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Australians Get Crazy ‘Evil Dead’ Box Set

For the first time in the world, all four Evil Dead films come in one package.

Included is the original 1981 Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness and Evil Dead (2013).

This collectable pack also features collectible Necronomicon packaging, 16 pages of original drawings and a 23 cm replica prop of the dagger from Evil Dead 2. PLUS Heaps of bonus features and the premiere of the documentary ‘Invaluable’.

Unfortunately, this insane package is only available in Australia.

Thanks to Bloody reader Eloy Camacho for the tip.



  • Bouncy X

    i have the book of the dead editions of Parts 1 and 2, even switched the disc to blu-ray when those came out because i wanted to keep them. they are awesome but yes, this looks even cooler and even more film acurate. love the addition of the dagger. it be awesome this came to region 1…..that said, since i own all 4 i imagine the packaging would be the only new thing to get…but cool nonetheless.

  • Batmanfanboy

    Will Australian blu ray disks work in a PS3? If so I totally want to order this.

  • J Jett

    VERY cool!

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    I wish this would come to the states.

  • Dennis Giles

    Pretty sure these are NOT blu-ray release !!

    • Leigh Berry

      4 BluRay 3 DVD

  • sweetooth0

    had to get the Army of Darkness book of the dead edition imported from Australia to complete my “book of the dead trilogy”. It came with the Director’s Cut DVD (although I don’t believe the better MGM version that came out in region 3) along with the theatrical cut on blu-ray (same master as the Universal Region A version). I’m guessing this is probably by the same guys, so expect a re-packaging of the existing versions.

    Somebody needs to track down the negatives of Army of Darkness and do a proper remaster of the full Director’s cut MGM released in region 3. The german blu-ray that got put out with this version is apparently a composite print using a new master for all of the theatrical scenes and upscaled dvd footage for the extended parts.

  • zombie84_41

    Damn I want this soooo much. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Alanmac

    Would LOOOOOOOOVE to own this!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet Reaper

    Why do all the overseas places get the coolest shit!! I remember how badly I wanted the Sphere for the Phantasm boxset and I couldn’t get it cause with shipping it was more than my parents were will to spend on what they referred to my obsession for horror movies as “just a phase”. Well I’m 32 now and I was 12 then so a twenty year phase Mom and Dad?? How dare you lol. Anyways maybe I’ll have to see if can can get them both now since I’m my own man, I just gotta check with the wife first lmao.

  • RawBeard

    what region is Australia for BluRays and DVDs? Hopefully the UK will see a release of this on BluRay

    • Leigh Berry

      You will be fine with the BluRay same region as UK, DVD is region 4. But these days DVD region doesn’t matter.

  • Leigh Berry

    This set retails for AU$170. 4 disc BluRay 3 DVD set. Region B in Australia. We also got about a year ago a 5 disc (2 BluRay 3 DVD) edition of Army of Darkness.

    • Rob

      I LOVE your avatar! I put Zombeavers as my 10th favorite horror movie of 2014 that movie was so much fun!

  • horror-fiend

    Horrorgasms T-minus 3 2 1

  • astronauta69

    quiero quiero quiero!!!

  • Mark Lepine

    Now that looks sweet. I would love to put that on my shelf. If anyone wants to pre-order Kill Santa Kill and get your name in the credits visit us at

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