Tenebre (Tenebrae)


Following the worldwide success of SUSPIRIA and INFERNO, Master Of Horror Dario Argento returned to the giallo genre with the shocker that remains one of the director’s greatest. Anthony Franciosa stars as an American mystery novelist on a promotional tour in Rome who finds that his most recent book has inspired a copycat serial killer. When the psychotic impulse becomes irresistible, does freedom await in the simple act of annihilation? John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Daria Nicolodi (DEEP RED) and John Steiner (CALIGULA) co-star along with a nerve-shredding score by Goblin and a mind-blowing twist ending in this classic of sexual corruption, savage bloodshed and virtuoso filmmaking that fans and critics hail as an Argento masterpiece.

  • horroranime700

    a fine notch in Argento’s classic splatter series.

  • eatcheese

    One of Argento’s finest, and one I never tire of.
    When this film came out ( early 80′s ), it was a film which pushed the boundaries of deceny – lesbianism, transexuals, graphic violence – a great soundtrack, some ground breaking camera work – and a great twist end I never saw coming

  • legolasgarett

    Argento at his Brilliant best – The best part is the end.It has a double – barreled finale and picks up when we think everything has finished. I was completely mesmerised – Suspiria enthralled me, Deep Red entertained but Tenebrae completely enveloped my senses and choked me with it’s innovative camerawork, direction and story – it is an incredible experience- I hope we get an Argento for our generation – we desperately need one. He is by far the best by any stretch of imagination.

  • Ripvanryan

    An excellent movie. Good review, Harley.

  • DogCarcass

    Some of the finest blood spray in a horror film during that arm scene.

  • KittieZombie

    I came across this movie a couple years ago and i just loved it!!! Definately don’t make movies like this anymore. Argento is my favorite horror director. Sure sometimes his movies don’t make sense but when you re watch them you’ll catch things you didn’t first notice. Alot of his stuff just reminds me of a dream and i’m just peaking through.

  • gorehound62

    i’m really not an argento fan, but this isn’t half bad. above average 80′s slasher/mystery movie. probably argentos best.

  • MartyrsNo1Fan

    One of Argento’s best that I find gets better with age. The first time I saw it I admired the craft but wasn’t thrilled about it. Then the movie just kept nagging at me (like the best Dario stuff) and I saw it again and again, and now love it with a passion.

  • Mayhem

    Easily Argento’s best Giallo, people looking for Suspiria won’t find it here, but what you will find is a gory & engaging murder/mystery that will disappoint few fans of horror in any flavor!

  • maynardmorrissey

    I’m pretty sure that it’s a bit overrated. Anyway: a very interesting story and some brillant murders (especially the arm scene)

  • Chadinator92

    Kick ass movie! I love it when the lady gets her arm cut off with an axe and then like right into her back!

  • dinny

    Fantastic. I think this is Argento’s masterpiece. I love Suspiria, Inferno, Opera, Deep Red etc, but this is just fantastic. I highly recommend this.

  • immortaldeath

    My favorite film from Dario Argento. The plot is pretty good and the score is awesome. The murders are amazing! Argento does it again.

  • spacedog

    What can I say that has not already been said? Well for starters I have tried to watch Tenebre on several occasions and just was not feeling it. Last week though I stuck with it past the 30 minute mark and found what I wanted. The murder scenes are staged in only a way that Argento could pull off! The camera angles are creative also. The story takes a back seat but still keeps you guessing till the end. BRAVO!!

  • murdermakesmecum

    great movie! i never even saw the ending coming. argento does a great job hiding it from you. the camera work was revolutionary in it’s day. i like how the movie has elements in it that were to taboo to talk about back then. easily up in the ranks of argento’s best. i will definately reccomend this to everybody.

  • LuJr81

    Well I have to say this is my favorite Argento movie now. I always heard about it but never got around to seeing it, but thank God I decided to watch it now. The kills were great and the story, while kinda predictable, was still very cool. *Minor Spoiler* the arm chopping scene was by far my favorite kill in the movie. Like I said before, this is now my favorite Dario Argento film. Highly recommended for any horror/giallo fan.

  • Midnitekrawlr

    A damn good giallo!

  • TheGonzoJoint

    There’s always a speculation that an author gets their ideas from somewhere; from someone, and from something. Horror novelists, such as Stephen King, for example, know their genre because there were instances in their life where they had lived it. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. “Tenebre” is Dario Argento’s most personal movie; which could either lead it down the road of inaccessibility or masterful craft. I pick the first thing.

    I like what the movie is doing. I absorbed what the story was trying to do, and what its messages were. Still, there’s nothing much more to “Tenebre” than a good style, a couple typically entertaining kill scenes, and an always good score from Claudio Simonetti and the gang. There are better Argento films out there, and while this is by no means his worst movie, “Tenebre” fails to be a solid example of why Argento strikes me as influential.

    Oh, what a great movie this could have made. Focusing mainly on murders committed by an obsessive fan of some novelist (whose newest work is called “Tenebre”), the film is one that could have done so much. It mostly involves the novelist (Anthony Franciosa), his assistant (Daria Nicolodi), and his agent (John Saxon) as they attempt to solve these murders, which all somehow link to the works of the writer.

    The story switches on-and-off from actually making sense to not making much sense at all. This is not a flaw of most Dario Argento films (in fact, most of his movies are pretty darn nonsensical), but it just doesn’t work out too well here. “Tenebre” is decently directed up until you happen upon the evaluation of the story, which is flawed due to its personal themes and lack of focus. I like what it’s trying to do, but with a story so uneven and a twist ending so lame, you can’t really end up with a particularly good movie.

    But if you’re going to watch it, then allow me to give you some tips. At the time, it was pretty violent, and now; not so much. This means that now, you can watch “Tenebre” in all its violent, un-cut glory; and this is what I did. This is the cut that people warmed up to, and for some reason, I still couldn’t find enough to admire or enjoy. It’s only ten minutes of footage compared to the “cut” version, but that would probably make the difference for many.

    It’s an appropriately stylized film; a giallo horror movie, no doubt. The kill scenes are well-directed, I’ll give them that, but they feel shallow without brilliance and genuine wit. The film is about the perversion of both novelists (of horror) and serial killers; but fails to shed complex light on either. Some might enjoy what Argento has provided us with, but I have expectations for every movie, and “Tenebre” did not meet mine.

    The gory and gruesome “Tenebre” has ambitions and dreams to be a good horror movie. To some people, that is exactly what it is. But I compare, compare, and for the third time, I compare. This might be the problem; myself. I could have liked “Tenebre”, which ends up being an only mildly engaging/entertaining horror yarn, but there’s not enough flare and beauty to keep it from stumbling perhaps a bit more than it needs to. But if it sounds like your kind of thing, then go for it. Blood and gore, nudity, and admittedly cool kill scenes. Maybe that’s your idea of a good time. Most of the time, it would be MY idea of a good time; but “Tenebre” has only half the soul that such a movie as this requires.

  • ogdredvonweary

    An expertly stylized giallo with some great scenes, fantastic kills, and an unpredictable ending. Far from perfect, but a damn good film from one of the masters of horror.

  • CoolSERAZ

    i kinda liked this in some ways more than suspiria. it was more restrained, the music was much more bearable(the tenebre theme was infact outstanding). however, the characters in this movie do unbelievably stupid things like only 2 cops showing up at a crime scene, girl instead of escaping from the house chooses to call FROM THE FUCKING KILLER’S HOUSE, etc.
    still the bevy of luscious beauties in this one gives this one extra points. anthony franciosa does a great job as peter neal.
    there is genuine suspense and a climax that is probably the best ever.
    Please watch this one!!! a very enjoyable horror movie with typical argento brilliance.