A young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. She returns to her apartment where she is gruesomely murdered by a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the young American is trying to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences. She eventually discovers that the school is merely a front for a much more sinister organisation.

  • kaufmanfan


  • Savinis_bitch

    Awesome film, awesome soundtrack! A must havein your collection, nuff said!

  • Fishsticks

    hated it.

  • swampmonster666

    best horror movie!!!!

  • j34ngr4y

    OMG I f-ing love this movie!!! One of Argento’s best films the second in the three mother films and the best of the three!!! The acting is good and as usual the atmosphere is perfect the music is great and the gore is so Argento. SUSPIRIA is Argento at his horror best!!! I love this movie and recomend it to everyone…

  • SamuelRisenhoover

    It was pretty top notch. This and Inferno are the most psychadelic horror films I’ve ever seen. I havn’t seen many Argento films but I liked this one much better than Inferno, although both are excellent I found Suspiria to be a little more intense. j34ngr4y just so you know man, Suspiria is actually the first of the three mothers series by Argento. I believe it was 1976 or 1977. Inferno came out 1980. And though I wouldn’t doubt that Suspiria is the best of the three, I would like to know how you ended up being able to see La Terza Madre, the last of the trilogy, as it is not available for U.S. theatre goers to see until September of this year. Do you know where to get a bootleg? La Terza Madre is supposed to be brutal, I wouldn’t doubt if the final movie will not be my personal favorite.

  • wolves ate the king

    this movie has great expressionism. great soundtrack. great gore. great story.

  • Jacques

    Suspiria tries hard to be a mature children’s movie–along the same lines as Pan’s Labyrinth and Halloween–and it fails. The reason it fails may be due to its age, but I doubt it. In 1970 films like Alien created doom atmosphere in the most believable way with no cheese, and simply make this movie look like a student film by comparison. No, the reason it fails at being a children’s fairytale done wrong is because it tries so hard to be mature by creating suspense that it just creates boring, predictable, and sloppily executed.

    The movie opens with the first murder, and I simply cannot think of a more amateur, sloppy way for it to have taken place. It’s more reminiscent of a cheese parody than a horror movie. It actually had me chuckling. Once again, I can’t blame this on the era it was made because other movies in that same era nailed death scenes better than any modern movie could hope to do: the cheese is from poor ideas and poor film making. If this is Dario Argento at his best, what is his worst? An episode of Sesame Street? I’m worry, I can sometimes excuse an old movie of cheese, but I can’t get over the fact this was made after Alien. Dario Argento should have known better, and he could have done better, but he didn’t, thus I’m not going to look past the fact the murder scenes were so poorly done I couldn’t hold back laughing.

    As far as gore goes, there is so little I don’t even find it worth mentioning. So I won’t. Just know that most of the stab wounds don’t even show blood, and the blood that is in this film looks more like clown paint than plasma.

    But by far the biggest flaw of the film is the lack of any cohesive storytelling whatsoever. One scene will be an over-the-top (but not graphic or violent) murder scene, the next will be a ballerina scene that adds nothing to the movie, and the next will be some teachers talking about nothing that has anything to do with the movie. There is no order. At least 50 minutes of the runtime are completely pointless to the rest of the movie–and this is supposed to be scary? These scenes don’t build suspense or character, they just build boredom.

    In the end when all the mysteries are explained it was almost like a cute, trite, cliché slap in the face. The explanation for everything going on has been done so many times in horror movies I honestly would have liked the movie better if it cut off and ended right before explaining it all. I don’t understand how something that is supposed to be a “work of art” is as unoriginal or sloppily done as this. If this is a work of art, the entire film is nothing but a poorly drawn stick person drawn with bright colored Crayons.

    The only sole good thing I can say about this movie is that the soundtrack is great. That is all.

    I’ll never understand why so many people seem to think that if something is old, it has to be good, and if something is new it has to be bad. Also, especially with the horror crowd: if something is indie or foreign it is good, if it’s American it’s bad. This film the perfect example of why that thinking is wrong. Especially when the American, 1970′s Alien came out in the same era. There is no reason for Suspiria to be as bad as it is, and I cannot excuse its faults because it’s old.

    All I can say is what I said in the beginning: Dario Argento should have, could have, and probably does know better than he put into this movie.

  • thedescent08

    everyone who doesn’t like this is crazy.

  • JonnyRotten

    I didn’t hate this movie, but I do think it is VERY over rated. This is the only Argento movie I have ever seen. Since this is widely regarded as his best work I won’t bother to watch any more. It was hard to follow, the deaths scenes were stupid, and the score was over bareing. I also think that the end was a bit of a let down. I have seen a lot of movies from this era that are just as good if not better that don’t receive near the hype. It took me three tries to make it through the whole thing without falling asleep. Rent this one before you buy it.

  • Von

    Creepy atmosphere,Haunting music,subliminal visuals,Argento at his best.Though I still favor Phenomena more,this is by far one of the best horroro films I’ve ever seen.Watch it in the dark…It’s like being in someone elses nightmare.

  • omer135

    I enjoyed the movie more than the sequels, It had some scary atmosphere and great visuals. However, for Argento there is a little gore and it looks fake.

  • downward_spiral

    A very well made horor film from the 70s. I enjoyed it vey much and also the psychedelic feel to some of the scenes.

  • gorehound62

    sorry, but i just don’t get it.

  • killerkong56

    This is a crazy cool movie. This is the perfect, “Keep Your Mouth Shut” movie cuz if you don’t they’ll come to get you! HAHA! Me and my brother loved every minute of it. That is one tacky house! The ending was so tense.

  • johnny darkness

    i don’t like horror movies just for violence, i usually need them to be intelligent, or if not, so crappy and over the top that they’re funny. i think this is the best horror movie ever made. the visuals and color schemes and camera work were hallucinatory, and drew me in completely. me and my wife were so into it we watched it again the next day… AND the day after that!

  • Protecious

    One thing that stood out in this film to me that i really truly loved and found interested was the eerie score/sounds to this film, i cant remember the last time a film score had so much eerie energy in its sounds, the atmospheric look and sounds of this film make this film great alone, i found the mystery to be good, but not great, overall a great watch and classic horror film. it’s not something i would watch a million times but when you see it just once, it does stick in your memory.

  • IWRS

    This is without a doubt, my favorite horror film. It was this film that truly turned me on to the genre, and grabbed me and showed me there is more than your average Friday/Halloween/Nightmare films.

    Right off the bat, you are introduced to what I believe is the core of the film, the score. Goblin does a fantastic job of creating very dreamlike at times and utterly disturbing sounds for this movie.

    The story is great, but might seem of a slight bore to viewers not turned on to this style/genre, as there are not dragged out moments between violent/gore scenes, but more like a lot of story telling. The opening sequence death scenes are like nothing I have seen before, truly disturbing with large yet subtle gore, if you can understand that. And if you are a film watcher who is turned off by gore that you can shake a stick at because it doesnt look ‘truly real’, than you should truly not be interested in this age of the horror genre to begin with.

    The colors are very vibrant, going from strong greens in one shot and instantly changing to colorful reds in the next immediate scene. This may be the most beautifully shot horror movie in existence.

    As for the story, it is the beginning to what would later become a 3 part series. The story is about the three most powerful witches in the world, The Three Mothers. This is one of the encounters, involving a young ballot student who is slowly unraveling the truth behind who is running the ballot school she is attending.

    If you havent seen this film, there is no other film that you may already enjoy that might turn you on to this. Suspiria is its own style and strays away from any other horror film, as it is a true masterpiece by whom I believe is one of the greatest horror writer/directors of all time, Dario Argento.

  • Slaser Maniac

    I think the worst out of the Three Mothers Trilogy. Its not the worst Movie. Its a good movie that should be watched. Filled with vicious murders. Watch this one first before you watch the other sequels. Watch it.

  • goooore

    Seriously, the glass scene: freaking awesome. This movie was soooooooo eerie. the music, the visuals, it’s just so creepy. only thing keeping me from giving it a 10/10 is the cheap-looking gore on a couple of parts (i know it’s the 70′s, but the rest of it actually looked good!) 9/10

  • randomrick

    def the best of the trilogy and argentos masterpiece a great spooky creepy ass movie loved it!

  • sixxchik

    seriously this movie is one of the films which has inspired me to go into the horror movie buisiness as a director, the colors in this movie are beautiful, the score is haunting, and its actually still really scarey. I love this movie I give it two thumbs up and a 10/10 rating :D

  • Makkil

    i… i don’t know what to say… this movie was wierd as hell, and it made my brain go apeshit!! but still it was a good artsy movie, but i liked Argento’s The Wax Mask better…

  • Makkil

    i… i don’t know what to say… this movie was wierd as hell, and it made my brain go apeshit!! but still it was a good artsy movie, but i liked Argento’s The Wax Mask better…

  • DogCarcass

    This is some of Argento’s best work.
    His phenomenal direction is truly on display.
    The double-kill murder sequence through the stained glass window is one of the best murders in the history of film.
    The film has a truly unsettling atmosphere..which, coupled with Goblin’s INCREDIBLE score (one of my favorites scores in a horror movie ever, creates one of my favorite horror films of all time.

  • Steanu

    GREAT MOVIE! This is what made me like Argento’s movies! Its scary, and suspenseful. Very well made. The music by the Goblins is what made this movie eerie and awesome! SEE IT! :D

  • Dead_Scream

    Loved it. Such a strange movie, though…

  • Googopqp

    This movie is great, although being alittle out dated, and it has a great score and the colors are magnificient. This movie also has one of the greatest opening kills, in my opinion, of all time. This is a classic that has not once been redone or recreated, the colors look magnificient and work so perfectly its crazy. Watch this movie and try not to compare it to the new crap and say it’s cheezy, because it’s most definitely not. 9/10!

  • streetcleaner

    A stylistic masterwork of the horror genre. This film’s reputation is well deserved!

  • OutOfPrint111

    A masterpiece of Dario Argento horror! Excellent!

  • pradakirb

    Possibly one of the best horror movies I have ever seen! Full of the 70′s hue and touch and an elaborate supernatural storyline, Suspiria is an instant classic. It also features some very dark and disturbing deaths that makes SAW look like some mediocre Crime Drama and are very ahead of its time. Suspiria is a must see for horror fans everywhere!

  • supafox

    I can’t help but think that this film is completely over-hyped and that people just decide to ignore all of its obvious flaws. I’ve been a fan or horror films my entire life. I’ve seen almost all the classics and even a lot of the bad ones. For some reason I had never seen this, but I had heard of it. So I finally rented it and was excited to see it had good ratings on here, and on rotten tomatoes. What the hell are these people thinking?

    Yes, it’s an old movie, I get that. But that does not excuse the movie’s horrible acting, ridiculously bad score (it’s all noise and just tries to be creepy and uncomfortable…and fails…not to mention its terribly monotonous). I spent most of the time laughing at this movie. I think it is completely over-rated much like the original Texas Chainsaw. For its time, I’m sure it shocked audiences. I could see how it could be scary, but this movie doesn’t do it for me. Possibly a remake could make it work. The death scenes weren’t bad, but they weren’t spectacular. Maybe if I saw this in the 70′s or while under the influence, I would be freaked out, but I just wasn’t.

    I just see this as over-hyped…sorry. I was extremely disappointed.

  • herbert west austin

    you’re a fucking dumbass supafox. go listen to Hoobastank. This movie is great.

  • spacedog

    Well yeah there are obvious flaws but that does not make this film any less amazing. Truly one the most beautiful looking films I have ever seen! I do have to say that you must let yourself go and just drown in the colors of Argento in this his BEST work!

  • nelmes69

    After reading the scandalous news that they are going to remake this, I felt I just had to watch Argento’s magnum opus again before it is raped by Hollywood. This has to be in my top ten of horror films. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The visual imagery is breathe taking and the way Argento uses bright lurid Technicolor is without comparison in the history of film. Suspense and tension is fever pitch. Added to this are some gruesome and shocking murders. The double murder sequence in particular is one of the bloodiest and wouldn’t be out of place in a modern gorno. The whole feel and setting of the film is a nightmare come to life. All accompanied by a truly haunting soundtrack by Goblin. This film is a classic masterpiece.

  • YoungHorror

    This movie is a visual feast(and Jessica Harper is true eyecandy herself). It was shot very well, and the vibrant colors made it look like something that nobody could even imagine before watching the film. And I wouldn’t consider this horror, but more of a who-done-it thriller. It’s usually classified as Giallo, mainly because it’s Argento, but there isn’t too much gore. Still a very well done movie; I loved it.

  • xln10

    Not as great as I thought but still good.

  • everything_is_illuminated

    I have to say that this movie and the original Black Christmas (a brilliant horror film) really REALLY gave me the chills… and this is a funny thing, because I’ve never get scared that much with a movie.

    Suspiria is brilliant for me, because it scared me. I watched it for the first time, unaware of critics and previous reviews. Not even The Exorcist scared me that much. Much of my friends and some good fellas right here didn’t get scare of Fantasies and prefer cold and raw films to get scare, but I have to say that Suspiria is a film of what nightmares are made (the screechy colored photography, the soundtrack-the MAIN THING that works) and I have to say too that the cinematography is at first look “beautiful”, all the Escher-esque structures that seems barely menacing.

    For the storyline and plot development, it’s well know that it plays on a second base, to the point of considerate the film “so coarse” (I understand it, but I don’t share it) and that the acting isn’t excellent and is largely irrelevant (the dancers are supposed to be little children, anywhere). Argento focuses more on the details, typical of the mystery thrillers, so he focuses on these details more than the rest of the narrative (the sighs, the footsteps…).

    And of course the witchcraft theme in the same style of the movie was been imaginative treated in the great Polanski’s opus “Rosemary’s Baby” (and more of one could find this movie really similar in many points to that one). But all these elements are together in this spooky-combo, and could be liked or be hated. But I do consider this movie that great, and I recognize the artistic merits and good direction of the movie that saves the full package.


  • maxpower212

    The colors are pretty, although they sort of remind me that I’m watching a movie. Nonsensical and almost nonexistent plot, acting and dubbing were laughable. There were a few moments of genuine suspense, but the slow shots really dragged. The repetition of the same three tracks (the “score”) grated my nerves, which is probably what they were supposed to do. I tried hard to like this one, but ultimately it was a letdown.

  • josh’snewnightmare

    A great film, a true classic in the horror genre.

  • Slasher17

    This movie is total crap! I wanted to see this because of all the positive reviews about it, and I was really disappointed!Acting sucks,music(or should I say “noise”)sucks, this movie is just bad.The only good thing I found about this film is the first kill!I don’t even think I want to watch more of Dario Argento’s movies. The only good movie he made is “Demons”.

  • The Spook

    Extremely dissapointing! I have no problems with old movies, and it had artsy moments, but that is not a excuse for bad acting and overall a not great horror filck! Watch The Bird With the Crystal Plumbage or The Stendahl syndrome, i think they are some of the best argento films!

  • xXFacelessXx

    This was a movie that surprised the hell out of me. Grant it, it was made in 1977, I figured it wasn’t going to be “top” quality. The mouths moving when the actors talked almost seemed dubbed over to me and I had no idea if they were speaking german or not and come to find out that’s just the 70′s quality of it. The acting was a little down and it made my brother laugh a little sometimes (me, I did it on the inside), but the rest…it really was a shocker. The horror this movie produced was unique and was very likeable since it was produced from the enviorment and the nice composition of music that played throughout. The ending shocked the hell out of me, since I had no idea any of that was going to happen along with the kills, done in the 70′s cheesy way, but the deaths were so awesome! What made it even creepier was that while these people were being killed, the enviorment around them gave a positive feel and was brightly colored. The lighting was outstanding, the build up and climaxes were satisfying. This is a wonderful movie and I’m glad I own it in my collection. It’ll be watched many times this month.

  • tromafan26

    Classic Argento!

  • Ghosts n Stuff

    One of the creepiest Argento films along with Deep Red. Suspiria is a film that is very visually disturbing. The contrasting colours and shapes that are often in long empty hallways or large isolated rooms, seem like optical illusions that challenge your emotions on the film when you are to see bright red blood spill all over it.

    The brutal, deaths combined with the disturbing noises (and awesome creepy soundtrack by The Goblins) make this one of the best horror films from the 70′s. This is no slasher movie, this movie is terrifying in almost all aspects and Dario is a master of that.

  • CountOrlok

    Very interesting, unique film. I love the colours, the style and freak-out musical sequences. The lead girl is very cute and innocent-looking. The murder sequence at the beginning was extremely well done. May seem a little cheesy at times (the fake bat, lol), but this is deserving to be a horror classic.

  • dinny

    Such a great movie! It’s very unique, colorful, and creepy. Like CountOrlok said, it may seem a little cheesy at times but what classic film doesn’t have those moments?

  • horrorking95

    I really can not see how people can like this film! I really don’t know where to begin because, aside from the first kill, everything was terrible beyond belief!
    The first kill was very creative and so I thought, “well, this might be quite good” but after that. It got terribley bad. The music for one was unbelievably crap! It played almost all the way through, so loud that you couldn’t hear what the people were saying! The music was terrible enough to set off any migraine attack and I actually got a headache at the end of it.

    The actors were prbably the worst bunch I’ve ever seen! Making every moment that much more unbelievable and laughable. I really couldn’t take it seriously due to the terrible acting. I noticed this with Phenomena as well. Why can’t this director get some decent actors!

    The plot was quite interesting. But it was cheesey. From the fake bat to the bright red blood. EVERYTHING was fake!

    Although the last 12mins were actually an improvement to the first 92, you have to sit through 92mins of pure crap to get there! The film is very slow and most scenes were quite boring. But by all means watch this film! It seems to me that everybody loves it. But to me this is not a “masterpiece” or Dario Argento’s best. It is a noisy, trashy and crappy poor excuse of a horror film.

  • horrorfreak888

    good movie i loved the soundtrack

  • Rambo Lunchbox

    The epitome of classic, cheesy Argento horror. A strange film in the sense that I’ve seen it about three times now, and while some moments stand out in my mind as clear as day, there are other parts that I don’t remember at all…
    A good film, but I think I perfer Opera and Tenebre to his Three Mothers Trilogy…
    Overall, a fun movie to pop in every once in a while, as long as you know what to expect in terms of Argento’s style.
    I can see why people just discovering it now would be underwhelmed… it’s just a specific taste that needs to grow on you.

  • horrorgeek89

    awesome with elaborate colors. like an acid trip without acid. really unique deaths

  • The Best Friend

    Argento’s masterpiece- a whirlwind of sound and color that leaves you in awe throughout. The entire film is best described as ethereal. Although the plot is simplistic, it carries the film well and allows the focus to remain on the visuals and audio.

  • immortaldeath

    An amazing piece of art. Like I said in my interview Argetno movies seem like a very real nightmare. Its a very visual unique movie. The atmosphere is great and the score fits perfect. Cant go wrong with this one.

  • soul666taker

    Classic piece of work.

  • STRIK9

    Great story,and the color visuals are awesome.Too bad Argento could never shoot another film like this ever again.

  • horrorbuff28

    Not a complete horror masterpiece like most horror fans says it is but nevertheless, a creepy, atmosheric, bloody horror film. A bit dragged out at parts but never really boring. It had my attention almost the whole time, especially after the first kill. The score was so creepy and amazing and the cinematography was excellent. And some of the shots were genius. All In All, Suspiria is a creepy and atmosheric horror film. I recommend it.

  • Captain Pissgums

    A stylish, classic. Argento sets a haunting mood via expert camerawork and the music of Goblin. In fact Goblin’s soundtrack greatly enhances the film. Very bloody, too. Worth your time.

  • oekvaınl

    best of horror movie

  • !!rogue!!

    Suspiria is very odd. I’m sorry but I dpn’t see how this is a classic film. Sure it’s strange, has some scary monets and is very unique but I didn’t think it was up there with the greatest horror films of all time. It’s got a cool style and a very cool opening scene, but I think it is very over-rated.

  • rusted31

    Certainly a one of a kind type of movie. Love everything in this movie. The camera work is solid, the atmosphere is creepy, the violence shocking and brutal but the two most impressive elements is Goblins fantastic score and the colours. Yep, the colours. Never before have I seen a movie that uses colour so vividly. It really adds a whole different dimension to the film.Red, green and blue have never been so menacing. The score also is perfect. Really creates the right mood all throughout. The pace is a little slow to begin with but as the film progresses it picks up and leads to a great climax. Easy to see why this film is hailed a classic. Great stuff.

  • cannibalgirl


  • chewbaccawakka

    Creepy and brilliant Dario Argento film

  • stutts59

    I dont think there was anything in this movie more terrifying than the last twelve minutes.I thought the ending was the only good thing about it other than the first kill.CREEPY ENDING,BORING THE REST OF THE WAY.

  • Hengst2404

    From an artistic standpoint, Suspiria is a masterpiece. A blending of music, sound effects, voices and colored lighting, interspersed with odd and captivating camera angles. From a horror movie standpoint, more of a “meh”

    Having read about and heard about this film for so long, perhaps I was already set up to be disappointed, as what i saw was not really a top ten horror film of all time for me. I can certainly appreciate what it had to offer however, solid visuals and some bloody kill scenes.

    The acting was decent and seeing a young Udo Kier in a small part was certainly a trip. The actors, particularly the employees of the dance academy were suitably creepy and certainly helped lend that odd edge to the film.

    Some of my gripes include, but are not limited to strange and overlong death scenes. The blind man scene went on for days and I seriously laughed when I saw how it played out. I also found Suzy’s roommate to be largely annoying and her performance was a tad overdone.

    Ultimately, I felt that the overall atmosphere, combined with some awesome death scenes certainly makes Suspiria worth a viewing, but calling it a classic or trying to imply that it is one of the best horror films ever made was a bit too much in my opinion.

  • murdermakesmecum

    PLEASE REMAKE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY!!! an excellent example of people saying that a movie is great, just because of who made it. it’s shot pretty well, i liked the panning at times, the use of color was brilliant. that’s ALL of the good. the bad is EVERYTHING else. the acting is atrocious. the only person who is believable is the big burly bitch shouting out orders to everyone. all she was missing was an SS pin. the plot is just boring. the only good death scene is the one in the beginning, the rest are total bullshit. i mean seriously, who the fuck keeps a thousand feet of what, razor wire?, just laying around. stupid. and the dude who gets eaten by his own dog, could it be the fakest dog mouth in cinema history? it is. there is really no build up to anything. i mean the ending is a waste of time, nothing happens. thats it, it’s just over. and i couldn’t end this review with out talking about the over hyped soundtrack. fuckin christ, it was extremely annoying. how the fuck is an asshole, who must be learning to play a synthesizer, even remotely scary, or thrilling or whatever? i waited a while to see this flick, and it was a total waste of my time.

  • Remember Slithis?

    A slow burn with a very good ending.Brilliant use of color and sound.Acting is OK.Style is amazing.Story could’ve been better but for the era I can see why people love this film.I like it but I didn’t love it.Worth watching.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    “Suspiria” is the kind of film that, on first viewing, deceived me. The apparent “brilliance” slipped right past me, and I was having a hard time understanding why people loved this thing so much. Maybe it was my state of mind and my overall mood, at the time that I first watched “Suspiria”, which affected my views on it. I’m willing to give horror films- acclaimed horror films- another chance whether I liked them or not. I remember how my views shifted when it came to “Deep Red”. The same thing essentially happened here, but…just not in the same way as “Deep Red”.

    “Suspiria” is horror filmmaking at its best. Perhaps it was my ability to go behind the scenes, discover, and bring back new info that led to my eventual admiration for this film. I looked into it some more, watched it again, and just like that; I loved it. “Suspiria” is one of Dario Argento’s finest; next to “Deep Red”, which it should not be compared (or particularly inferior) to. “Suspiria” is more supernatural than “giallo”, and more provoking and scary than silly. It requires some decency in the way of patience, and for those who enjoy artistic horror, it’s a real treat.

    I admire the story elements here. The film opens with a ballet student arriving in the town of her destination; eager to arrive at her new school. She is forced to stay in town when she cannot gain access into the building, but not before she sees somebody run out of the area; scared, frightened, muttering strange and unrecognizable words of jibber-jabber. Sure enough, we witness this same woman get murdered by an unseen human being.

    The heroine, Suzy (Jessica Harper), is determined to get started when she finally is let into the school/academy. She soon meets her teachers, the students, and gets familiar with her new surroundings. She makes one friend. Life goes on as planned; she goes to class, dances the ballet, and awaits the day when she makes her way to stardom.

    However, strange things begin to occur. There is whispering and footsteps heard in the night. The blind piano teacher’s doggie is going berserk. The cooks are looking at Suzie with suspicious eyes. And then comes the “big twist”, which is to be honest, more fun to just embrace than to take completely seriously. The film ends with the same text from “Deep Red”; stating “you have been watching “Suspiria”.” In a moment like this, you realize you have watched an inspirationally good horror film.

    Dario Argento can be a brilliant filmmaker when he wants to be one. He has tried before, kind of slacked more than his share of times, and then…he’s just failed. “Suspiria” is a triumph for the director because it is a clear demonstration of his talents. The story-telling is simplistic, but fun. However, it’s not that which makes “Suspiria” so special and unforgettable.

    I’m talking about the atmosphere, people. That is something you should take into account. Well then again, how could you not? The atmosphere is absolutely evident here; creepy, scary, and ominous all at the same time. Here is a film that scares not out of themes or concepts; but out of gore and mastery of its atmosphere. Argento also makes sure that the original score, courtesy of Goblin, makes us feel the fear. The score is truly one of the best for this genre; and it creeps me the hell out. And it’s also quite brilliant.

    But what I love most about “Suspiria” is the look. No matter what you may say; what you may do, to deny it…”Suspiria” is a visual landmark in horror filmmaking. The lighting is just gorgeous; adding to the mood and atmosphere of this chilling horror flick. As if that weren’t enough, the film also cares about how well it’s shot, and well shot it is. The colors are fun to look at, the blood feels like a nice blend of “artistic” and “gruesome”, and I really couldn’t enjoy “Suspiria” more. It does its job. It does more than its job, actually. It does more than we ask of it, and while this may not be completely necessary, I see “Suspiria” for what it is, and that is: one of the finest horror films of all time.

  • NightStalkersEve

    I’ve never seen this one, please say the trailer does an injustice to the movie…because if the trailer is an accurate indication, it looks like your typical over the top late 70s/early 80s shock-flick.

  • ArtyomDnB

    This movie is in my top 2 favourtie horror films, and was number one until it got replaced but this movie was awesome.

    I remember the first time i watched it. I purchased it online and when it came in the mail me and my brother sat down with all the lights off and pressed play. First thing i noticed that really got me interested and scared was the music. It was all hypnotic to me which really threw my head into the depths.

    Then as the movie pushed forward the solid colours of Green, Red, Purple, Blue all kinds really lit up my eyes and mind trapping me further into this twisted story.

    It was creepy, had a good story and soundtrack. This movie is definetly cheesy not a days but if you understand that it was made in 1977 then it shouldn’t bother you. This is a great movie to watch with avid horror fans but not with the occasional watcher. I loved it and it won’t be a bad watch.

  • Bubbleman

    Love this movie,it’s one of the most beautifully shot movies i’ve ever seen and very colorful as well. Also the film also has great acting, Jessica Harper definitely did a good job, this is one of my favorite horror films and shouldn’t be missed.

  • zuggernaught

    Fucking love this loud, colourful, demented ride about witches!! a lot of people love it, some hate it, but you can’t argue that Argento left it all on the line and created a vision unique to his own.
    You just gotta get over the bad dubbing in this and any Italian movie in general.

  • Panagiotis Loumiotis

    One of the best horror movies ive ever seen! The story about the witches the mystery and the scenes were amazing! The score is more than amazing! it really gets you! the best score after the one from THE DAY OF THE DEAD! A must watch movie! dont understand people who doesnt like it! They just didnt feel it…..