Mother's Day

release date August 31 1980
studio Troma
director Charles Kaufman
writer Charles Kaufman
starring Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce
tagline If you go down to the woods today.
trailer 1 Trailer #1


Three women who were friends in college get together for a ten year reunion and decide to go camping in the woods. Unknown to them, two boys and their mother who happen to live in those very same woods, like to abduct people, who happen to wander in their neck of the woods, and torture them, just like they see on TV!

Official Review

mothersday Mothers DayMother’s Day is a cult classic from the legendary New York film company Troma. If you’re not a Troma fan, don’t immediately leave this review page! Because Mother’s Day is something quite different than what you might expect from a Troma film and what exactly makes this film so special, I will explain in this review, but – as usual – first of all: the story. …Read More

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