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‘Victor Crowley’ Finally Has a Home Video Date and Badass Official Poster!

‘Victor Crowley’ Finally Has a Home Video Date and Badass Official Poster!

Hold tight and hold on to all of your pieces. Crowley is coming next year.

Adam Green’s Victor Crowley, the fourth installment in his Hatchet franchise, embarked on a theatrical roadshow earlier this year, and today we’ve confirmed that Dark Sky will be bringing the film to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on February 6, 2018!

Check out the badass poster art below, which will also be the release art.

Kalyn reviewed the film back in August, calling it “a straight slasher that feels more like the original [Hatchet] in tone and execution.”

“In 2007, over forty people were brutally torn to pieces in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp. Over the past decade, lone survivor Andrew’s (Parry Shen) claims that local legend Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder, Friday the 13th series) was responsible for the horrific massacre have been met with great controversy. But when a twist of fate puts him back at the scene of the tragedy, Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and Andrew must face the bloodthirsty ghost from his past.”

Featuring franchise stars Kane Hodder and Parry Shen, along with Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), and Brian Quinn (truTV’s “Impractical Jokers”), writer/director Adam Green’s triumphant return to the director’s chair proudly assures an all-new, horrifying journey into the haunted, blood-drenched bayou.



  • David.

    Can’t wait! Just hope it’s not being overhyped by fans

    • Necro

      Same here! I don’t think you can overhype these films, particularly this franchise anyway. Green has done a great job in keeping them pretty straightforward with no filler, or ridiculous timeline bullshit! A straight line of parts 1 through 4 with no crap like part 3 really being a prequel to the 2nd film and all that confusing shit! Pure ‘slasher’ films! I know what you’re saying though.

    • Jay Bennett

      I see your worry but I think anyone who is talking good about this movie is coming from a good place, its a very small fanbase rather than some marvel/dc fanbase made of millions hyping up something which in a few months ends up being hot garbage

    • I’ve seen it. Trust me, it’s not overhyped. It’s the best in the series, next to Hatchet II. If you enjoyed the others, you’ll enjoy this one. And it’s not a retread of what came before, thankfully.

      • JoeInTheBox

        That’s good to know. I was kind of over Crowley by the time Hatchet 3 came around. I enjoyed 1, the best due to having the most entertaining victims, IMO.

        • The victims are entertaining in the new one. There’s a lot of good humour.

  • I saw this in Dallas on October 1, and it was great. I hope they release also release a Hatchet when this awesome slasher film comes to Blu-ray.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Can’t wait ! Crowley is the best modern slasher villain^^

  • Necro

    Great news and can’t wait to see it! I’m sorry to say though that the poster is absolute shit!

    • Doctor Dementor

      and i am sorry to say though that the poster is Fuckin cool!!!

      • Necro

        That’s cool and it’s your opinion! Respected!

        • Doctor Dementor

          RESPECT in the no man’s land called……internet

    • Jay Bennett

      Ah cmon, weve seen worse this year (Leatherface for one)

      • Necro

        Yeah that’s true!

      • Baron Von Marlon

        Which poster? The one where he’s walking down that country road looks alright imo.

        • Jay Bennett

          That ones nice, theres the few where they just used shots from the movie itself and added a grain effect, they were pretty damn ugly

      • Simon Allen

        The one with the girl looking “terrified” ?
        It was the worst ! LOL

        • Jay Bennett

          Its what they call “acting”

    • Baron Von Marlon

      My first thoughts as well. Another ugly photoshop. How hard can be to create a decent poster? Even those old B-movies have better ones.

    • J Jett

      i agree the poster is kind of crappy but it’s far better than the 2 new atrocious DAY OF THE DEAD posters. lol.

  • Jay Bennett

    I dont want to overhype myself for this but YESSSSS

  • nowaygetreal
  • Christopher Nickerson

    I cannot wait to see this again. Saw it at the Cleveland screening and it was great and is a great continuation of the first three

  • Will Coors


  • The chicken man

    I wanna hump it! I’m sorry that’s crude.

    I wanna pork it!

    • Azwethinkweiz

      Hahaha. You said “pork it!”

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “a straight slasher that feels more like the original [Hatchet] in tone and execution.”

    This is a rare instance where the original film is actually my least favorite. With Hatchet, ironically, the more ridiculous they became the more fun I had with them.

    • The chicken man

      The third is my absolute favorite. Maybe one of my favorite slashers ever.

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        Yea, it’s a riot. I dig it as well.

  • Dustin’sBig80sHair

    Had the pleasure of seeing this during the road show and it was by far one of the best horror films of the year! Highly recommended and sit thru the credits for a helluva stinger!

  • Dustin’sBig80sHair

    It also has one of the gnarliest and over the top death scenes in not just the Hatchet franchise but in all of horror.

  • CalUni

    Such a fun film. Caught this at Dublin’s Horrorthon in October. The ‘hand with phone shoved up through body’ bit was the standout death.

  • Peter Bellucci


  • Alanmac

    I can suddenly see into the future!! I know exactly what I’m gonna be doing on February 6th!!!

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    His lifestyle to me seemed so tragic, with the thrill of it all.

  • Shane o mac

    AWESOME!! It’s like what took them so long?

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