’ve never seen this movie, I highly recommend that you do. This is one of the very best.

  • Skratchy

    Not quite perfect but it’s still a classic held near and dear to my heart. More of an Evil Dead II fan, but who could ever turn down the film that started it all?

  • BitterSweet

    What a great flick, your watching it and the whole time you laughing. It starts out really creepy and then descends into pure madness, this was probably one of the great stepping stones for the modern horror movie> Bruce Campbell is an under rated actor whop brings so much to the table in terms of performances. This was the begging of the Evil Dead Legacy.


  • chewbaccawakka

    One of the greatest horror movies ever made, creepy stuff and great effects for a low budget film.

  • shecoda

    loved this movie and the blood that goes with it! everything about this movie pretty much crushes every other horror movie
    great flick

  • Cipher000

    one of the few horror movies to actually scare when i watch it at home

  • goooore

    quite possible my favorite movie of all time. it’s definitely up there! i love the whole trilogy but this is my absolute favorite. has its fair share of blood and gore :)

  • travisbickle

    This is one of the films that really got me into Horror, it’s definitely a great gateway film for people new to the genre.

    It’s also my favorite of the trilogy. The others were much more comedic, and this one does has some quirkiness in there, but it’s mostly straight up Horror.

    Great gore, atmosphere, and some genuinely creepy scenes…SEE IT!

  • horrorfan25

    If you’re looking for grotesqueness, scares, chills, thrills, mega loads of outrageous gore, and a brisk pacing you came to the right place. Not only is Evil Dead one of the scariest movies I’ve encountered on but it ranks as one of the best horror movies I’ve seen. Don’t be fooled by the NC-17 rating, this is as grotesque and scary as grotesque and scary can get. I decided to check out this film, hence the positivity and I agree with everyone, that Sam is the man.

    The film has a very brisk pacing. The frightening level comes abruptly without ruining the pace or flow of the film. The Deadites are hideous and are amazing horrific. The dialogue is certainly a treat and a breath of fresh air for public audiences and critics. I loved every line that blurted out of the character’s mouths. The film was so insanely gruesome that it was mind boggling how even the new generation films don’t match up to the brutality and intensity that is concealed within Evil Dead.

    We are talking about gouged eyeballs, flying limbs, bodily dismemberment, disembowelment, and the list goes on. This is easily the scariest entry in the trilogy and the most enthralling. Shoot, even the film has originality which horrors lack today. The tree scene is the most obvious scene of originality. Don’t be fooled by envisioning just another zombie movie because this is not it. It’s original, intense, gritty, and brutal.

    Overall, I loved everything about the Evil Dead. Everything from its brutality to its scares. It has everything you could possibly want from a horror movie and even surpasses your expectations. Definitely worth five skulls. Amazing. Just simply Amazing.

  • truchainsaw28

    I like the original Evil Dead but I don’t feel it holds anything against it’s nearly perfect sequel. it’s a different film in tone and execution. And it’s definitely a classic. It’s chaotic and scary and Bruce Campbell is uber hot.

  • horrorbuff28

    sam raimis “The Evil Dead” is absolutely amazing.
    i enjoyed every single second of this horror classic.
    it was scary, it was extremely bloody(maybe not as much blood as Dead Alive but basically on par)
    this movie had it all.
    dont even rent it, go and just buy it.
    so many creative ideas in this horror movie that you just dont see anymore in any horror film.

  • theyalldie

    A definite classic! every fan of the genre must have this in their collection.

  • GRUDGE4life

    despite what evrybody tells you on this site, this movie is not a zombie movie!!! it is a possession movie and nothing else!!! i dont get why people liked this movie so much, but i guess everybody is different in thier own way…

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  • groundgamer

    The Evil dead is true horror at it’s finest. Bruce and the team are truly wonderful. Let me start off my saying, despite it’s age, this is one of the best looking and feeling horror movies to date. It makes Goerge A Romero impressed, with it’s awesome creature effects and makeup, and gruesome deaths. I felt this movie was a treat, the picture is so well edited, the acting is top notch, and the plot is awesome. The scipt does not fail, the scipt feels as though it was actually thought through, not rushed like most horror movies of the time. I think why I really like this, is because it has the most fearsome looking possessed people in film history. The effects are stunning, even now. The makeup and sound of the possessed demos are cool, and the acting from the possessed is great, and makes you look away even looking at em’. Good gory action from start to finish, with brutal deaths and some amazing effects, as said before.

    Overall, a worthy watch for any demon, horror gore loving fan. You will be pleased, and not dissapointed. Watch this movie as soon as possible.


  • s111or

    Evil Dead (saga) is the best I’ve ever seen.
    So I give it top rating.
    Funny, mysterious, sometimes scary, sometimes odd, never ending turn-arounds, and lots of blood…
    Only know FEAST (the first one and part of the 2nd) to be such a flicky, catching, and original idea.

  • SatinkMic

    do i really have to do a review for this one this my favorite movie of all times the whole evil dead trilogy is the best

  • YoungHorror

    The best independent horror film ever made. Period. It is a B-Movie, and it shows, but in a very good way. Tons of good, gory fun, and the tree rape scene was amazing. Phenomenal movie

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  • evil_ash86

    a very scary film when you watch it the first time. the plot is original, the acting is realistic and altogether, it’s really bloodthirsty.

    i just have two problems with this movie:

    the title: normally if there’s a movie with a name like ‘The Evil Dead’, it’s about zombies, yet this movie is about four people who get possessed by demons. so why this movie called ‘The Evil Dead’ when it should’ve been ‘The Evil Little Devils’, that would’ve been better.

    strategy: if they accidentally released the demons to take on the souls of innocent people, why didn’t they just go out into cities and pray on the living instead of just the friends in the cabin?

    still, this was a good movie!

  • josh’snewnightmare

    One of the best horror movies ever, it was gave me many sleeplest nights. Thank you for that Sam Raimi!

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  • Atheist-American

    Just an overall great low budget horror films. Deserves to be up there in the ranks of the original Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween.

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  • Eddie Weinbauer

    Pointless making a review here. If you’re on this website than it’s kind of an unwritten law that you’ve seen and love this movie.

  • _Boss_

    wow, can’t believe people actually rated this piece of trash so high. The makeup was terrible, you could tell it was just masks, they forgot to do the necks lol

  • DeathbyIggy

    Originality,gore,decent acting,gore,nice plotline, oh and did i mention gore! Great film (the best indie/b film ever made in my opinion) and for me thee most proper way to have been introduced to the genre in itself. Yes the make-up is not perfect,and the lead character is bathed in so much kero-syrup blood that you think it’s become laughable and just want to supply Ash with goggles and a snorkle.However if you put the inconsistencies aside, knowing full well that this is a low budget film with in essence a cast of in-experienced actors (at the time),and that this is the writer’s first shot at a screenplay, then you tend to cut him some slack for what end up being unimportant details. The reason i say that is this film is captivating and groundbraking. There really is no other film like it… though others try to capture it’s effect and feel, they ultimately come up short. If you’re a true horror fan then watching this is not an option it’s a must… because if you don’t you truly are missing out on a bloody good time. This film has earned cult status aswell as the right to be one of the true cornerstones in cinematic horror. Truly a jem!!!

  • Struckworld

    This movie is amazing, and scary! I love every minute of this movie!!

  • Asa Jones

    I love this film. its got gore.gore.gore. and gore. original in every way. scary. gorey. good plot. gret acting! this is one of the best hooror films ever made along with the oiginal HALLOWEEN (not the Rob Zombie remake) and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE ( Tobe Hooper original). enough said!!!

  • La Femme

    30 year old B movie that still kicks ass. Dont ask me how, it just does.

  • Corpuscide

    This is how it’s done. Take note. Everything about this movie is bad. But it’s the fucking best!!

  • Half_Shell_Hero

    Very Fun! and genuinely creepy!

  • Rockstarport

    Evil Dead

    This was Sam Raimi’s first feature film and has since achieved epic cult status. There have been two sequels made, Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness. While Evil Dead 4 has been rumored for years, the release of “Drag Me to Hell”, Raimi’s triumphant return to the horror genre, prospects are looking good for another “Dead” sequel.

    Sam Raimi met his leading man and constant collaborator Bruce Campbell in high school and both also went to Michigan State University. In the late 1970′s Sam and Bruce put together a short film called “Within the Woods” which got them the funding they needed for a feature. Evil Dead was made in the early 80′s on a budget of $350,000, and is still one of the most loved cult horror films ever made. It seems to get even better with repeated viewings.

    It is the story of five friends spending a weekend in cabin to relax and party. In the deep dark basement they find a tape recorder, a book, and a ceremonial dagger. Upon playing the tape (which is a translation of the book) they inadvertently unleash an evil force that will eventually crash their weekend. The cabin was once owned by a professor of archaeology and the book is the Necronomicon or “Book of the Dead” it is bound in human flesh and written in blood. One by one the characters get inhabited by the evil force and turned in to hideous demons. As the tape says the only way to kill them is “total body dismemberment.” Raimi is a huge Three Stooges fan and this can be seen in many of his movies. Known for his slap stick style of comedic horror and gore, his movies are truly original.

    The acting is quite over the top, but that’s part of its charm. The make up effects are pretty creative and effective for the budget that had to work with. The camera work and shot selection is innovative and well done. This is a film that stands the test of time and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

  • Eddie Vorhees

    One of my favorite horror movies!
    Great atmosphere, great effects, and really creepy sometimes. Oh, and of course it is funny sometimes.

  • Hammer Smashed Face

    My last view of this was over 20 years ago (why, I don’t know!) and this recent view was still great. Lol of note: When the gal who got “tree-molested” is running back to the cabin her right boob pops out of her falling shirt and she totally pulls her shirt over it while in a panicked blitz—-struck me as kinda funny she would even give a damn to worry about covering herself while running for her life to save herself from the “Evil Dead” forest that just abused her and is chasing her bigtime–great stuff. Evil Dead is a foundation for horror today—-now to get Evil Dead 2 and see it again.

  • traumahound00

    Alot o’ people like the second one better, but I really like this one more. It focuses more on the horrofic and scary elements, which is always a plus in my book. Plus the low-budget shlock of it all is just so magnificent.

  • TheBurning


  • Moose

    This movie to me is a fan only movie. If you saw Evil Dead two first you would watch this movie from begin to end if you saw this first you wouldnt give Campbell a chance that he truely deserves. I saw it with my buddy after i bought it from Walmart, and we suffered through it making jokes with the part when she liked the tree a little bit to much then got mad at it or the clip art moon it was definatly a low budget film no doubt about it. I was saddened by it but they definatly redemed themselves with evil dead 2 and army of darkness, LONG LIVE CAMPBELL!!!!!!!!

  • immortaldeath

    One of my all time favorite movies. I like this one and the 2nd equally in there own ways. I enjoy every aspect of this movie.Note this is before Bruce Campbell is the Bruce we all love today, but its still great. Classic!

  • JoshG16

    The Movie is ground-breaking for Horror Fans its really decent & hardcore horror fans should respect this film with out a doudt, The ovie has very goodgood make-up for the real-life looking un-dead, while the infamous women getting raped by a tree is really disgusting and the only bad part in the film with talented driecting & written work by lengend Sam Raimi himself This Movie is one of myFavourtie Sam Raimi (aslo Drag Me to Hell) & Horror Movie ever made especialon the very low budget it was mega and glad I got to see it as ‘ve been waiting soo long it gave me nightmar (happy coz if horror movir gives our nightmare, its ture horror). Even kow it looked abit chessey & out date it was still cool &looked like ahome viedo or somethin which was erri& creepy aslo taking 1.5 Years to ake you gotta respect the work that was put in to this Movie & am proud to give it 5/5 Skulls (10/10) Love this movie soo much cant wait for my brithday or christmas to get it =)

  • downward_spiral

    Highly overated piece of trash. The other 2 are good though.

  • ShadowTheHedgehog157

    Sam Raimi and company are just film students looking for a way to make a profeit by submitting “Within The Woods” to a group of investors to bring you this excellent masterpiece.

    Evil Dead is full of surprises, and I know that this isn’t a zombie flick, but it does more damage to your nerves than any toehr movie ever…in a good way.

  • bloodypacman

    love evil dead.will buy book of the dead edition and this.

  • bbuu99

    Let the genius begin!

  • jason24



    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid because it scared the shit out of me and I enjoyed it now for what a great piece of history it is in the horror film world. Gore and more gore and plus the way this movie was shot adds to the scare factor. Loved this movie.


    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid because it scared the shit out of me and I enjoyed it now for what a great piece of history it is in the horror film world. Gore and more gore and plus the way this movie was shot adds to the scare factor. Loved this movie.

  • MattHorror

    Feel in love with this film as a kid and still love it today.


    almost 30 years later and this is still one of the creepiest movies to date. Although 2 and 3 took more of a comedy direction, the first evil dead is just flat out horror. Although the claymation style of gore may seem dated to some,I think it looks a hell of a lot better then most of the CG crap you see nowadays.

    In conclusion, Go to nearest place where videos are sold or rented, and rent it, or buy it…it is a delight

  • plague6662004

    By far one of the top best horror movies of all times! Having a low budget was perfect for this film, a must have for every horror fan

  • Zombie Apoc

    one of my favorite movies ever

  • Seth_Adams

    Excellent movie. A favorite from my younger years.

  • bloody hand prints

    Evil Dead is one of the greatest horror films of all time and is a demanded for any true horror fan to watch. Sam Raimi is a mad genius. This is a true American horror classic.

  • !!rogue!!

    The evil dead is a masterpeice of horror cinema.

  • xXBodilyDismembermentXx

    Evil Dead is an all time horror classic. I’ve never actually heard people disrespect this movie in my entire life. Great special effects, awesome dialogue and authentic scares and thrills. In my opinion, the best independant horror film of all time, if not least about demon possession.

  • DogCarcass

    This, Dawn of the Dead (original) , and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original of course) are my three favorite horror movies of all time.
    You just can’t beat the atmosphere… the creepy cabin in the woods… the fog… the demonic voices… the great FX… Sam Raimi’s terrific camerawork… and the one and only BRUCE. FUCKING. CAMPBELL. Literally a perfect horror movie. If you don’t own this movie you aren’t a horror fan.

  • Nothing333

    This movie is everything a great horror movie should be. Genuine scares, genuine campy humor. I can’t really think of a flaw in this movie..if you’re a fan of horror you should have viewed this multiple times already. As close to perfect as you can get

  • Captain Pissgums

    This movie blew EVERYTHING out of the water when it first came out, which is when I first saw it! When I saw this thing in about 1983, I was SCARED TO DEATH. Very scary. Subsequent movies in “the Dead trilogy” are played more for laughs. Not this puppy. It’s played pretty much as a straight-up horror movie and boy does it succeed. Highest recommendation!!!

  • St.Anger

    Simply the perfect horror movie. I recommend it to all horror fans.

  • BloodyBlackLace

    The classic!! The one and only – there’s a reason my it has made it into the ‘MUSEUM OF MODERN ART’ -
    it’s simply beyond words. If you never watched it, you don’t know anything about classic cult horror and I feel sorry for you!

    Sam Raimi, you’ve been copied so many times, but there will never ever be another EVIL DEAD!!!

  • oekvaınl

    best of the best cult classicall

  • Morthalius

    Great film, if you haven’t seen it what are you waiting for?

  • mombie1180

    This is a must see movie! My 12 year old daughter is more scared of this movie then any of the new crap thats out now a days…I love that. That has to tell u something.

  • HorrorFan3000

    Greatest horror movies of all time,scared shit out of my.

  • horrorking95

    “Evil Dead” turned out be exactly what I was expecting, and in a sense was hoping to expect it was cheesey fun. It was complete campy fun and I loved every minute of it!

    From the moment the girl gets raped by a tree the film turns into a fantastic romp that at times can be quite unsettling. The creepy makeup and uneasy outbursts of hysteria create an unnerving vision of demons!

    Some of the camera work is just so interesting to look at, it’s compently directed with trippy sound effects and (for its time) outrageous gore. They just use gallons of blood whenever a wound is made or whatever.

    “The Evil Dead” is a classic, it is a blueprint for so many more horror films to come and is just plain fun. It won’t win any awards but it certainly won me over!

  • Hunter661

    Scarier than the shit they’re pumping out now, and probably 500 times cheaper as well. definitive to the genre and Bruce Campbell is the superhero of horror movies

  • OctoberScorpio

    This was an awesome movie. I’ve seen the 1st one, but not the 2nd.

  • cannibal carnival

    this is one of the ultimate horror movies that you can see. this scary as hell movie has earned a spot in the hearts of all horror fans. the gore factor is a 10 the fright factor is a 10. when ash’s girl friend is sitting in the doorway and just giggleing, my god, thats creepy. SEE THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVE NOT YET

  • LoneWolfx


  • halloweenfan

    A complete classic! Really a true zombie film and Bruce Campbell owns some major deadite ass!

  • TheGonzoJoint

    If you like zombies, horror films, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, gore, or disgustingly funny humor-elements, then you should already own- let alone have seen- Sam Raimi’s horror classic, “The Evil Dead”.

    I loved this film. It has a heart full of scares and even more laughs. It does take a strong stomach to sit through such a thing, but if you can see the dark sense of humor, then you’ll learn to appreciate the flick. I must admit; it’s grown on me. I liked it- a lot- from the first time I watched it, but I only loved it the third time around. It truly is a funny, entertaining cult-horror classic that stands ever-so-tall against the masses. If you want camp, then this is some of the best goddamn camp I’ve ever seen. It must be the kind of thing Joe Dante was trying to make when he made that silly “Piranha” film, and what he did when he succeeded with “Gremlins”. It’s easy to compare “The Evil Dead” with some of the more well-known cinematic camp-pieces, but this is truly the best. It’s a cult film for sure, but that cult can go farther than it should have the capacity to go. I adore it.

  • Murder Thru Charm

    This is the THE movie when you want a little thrill added to your movie nights with friends. Much better than nearly every other horror title to come around in the years surrounding this movie, and it’s a good bit darker than it’s 2 sequels.

  • xXGothicKillerxX

    ZOMBIES!!!! The Evil Dead is one of the funniest, goriest, zombietastic movie I’ve ever seen besides 28 Day/weeks Later.

    The only problem I had with this awesome film was some of the cheesy acting. It wasn’t all bad though.

    If you’re a zombie,horror-comedy,gore fan, check this out.

  • Horrorfan33

    one of the best in ages! :D

  • LianneAlice13

    the original and the best, if you have not seen this then you do not deserve to live!!!

  • crystallakekiller13


  • Mr. Monster

    One of the greatest horror films ever, a young Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell achieved Cult like status with this scary as f**k low budget masterpiece!!! I remember at fourteen freaking out on the whole demon self mutilation thing, and the insane screams and bellows…classic horror. Cheesy yea, but good cheesy, like nachos.

  • T H E _ T H I N G

    Not what I was expecting, but rather entertaining. Has a similar feel to Dead Alive, and will not leave you disappointed.

  • lostboys96

    Simply EPIC!!! The Evil Dead is one of the films which sets and then beats the standards of Modern Horror. With Bruce Campbell portraying the Blood-Soaked, Lone Survivor that is Ash Williams in AWESOME Style and even Gore that still makes you feel like Hostel was like watching a Chucky Film, The Evil Dead gives the viewer a full fledged Scare, Gore and Kandarian Demon Bashing Fest!!! Raimi should stick to his Horror roots and leave the Spider Man films alone. Also love the two other Evil Dead films

  • Citrus3000

    One of the boldest horror movies of all time, bringing the splatter genre into the mainstream, while mixing it with a 50′s chiller atmosphere.

    You never notice the low budget of the movie, because the effects are all so creative, and the cinemtagrophy works with unusual methods.

    This movie truly is a classic, not just because it was important for the horror genre, but also because it is really f*cking entertaining.

  • evil punk

    the best horror movie of all time!!!

  • Bytor

    I saw this movie in my early teens when it first came to VHS. This was total shock and awe. My friends and I looked around at each other in disbelief. What a friggin movie! Nothing like it at the time. Ferocious and funny. Over the top.

  • NightStalkersEve

    It was a total spook fest. It was eery and dreary and the supernatural scares were out of this world. My only gripe is that as fun as gore can be, this was taken just a bit over the top. Even a B movie can develop some characters and a sense of suspense and slowly bulding tension. A more toned down and frightening remake could be fun.

  • freaq90

    A classic. Terrified me when I was younger and still contains some disturbing imagery even by today’s standards. Hardcore, old school horror.

  • Helle

    This movie never gets old. Join us!!

  • Bubbleman

    Loved the movie when i first saw it.

  • crazyhorror

    Sam Raimi’s best movie along with the later on sequels and Drag Me To Hell. The original Evil Dead is not only one of Sam Raimi’s best films but it is also one of the best Horror films back in the 80′s since A Nightmare On Elm Street. The original Evil Dead is also the introduction of Ash the main character of the Evil Dead franchise and Ash was really different in this film until in the later on sequels he became a demon slayer saving people from various demons trying to kill other people. Here in the original Evil Dead he’s just a normal guy hanging out with his friends and his lovely girlfriend as well. What’s great about the original Evil Dead is that the movie has a really intriguing and well paced plot. I really enjoyed this film this movie has everything you need for an Evil Dead movie. Since the film has a really nice, intriguing, simple and well paced plot the film also has lots of nonstop scares and tension that will leave you screaming until your out of air from so much screaming. What’s great about the supernatural scares of Evil Dead is that all of the supernatural scares are seriously out of control and out of the world and the scares will instantly make you scream harder and harder until your out of air and the film is really suspenceful from start to finish and I like the ideas of Sam Raimi so far when he made this film and when he directed this film he’s like a Rockstar trying to impress the crowd with his skills on Rocking on stage with a drum or a guitar along with his friend Bruce Campbell. What I also like about Evil Dead is that the film has an atmosphere that’s really atmospheric mixed together with an eerie music which makes the atmosphere really eerie as well not only atmospheric but eerie as well. Since the film has those good moments the other good moments about Evil Dead is that the film also has lots of non stop and outrageous gore effects even some intense graphic violence there are some scenes that you need to keep an eye out when you watch this film The Pencil straight to the ankle scene is one. Second the dismemberment scene and last but not least the eye gouging scene. This movie was really controversial back in the 80′s due to it’s extreme graphic terror, violence and non stop gore effects and the MPAA seriously had to give this film an NC 17 rating until it changed later on into an R rating and this movie is also one of the first films to have the video nasty label before later on films received it like Lucio Fulci’s movies along with banned Horror films like Faces Of Death and Romano Scavolini’s Nightmares in A Damaged Brain. Now the acting in this film is really good Bruce Campbell’s performance in Sam Raimi’s first feature film was really good he really did a good job with his performance as Ash the main character of the Evil Dead series even on the later on sequels he did a good job as well with his performance so far. Director Sam Raimi seriously did a really excellent and amazing job with his directing with the original Evil Dead until the later on sequels he seriously did a better job with his directing on the Evil Dead series so far it was too bad that he seriously went down the hill with his directing on the Spider Man films and I admit that Sam Raimi did a better job with his directing on the Evil Dead series even Drag Me to Hell his new Horror film he really did a good job so far with his work on the Horror genre. I heard that he might make Evil Dead 4 this time so I hope he does it again and Bruce Campbell should work with him again for the fourth Evil Dead and I also heard that there’s gonna be an Evil Dead remake with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as producers of the remake so I hope the remake will do a good job as well. Since I finish reviewing this movie my rating for the original Evil Dead is overall a 10/10. Thank you Sam Raimi for making a good horror film for various Horror fans I hope you do a good job again if you make a fourth Evil Dead for Horror fans again in the future.

  • dannymyers

    It’s hard to review a movie that is no doubt a classic of it’s genre. But, if it’s a movie you really love, it becomes relatively easy. That said, Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic has always been a favorite of mine. It’s atmospheric and creepy with effects that are pretty good for its budget. Something that people really overlook about this film is its music. Much like Halloween and Phantasm, the music plays a big part here and perfectly suits the movie. 10/10

  • Antonhorror

    This movie is so funny and gory !

  • DefinitelyDazed

    I love this movie!

  • VictorH.

    Scary, funny, and amazing. It’s truly a horror masterpiece.

  • gorecore666


  • DefinitelyDazed

    Loved it!