From Beyond


Scientists create a resonator to stimulate the pineal gland (sixth sense), and open up a door to a parallel (and hostile) universe.

  • Savinis_bitch

    haha….weird film. I watched this years ago, i don’t own it. It’s pretty silly really. But i remembered i enjoyed it.

  • cwatts

    “Ate him… bit off his head like… a gingerbread man!!!”–

    Remember back in the days of the 80s, a time when the only way to battle transdimensional monsters was with glasses like concrete slabs, nostrils the size of the Grand Canyon and a roll neck grey jumper? H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond has all this and more, as a slice of watchable schlock horror garbage schlops onto the screen with all the panache and finesse of a stillborn calf. That said; this camp nonsense still has a better script and dialogue than 70% of movies out there, which is a telling indictment on modern cinema. As a film, it’s junk, no doubt about that, but while it may end with a Freddy-lite alien hybrid laughing manically, the notion of such a film giving vague lip service to schizophrenic research and pineal glands is applaudable in its own small way.

    Ken Foree enters the screen as the one possible saving grace, but when he’s playing “Bubba”, an all-laughing, all wise-cracking, all-eating stereotype, there’s really little left to say. Naturally, being a black man getting in the way of tryst between a white couple, he’s the first to get wiped in this horror tale. Star of the show is clearly Jeffrey Combs, looking for all the world like the illegitimate offspring of Antony Perkins and Bruce Campbell, chopping things with relish and devouring lines like the title quote whole.

    Silver-haired octogenarians bare their buttocks while showing off grey chest rugs, and shoulder pads get hit by layers of lacquered, ten-foot thick hair. It’s an odd, knowing film, producing its moments of camp self-reflexiveness with enough restraint not to distract. An unusual in-joke is a comedy fat neighbour calling after her dog, “Bunny”… which is the actress’s own real-life name. Special effects (at least until the last ten minutes) actually hold up surprisingly well, much more so than the sound editing (how many times did Barbara Crampton have to redub her lines anyway?) and the impossible to believe incidental music by Jack Smalley/Christopher Stone.

    Watched with hindsight, From Beyond is far less gory than it seemed at the time, Stuart Gordon having a decent hand on the direction and operating on a “leave it to the imagination” principle. Sadly, while it would be easy to enjoy From Beyond as throwaway horror from another time, what taints it is a deeply unpleasant scene where Crampton’s character is molested by the creature that is the centrepiece of the story, her breasts exposed to the camera and forcibly groped, the creature growing extra-long fingers and moving its hand below camera with the implication that she’s being penetratively fondled. 80s movies always were a nadir of morality in the horror genre, and its unfortunate that with implied rape being served up as titillation, From Beyond abandons all right to any kind of retrospective critical charity.

  • psych0fred

    Easily a classic Lovecraft/Gordon/Yuzna film that ranks up there with the original Re-animator. I wish I could say that about almost every other Lovecraft film. It’s more than a bit dated now, just as Re-animator is, but definitely one of my favorite Jeffrey Combs performances.

  • Darkstorn

    This is from the same people (and cast, basically) who gave us the phenomenal Re-Animator. While it’s not as good a film, it has some sweet creature and disgusting creature work, and a great plot adapted from Lovecraft’s short story, ‘From Beyond.’ I highly recommend it to anyone who even remotely liked Re-Animator and its sequels.

  • downward_spiral

    Awesome movie. I love how there were so many weird creatures and I loved the plot and story to this. The best H.P. Lovecraft movie out I think well this and Dagon.

  • gorehound62

    what a cool movie!! it wont makes sense to you, but who cares. another fantastic entry in stuart gordons hp lovecraft films. jeffrey combs, as always, is great. ken foree is good in a small role. pretty good effects.

  • foghorne

    this movie didnt age well. skip it.

  • Scurgar

    Don’t skip it. If you love Re-animator or enjoy a healthy dose of black comedy with your horror, watch this film. A true classic.

  • Skratchy

    Freaking sweet movie. Too bad the crew didn’t really go on to do more movies together.

    Cool creature effects, plus you get to see Barbara Crampton’s boobs. Wait… what movie do you NOT see her boobs in?

    Anywho, Jeffrey Combs puts on one hell of a performance. How this guy didn’t become an A lister is beyond me. Check out his monologue when he’s in the padded cell.

  • Gorefetishmonkey

    I loved this movie. It was an amazing H.P. Lovecraft adaption. Stuart Gordon did a great job in making this film

  • brenda24

    I love this movie, especially Jeffery Combs. He is definently one of my favorite horror actors. This movie had a plentiful mix of quirky 80′s humor, crazy creatures from the beyond, and good old fashioned brain sucking! Absolutley loved it!

  • Mayhem

    For fans of Suart Gordon, this sits right alongside Re-Animator. Jeffery Combs is always a blast, Barbara Crampton is oh so yummy & Ken Foree is welcome anytime! Cool drippy, creepy-crawly fx, good times!

  • derpdederp101

    From Beyond- 1986

    Good Parts- good plot, good acting, great gore effects, creepy setting, creative monsters/creatures

    Bad Parts- drags on a little, a little too crazy at times

    Overall an entertaining scifi/horror movie that most horror fans will enjoy

  • Quint’s Machete

    Great 80′s gem!!! Saw it for the first time when I caught it on late-night t.v. many years ago. Proud to own the dvd. Fans of Lovecraft will not be disappointed. Very underrated film IMO. “It bit off his head, like a gingerbread man”—–From Beyond.

  • goregoregirrrrl

    Pumped with fantastic make-up effects and flashy red and pink 80′s lighting, From Beyond (1986) would not disappoint the writer of the original story, H.P. Lovecraft, and his readers. This film starts off in the laboratory of Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) and Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel). Dr. Tillinghast is working with some extremely large and seemingly outdated equipment. That’s actually how large the original computers looked (not really). After Crawford toys with some of the many levers, knozzles, and switches, the camera pans to the middle of the room, where we see a tall, metal contraption with a globe at the top. It looked like one of those Balls O’ Electricity that they sell at the mall. When this machine is turned on, a whole world, or should I say “a whole second world”, of hell is unleashed. Dr. Pretorius, who was eaten by the creature from the “beyond,” comes back to pay Tillinghast and his psychologist, Dr. McMichaels (Barbara Crampton), and “Bubba” (Ken Foree), an unfortunate visit when Tillinghast engages the machinary for a second time and everything goes horribly wrong. After being exposed to the beyond, Tillinghast slowly begins to morph into a creature himself, eating the brains of many unfortunate victims.

    Taken from my blog:

  • ThingFreak82

    Awesome 80′s must see!! Buy it….today!

  • Captain Pissgums

    I’m afraid “From Beyond” is nearly forgotten and that’s too damn bad. This movie tops “Re-Animator” in my opinion…and it’s seriously FUCKED UP. Stuart Gordon goes crazy with this one. Has a few familiar faces in the acting department. Watch it. Five skulls

  • ParanoidAndy

    This obscure b-movie is kind of fun. There are some cool creatures and a good amount of gore. It gets weird, but in a good way. Worth watching. Starring Jeffrey Combs from Re-animator fame. And it’s lso based on a Lovecraft story.

  • supafox

    Watch this for the first time tonight and I can’t believe I missed it. Such a great B-movie! :)

  • Morthalius

    One of the better lovecraft adaptations out there. It’s a pretty fun movie overall.

  • Midnitekrawlr

    A total mind-f**k! This flick gets a bloody thumbz up!

  • Hammer Smashed Face

    Oh that crazy Pineal gland! Combs is perfect for this 80′s horror, and the fun humor and old-school effects just add to his performance. What a great double-feature pack this and Re-animator would make to sell in vid stores. A couple of the effects scenes will be very outdated to some, but it is also a quarter of a century old! The old-school gore effect stuff is great–sure miss that in most movies nowdays. This is as much of a must-see for horror fans as Re-animator is.

  • !!rogue!!

    From beyond. Well, it lives up to it’s title. What a weird film. But its got great 80′s effects and a fun, strange story. It does tend to drag on in times but it’s worth seeing for the effects and Ken Foree’s acting.

  • Rockstarport

    From Beyond

    *May Contain Peanuts & Spoilers*

    After director Stuart Gordon made the cult hit “The Re-Animator” he reteamed with actor Jeffrey Combs for another movie based an H.P. Lovecraft story called “From Beyond”. This sci-fi horror film is right up there with “Re-Animator”. This movie is creepy weird and fun to watch.

    Combs plays physicist Crawford Tillinghast who along with Dr. Edward Pretorius create a machine called the Resonator. When turned on it creates a distinct frequency that stimulates the Pineal gland in the brain, allowing a person to see an alternate dimension of reality. It’s explained as a kind of sixth sense. What they see and experience is not all that pleasant as Dr. Pretorius is consumed by the machine and presumed dead. Crawford is hauled of the looney bin only to be released into the custody of psychologist Dr. Katherine McMichales.

    Back at the lab which is located at 666 Benevolent St. Crawford shows off the Resonator to Katherine who becomes obsessed with it. When the Resonator is turned on they are introduced to the new Dr. Pretorius, he is hideously mutated and completely insane. His pineal gland juts out from his forehead like an antenna. The special effects are pretty dated and the creature makeup is pretty well done, but campy at times. The overall story is quite bizarre, but still engaging and entertaining. For comic relief we have Bubba Brownlee, and ex football player turned cop, played wonderfully by Ken Foree. Our three protagonists fight for survival against the Resonator and the evil Dr. Pretorius. This movie is a quick 86 minutes, just enough to keep the story moving at decent pace.

    “From Beyond” is available through Netflix Instant Streaming video.

  • Capsulesn’Coffee

    Classic Gordon; Grotesque,over the top in spots, full of black humor..and featuring Jeffery Combs of course. The f/x were terrific and the film was unique and entertaining, if a little uneven at times.

  • thelurkingfear

    :) that is all

  • TheGonzoJoint

    If there’s one reason to know the name of Stuart Gordon, it’s because of his early masterwork of trash “Re-Animator”. If there’s anything you’ll know the writer H.P. Lovecraft from, it’s his classic short story “The Call of Cthulhu”. These two brilliant minds met once in 1985 with the already-said film; “Re-Animator”. Now, they have met once again in “From Beyond”; a quality piece of trash from director Gordon, who remains as lovably sleazy and exploitative as ever.

    But I suppose there’s a charm and a style to his methods of direction; there are the slobs who work with sleaze and then there are the artists (who also, from time-to-time work with sleaze). I’d say Gordon comes close to the second category than the first; there’s an undeniable artistry to his every intent as a filmmaker, and I admire his career. His job is to disgust through special effects; he creates slime, blood, gore, and “other things”. I need not mention his every creation. Let’s just say that it’s a surprise; and Gordon’s artistic vision is an ambitious (and thoroughly engaging) one. If you know what to expect from the director, well, then there isn’t much more to say about this film.

    I think the reason behind Gordon’s success in both “Re-Animator” and “From Beyond” is his connection and general understanding of Lovecraft’s wild imagination; which often ran amuck with crazy ideas, but never strayed into the kind of camp and absurdity that Gordon – the adaptor of the author’s great macabre tales – aims to present. “From Beyond” blends science fiction with horror; eventually attempting to bring a little bit of drama into the mix, but emerging the kind of film that it intended to be all along even if that last element doesn’t necessarily work out for the better. But then again, in a horror movie, the drama seldom tends to work all that well; so we stop expecting it. But it’s always a welcome surprise when a filmmaker does attempt to tackle such venues and emerges victorious.

    You’ve got a pretty simple-minded yet ambitious story at hand; that of scientist-turned-schizophrenic Dr. Crawford (Jeffrey Combs) who has invented a machine which he referred to as The Resonator. This fine work of art allowed Crawford and a business partner to experience pleasure beyond that of our own world; in fact, the machine itself was made to open a whole other dimension and unleash its contents onto our own world. Crawford’s partner is power-hungry and things get out of hand fast; Crawford kills his friend to prevent the madness that would have quickly ensued if he had not made the difficult decision, and he gives himself up to the police who are waiting outside (an annoyed neighbor, who heard the sounds and saw the lights that came from Crawford’s house had called the officers).

    He now moves to a psychiatric ward; where he seems more crazy, but still potentially brilliant. One day, he is visited by Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton), who takes him in as her patient after disapproving of the way that Crawford’s current doctors are treating him. She attempts to gain access to the mind of her new friend and patient; eventually persuading him to accompany her and a friend (Ken Foree) to the house where The Resonator still stands, unattended. But, as it would seem; the old work partner has indeed left OUR world, but still exists in another. He is no longer human; and he will manifest himself whenever the machine is turned on during the initial stay of these three central protagonists. And they’ll turn The Resonator on a lot; out of curiosity, hoping to discover something new each time. And oh, they will.

    Man, oh man; is this movie gross. It’s a rather outstanding exercise in bad taste; it does not attempt to redeem itself thematically or even through its own ambitions; which are often quite broad in nature. Gordon cares more about the exploitation of his subjects, and for once I can respect that; he makes use of a lot of complex and visually stunning special effects to tell his story in a different way than the traditional style. If we’re talking about the plot of “From Beyond”; it’s a very average movie, but if we’re talking about the experience, then suddenly, it’s pretty damn sensational. I enjoyed the film; it was lovably disgusting, and endlessly endearing at that. I appreciate what Gordon has going here, and somehow he transforms an almost irredeemably messy movie into something that can pass as solid escapist entertainment.

    If you can get past the “gross” factor that comes with “From Beyond”, then you might just get lost in it enough to appreciate it. I can’t say it’s anything great – but it’s one of the director’s best films in the sense that it almost entirely embraces his art, which was to create something disgusting, repulsive, tasteless, yet discreetly pleasurable. Not everyone call this kind of film – well-made or not – entertaining, but I’m forgiving as well as understanding. I imagine that a good number of people who see the film will be less forgiving, but what’s life without divisive opinions, am I right? “From Beyond” is the kind of film that wants you to react; and it wants to laugh at how you go about doing so. I think that, in itself, is a kind of weird beauty.