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Necronomicon TPB Available Now

One of the comics that came out this week was Boom Comic’s Necronomicon in trade paperback form. I had a chance to pick this up at the store and I’ve liked what I have read so far. I tend to pick up most comics in trade form so I can get the whole story without being left on a cliffhanger month to month. The story is quite typical where a lowly college student must save the world from demons of the Necronomicon. One thing that did stick out in this series is the artwork from Andrew Ritchie who also does the Call of Cthulu comics for boom. The art is very reminiscent of 30’s or 40’s comic art. That art choice helps to keep the story off kilter and deranged when I read it. If this title seems like something up your alley, I suggest picking up the trade…More info after the break…
Necro The fate of the world hangs in the balance as a lowly college student must fight to keep the Necronomicon’s magic from unleashing the vengeance of the Old Ones—and turning the entire Middle East into a raging cauldron of mystical power that will rule the Earth!
$15.99 Writing by William Messner-Loebs and Art by Andrew Ritchie, Available Now



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