Happy Birthday To Me


Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) has just survived a tragic accident that’s blacked out parts of her memory. But now she’s back at school with her popular friends, and she’s glad to start over. Days before she turns 18, however, the trauma resurfaces as her friends die off one by one, victims of an as-yet-unknown killer. Virginia begins to wonder whether it’s her, but since she can’t remember certain moments, she’s not quite sure.

  • nightmaric

    Very fun slasher flick. Pretty disturbing and was really fun to watch. But it felt too long.

  • zigorafoleeze

    Plain and simple slasher flick with a little zest to boot.

    Picked this up at Walmart for $5 and was SUPER happy with my purchase by the start of the ending credits.

    would and will recommend to friends.

  • maynardmorrissey

    a classic horror movie with some hilarious murders and a good plot

  • Demented D

    A lot better than I thought it was going to be. I had fun. A lot of the kills were original, although a couple were dumb. But all in all, a fun night at the movies. I will be watching it again.

  • leatherface68

    a classic 80′s slasher flick! grew up watching these movies and i have alot of love for this one. good gore, good plot, and the twist at the end was awesome. highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves slashers!

  • cjhorrorfan13

    Love this movie

  • raiderkid67

    good slasher. nice twist

  • ugapuppy

    Gotta love it!!!!This movie gets a good score because the ending creeped me out as a child. After rewatching it all these years later, it still is a better than average and odd slasher film.

  • YoungHorror

    I really liked this one. Very good characters, great kills, and very fun ride. Had tons of twists and turns, and was kept you into it. It did seem a bit long though.

  • Ripvanryan

    I’d never seen this one until last week, but the final twist was mind-blowingly impossible. Loved this flick. Dug your review, Harley.

  • KingOfHorror

    This Movie is Great! I would Really like to go to a Birthday Party Like this One! Awesome! $5.00 at Wally World! Pick Up this DVD Now in time for Halloween you wont be Sorry!

  • KingOfHorror

    This Movie is Great! I would Really like to go to a Birthday Party Like this One! Awesome! $5.00 at Wally World! Pick Up this DVD Now in time for Halloween you wont be Sorry!


    i just too bought this at walmart and watched it. unbeliveable that i’ve never seen this flick untill now! well anyway it was a really really good movie. but for the length of a gore flick. i do find it alittle long usally gore/horror flicks go from 84-94 mins.

  • riotsquid1408

    good slasher film

  • immortaldeath

    one of my favorite slashers. i was sucked into the film instantly. great twists and an awsome ending. anyone who enjoys a great slasher pick this one up!

  • legolasgarett

    Brilliant, awesome, great, fantastic, incredible. red herrings a dozen = wonderful back-story – great kills – It is a classic – I really don’t know but I think this is an even better movie than Halloween – its just too good. I loved it.

  • Lautreamont

    Much, much better than the terrible My Bloody Valentine, this has very solid tech specs, direction and acting. It probably is too long for its own good, but is well paced considering. My main beef is with a character who appears late in the story, and over-acts up a storm. Also, the ending is pretty hard to buy. But for an Eighties murder-mystery it holds up pretty darn well. Sadly, the original score, which has recently been restored on DVD, is actually a pretty lame rip-off of Psycho. And the saucy stuff is tame by any standard… maybe this should be part of a ‘useless therapists double feature’ with Friday the 3th Part VII?

  • leatherfacekillserinfan1

    brought this move the forst day it was out a great 80′s slsher that got me thinking for once and had a very creepy eneding


    Bought this movie on my Birthday as a gift to myself and IT WAS. This was a really good 80′s horror flic. The kills were all very creative and unique to each victim, acting was good and the killer was in question most of the movie, with another great twist at the end. Loved the movie, If you like 80′s slasher films this is a must see.

  • TheBurning

    An underated slasher classic. When I saw the cover of this movie I thought it was going to be some silly slasher film. It turned out to be pretty good. Good plot, great acting. A must see for slasher fans.

  • PromNight2008

    A true slasher classic. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or ignored. Aside from the silly ending, the film is much creepier and more suspenseful than most.

  • MuRdEr138

    A good slasher with some inventive kills. It was a little strange at the end but still good.

  • DisturbedPixie

    Good parts of the movie: a twist that you wont guess and an ending that leaves you wondering in the good way. Left me with a smile on my face.

    Bad things: The red-herrings are so unrealistic when all is said and done and make the whole experience cheapened. And the extremely long scene to the cabin at the end of the movie could have been cut to 30 seconds or less along with some other drawn out scenes that just made me laugh at the directing. And whenever a character says, “Oh, it’s you.” towards the killer, I think about Sleepaway Camp, and it pops me out of the movie.

    I look forward to a remake hoping that they will cut down on unneeded scenes and improve the acting, especially by the mother. She was comedic at best, and hopefully they can make her into a more believable character.

  • H2SororityProof

    It’s a really good psychological slasher. :)

  • STRIK9

    This movie was lame.How in the fuck does it have such a high rating on this site? You people will give almost ANY 80′s slasher a high rating for no good reason.I guess “April fools day” is a fuckin classic too huh?

  • Jason’s 13th victim

    Six of the most bizarre murders you will ever see.????….more like six of the most bizarre murders you’ll never see!This film makes itself out to be something it’s not….it’s runtime is 1 hour fifty minutes and the bizarre murders make up about 2 minutes of that….hmmmm…never seen a slashed throat before, never seen someone stabbed with garden sheers…..there is very little gore to satisfy the gorehounds and the ‘bizzare’ murders are actually very lame, badly done and cut off before actually showing you anything. Do not judge this film by it’s cover! The one thing this film tries to do is make some kind of different angle on the early 80s slasher boom….it doesn’t really work and just ends up becoming strange, long-winded and boring…more like a dark thriller than a horror movie…young Mary Ingalls tries her best with the script provided and is the best thing about the movie. The film only becomes interesting in the last 5 minutes and then just as you think it’s decent twist, another twist comes along and leaves you speechless….and not in a good way….it’s totally silly and crushes any kind of credibility the director tried to bring to it……. A few moments at the end, when we find out why it all happened, were obviously stolen later on for Scream…..and the party table scene at the end has a air of Sleepaway Camp 2 about it…..but this film is far too long and far too long-winded to be really that enjoyable.

  • bowers

    Great acting, great characters, GREAT ending. Even if you hate the rest of the movie, it’s worth watching just for the last fifteen minutes. While completely unbelievable–and while I might be biased in my unadulterated love of eighties slashers–it’s fantastic. Worth at least one watch.

  • Bubbleman

    I really enjoyed this movie although I thought the film was too long.

  • jgspooty

    I was introduced to this movie by my boyfriend and it did not disappoint. I recommend it for anyone who like campy horror films especially from the early 80s.

  • DefinitelyDazed

    This movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. I feel like if they didn’t try to make the story so complex the movie would have come out better, but this movie was still enjoyable.