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Synapse’s ‘Suspiria’ SteelBook Gets a December 19th Release Date

Dario Argento’s masterpiece, Suspiria, has been discussed plenty here recently. A large part of that is because it’s an incredible film, but it’s also due to the fact that a number of long-awaited Blu-ray releases are in the works. Arguably the most highly anticipated release is that from Synapse.

Back in August we shared all the details of the upcoming Synapse release — it’s a 4k re-master and it’ll be getting a limited edition 3-disc release — right when pre-orders opened up. One bit of information that wasn’t available back then was the release date which has now been confirmed for December 19th.

That’s less than one month away! If for whatever reason you’ve been holding off on this, perhaps because you wanted the release date, you better act now. The set is limited to only 6,000 copies and now that we know it’s hitting streets in less than a month you better believe it’ll go fast!

Order your copy from Synapse today!



  • Aaron King

    Pre-ordered this a while back. Maybe they’ll do the same for Inferno?

    • Jon Macmenamin

      Blue Underground still have Inferno in the US and Arrow Video for the UK. It’s highly likely Arrow will revisit Inferno in 4K as they’ve started doing with their other Argento titles…

  • Lorne Dixon

    I love Suspiria. I’ve also already purchased the film half a dozen times on as many formats. At this point, I’m waiting for the 4K UHD disc that will inevitably follow. And if it never does? Anyone really believe this will be the only edition of this transfer?

    • Saturn

      Only half a dozen times?


      I’m personally awaiting the UK special edition bluray which is coming – and cannot wait for an excuse to watch the movie yet again….closely followed by Inferno & Mother Of Tears (which is obviously the weakest part of the trilogy, but I still enjoy it…..enough).

    • Jon Macmenamin

      It’s out in Italy in UHD and being crowdfunded in the UK by Cult Films in an exclusive online package containing the Blu, UHD with all new extras…

  • Graham

    I’ve been waiting for this release for a long time, but I really can’t justify the price tag (it’s pushing $80 when converted to Canadian, plus international shipping). Holding out for a standard release that will hopefully not be too far behind.

  • Dennis Chenier

    I pre-ordered right away and couldn’t be more excited.

  • YAAAS! I was hoping my Christmas would be spent with Suspiria.

  • Well, it’s mastered in 4K but will still play out at 1080 through your blu-ray player. It will still look amazing.

    • Kyle Ord

      I just looked. 4K will not play in regular bluray players

      • Right. A 4K or “Ultra HD bluray” disc won’t play in a regular bluray player. They only mastered it in 4k to be released on stanfard blu. I hope that helps.

        • Kyle Ord

          Ok so your saying it’s not an actual 4K, it’s a normal Bluray, just rendered in 4K?

          • Exactly. Ultimately it “future proofs” the master. They could potentially use it to release a ultra HD disc in the future.

          • …and also allows them to create 4k DCPs that can be screened in the full resolution at certain theaters.

  • mother!, IT, Leatherface, Suspiria… Everything comes out on 19 December.

  • J Jett

    wow! that steelbook cover art is fucking GORGEOUS! it reminds me (in artistic quality) of the Possession (1981) bluray.

  • Damn….50 bucks for a movie?

    • Saturn

      Guess you didn’t grow up in the early days of beta/vhs!
      Or had to rely on bootleg nth gen copies of the old video nasties, like we in the UK!

  • Jake

    $90 on amazon and $50 on their website? Ridiculous. I’ll wait for someone to put up a used copy on amazon for half those prices.

  • Guest

    The reason I’m not buying this now is because they restored this in 4K, and I don’t want to pay 50 bucks for the standard 1080p blu-ray version now only for them to put out the 4K UHD version within a year or so. I’m not interesting in double-dipping, particularly with something that’s already this expensive, so I’ll just wait.

    If you’re going to go through all the trouble and fanfare of releasing an expensive, limited edition 3-disc deluxe steelbook version of which you’re only going to produce 6,000 copies, then I really don’t see why you couldn’t just throw in a 4th disc with the 4K UHD version on it as well, especially when we know you rescanned the negatives in 4K, painstakingly restored the film in 4K and have a 4K version ready to go, not to mention the fact that one of the other competing Suspiria Blu-Ray restoration projects (by Cult films if I’m not mistaken) is offering a 4K UHD version, also a steelbook. Now, perhaps their restoration is not as good, idk, but I really don’t see how they’re able to release a 4K Blu Ray version, but Synapse thus far has made no mention of any plans for a 4K release. You’d think the fact that a competing company releasing a restored version of the film in 4K would light a fire under Synapse’s ass to put their version out on 4K as well, but apparently not…

    This feels like Synapse is deliberately fleecing the fans for cash. They’ll put this out now, then is a year or so you’ll put out the 4K version and expect everyone to empty their pockets yet again, and that’s bullshit IMO. That’s some Lucas Film level bullshit.

    Side note: Synapse seems to have gotten the original cinematographer on
    board with their restoration, while Cult Films seems to have gotten an
    endorsement from Argento himself, though I have no idea what
    involvement, if any, he had in the actual restoration process itself, or if he
    was just just brought in after the fact and gave Cult Films his stamp of
    approval (they have a video introduction by him on their indiegogo page: Either way, what’s up with that? You’d think the director and
    cinematographer would be on the same page as to which release is the
    definitive version the fans should dole out their hard-earned cash for.

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