Silent Night, Deadly Night


After his parents are murdered, a young tormented teenager goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa, due to his stay at an orphanage where he was abused by the Mother Superior.

  • JackG2

    This is the kind of horror movie that’s so bad it’s good. A very entertaining, yet generic, slasher flick. And dare I say, a terrific holiday movie to watch during Christmas (if you’re a horror nut, that is).

    Any horror fan who enjoys cheesy slashers such as the Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp or pretty much any of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels will probably get a kick out of this cheesy gem of a movie. I’d also suggest watching it with like-minded friends for full enjoyment.

  • riversnake

    though i cant say much for the sequels this film spawned, the original will always hold a place in my dvd collection!! A BIG TEN!!!

  • summer_nights

    SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (4 Stars) – A good 80′s slasher film… I wasn’t crazy about the restored scenes, as the film quality was quite bad. While some people would really appreciate those extra scenes, I think it would have been better without them – Or with the option to exclude/include them. Other than that, it’s a good film that any horror/slasher fan will appreciate.

  • PromNight2008

    I wasn’t entertained in the least. For me, it was slightly above ‘so bad it’s good’ and slightly below ‘so bad it’s funny’. Just very, very awful and a complete waste of time.

  • thedescent08


  • gorehound62

    i thought this was supposed to be a groundbreaking slasher film. it sucked. if i here the word, punish, one more time, i will scream. looks to me like your typical 80s slasher movie. nothing special. below average.

  • MistAh BlistAh


    The movie starts out with a married couple and their 2 very young
    children going to visit their grandfather on Christmas Eve. The grandpa
    is actually in an institution, and looks to be completely out of it.
    When the parents leave young Billy (their oldest son) alone with his
    grandpa for a minutes, he gives Billy a good scare by letting him know
    that Santa punishes all children who have been naughty but rewards
    those who have been nice. Once he admits that he’s been naughty, his
    grandpa warns him to run for his dear life when he sees Santa.

    While driving home from the institution, the family sees someone
    dressed up as Santa in the middle of the road with a broken down car,
    so the family stops to help. When this Santa pulls out a gun, they
    throw the car in reverse and try to get away but the father who is
    driving is shot and the car gets stuck in a ditch. With the father dead
    at the wheel, young Billy gets out of the car and runs leaving his
    mother and younger brother in the car. Then this Santa proceeds to rape
    and murder the mother yet leaves the kids alone.

    Then the movie cuts forward and shows the two brothers a little older
    living in an orphanage. Billy still has memories of his parents murder
    by Santa, but his younger brother was too young to remember. One of the
    nuns at the orphanage really punishes Billy over and over, getting it
    stuck in his head that if you are naughty you must be punished.

    Then the movie cuts forward again to an 18 year old Billy who gets a
    job at a toy store, a few months before Christmas. When Christmas time
    does roll around, Billy is forced to dress-up as Santa for the kids.
    And once in the Santa suit, he remembers what he’s been taught “Punish
    those who have been Naughty”. Thats when the real fun begins, and this
    movie really gets rolling.

    It does take awhile for this movie to build up the story and really
    form this character of Billy, but once it does total madness ensues. We
    see Billy kills his fellow workers at their Christmas party while
    everyones drunk. Billy is absolutely relentless in his ways of murder
    using everything from Christmas lights to a bow ‘n arrow, and thats
    just at the Christmas party where he first begins his killing spree.
    Once Billy leaves the store, it is quite clear that his trusty ax that
    he took from the store is his weapon of choice. Billy then proceeds to
    search for those who have been naughty to make sure they are rightfully
    PUNISHED. The messed up thing about this is that the character of Billy
    actually believes what he is doing is just, from everything we’re shown
    that he’s been there. He’s a tormented kid who has no idea just how
    wrong his actions are. It may come off sounding cheesy or really
    unrealistic but the way everything is executed in the movie some how it
    works and strangely seems to make sense.

    My only real complaint about this movie and main reason why I’m not
    giving it a 10 is the finale. It just seemed to fall flat. For a movie
    such as this, I was not expecting an epic conclusion but I was
    expecting a little more drama or excitement. This movie did not have
    the greatest budget so it is understandable, but it may just leave you
    thinking once its over “Wait, that’s it?”.

    With that said this movie is quite enjoyable, and exceeded my
    expectations going in. For the time of this movies release and
    considering the budget, the gore is actually pretty well done. The
    acting for the most part is acceptable, just don’t go in expecting any
    Oscar worthy performances, after all, it is about someone dressed up as
    Santa going around slaughtering those who are naughty. So if you get
    the chance to sit down and watch this, just go in with an open mind and
    enjoy the ride, just make sure you haven’t been naughty as Santa
    himself will PUNISH those who have.

  • scarymoviefan1982

    I thought this movie was awesome I think all those parents who complained about it should have just backed off if they didn’t want their kids to see it even the trailer then don’t let them watch it just BACK OFF!!!!

  • Slasher17

    I think everyone who thinks this movie sucked is completely out of their minds! This movie is probably even better than Friday the 13th! Its one of the BEST movies of all time to me! It doesn’t even need a remake! Its perfect the way it is!

  • campbloodhound32

    There was only one thing I did not like about this movie and it was the overall cheesiness, especially the montage of Billy at work. But, this film was awesome. It’s sick, twisted, and utterly disturbing. The scenes of when Billy thinks back to his childhood just want to make you cringe. I also love how there are multiple villains. If you think about it, Mother Superior, is probably the most cold-blooded nun ever. I also love how you can actually sympathize with Billy. And the ending, “NAUGHTY!” Ricky says to MS. I was thinking about giving this movie 3.5 skulls, but decided to give it 4 because everyone associated with this film has got some balls to create it. Leonard Maltin, a critic, once said, “What’s next? The Easter Bunny as a child molester?” I say, “No! But him as a serial killer might do!”

  • rusted31

    What a laugh fest this is!! Every thing about this low budget number is bad bad bad. The acting for one is downright atrocious, the script isn’t much better either and don’t get me started on the muzak. Whoever did the soundtrack needs to be shot, but then again it was the 80′s. Leave this slasher in the stocking and stick to the classics such as Halloween and My Bloody Valentine.

  • GGoblin31

    How do you fuck up Santa Clause killing people with an axe? SEE SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. Man, this movie is just the pits. I saw it when I was a wee lad back in the eighties because I loved the VHS cover. I watched it recently and was really floored by how awful it is. It’s a mean, ugly, humorless little affair. It takes itself so seriously. The problem is it isn’t so bad it becomes good… it’s just so bad it makes you sick. For axe-wielding, psychotic Santas– check out the original ‘Tales From the Crypt’ movie or the pilot episode of the ‘Crypt’ series.

  • Logan[KMFDM]

    i really love this flick, GREAT SCORE, charector development and lickable killers, cheese and sleeze ftw

  • raiderkid67

    I waited insanely long to see this movie. I finaly ordered it and wow im blown away with how good this movie was. The characters are likable the kills are good but couldve been better. If you dont like the movie id like to no why. 5 star
    Picking up the sequel now!!

  • raiderkid67

    I waited insanely long to see this movie. I finaly ordered it and wow im blown away with how good this movie was. The characters are likable the kills are good but couldve been better. If you dont like the movie id like to no why. 5 star
    Picking up the sequel now!!

  • Slaser Maniac

    A good holiday horror movie.

  • GRUDGE4life

    this movie is a classic! i loved everything about it and hope to see a remake someday soon…


    As a young kid I wanted to rent this movie so bad from the corner store next to my house. The cover art had me so curious but my mother was not going to let me.(ALONG WITH ALOT OF OTHER MOTHERS.) The store stoped renting out movies and I couldn’t find the movie anywhere else. After all the wait and all the bad rep this movie had, I’m blown away. This was a classic film that I am so glad to now have in my collection. The way Billy punished his victims was a really great way to look at the naughty children on christmas. If you have never seen this film it is a must see for the true horror fan. Classic, loved it, one of my new favorites.

  • TheBurning


  • zog71

    Remember seeing the box for this at my local video store back in the day, and the printing was telling the renter on how scary this film was that it was banned in places, so naturally I was curious. So rented it one night and couldn’t figure what the commotion was about. This is not the greatest film, but also not the worst I have seen, and I have watched this several time over the past years, although I haven’t seen it on dvd yet. If anything its like any other horror film; too many sequels that just kill the franchise. I think stopped watching after the third film. All in all I liked this film, just because it took the carefree holiday of Christmas, and gave it a dark look.

  • Eddie Weinbauer

    It’s good to see that some people had to balls (or ovaries) to make this movie but it still isn’t all that great. I do really like how the bullies who steal the sleds remind me of Beavis and Butthead even though this movie came out almost a whole decade before their existence. They also had the best death scene.

  • the_apocalypse484

    The plot to this movie was pretty cool. The movie itself has cheesie acting. Overall I would said that it’s a good movie to watch every December.

  • CountOrlok

    The best thing about this movie is it’s mock-serious tone and a killer Santa Claus. Designed to offend morally uptight people, who are so stiff they can’t get the joke. Hence making it controversial and getting it banned in many places – you just can’t buy that kind of publicity. Instant cult classic.

    Otherwise, it’s a decent slasher film.

  • kryptonite_soul

    I admit i never actually got around to watching Silent Night, Deadly Night until yesterday. I’d heard so much good stuff about the film that i think maybe i had hyped the movie a little too much in my imagination but i still managed to enjoy it. When i watched it though i could see its influence and legacy with films such as Zombies Halloween Reboot, although some may say thats not the best of legacy. Look okay lay the cards out on the table, the film is FULL of flaws, terrible acting horrendous music and awful script, but the cold hard undeniable truth is that its simply a fun slasher nothing more nothing less, the christmas stuff is completely beside the point, the film is a SLASHER movie end of debate, if you want a christmas movie go watch Black Christmas

  • marsdreamjunky

    BORING! my god this film was incredibly boring, and stupid! not the “so stupid, it’s great” kinda stupid, but just plain dumb. at times it felt as if it were trying to be a horror/comedy, due to the cheesiness of the acting and some of the goofy scenes with the even goofier music(like the montage of Billy working) and it felt like the film makers were trying to make it a serious film, but nothing in it can be taken seriously. the acting is also atrocious, especially the scene with the teens sledding(the one guy’s screaming after seeing his decapitated friend was hilarious). although I do admit the actor playing the grown up Billy was pretty good once his character “snaps”. a few of the deaths were surprisingly nasty! the deer antler impalement was sick, especially the sound of them ripping through flesh. the sledding decapitation was cool, except the shitty acting of the teens, and the box cutter stabbing and ax to the chest scenes were brutal. overall though, a total snoozefest.

  • Captain Pissgums

    UGGGHH! This sucks. I saw it when it came out and remember the uproar parents had over a killer Santa Claus. I thought the idea quite funny actually, but this movie is poorly executed. ” Silent Night, Deadly NIght” is bottom of the barrel 80′s slasher shit, and there are sequels.
    To call this one moronic is being kind. I wasted my time, so you don’t have to. Your welcome.

  • Urdeadlyfriend

    A classic holiday slasher, I love it.

  • JoshG16

    What I really like about the movie was how it starts out all the filming footage was re-mastered that 40mins into the movie it’s got from re-mastered to the original footage which I found a lot more appalling and found it cool & retro. The movie was ok it least for 1 hour & 19 minutes (79mins) the fact it was on for a shot time it felt like a very long movie, the story was plain and for a slasher 80âe(TM)s movie it was decent with the blood, nudity (which had great tit action) & very cheesy dialogue (which that bad). The acting was awful, but had some pretty good ones, the directions was actually decent for this Christmas feast of a slasher movie. Overall it was a letdown for me as I was expecting hardcore video nasty footage as this move was soo controversy upon its releases which was banned by the BBFC, which I can understand with the facts & what was shown in this movie to be controversy and a very big shock to parents & kids, but with how fan you won’t get more the most saying in the movie ‘Punished’. The movie is a good holiday season Slasher movie (Christmas time), but I just expected more for it.