Halloween III: Season of the Witch


An evil toymaker plans to kill all the kids out for Halloween in this non-sequel to the other Halloween movies

  • QueenOfHalloween

    Everyone slams this movie because Michael Myers isn’t in it, but it was still a descent movie. They should’ve just called it Season Of The Witch and left the Halloween part out of it. But the movie has a great Halloween time feel to it. And the story is pretty good, just a little slow. It’s worth a watch!

  • GGoblin31

    I remember renting this film as a wee lad in the 80′s. Me and my buds were stoked to see a new ‘Michael Myers’ film. It wasn’t until about the 45-minute mark that my fears were being realized. NO MICHAEL MYERS. I truly believe it was the first time I ever felt jipped by a film. My anger and disappointment boiled over and I condemned the film at an early age… vowing never to re-visit the bullshit that was ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’.

    Now… fast-forward 20 years. Three words, folks: TOM MOTHERFUCKIN’ ATKINS. Ok, ok… ‘Halloween III’ is still a magnanimous pile of shit, but it’s too much fun to be ignored or cast out of the DVD library. Hack-director Tommy Lee Wallace (try and name a good film from this dude) gets my love because he was involved with the original ‘Halloween’ and is one of the three peeps responsible for the ‘Coupe De Villes’ (with bandmates John Carpenter and Nick Castle) who gave us the AWFUL-good ditty: Big Trouble in Little China (and a video too!). Wallace appears to not know a camera lens from his anus as evident in the gloriously stale cinematography in ‘Halloween III’. But, this film is so bad it suddenly becomes wonderful. Beer helps while watching, though our sober horrorhound brethren can take enjoyment from this as well.

    The movie rocks because the filmmakers cast what appears to me a loser as their lead. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Tom Atkins is a loser at all, in fact he enters the realm of Bruce Campbell-dom in my eyes. Hell, I wear a t-shirt once a week with him on it! It’s just–Atkins is rough around the edges, devoid of any physical prowess, and boozes it up every chance he gets in this film. Not only that, but he’s a cigarette-smoking doctor divorcee who enjoys suckling on his co-star’s titties whenever the opportunity (ies) presents themselves. And God love him for it. If ever there was an evil corporation hell-bent on eradicating the human race by Halloween masks that eat your face, I would want Tom Atkins, cold beer in hand, ready to take on the forces of darkness.

    ‘Halloween III’ shouldn’t have the ‘Halloween’ monicker attached to it- that’s what ruined it for me as a kid. Expectations for ‘The Shape’ are shattered and you’re left with a beer-gutted anti-hero who’s fighting the old guy from Robocop while an annoying commercial for kid’s masks plays over and over and over and over again. I understand the frustration, but if you take a moment to appreciate the crappiness of this film, I believe you will come to love it, and it will become a staple viewing for every time you have a group of people drinking in your livingroom. Thank you, Tom Atkins, thank you.

  • FridayFan84

    This movie is awesome just dont expect to see Michael Myers. It is an awesome early 80′s John Carpenter horror. My favorite out of the Halloween sequels.

  • alecelmboy


  • Slayer6(sic)6

    When you watch this movie, don’t think of it as one of the Halloween movies and then it’s better…

  • halloweenfan

    Don’t expect Myers but still a decent movie.

  • MichaelMyers1031

    I could accept this if it was a good film without Myers. But common people getting killed by witch masks, skeleton masks, and jack-o-lantern masks, when a stupid Silver shamrock commercial airs. That has the absolute gayest music ever. And of course one of the most stupidest scenes ever: WHY THE F*CK show the original Halloween trailer in a sequel. What were they thinking. WHO cares if it has an entirely different story it’s still a sequel. What are they trying to do make it like the original never existed.

  • Horror518

    how dare this piece of hot and nasty shit get a better review then the remake of the orignal!!!

  • vegansteve

    People think it sucks. But the original idea of this movie was to have Myers be dead and done with. Its really a decent movie. Just because Myers isn’t in it doesn’t make it a horrible movie. I enjoyed it. Its original. Its a hell of a lot better than the crap that is being produced nowadays.

  • DiegOmen16

    I know Michael Myers isnt in it and i got mad when i was watching it and Michael didnt appeared but the movie was a big pile of crap anyway FIRST it wasnt scary SECOND it was stupid THIRD that little shitty ass song really got my nervs FORTH the ending is stupid so why bother watching it everything in it was stupid including the movie itself so i would of gave it a zero but since i cant well.

  • napalmfuzz

    This movie gets a bad rap because people were expecting another Michael Myers movie. This is easily one of my favorite flicks from the 80′s.

    If you watch this movie as a standalone movie, and dont expect M. Myers to jump out of the corner, it’s actually a VERY good movie.

  • sixxchik

    this movie sucks big time, it shouldnt be called halloween three if there isnt a damn thing to do with the other two halloweens and no where except for on a tv in one scene is micheal myers to be found, name it something else like halloween night season of the witch not halloween three!!!! the story was ok but the effects and the acting were shit, i remember when i saw this in the fourth grade and was put to sleep by it.

  • ronfrrll

    It souldn’t have been called Halloween 3 but it’s still a decent movie.

  • zombiefan09

    I love Halloween III. People just hate it, because Michael Myers is not in it…SO WHAT!!! A little temporary change never hurts anyone. I love the storyline with the warlock named Cochran making Halloween masks out of Stonehenge. I love the “Happy happy Halloween” song and Cochran’s speech to Dan about the Celts and how Halloween was 3,000 years ago. I really appreciate this “sequel” yes, I called it a sequel, because it’s called Halloween 3. Another part I love is what happens to Little Buddy Kupfer when he watches the commercial and his head turns into snakes and bugs. The last part I love is the ending, it keeps you in suspense. In conclusion, this classic film earns the right to be called “Halloween III”

    Although Michael, Dr. Loomis, and Laurie Strode have been taken out, this is good Halloween material. It starts off with a man trying to run away from some men in business suit. In his hand, he’s grasping on to a Silver Shamrock Halloween Pumpkin mask. Later, he passes out and taken to the hospital. Later in the night, he is murdered by one of the business man. Dr. Daniel Challis wants to investigate why he was murdered. Dan has a bad relationship with his ex-wife and hardly spends any time with his kids. Dan and the murdered man’s daughter; Ellie Grimbridge make a plan and go to Santa Mira where the Silver Shamrock company is. (For some reason, I love the scene at the bar when Dan is drinking beer and that silly cartoon is on, then the original Halloween plays.) Conal Cochran is the boss, and Dan finds out that Conal is a warlock who plans to use the popular masks as a way to kill all the children on Halloween. Dan must stop it from happening. This really is a classic in its own way. I highly recommend Halloween III: Season of the Witch!!!

  • renox

    Halloween 3 is the movie that almost took halloween to the graveyard it suck horse ass

  • Protecious

    fun ride, wierd stuff, original story, only flaw was carrying the halloween title to it.

  • Acathla

    Not horrible for not having Michael in it. Decent stand alone movie.


    Best in the series.Its pretty stupid how people only dont like it because micheal myers isnt in it.
    A great movie to watch around halloween

  • halloweenforever

    The best of all the sequels. John Carpenter’s Halloween was the original and obviously my favourite, but I love the third it’s so much more inventive that any of the others which were re-hashes. Well done to John Carpenter and Debra Hill for giving something different and interesting to the fans.

  • tom holiday

    I was pissed off at first. Because it didn’t have michael in it. Then a little while later i started watching it. Just because its a halloween movie. Realized the movie rocks. It has a creepy halloween commercial. Kool masks. Ofcourse tom atkins playing. Whats not too like about tom atkins he played in night of the creeps. Creepiest villains ever compared to michael myers. Really cool ending. This movie will live on.

  • halloweenfiend

    although it has nothing in common with the first two,this is still a creepy and unnerving installment in the series.worth a look.

  • thejigsawkiller123

    mr disgusting please tell you didnt rate this horrible movie

    worst movie ever made and one the stupidest plots i have ever herd dumb as fuck

  • zog71

    Okay, I get the originality of Halloween III, but to carry the name of a franchise built around a killer seems like the wrong thing to do. I mean Halloween is about Michael Myers, and this was a total different direction. Despite those who find this good, or awesome, because of it’s originality, it still was a bad movie. Maybe a cool idea, but done wrong and given the wrong title to, in my mind, make money. It could have went with a total different title and it still would not be a good movie. I usually like things that are different, but it can be done bad and this movie was done bad.

  • Repo!Screams

    THE FU*K!



    FOR REAL. It was effing awful. Was Michael even in it?

    I can’t give it a 1/2 :[

  • tylerdq14

    i dont think this should of been in the HALLOWEEN franchise, but it is a great movie. i was alway told not to buy it but one day i found it on amazon really cheap. So i thought what the hell, i’ll give it a try. when i got it, i put it right the the dvd player and watched it. I was amazed how much i love it. Good twist, and a great ending. i hope that when you watch this movie don’t think of it as HALLOWEEN III, think of it as SEASON OF THE WITCH

  • AshWilliams95

    This movie was shit and I got 1 complaint just one fucking complaint!!!!! Michael myers wasn’t in it………………………..okay???? The storyline was shit, infact everything was shit about it why am I even bothering to review this piece of shit?!?!?! They should have called this movie “season of the witch” or “halloween: season of the witch” but not halloween 3 because that leaves us thinking that michael myers is in it and it is based around the same thing. This movie is a utter waste of time and I fucking want to smash every copy with a hammer.


  • whitewire

    We all no this isn’t a movie featuring Michael Myers, yet its teased to be calling itself the 3rd movie in the Halloween franchise. So for that this movie often gets a lot of negative feedback. However despite this being a Myers-less movie, its a very entertaining movie. Its a dumb plot, and has many flaws, but I can’t help but really enjoy this movie. I think this movie may have been more well recieved if they had given it another name, or simply just dropped the Halloween title and called it Season of the Witch. Either way, you are not getting a continued story into the killing spree of Michael Myers, but what you are getting is another suspenseful movie by the great John Carpenter, with another fantastic score!

  • halloween9movie

    I have to agree with Moustapha Akkad it should of just been called Season of the witch not halloween 3

  • mikethademon

    No myers, but still a descent flick if you can accept no michael.

  • downward_spiral

    I dont care what anybody says but this is a very good horror film. So Michael Myers wasnt in it, who cares. It still was very good.

  • ChrisV

    This is a great 80′s horror film! I permanantly have the Silver Shamrock song stuck in my head…All the time.

    “This year i’m gonna get a case and a half of molitov cocktails…. burn that sumbitch right down! this is the last halloween for them!”

  • Markrdi

    Halloween III voted the worse film ever??? is it really that bad? The reason why I like this film. it’s different….it scared the crap out of me when I was younger…but it’s also a victim of a heavy hate campaign. Why??? the Idea the John Carpenter had that each Halloween film would be a different film….sounds good to me…Michael Myers only appearing in the classic film and no more crappy sequels.. Halloween III is a good basic horror flick with some plot holes but has a climatic ending which makes me think…..did he stop it or not? The Problem with this film is that there are 2 many edit versions of the film which makes it seem uncohesive. When I first saw it Marge’s death was in full…as well as the other deaths….when I finally got it on a number of different VHS and watched it on late night TV, and each time it was heavily edited…WHY!! So it became a PG film in all essences…so now I won’t buy it on DVD until I am sure I get the unedited version.

  • cjhorrorfan13

    ok ok ok many hate it since its not about Michael but i love it
    something different! of course if the whole series had different stories i would hate it but i love this movie
    good sequel as a different story
    but no michael is bad!
    so i like how there is a return!

  • TheBurning

    Really good if it wasn’t part of the series. But since it is. 6/10

  • weasel corpse 666

    I by accident put my review for this on the halloween 2 page. So for the record halloween 2 is the best of the series. BEAVER!

  • randomrick

    as a stand alone i LOVE this movie it feels like halloween should feel(the holiday not the movie),some realy interesting effects and just a different kind of movie altogather this is a horror gem! 8 more days till halloween!!!

  • Skratchy

    I can accept that Michael Meyers isn’t in this. John Carpenter even stated he never planned on making it all about him. He wanted to just make a horror franchise surrounding the holiday.

    That said, this movie STILL isn’t good. I like the idea of it and all but it just feels so lame and cheesy and half-assed. I mean druids that stole part of Stonehenge? and then use it’s power to make masks for kids? and then when the kids watch this commercial the children’s heads rot and turn into snakes and bugs? O rly? I feel robbed of my status as a horror film aficionado.

    The end is so ridiculous too.

    I wanted to like this movie just cause it’s the outcast but I’m sorry, sometimes there’s a reason why no one likes the runt.

  • cjr83

    by no means the best horror ever but it doesnt deserve the reviews it gets i thought it was a really original story

  • LuJr81

    They should have never called it “Halloween”, it would have been good , but a “Halloween” is supposed to have Michael Myers. A wasted entry in what could have been another great mass murder outing by mike.

  • Quint’s Machete

    It’s a HELL of a lot better than “Resurrection”!!! “That’s all I have to say about that”—–Forrest Gump.

  • herbert west austin

    I didn’t like it the first time I watched it, but after another viewing I really liked it. who gives a shit if michael myers isn’t in it, that’s why I was interested. Tom Atkins Rules!!! Thrill me!

  • Slasher17

    A lot of people hate this movie because Michael Myers wasn’t in it and its called HALLOWEEN! I think that it was because its called HALLOWEEN that I decided to watch it, and it turns out..THIS MOVIE IS FREAKIN AWESOME! How can anyone hate this movie just because Michael isn’t in it!? I think that if it wasn’t part of the series, it could have had some sequels! I thank John Carpenter for making this movie, as it is a great movie, and I actually liked it more than some of the other HALLOWEEN sequels. I’m relieved that Michael Myers came back in he series though..HALLOWEEN RULES!

  • Chadinator92

    If they’re gonna name this movie after Halloween..have Michael Myers in it! He’s the whole point of Halloween! What they should have done was carry on the sequel like they did from Halloween to Halloween II. Then begin where they left off from the 2nd Halloween to the 3rd. Instead we get a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with the whole plot of Halloween. It’s like they forgot all about it. I really can’t call this an actual Halloween sequel. Although I just like to pretend that Halloween IV is pretty much Halloween III.

  • format916

    too underrated! so much hate for this movie! it is original, creepy, good kills, nasty, watch this now

  • GRUDGE4life

    horrible excuse for a halloween movie!

  • 30 years

    Halloween 3 is the most apauling film ever!!!! This movie is a discrace to horror films and shouldnt have been released. If you respect this genre at all you will never even lay your eyes on this thing. It has the cheesiest plot and the worst actors ever. Not to mention the ending that left you wondering and not in a good way. Avoid this movie at all cost. I dont know how you can call this Halloween let alone a film. This is the worst thing you could ever lay your eyes on and because ii did i died a little.

  • miSSStrodesbrother

    I love mike but this movie was fantastic. Any movie to deal with Samhain and witchery are great and ideal in my book of horrors.

  • ben_tramer


    Wanted to get that off my chest. Anyway.

    This movie is completely underrated. Certainly very cheesy but with that distinct edge that could only come from a Carpenter film, including creepy guys in suits, and nasty masks.

    On top of that is probably one of my favorite scores.
    And possibly one of the very best endings in a horror movie ever. Yes. I said ever.

    Overall, very not bad, but also very…UNDERRATED!

  • Jaben620

    It had nothing to do with Mike Myers!!!!! Its like Friday the 13th the series!!!!

    Stay on track!

    Good movie though for a off track film.

  • Demented D

    ‘Wah! This movie had nothing to do with Michael Myers.’ So John Carpenter wanted to move away from pointless sequels, so what? I thought the story stood alone as a quality thriller/horror movie. I enjoyed this one very much. A lot better than the rest of the sequels.

  • Broomann43

    Ugh… Michael Myers was originally just supposed to be in ONE Halloween movie… the rest were going to be different… but seriously…
    Chips of stonehenge in Halloween masks for mind control? I find better plots lodged in my shit

  • deepRED11


  • Mayhem

    Okay, this is how it is, Michael is not in this flick, not even a mention, okay. Now is this a good movie, hell yes. It’s got a interesting concept, the control room scene is great & when is Tom Atkins ever a bad thing?

  • horrorfreak888

    i really liked it

  • groundgamer

    Lets get one thing straight. Michael Myers is not in this movie. So all fans of the first two, he is not in this movie. Now, I’m ok with that, maybe it’s a time for change this way, a little break from that scary as hell white mask of his. But no, it ruined it. I have never seen such a poor movie of the time. It isn’t scary, isn’t inventive and is the most re – cycled movie I have ever seen. The acting is horrific. This isn’t even close to being a good movie. Avoid.


  • bloodnguts313

    This is awful i dont even think it shoud have been consitered a halloween…wtf!

  • TheInfected182

    Halloween 3 is a guilty pleasure of mine.A good change from the boogey man in the white mask.Lets see in this movie we get killer robots,Halloween Masks that kill young children, a Nancy Loomis Cameo,the silver shamrock song,witch craft.Oh and you do see michael myers in this one,for a quick second he is on the tv in a bar scene. this one beats Resserection,H2o,and H5 by a long shot.

  • Prof. Lumpcicle

    I’m willing to bet that most of the people that “reviewed” this film didn’t even watch it and are just jumping on the “This movie sucks without Myers” bandwagon.

    Myers isn’t it…who gives a sh*t? The ‘Halloween’ series was never suppose to revolve around that character and frankly I wish it never did. The first two are fine(the first amazing) but the other Myers movies kind of suck and don’t hold up to the other slashers of that era or any era. They really should have pissed on the Myers fanatics and continued with their initial plan to make a series of films about new unique storylines that were Halloween themed.

    Get over it and accept it for what it really is…a great horor movie. You give this movie a different title and it’s a horror classic guaranteed. Carpenter was involved with this project and it bleeds his style all the way through it from the score to the production..it’s essentially a Carpenter flick!

    How many movies can you think of that taget kids for their evil doing? No many and that’s what makes this films so genuinely creepy and unique. This film also has one of the greatest horror movie endings ever too.

    So stop your bitching, it’s fucking old and idiotic.

  • googoomuck

    i saw this film when i was really young,i went to rent it thinking it had something to do with the halloween franchise…Which it didnt,but when i saw this movies it was different,i knew ill love it cause ive already seen night of the creeps and Tom Atkins is one of my heroes so i saw it and it was an amazing movie with a whole new twist in horror! and i recommend that you give it a look without thinking about michael myers. the buttom line is its GREAT HORROR! Go check it out!

  • murphy

    I baught this movie and it’s horrible. The commerical and that stupid song annoyed me throught the whole movie

  • bobbydevil666

    It’s a good movie if you don’t consider it in the “Halloween” franchise. Otherwise it’s a let down. But again, aside from that, it’s pretty underrated. Also it’s awesome that they play the trailer for the original Halloween in the bar scene on the tv.

    Murphy should get spell check.
    *bought not baught

  • JoshG16

    A Very Creepy lil Thriller but has nothing too do with Halloween film or Micheal Myres but very good acting and a good Horror trick’r'treat film but I dont think it should be a cult following

  • The Real Michael Myers

    It’s a dark story & creepy atmosphere, but it shouldn’t be called Halloween, for the simple fact it has nothing to do with michael myers. But there again “Season of the witch” gives it away.

  • riotsquid1408

    it was alright

  • Asa Jones

    So what if this film has nothing to do with Michael Myers. John Carpenter meant that Halloween II was going to be the last Halloween to have Myers in it. So when he was asked to make a third Halloween he planned out something new. Something Authentic. Something kinda Original. The idea of Killer Masks is just amazing!!! No one used such an idea before that. But now Goosebumps have got two Books about Killer Masks. And they were fast sellers. The story is great to it. The ending is superb!!! I LOVED IT!!! ORIGINAL AND ENTERTAINING!!!!

  • josh’snewnightmare

    A horrible movie, not only the worst halloween movie but one of the worst horror movies period

  • justjoe

    Yep, it

  • Monster Randleman

    This is a great movie, the second best Halloween after the first.

  • tarman82

    I remenber watching this on tv when I was little, and I kept waiting to see Michael Myers come out, and he never did, I thought that sucked, then about a year later Halloween 4 came out and all was right withy the world. About a year ago they aired this on Scifi channel so I gave it a try again, and you know what? it was pretty damn good, I know Michaels not in it but that aside its a really cool movie about Halloween, I think anyone who has avoided this movie because of no Michael should really give it a rent, you may be surprised!

  • dinny

    Even though it doesn’t have Michael it’s not that good. It’s a little creepy but that’s it.

  • bloodypacman


  • voorhees4893

    I finally watched this movie for the first time, I avoided this movie for years. I didnt want to watch it, I heard bad things about this movie. So I finally decided to watch it, im very suprised I enjoyed watching this movie. Yes its very cheezy and silly but I enjoyed the story. I think people need to give this movie a chance. It reminds me a little bit of west world world. Which is also a great movie. GIVE THIS MOVIE A CHANCE

  • maynardmorrissey

    It’s understandable that most Halloween-Fans hate Part 3 since it has got nothing to do with the first 2 parts – but if you just don’t think about Michael Myers you’ll get a proper 80s movie with an interesting story and a very good score. No masterpiece, but at least an ok movie.

  • ThisIsKyl3

    Great film by itself

  • MattHorror

    asn’t bad but different not a good or even great film worth a watch if your really bored maybe.

  • immortaldeath

    Big deal no Michael Myers. I don’t understand why its a bad movie to some people just because its Myers less. Tom Atkins alone should make up for that haha. I think this is a fun Halloween(the holiday)movie. Like someone under me said it really captures the feel of the holiday and I agree. If you need something new for your Halloween marathon give this a chance and think of it as just Season of the Witch.

  • plague6662004

    Its not the worst of the Halloween films but its not the best either. I get why Michael isnt in it and where they were going to take the series and do something different but the film is still a little boring.

  • Jadama

    Okay… Everyone behave and look at the magic pumpkin!

    This film is way under appreciated!! Give it some slack people. The idea and making of this film might change your mind!

    After Halloween II, Myers was supposed to be dead. End of story. Halloween III was suppose to be in real life. (notice that they show a Halloween film trailer on the T.V. in the Tavern) This was suppose to be a new chronicle in the whole “Halloween scare theme” but it didn’t work. Like Witchcraft meets the digital age. (quoted by Tommy Lee Wallas)

    If you can forget about “Myers” and “Haddonfield” altogether, then you might like this film. This film is very good! After watching “Myers die” this was a breath of fresh air to a horror film that took place during Halloween. I’m not saying that I hated the original theme of the “Halloween” series but after the second it seemed like a open and shut case. Why milk it any more?

    (example: Elm street series, Friday the 13th series…. *cough*… and the next Halloween films actually sucked… UNTIL…”H20″ and “Rob Zombie’s remake”…)

    For me, Halloween (Myers that is…) was done and Halloween III was the next step. I love it and wish more people would understand it better. It might have done better if they didn’t have Halloween in the title but the director actually had right to the name “Halloween” (there is a story that goes back about Carpenter naming his film “The Babysitter Killer” and that Tommy Lee Wallas actually gave him the name “Halloween”…)

    Anyway… people need to have an opened mind and enjoy this next installment the the “Halloween” series! A New-Age in Witchcraft!


    lol ok just because michael myers is not in this movie at all does not mean its not a good movie i enjoyed it alot. but not as a halloween movie this should have been just called season of the witch

  • ghostfacescreamfan1243

    Sucked. Enough said.

  • Zombie Apoc

    just makes it hard to understand and like, i want MICHEAL

  • JohnMarrone

    Bow down and kiss this movies ass. Best sequel in the franchise, by far. There’s no Michael? There’s about nine other films for that. This was Carpenter’s brainchild. To continue the series with original halloween based tales. It should have stayed that way, cuz like he said, how long can it go on, Myers got burned to shit in II. So stop and appreciate the mass extinction, mass murder that is about to be unleashed. “Its a joke on the children!” Masks that melt childrens heads into bloody swarms of worms and venomous snakes. Atkins only stops 2 of the three channels. One is still playing and probably doesnt get turned off. Thats THOUSANDS of innocent kids and families. Sick shit. Apocalyptic. Awesome direction by Wallace, and Tom Atkins is pretty smooth making that phone call with the six pack of beer before heading off to a motel. Smooth shit. Best by far.

  • lifeslittletragedy

    If it were called something different I would appreciate it more, but unfortunately that’s not the case. You don’t make a Halloween movie and not use Michael Myers, the same way you don’t make Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy Kruger.

  • Bloodwar

    What the fuck is this, it looks a load of crap!!!

  • moviewatcher

    I can remember accidentally seeing a few mins of this film on TV when I was a kid. My dad was downstairs working behind the bar, I was about 7 at the time. Flicked the channel and saw this bloody pumpkin mask rocking from side to side with this creepy “3 more day’s to Halloween” jingle music. I freaked, my dad thought I was getting murdered, I have never watched this movie since!! Creepy… (judder) 8/10 for complete 2 min of total terror shock value!!

  • LoneWolfx

    Alright but not great.

  • Remember Slithis?

    I loved this movie.But I don’t consider it a Halloween sequel.It’s more of a bizarre idea that had to use the Halloween name to cash in.Great plot and acting as well.If you like horror movies don’t pass this by.But there is no Micheal,Loomis,Or Laurie at all.Judge it as Season of The Witch leave the Halloween moniker out and you might enjoy it.

  • H2SororityProof

    I liked this film and it could have been much worse. Many people hate on this film, because Michael Myers isn’t around. Give this film a shot, it’s pretty decent. The ending is awfully memorable. :)

  • Bytor

    I was so pissed when I saw this as a kid. Was expecting to see Michael Meyers in action. What a let down. I give it a crap score for false advertizing.

  • thewolfmancometh

    In retrospect, this movie makes no goddamn sense at all with regards to the Michael Myers mythology. However, having John Carpenter interested in taking the “Halloween” series in another direction, this movie makes perfect sense. It’s campy, cheesy, and a lot of fun. Possibly my favorite sequel to the original film. More information here:


  • halloweensince78

    Love this movie!

  • cannibalsatemydinner

    Amazing movie and better then most of the series.The only true halloween movies are 1 2 and 3 let me explain.Michael dies in part 2.Part 3 was going to start a new trend of having a differnet type of halloween movie every year and create something of an anthology.I guess we have the fans to thank for that.Originality?No just bring back michael!!Halloween fans are the only fans that destroyed there own series.-_-

  • -Leatherface-

    Bad ass movie I just hate that it’s called Halloween III.

  • man_in_mask

    I don’t care that it doesn’t have Michael Myers. I hate this movie because it’s boring as hell, and the protagonist is some stupid alcoholic. I also hate that they keep playing Halloween on the TV, it just makes me wish I was watching it. I apologize if you like this movie.

  • Schwick

    The way I see it is this: Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a good movie. So what it doesn’t include Michael Myers. Season of the Witch is a bad ‘Halloween’ movie but a GREAT horror movie.

  • horrorking95

    All I can say is thank God Michael Myers came back! I don’t exactly understand why it’s part of the Halloween franchise but I’m not bothered that he’s not in it because I’ve obviously heard about all of this before. I watched it knowing it had nothing to do with Halloween and what I found was no 80′s horror masterpiece, but a camp nonscical but nevertheless entertaining horror film set at Halloween. I was under the impression that this film was about a crazy shop keeper who gave kids masks to kill them. What it’s actually about is a doctor investigating a mysterious town ruled by a mysterious factory-owner. The twist is completely ridiculous and weirdly predictable. The who finale is weird. Seriously, using stone henge to control the minds of kids? Who wrote this stuff! I was left saying “What the bloody hell!” by the end of it because it was just completely ridiculous. The chase scenes weren’t as tense as they thought they were and became monotonous and tiresome. However, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did for the most part! I also quite admired the ending and no one’s saying that the story wasn’t original! It was just downright ridiculous! If you want a fun, campy and sometimes slow 80′s horror film with a crazy, unbelievable plot and no Michael Myers, then Halloween III is especially for you!

  • Digideus

    Quite Simply a cornerstone of John Carpenters horror classics. To me, this was the way the Halloween movies should have gone. The endless returns of Michael Myers can only go so far, as has been proven by the terrible terrible returns over and over again.

    The plot to this one is pretty far fetched, blending ancient celtic history with Westworld like dystopia, made to tie into the US Halloween tradition and inject some new blood into the tired slasher flick format.

    The big reveal scene contains creepy crawlies and snakes aplenty. Its gruesome without gore which is a rare skill only held by few directors.

    Looking back at this, it hasnt aged that well, but it remains the most original “Halloween” movie of the lot, and one which sadly wasnt as popular with those wanting more Michael Myers… again!

    View this as a John Carpenter movie. Stylisticly, it fits right into his other horror masterpeices (Prince Of Darkness, The Fog & The Thing to name but 3)