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Vinyl Records Get Turned Into Scenes From “The Walking Dead” (Random Cool)

While I cringe seeing what was done to these records, it’s still a really cool idea. Imgur member paulattacks takes vinyl and then cuts them into shapes, characters, and scenes, often times with very cool outcomes. Below is a gallery of records that have been cut into scenes from AMC’s The Walking Dead, including Michonne and her two zombie followers, Rick blasting a zombie in the face, Daryl holding a zombie head, and more. Head on down to check out this very cool gallery!

There are more very cool galleries that can be seen here. You can also purchase these clocks through an official Etsy page.



  • Tom Owen

    Years ago I had a bunch of vinyl records that got warped and ruined sitting in my hot car. I ended up turning some of them into clocks and it turned out pretty cool, but this blows mine away. Great find.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Do you still have them? Let me check them out when I come to visit!

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