Cannibal Holocaust (V)


In 1979, a film crew disappeared in the jungles of South America while shooting a documentary on tribal cannibalism. One year later, their footage was found and brought back to America. This is that footage.

  • swampmonster666

    The most brutal film ever made; amazing.

  • superbum

    I REALLY do have respect for horror history, and filmakers who “break ground.” I am very intersted in the history of censorship especially when it pertains to film. I am also just plain into old school grungy horror…but all that said, this film was not what it’s cracked up to be.

    Some of my fav. current filmakers cite Deodato as influencial and this movie in particular as being, among other things, freakin awesome…but to be honest I was pretty bored throughout the first half, then as the film progressed itt became very unbelievable and kinda stupid. I was insulted a bit…not by the violence and gore, but by anyone thinking that I could buy into characters that are so stupidly malicious.

    I DO like the IDEA of a unorthadox filmcrew, who brutaly stage violence for a documentary…and then getting what they deserve. Good Idea. But the way Deodato does it is very unvbelievable and kind of elementary. I think if more time was spent developing the film crew characters..and less w/ the studio in America and the proffessor, i think we’d have a better (paced/scripted) movie.

  • loliclown

    I saw this movie when I was younger, around the age of 7 or so, and recently decided to watch it again, to see if maybe it’s now more understandable because I’ve matured since then, but, sadly… it’s really not as great a it’s said to be. However, I do appreciate it for what it is, being the classic grind-houe fan that I am. I was never, and still am not, too happy with the scenes depicting REAL animal cruelty. I think the characters should have been more developed before actually shooting the movie.
    It’s not the best, but should be viewed by most classic horror fan.

  • Anthropophagus

    What surprised me more than the almost overly disturbing and graphic nature of this film, was how excellent a film it was. Despite what many people may have you believe about it, it is not just pointless and disturbing exploitation which serves no purpose other than to shock and humiliate, it’s a film with a point to make, and a film made with a genuine knowledge of the art of filmmaking and it really is, despite some truly inexcusable animal cruelty scenes, one of the finest horror films ever put onto film.

  • Frantic Disembowelment

    Although it is considered a classic that you must see, I don’t think this is worth watching at all. The story is acceptable and the actors do their job pretty well. The gory scenes aren’t that bad at all (though I hated the scene where they cut off the dick of Alan), but I do NOT agree with the killing of those animals. I watch splatter movies to enjoy unreal gore and to think about how the producers have done it. I am not very into snuff films you know, although we’re “just” talking about animals.

  • bigmo_402

    This movie was about as wild as you can get. People say it is real footage and some say it’s not. Decide for yourself, worth watching to figure out.

  • coldblood

    Cannibal Holocaust is one of those movies like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Exorcist where you can have the words; “the one and only” in front of the title. It was the first psuedo-documentary horror movie, it is startling to watch and still to this day the majority of the population couldn’t make it through it. The only real downside is that they went too far with those actual animal killings. Most of us horror fans are surprising not violent people and don’t enjoy seeing any real suffering or killing. I’m not saying that the rest of it isn’t completely messed up because it is. But the rest of the movie is done with (some very impressive) special effects. One thing that can’t be denied is that it is one powerful piece of filmmaking. So it does deserve it’s props. Only long-time hardened horror fans should watch it. Seeing Hostel 1 and 2 won’t come close to preparing you for this film.

  • thedescent08

    One of the best movies ever!!!

  • fenderxx

    i give this a high rating strictly on how much it made me cringe. I cannot believe the things i witnessed in this movie. Everything looked to real,freakin creepy as hell

  • gorehound62

    i went in to this knowing what to expect. i was forewarned that it is an absolutely brutal, hard to watch, mean spireted, but great film. and thats exactly what it was. interesting that the director was arrested when first realeased. another funny point. the direcors of the blair witch project have claimed to have never seen this film. watch this , then watch that, and see what you think. great film, but be prepared, it is one of the most shocking and disturbing films ever

  • Turk3102

    Teh most overhyped film next to Audition. It is just a compilation of pointless garbage. I loathed this film, and no because of the gore. You call that gore? Slicing up a giant turtle isn’t gore, its a director trying to do something unique because his film sucks shit.

  • jayres

    i knew this movie was supposed to take violence to another level and was still surprised about what the movie brought

  • eatcheese

    this is such an overhyped, ridiculous film – it sucks ass.
    It is absolute garbage compared to the insanely superior CANNIBAL FEROX.

  • Slaser Maniac

    One of the Best Cannibal Movies I have ever seen.
    The film shows some extreme stuff such as an abortion by hand and a scene of castration. Overall it is a good horror flick.

  • goooore

    Easily the best cannibal flick out there. It’s pretty brutal, but I won’t score it too high because the animals killed in it were real and that’s just a shame.

  • Logan[KMFDM]

    it was pretty damn intense, dont really think it would have sparked an interest if it werent for the animal deaths just for the fact that they had the balls to do that…… impalment scene owned

  • Regoregitate

    I enjoy this movie alot. But I do enjoy Cannibal Ferox more.

  • gorypass

    Well it got tooo much hype and I found it boring. Yes there were a tortoise killed everyone seemed so sad about and the film crew got what they deserve in the end….but it was not that shocking maybe I am a little jaded but I seen more gory movies then this so I found it boring totally at lease I watched what it was a about. I think the title fit the movie and I wouldn’t watch it again so try not to buy the hype.

  • Jacques

    When I think of horror, truly genuine horror, not the cheap stuff that teenage girls scream-giggle-giggle at, it’s almost always something hyper-realistic. Do not misunderstand me. I’m not contradicting H.P. Lovecraft when he stated that “horror and fantasy are only separated by a stream of black water”, but I am saying it’s a narrow-minded view. Fantasy worlds that we do not understand will always scare some of us, but there will also always be a group of people who find all unrealistic horror completely laughable. In the exact opposite sense, I’ve never once heard a person say that the premises behind truly realistic horror films were laughable. Ironically, realistic horror is scarce. Perhaps it’s because we live in a time where modern directors saw The Omen when they were 2-years-old, their underdeveloped minds mistook cheese for terror, and now they live and breathe to pump the horror genre full of crappy, unoriginal movies like The Unborn or A Tale of Two Sisters. Thus, whenever I see a truly realistic horror film, regardless of its quality, I can’t help but take it at least twice as seriously as I would yet another oh-there’s-a-cheesy-demon!-let’s-get-naked-then-do-some-insanely-stupid-thing-and-get-killed film. In other words: Cannibal Holocaust is far from a great film in terms of quality, but the fact it’s actually realistic gives it weight, and makes it worth watching.

    The first time I attempted to watch Cannibal Holocaust, I’ll admit I was bored to the point of tears. It just seemed like a toned-down, less entertaining version of The Temple of Doom. I turned it off 15 minutes in. The next day came, and I reluctantly decided to force myself to sit through the other 70 minutes of the film. This time, it caught my attention immediately. The boring faux-documentary set-up blended into an infinitely more interesting study of human nature.

    While most films that “study” human nature really just end up repeating elementary facts that we knew before we were old enough to get into PG-rated movies, there is quite a bit more intelligence here. Instead of typically displaying the entire modern society (or just the American society) as evil, Cannibal Holocaust accurately depicts the mental breakdown of the young live-for-the-moment mind. In 2009, that’s something I’ve rarely seen. In 1980, I’m pretty sure it was an original concept to display on film. Also, what makes Cannibal Holocaust infinitely more realistic to Battle Royale or Lord of the Flies is that it NEVER uses extremes. While the former two works that I listed lump the entire human race together into a single idealistic gobbledygook character type, Cannibal Holocaust does the opposite and presents good, bad, AND everything in between through diverse, realistic character traits. This is why Cannibal Holocaust is so intelligent in presenting the whole cliché “human nature is to kill” concept.

    As for the quality . . . Well, people have accurately said that the acting (from the older people) isn’t great. The four (young) central characters all act realistically, and are portrayed realistically. However, I didn’t find the acting bad enough to be distracting at any point in the film. Some of the gore effects are outdated, but, again, I didn’t feel it took away from the story unless you allow it to.

    The gore is minimal at best. Some would go as far as to say it isn’t there at all. There are a few generic, non-graphic Hollywood rape scenes, a few infamous animal killings, and a few human lacerations, but that’s about it. It’s nothing you haven’t seen hundreds of times before. A lot like A Clockwork Orange and Natural Born Killers, I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how this film was labeled as insanely violent, much less violent/gory at all. The small amount of gore that was there was simply generic, and done in a non-graphic way. I’m someone who is very sensitive to graphic gore, and I found everything in this movie below the level of violence in the average R-rated movie. Compared to any given Saw film, Cannibal Holocaust just looks bloodless. I am not complaining about this, however. Just stating the fact. The movie did not need more gore for any reason, and I blame the lack of it only on the silly infamous hype.

    Overall, I found Cannibal Holocaust a very entertaining and thought-provoking experience. I watched it with low expectations and had an absolute blast. One of the most fun movies I’ve ever watched alone. Regardless of my tastes, however, it is impossible to deny the territory and importance of this film on the horror genre. It forces you out of your face fantasy world and rubs your face in the filth of the real world . . . even if that filth isn’t really that disturbing.

  • jpeenut

    besides the animal kills, i loved this movie

  • Slasher17

    Seriously, this movie is nothing but disturbing! I’m a huge horror movie fan, and this is the most disturbing movie I saw! The main thing I didnt like is that we see dicks in this movie..I mean, a good horror movie doesnt have dicks!Besides that, everytime I saw an animal get killed, I felt bad because they were real!WTF were they thinking!?So yeah, this movie had great blood and gore, but its only good enough to watch once or twice.

  • iamleonardmoo

    This movie is seriously fucked up. Understand, I don’t mean that as an insult to the filmmakers. Quite the opposite, really. No one makes anything this profoundly fucked up accidentally. Obviously, those involved intended to make a deeply disturbing and disgusting film, and their success is undeniable.

    True horror fans will love this.

    Everyone else, run.

  • screamzFIRE29

    This movie was just bad and gross. It never should have been made.

  • LuJr81

    This film is definetly not for everybody, it is very grotesque. Including rape, castration, dismemberment, and even REAL animal killings. But it was pretty good to me, watch it but brace urself.

  • maynardmorrissey

    disgusting, disturbing, brillant!

  • evil_ash86


    what kind of f***ed up movie is this??? i don’t blame everybody for arresting Ruggero Deodato for presumably making a snuff movie! everything looks realistic, and i feel incredibly sorry for the turtle. T_T

    the part where the female documentarian got beheaded looked real, mainly because it wasn’t cut, and how a native had a large fruit shoved up her *opposite to penis*.

    that’s why i like this movie. that’s right, i loved its movie for its violence, except for the animal murders.

  • Faminepulse

    Brilliant classic with incredible special effects. I remember seeing an interview with Deodato where he said he had to explain to a judge how he did the impalement scene. The way it was achieved was genius and it looks 100% authentic. Apart from just being a gorefest this movie is actually a social commentary comparing western civilization to barbaric cannibals. This was first apparent to me in the scene where they stand by and let the woman be sexually assaulted with the giant phallus and then clubbed to death just to find out where the village is. Overall this is a very powerful film. Highly recommended, although maybe not for particularly squeamish people.

  • Indiana

    i didn’t give this the best score only because the turtle scene kinda did me in.

    other than that, great movie! I own it and the wife will not watch it again. i love it!

  • Deadly Scorpion

    First i will say: What a fu**ing disturbed movie!

    i didn’t like the animal kills, the movie was..yea..good.

  • Remember Slithis?

    If you want to scar a room full of people throw this in at a party.The movie feels like a documentary.Sick,Gross,Twisted,and Horribly cruel to animals.Not a great film but it’s a must see for the shock value alone.Watch with an empty stomach!

  • The Spook

    This movie is one of the most inhuman, twisted, and disturbing experiences you’ll ever have watching a movie! But it’s a amazingly well done social commentary, and it is going to make you question our society!

  • BloodSoaked13

    loved it so much. one of my favorite films.

  • traumahound00

    It’s completely vile and disgusting, but it’s not without it’s artistic merit, which makes it memorable outside of the nauseating parts.

  • ThingFreak82

    Awesome movie! i just love the theme music accompanied with one of the most notorious films ever made…GENIOUS! Not for the faint of heart!

  • Robert Ford

    An absolute masterpiece, without a doubt the best of the many italian cannibal movies of that era. “Cannibal Holocaust” is for horror what “Crime & Punishment” is for literature.

  • horrorgeek89

    really really good loved it.

  • dinny

    What a great movie. Sure, live animals were killed but they were later eaten by the natives and this movie is just fantastic. The gore is top notch, even by today’s standards and it’s unrelenting. The score is fantastic, too. The acting isn’t that good, but are you really going to see perhaps the most controversial movie ever made for the acting ability of a former porn star? This movie is meant to shock and to this day, it still does.

  • Chadinator92

    Honestly, I was disgusted by the entire film! You would think that would be a bad thing, but not at all! That just makes the film more powerful then it already is to this very day! You really can’t go any farther to finding the most nastiest Horror film ever made then Cannibal Holocaust, there’s no fucking competition! This is “Bloody-Disgusting”, PERIOD! 10/10!

  • David_Horrorfan

    It starts off pretty boring so people with short attention spans don’t watch this movie… The second half (When they recover the footage) was one of the most shocking stuff I ever saw like the turttle kill was gruesome and all the killing parts can not be topped.

  • soul666taker

    Just finished watching this. The only thing I found shocking about this movie was the music….it drove me insane.
    This movie might have been good shock value when it came out. I guess there is to many movies out there with better shock value these days. I found this movie quite boring and pointless for the modern day movie goer.
    Im sure this sort of movie appeals to some people but just not my cup of tea.

  • victor crowley3


  • xXGothicKillerxX

    ppl don’t know why this movie this was so shocking back then and now. REAL animals are killed,Female and male genitals,real looking gore are in this movie. The director was in court for this movie. WHY, the cast had to stay away form ppl they loved to make it realistic,animals were killed, and ppl thought this was REAL!

    I’m 14 and i love the uncut version. Barfed 2 times when i watch this.

    10 out of 10 :)

  • thankgodforsatan

    Okay, i’ve gone through what everyone here wrote of the movie. I’ve high expectations for this movie in terms of gore and shock value. Someone wrote of how he/she barfed twice, okay, i’ll be mindful of that. I’ll watch it now, write my thoughts of the movie in an hours time.

  • PreachersBrew

    This is a great movie. Horrable filth. I love it.

  • chewbaccawakka

    Disgusting but brilliant!

  • La Femme

    Honestly, the most disturbing part of this movie for me was watching the animals get killed… because I knew it was real. That made me sick. Otherwise, it’s a so-so movie but I can see how it would be a huge shocker back in the day. Some of the gore is unbelievably real looking (Spear from the ass through the mouth anyone??), and some of it looks down right cheap. Mixed bag. Definitely worth seeing but just know that it’s a weird movie and has some disturbing animal deaths that are real.

  • jennifuru

    Stupid movie.
    Do not support a movie that actually murdered animals just for show. Disgusting.

  • Shinobi37

    I wasn’t about it, I got bored fairly easily and was pretty upset with the animal killing, watching that muskrat or whatever it was get knifed was terrible! I actually couldn’t finish watching it, I just skimmed through the rest of it. The ending bang in the head showed that native cannibals at least within heir strange habits of cannibalism aren’t as bad as those who eat the life away from others psychoanalytically…that is.

  • animalecter

    I bought the uncut version and I have it packed away in my closet, I only got it to try to be cool and tough and I haven’t watched it yet because i’m scared and I don’t want to see the animals get killed and i’m also a little bit of a pussy boy and my rating comes from the cool looking box cover.

  • cannibalsatemydinner

    the turtle scene alone makes this a masterpiece of true horror and disgust

  • FingerCuffs13

    I love the storyline of this movie, it’s got a brilliant concept to it. The special effects are completely realistic. The director was very advanced for his time. Excellent movie for those who can stomach it.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    “The one that goes all the way!” “The Most Controversial Film of All-Time!” “Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it?” So goes just three of the many taglines for Ruggero Deodato’s infamous “Cannibal Holocaust”; a film that once tested the limits and tolerance of exploitation, and still does to this day. I don’t have a very hard time imagining that even some of the most faithful horror/exploitation film-goers will find it difficult to watch; even for a guy like me, it was exhausting and repulsive from beginning to end. Once the thing has descended into ugly, inhuman madness; one might think of jumping ship – calling it quits. There’s no merit in a film this gruesome unless there is a message at the center. But to spread a message – to tell a really good story – one must preach to the audience, and different members of that audience might take such a decision differently than others. In the end, I think it’s a matter of where you stand. Were you offended? Were you strangely moved? Were you repulsed? Or did you just throw up? It is films like this that have the power to evoke strong reactions; and if one is open-minded enough, even strong thoughts.

    The first part of the film mostly focuses on a rescue mission lead by an anthropologist named Harold Monroe (Robert Kerman). The aim is to drop into the Amazon Basin and find a four-person film crew that went missing in the vast areas while filming a documentary about cannibalistic tribes of the jungle. For a while, all those on the expedition sneak around the large forest, searching for the said tribes, until they finally make a decent effort to provoke them with both violence and promising pleasures (there’s a scene where Monroe strips down naked and baths in a river, in an attempt to attract the women of a potential nearby tribe; which results in the desired effect).

    But as the journey progresses, so does the unease at hand; Monroe and his men meet with a few of the tribes and their respective leaders, only to be greeted by hostility and cold shoulders. Do the cannibals intend to deceive and then devour the adventurers, or did something else happen while the filmmakers were out shooting their documentary? After Monroe acquires the footage of their expedition from the natives, brings it back to New York along with him, and screens it to a television studio that intends to broadcast it; we’re shown what really happened, to both the cannibals and the crew.

    Two reels of film reveal the expedition. The crew – filmmaker Alan Yates, script girl Fay Daniels, and cameramen Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso – plunges into cannibal territory and proves that they aren’t very educated in the field of first impressions. They hack of a giant turtle’s limbs piece-by-piece with a hatchet and then burn down a straw house that belongs to one of the tribes. They aim to exploit the indigenous tribes, simply because they can; through rape, torture, murder, interrogation, and humiliation. On the way, they also partake in the killing of various other animals; such as snakes, monkeys, and pigs. But the real crime is how close they push the tribesmen and women to the edge; if only they had left them alone – or perhaps filmed their activity from a distance – they would have lived another day. But as you can see, that was not the case.

    With its found-footage style and high-profile gore effects; “Cannibal Holocaust” felt so real for it’s time that Deodato was arrested and charged for what was his art. To retain the realistic feel of the film, the actors basically went into hiding for a few years after the initial release; and in court, Deodato had to call each one of them up individually to prove that the effects he employed were just effects, and that he had not really killed anyone (save for the animals; of which the killings were all real). The film has had a rather troubled past, but now that we know the truth for sure, it can be appreciated for the grotesque piece of work that it is. Grindhouse Releasing has done a spectacular job of restoring the film; giving it a theatrical run, and then releasing it on DVD (the extras are a gold mine). If you’re going to see the movie, rent or buy their DVD; it’s the best one yet, and it’s hard to imagine that it will ever be rivaled. It is a film of thematic power; and of profound disgust. You will either love it, or you will find not a single thing about it the slightest bit redeemable. It’s probably one of the most divisive motion pictures of all time; and for good reason. There were moments – like the turtle mutilation and consumption – that disturbed me unlike any other film truly has. But at the same time, I realized the sadness and cruelty that the scenes depicted; lending the film an atmosphere – an attitude – different from that of any other horror film presenting similar injustices.

    Deodato says that the stark social commentary and various thematic interpretations were not intended. All he wanted to make was a movie about cannibals, with some arresting camerawork and deceivingly beautiful music. On one end of the spectrum, he has provoked his audience; and on another, he’s made us think, although the two tend to go hand-in-hand. I don’t care whether “Cannibal Holocaust” was intended to be powerful stuff or not; I’ll never forget it, and for that, I think it deserves to be called great cinema. I will not suggest it to anyone; for it is an uncompromising attack on exploitation cinema and voyeuristic filmmaking, and if you find yourself squeamish, “Cannibal Holocaust” could be compared to an assault on all the senses. Your stomach will not rest, your head will throb, and in at least one moment in the film, you’ll clutch onto your crotch for dear life. Strange, how out of all the inspirational and good-natured movies on the market these days, this is the one that makes me most appreciative of the life that I possess. I guess sometimes, all it takes is a muskrat murder and a first-person in-your-face ending that allows us to take part in being eaten alive by those who are no fewer monsters than we are.

  • crazyhorror

    One of the most violent and one of the sickest movies ever made. Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most violent Horror films ever made and it is also one of the first video nastiest in the early times along with Evil Dead. This is also one of the first found footage films before the Paranormal Activity films and The Blair Witch Project. This is also a film that you must avoid watching because if you have a really weak stomach your gonna end up vomiting in the toilet many times. This movie has a lot of themes about the violence and cruelty of nature and it is true because the entire film is full of cruelty and violence of nature from start to finish. The entire film is really gross, sick and disgusting and it makes viewers nauseate because the entire film is really sick and nasty and the violence is seriously disgusting in this film. This movie is also full of realistic animal cruelty scenes like a rat like animal getting ripped open and eating it. A turtle getting slaughtered and butchered with a machete. A spider getting chopped with a machete and let’s not forget the stabbing of the snake and the shooting of the pig. This movie seriously has a lot of cruel and violent themes. What I also like about Cannibal Holocaust is that the entire film is really disgusting, gross and disturbing even when nothing’s happening the entire film is nauseating and full of disturbing content that will leave you disturbed for the rest of your life. The violence in this film is seriously overwhelming and hard to watch as well. Every scene in the film is really hard to watch and they are seriously overwhelming so far because each scene has a lot of gory and gross plus disturbing violence from start to finish. There are lots of scenes in this film that are seriously overwhelming and hard to watch. The scene where the other camera member gets his leg amputated after a snake bit his foot that scene is really disgusting and disturbing because of how graphic that scene looks like. The scene where the other two camera guys killed another cannibal member by impaling the girl with a mouth and you see her mouth with the big stick in it and she looks like a little pig ready to be fried that is one of the most violent scenes in the movie. The scene where the cannibalistic members perform a ritual on a girl and after performing a ritual they kill the girl by bashing her head wit ha heavy rock that scene also got me as well. Oh and let’s not forget the last part of the film where the last crew members are killed by the cannibals that is probably the nastiest scene in the film because of the graphic violence used in that scene. Director Ruggero Deodato did a good job with his directing on this movie and he’s like Director Lucio Fulci but his style is different to Lucio Fulci because the way Ruggero Deodato worked on his film is that he also focus on the violence and cruelty of nature other than the graphic violence and gore. I felt bad that he was sent to jail after making the film and he was released when the actors appeared in the late show so that Ruggero Deodato can be released from prison so far. At least he’s ok now. I also heard that Ruggero Deodato appeared in Hostel Part II in a cameo role as a cannibal eating his victim and I might watch him in Hostel Part II so that I can see how he acts in the film. Overall Cannibal Holocaust gets a 10/10.