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‘Jackals’ Trailer Delivers a Slasher in the Vein of ‘The Strangers’

Blade‘s Stephen Dorff, who is also battling Leatherface this October, is starring in Jackals, a new slasher that looks like the perfect holdover until The Strangers sequel arrives next year.

Saw VI and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter director Kevin Greutert helms the ’80s-set psychological thriller that centers on an estranged family who hires a cult de-programmer (Dorff) to get back their teenage son from a murderous cult, only to find themselves under siege when the cultists surround their cabin, demanding the boy back.

Shout! Factory will release the film in limited theaters and On Demand on September 1st.

Johnathon Schaech (Day of the Dead, Prom Night, Laid to Rest), Deborah Kara Unger (Silent Hill), Ben Sullivan, Chelsea Ricketts and Nick Roux are also on board to star. Jared Rivet penned the script.




  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    It kinda reminded me of You’re Next, trailer doesn’t look so Wow but it might be a good addition to the home invasion sub-genre, totally looking forward to this!

  • Charles Cumella

    If The Strangers walked into the You’re Next house, that would be this movie… haha… Looks fun though, I’ll give it a watch. (I just love home invasion movies, supressed wishes I guess).

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      Like if ils made out with the strangers À l’intérieur the tiger house or the #slaughterhouse with you’re next playing on netflix but it’s mother’s day so they secuestrados a burning bright void and they said don’t breathe.

  • Matt Miller

    Saw 3 D was so awfully directed that I can’t trust Kevin Greutert again.

    • Khy

      He didn’t even want to do SAW 3D and was forced into it. That’s probably why.

  • Khy

    Fuck yes! I’m in! Wish it was getting a wide release!

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