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We’ve Got Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Dates for ‘IT’; 11 Deleted Scenes!

We’ve Got Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Dates for ‘IT’; 11 Deleted Scenes!

Just over two months ago, Andy Muschietti’s IT topped the charts and began smashing records, proving to be such a dominant force of nature that it only fell out of the box office Top 10 just a couple weeks ago. You’ve seen one of the biggest horror hits of all time at least once on the big screen, but when will you be able to enjoy it at home?

We’ve just learned that IT will hit digital on December 19, arriving on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack/Blu-ray Combo Pack/DVD on January 9, 2018.

The Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and 2-Disc Special Edition DVD contain the following special features:

  • Pennywise Lives! –  Discover how Bill Skarsgård prepared to portray the primordial creature known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown
  • The Losers’ Club – Get up close and personal with the teenage stars of “IT” as they bond together during the production,
  • Author of Fear – Stephen King reveals the roots of his best-selling novel, the nature of childhood fear and how he created his most famous monster, Pennywise
  • Deleted Scenes – Eleven deleted or extended scenes from the film

IT stars Bill Skarsgård (“Allegiant,” TV’s “Hemlock Grove”) as the story’s central villain, Pennywise. An ensemble of young actors also star in the film, including Jaeden Lieberher (“Midnight Special”), Jeremy Ray Taylor (“Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”), Sophia Lillis (“37”), Finn Wolfhard (TV’s “Stranger Things”), Wyatt Oleff (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Chosen Jacobs (upcoming “Cops and Robbers”), Jack Dylan Grazer (“Tales of Halloween”), Nicholas Hamilton (“Captain Fantastic”) and Jackson Robert Scott.

“When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.”



  • Khy

    Yay and I hope the Stephen King segment is quite lengthy. I know hes talked about how he came up with the book- but I want to know more about how he created most of the kid characters.

  • Kane

    kind of disappointed that we were told we’d be getting an actual extended cut of the film with home release but all we get is those scenes as special features….

    • I’m wondering if the long-range plan is to do a release like this for part 2 THEN do a release with the extended/directors versions, possibly as two separate films, or possibly edited together as a single film. You know–make sure they do everything they can to insure a double-dip from the buyers.

      • Kane

        id actually love that where they added all the deleted scenes with both movies together in one big long movie. thatd be great. as it stands though id still buy both separately if the extended cut was available aside of just having those scenes as special features

    • Matthew James Demon Pentycofe

      The directors cut will probably come later just like the Rouge Cut of X-men: Days Of Future Past. I think he already stated he would be releasing a directors cut so we sadly just need to wait a bit longer

      • Kane

        when it was announced they said it would be out by the end of the year so it was pretty straight forward we’d get it at the same time as theatrical. oh well looks like ill be buying multiple copies. damn greedy bastards

  • I was expecting a director’s cut with extended scenes.

    • Saturn

      That’ll probably follow down the road, once everyone’s bought the standard version. Often the case…..

  • marshally

    I think Bloody Disgusting should hold a random giveaway contest for new releases such as this, or some kind of raffle for a charity…just a thought

  • Dylan Gutierrez

    As much as I try that poster art and the font seem very fanmade.

  • pablitonizer

    Finally an official date!!!! I wish the cover would be different though, It would have thought this one was official

  • Terrible art.
    That said, can’t wait to own this one!

  • Geno1987
    • Saturn

      That would be an excellent choice for artwork for it’s inevitable Steelbook release.

    • Ouf that`s great stuff!

  • That’s the same day as Leatherface and mother!

    • gabriel

      Cant tell if your actually excited about that, or if you just added the exclamation point because it’s in the actual movie title.

  • Tip O’Ne

    Regular DVD for me…. Gttn rid of digital and Blu-ray.

    • Larry Dallas


    • gabriel

      DVD? Your statement is a real head scratcher, pal

  • Georganne

    Noticed the reflection of Pennywise in the red balloon.

    • Saturn

      It’s not a reflection really – it’s just that the skin of the balloon is thin enough to see through.

  • I bet the famous scene with Pennywise eating a baby won’t be on the dvd

    • KnegaKnick

      They still make dvds? Jk. I don’t really need to see him eating a baby. Maybe other transformations?

      • I really don’t need other transformations. Maybe Pennywise esting a baby? 😉

        • IWC-3PO

          I want to see a baby transform into Pennywise and eat a different baby.

          • that would definitely be something

    • From what I understand, they never shot it due to budget constraints. It WAS in the script though, perhaps we`ll see a flashback to it in part 2.

  • KnegaKnick

    4K for me.

    • Saturn


    • gabriel

      I would love to watch the orgy scenes in 4k but they probably wont be in the special features.

      • KnegaKnick

        I’m sure you and Kevin Spacey would enjoy that.

    • Agent HUNK

      yes sir !

  • Agent HUNK


    • Reece Catlin

      Nothing like watching a DVD on a 70″ tv XD

      • Agent HUNK

        lol i know your eyes hurt for days from the strain

    • Why stop? I wish they still made VCR players.

      • Agent HUNK

        lol… i remember when the first vcr came out and vhs were $50

    • Saturn

      Because some of us still like to own physical media?
      Oh, and because it seems among the younger demographics there seems to be a backlash against e-media (ebooks,movies,mp3s etc) and they are discovering what many of us already knew – the old formats are better.
      Still, i like to live in a world of choice, where I can own physical copies of my favourite movies and books, but I can still load my Kindle up with thousands of books to take on holiday with me.

      There are many out there who consider themselves to be collectors, and who are PROUD of their collections – it’s just not the same to show off you cast book collection when it’s just on a tablet or whatever.

      • art123guy

        I don’t think he meant physical media in general, I think he meant DVDs specifically.

      • DukeStKing

        I still own about 75 beta movies and a Sanyo Beta Hi-fi player. Can’t seem to part with them. AND, they still play!

        • Saturn

          The question though is how many of those beta movies do you have on other formats? Is it just a collector thing?
          I’m certain that a high percentage of us are guilty of the same thing.

          • DukeStKing

            I’ve tried to keep up especially when beta was being phased out. It sometimes takes a while for some of these beta to make it to dvd. Some never made it to vhs.

      • KnegaKnick

        I’m sure he meant the shit quality that is on a dvd.

        • Saturn

          Although I have around 100 blu-rays I still have predominantly dvds, which if I’m honest I’m perfectly happy with.
          I wasn’t going to bother so much with br discs as, for me anyway, I don’t really believe the quality is really vastly that superior to dvd – it’s not like the big jump from Vhs to Dvd. I only started collecting Blu’s for the Evil Dead bluray that came out with new extras int the UK a few years back, and then I had to pick up the steelbook double set of Demons 1 and 2, and then the steelbook of Cabin In The Woods, and then the steelbook of ROTLD – and then I noticed I’d started collecting. Again.

          Still, it’s Evil Dead, Demons & ROTLD, so I just had to, you know?
          My missus at the time was all “but you have multiple copies of Evil Dead – why do you need another?” – I just said : Evil Dead, and left it at that.

        • Agent HUNK

          yes, i meant this 🙂 thank you for getting it . i want to watch movies in 4k and why a company would waste money printing a dvd format is beyond me

      • Agent HUNK

        i own a 4k tv and 4k bluray player …who watches dvds i wasnt saying physical media

        • Saturn

          Just because you’re rich and have those things doesn’t mean everybody has!

  • Reece Catlin

    Why are digital copies sold a month before physical copies?? is it a time and packaging reason?

  • Trav

    Cool! I loved the movie, and am excited to give it another viewing. When I saw it in theaters, I was so hyped for it. Maybe a second viewing will allow me to see why some people maybe weren’t blown away by this movie.

  • DJV1985

    Released on my birthday means I won’t have to pay for it lol

    • Shamil Moorad

      I watched it 5 times on IMAX cinemas that’s how much I love it

      • Halloween_Vic

        I saw it twice!!! Loved it!

      • DJV1985

        I’m glad it’s that good. I spent October reading the book, and at 1000 pages it was a slog with some rather dull parts while I wasn’t scared or freaked out by much I did enjoy it and loved the original Tim Curry part, more the first half, I think the kids made the original film and Curry of course so I’m glad that this is good and cannot wait to watch it.

  • Nate

    I’m excited to check out the deleted scenes!

  • Brian Fish

    No bonus features for digital?!?

    • Johhny E

      It should. A lot of digital movies, at least big popular movies, will have two versions: one of just the movie and one with special features. At least that’s how it’s been on the PS4, where I’ve gotten most of my digital movies..

      • Cameron Marsh

        I was wondering that too, if the ps4 version has all those goodies I’ll definitely get it there!

  • Papa_spoosh

    So we’re supposed to buy this.. then the directors cut in probably April.. then the part 2 blu.. then the part 2 directors cut… then some limited box set with both and a 90s version edit? Ugh.. deal

    • Saturn

      I’m waiting until until we get the 8k restoration of both parts, with the original tv version, and the audiobook version all in one Balloon shaped boxset.

  • Shamil Moorad

    I am pissed off that the movie girls trip not going to be released on blu ray in my country and it’s very stupid and unfair

  • Gutted it isn’t out before christmas on blu-ray but oh well, glad it’s finally announced!

    Hoping for some kind of collectible steel book of sorts!

    • Saturn

      I’d love a steelbook which has been covered in red rubber, like what you’d get balloons made from. That’d be sweet.

      It would be nice if it were a pre-Xmas release, but personally I’m not going to buy it initially – I’m waiting for a DC.

    • gabriel

      They should just come out with a digital copy of part one and wait until after part 2 comes out to release one blu ray.

      • True that would be great, I’m pretty sure they’d have to release it as a 2 disk box set though.

  • Eastman420

    Thought they said before christmas…???? Must not have enough time. That sucks

  • BreeBennett

    Wow, it will be released in my birthday. So, I already know what to ask as a gift.

    • IWC-3PO

      Socks and underwear?

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