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Awesome Horror Map of the United States!

This Imgur user has shared this fantastic horror map of the United States. I don’t know what else to say except that it’s a really cool visual representation of our favorite genre’s geography. It also makes me happy that You’re Next made it on here.

Check it out below!



  • I always thought “Near Dark” was in Oklahoma… maybe I need to watch it again… sober this time…

    • Sean Tisdale

      As I recall, Near Dark was set (and mostly filmed) in Oklahoma.

  • ghostgirl

    Not pictured, but should be added: Hawaii – The Perfect Getaway, and Alaska – 30 Days of Night. 😀

    • Or King Kong. Not really a horror movie, but definitely falls in the monster category.

  • Tim

    I wonder how many horror movie towns exist though because Haddonfield Illinois is not a real town. Halloween was filmed in Pasadena California. Even Rob Zombies versions.

  • Tim

    Kubricks Shining didn’t use the Stanley Hotel either. They filmed it in Oregon so Yeah it’s a cool map but according to where they were filmed inaccurate.

    • MetalNats

      it isn’t about where the movie was FILMED, its about where the movie is SET.

      • Tim

        Unbind your shorts geez. People these days. I said it’s a cool map didn’t I idiot wait let me look…… Yeah after rereading my comment I did say and I quote “IT’S A COOL MAP” there did you see it that time.

        • Joe Kerr

          Convenient how you didn’t quote yourself inaccurately calling it inaccurate though. Which was the part he was correcting.

          • Tim

            Wow such tension amongst all you failed film makers and so called movie buffs. Well your next shitty film, the crazies crap too. Where are the Saw movies, What about Vile or The Human Centiipede? C’mon. And four that matter where is The Last House On The Left? that was one of Craven’s best because of content for the time it was made.

          • Tim

            And there are sequels on the map too not very original…

    • This map is based on where the films took place, not where they were filmed.

      Halloween was obviously not filmed in Illinois, but California.

    • AlanMorlock

      It still takes place in Colorado. The Overlook is fictional, just inspired by the Stanley.

  • JB

    How do you pick The New Daughter over Slither???

  • Wampa Clown

    Near Dark takes place in OK/TX…not KS.

  • Michael Landers

    No Hawaii or Alaska?

  • zach

    Wow, this is awesome.never knew that friday the 13th took place in jersey!

    • Dustin Hulk Drizzle

      Yeah, I knew, but always thought it was funny there was never any kids with “Jersey” or New York accents… they all were pretty much mid-westerners.

      • zach

        We dont really have accents too much actually, north jersey may have a little but thats all Bennys / new yorkers

    • HappyHumanist

      Yup, and filmed there too, at Camp No Be Bos Co. I was actually a Cub Scout when the first movie came out and camped there a number of times. Absolutely the best campfire stories ever — every time a deer stepped on a branch in the woods at night that was “Jason”.

  • FSDetaineD

    Carrie is great and all but to choose it over “IT” for Maine, are you high?

    • cKHAVIKk

      IT was a terrible film, even by TV movie standards.
      Yeah, just you move over Brian DePalma, award winning director!!!!

    • Tim

      It was a TV mini series that’s probably why it wasn’t.

  • dman99999

    yea jeepers creepers was filmed about an hour from me ive seen that old church more then a couple times

  • BlazinGun5024

    I don’t know if I would call An American Crime a horror movie but its very fucked up for a true story.

  • You are forgetting Stir of Echoes was filmed in Chicago, and a majority of my catalog — well Glendale Heights, Illinois caught the brunt of Legend Keeper. I think Wes Craven could had a lot of fun setting one of his movies in Wheaton, Illinois. You have Halloween that put us on the map then you have Charles Beaumont, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, James M. Barlog, John Everson and me all came from this area.

  • Sean Tisdale

    The Fog is wrong – sort of. The original Carpenter film was set in the fictional Antonio Bay, California (it was filmed in Point Reyes, Tomales Bay, and Los Angeles, CA). The remake was set on the fictional Antonio Island, Oregon and was filmed (mostly) on Vancouver Island, Canada.

    • JB

      Yeah I think they were going with the remake. There’s not really many choices for horror movies set in OR. Maybe Spiral?

      • Dustin Hulk Drizzle

        Dr. Giggles was filmed in and I think set in Portland…

  • LastCubScout

    Man, I really wish ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ represented California instead of ‘Scream’.

    • Sean Tisdale

      I’d be happy if Poltergeist was representing California.

    • Or Phantasm and Poltergeist.

    • Chad

      Or Psycho, since 80%+ of that film was set in California, and is one of the grandfathers of the genre.

  • woodchuck

    I’m pretty sure The Evil Dead was supposed to take place in Michigan

    • I know for a fact the cabin was filmed in Tennessee. I don’t recall them ever mentioning Michigan in the movie. I could be wrong.

      • nyonic

        It was actually filmed in Tennessee and Michigan. But yeah, I don’t recall anything being mentioned in the film.

      • dynommoose

        Except for all the Michigan State shirts.

      • the premise is that they are 5 University of Michigan students

        • From what I remember, you never get a sense of where they are. Students are allowed to travel out of state.

    • AlanMorlock

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • …some call me Jack

        The Evil Dead was filmed in a cabin in the TN woods. Some of the move was filmed in Michigan. I think that Bruce Campbell is from Michigan.

        • dynommoose

          Bruce Campbell, Sam Rami, most of the cast (of the original), the entire crew…

        • Dustin Hulk Drizzle

          The Evil Dead focuses on five Michigan State University students: Ash Williams and his girlfriend Linda, accompanied by Ash’s sister Cheryl, their friend Scotty, and his girlfriend Shelly, who venture into the Tennessee hills to vacation in an isolated cabin for their spring break.(Straight from wikipedia) I knew that they were from MSU because of clothing and little things or items. But why would a group of college kids “venture” to the TN woods, when Michigan is pretty damn woodsy? ESPECIALLY out and around the MSU area.

    • Nope Tennessee, unless you mean the recent remake, dont have a clue where it was set

  • Sick_skwerl

    I moved up to Illinois when I was ten and then one day, I noticed that the town I moved to, Braidwood, is on the train map shown near the beginning of Halloween 6.

  • Daniel Sadler

    The Shining was inspired by the Stanley Hotel in Colorado but was supposed to be in New England, right?

    • Glenn S. Robertson

      No. It was one of the few Stephen King stories to not take place in Maine.

      • Daniel Sadler

        Word, went to The Stanley last month..wish I could afford to actually stay there a night.. But had a “Redrum Punch” at the bar. Beautiful place.

  • Vicksburghex

    30 Days of Night took place in Alaska, should have that too

  • JB

    This was a pretty sloppy list.

    • JB

      I’d change…
      Alabama – Laid To Rest, but would maybe consider Dead Birds
      Alaska – 30 Days Of Night
      California – The Howling
      Delaware – Trigger Man (since they’re counting Deliverance)
      Florida – Day Of The Dead
      Georgia – Squirm
      Hawaii – A Perfect Getaway
      Indiana – Bloodrage
      Louisiana – The Beyond
      Michigan – Assault On Precinct 13
      New Mexico – toss up between The HIlls Have Eyes (2006) or Let Me In
      New York – Rosemary’s Baby
      North Carolina – The Descent
      Oklahoma – Bug
      Oregon – Spiral
      South Carolina – Slither
      Washington – The Changeling
      Wisconsin – Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

      • Derek Porter

        Wait. You would replace Amityville horror with rosemary ‘ baby? And did anyone else notice that some how Amityville and Conjuring were placed in 2 different places when the conjuring is an investigation of that house in Amityville NY?

        • JB

          Rosemary’s Baby is way better than Amityville Horror.
          The Conjuring wasn’t an investigation of the Amityville house. The Warrens investigated it earlier in their career.

          • Tim

            Conjuring Rhode Island it was however another Ed and Lorraine Warren case.

      • Tim

        Yeah see what I mean. Where’s Chucky? Where’s Insidious? You got it JB we should all start our own lists. What an influence you are I just watched Crowsnest and Scar both worth watching.

  • Vicksburghex

    A Perfect Getaway takes place in Hawaii

  • …some call me Jack

    I don’t think Pumpkinhead (North Carolina) is accurate. Not that it really matters all that much. The movie was not filmed in NC, and I couldn’t find anywhere that to location of the story was in NC. Was Pumpkinhead just a “filler” because NC was an open slot?

    The movie Cape Fear is based on a true story, that actually took place in NC, and was filmed on location in NC. This would have been a better choice.

    • The Pumpkinhead legend is supposed to take place right where the Hatfield vs McCoy fued was..

      • terfull

        That’s in the Ozarks.

      • Amanda Thompson

        That is at the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. Pikeville, Ky to be exact. That is where I was born and most my family is from.

    • The Annoyed Elephant

      Agreed. I didn’t think Pumpkinhead was right and it’s not. Cape Fear is a MUCH better selection.

      There’s also a bunch of smaller horror flicks filmed near here that might would work. Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever comes to mind.

  • Mike

    Close Encounters is a horror movie? since when?????

    • Glenn S. Robertson

      I think it’s the only thing that was set in Wyoming that comes close to a horror film.

    • vangpo

      I was thinking the same thing. 2012, Unforgiven or Taken in Broad
      Daylight would all be better choices, considering each has elements of
      horror/terror whereas Close Encounters doesn’t really.

  • dynommoose

    I’ve never heard of jingles (perhaps it’s as horror as close encounters), but shouldn’t Michigan be The Evil Dead?

    • Dustin Hulk Drizzle

      Thats what I was saying. And I dont think Jeepers Creepers was in Florida, but other than that he’s pretty spot on.

      • tellicogirl

        Jeepers Creepers was filmed in FL – not far from where I live. Not sure where it was supposed to take place though. So maybe this is also going by film location.

    • Stephen Dean Hayden

      Evil Dead took place in and was filmed in Tennessee.

    • Bruce Hannan

      Think its actually Jingles the Clown (2009)

  • Robert Locascio

    Go back a rewatch A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was set in California. The license plates say California, there are palm trees and they talk about the possibility of an earthquake.

    • Nope, A Nightmare On Elm Street was set in the fictional Midwestern town of Springwood, Ohio..

      • Trioxin83

        can confirm, am Ohioan

      • Robert Locascio

        That’s something made up in late equals, not the original

        • Robert Locascio


      • Robert Locascio

        Doesn’t look much like Ohio.

        • Robert Locascio

          hopefully the pictures show up this time

          • medusasmeow

            That’s just proof of shitty filmmaking. And young Johnny Depp.

          • Robert Locascio


            Q: Springwood is listed as being in Ohio in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. I thought it was in California. Why the change?

            A: The first Nightmare was originally written as taking
            place in a California suburb—though it’s not mentioned in the actual
            film. In the second film, a name is given to the suburb: Springwood. In
            an effort to keep Springwood the typical “small American neighborhood,”
            no state was officially mentioned. It wasn’t until the production of the
            television series Freddy’s Nightmares that Springwood would
            evolve into a singular town in Ohio. New Line executive, and often
            scriptwriter, Michael De Luca placed the town in Ohio as homage to Nightmare creator Wes Craven, who was born in Cleveland. After the series’ run, De Luca wrote Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, which officially placed Springwood in the state of Ohio.

            Again, later sequels established the setting as Ohio, but the original was in California.

    • gore101

      the original halloween was filmed in pasadena, ca

      • Lisa Calabrese

        Again, the map is where the movies take place, not where they were filmed. Halloween takes place in Illinois.

    • SenorApplesauce

      Poor film making doesn’t change where the movie was “set”.

  • Some Person

    The Fog took place in California not Oregon.

  • Keith Case

    The shining was filmed in Oregon at the timberline lodge.

  • Keith Case

    Also the Shining was not filmed in Colorado. It was filmed at a few different movie studios, timberline lodge in Oregon, and a couple locations in Europe.

    • hannahjo28

      The Shining was based in Colorado. This map shows where movies were based. However it was partly filmed in Colorado.

    • Shoone

      I think the map is based on the setting within the movie, not where it was actually filmed

    • April Dawn Ashley Broughton

      The Shining was filmed in the Stadley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. Look it up, I have been there many times. Everyone knows it’s the Shining Hotel!

      • Keith Case

        Incorrect. All the interior filming was in a movie studio. I did look it up. It was a fictional hotel. Exterior as stated before was Timberline lodge in Oregon.

      • BMDenver

        Kubrick’s “The Shining” was almost completely filmed in studios in England. The mountains at the beginning are in Montana. And a couple exterior shots of the hotel are from the Timberline Lodge in Oregon. Stephen King was inspired to write the novel at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The novel and film are set in Colorado, but none of the filming was done there.

        The TV miniseries starring Stephen Weber was partially shot at the Stanley Hotel, however. But I doubt anyone really cares about that version.

    • Harry Palm

      The map shows where the movies take place, not where they were filmed.

  • Guest

    How do you not put Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead in Ohio? Or Day of the Dead in Florida? All three are far more iconic than Jeepers Creepers or even Nightmare on Elm Street.

    • Michael A. Padro

      Because George Romero, the creator of Night of the Living Dead is from Pennsylvania and filmed Night of the Living Dead in Pennsylvania.

    • Formelda Hyde

      Dawn of the Dead 1978 was based in Pittsburg, PA…not Ohio
      Dawn of the Dead 2004 was based in Milwaukee, WI… not Ohio

    • jake

      I disagree. Freddy Kruger is more iconic then Night of the Living Dead, especially to today’s generation. And let’s be honest just the thought of something like Freddy existing is far scarier then an old zombie flick.

    • medusasmeow

      Yes, because there’s no such thing as Freddy Krueger costumes sold every Halloween. Horribly uniconic.

  • jaws was based in MA?

    • William C Rader

      Martha’s Vineyard.

    • medusasmeow


  • Jeff Smart

    The neat thing about this map is that most of the films that were selected as favorites for their state took place in that state. For instance, A Nightmare on Elm Street revealed late in the series that it was in Ohio,
    The Amityville Horror was in New York, Scream in California, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Texas (of course).

  • TheGazeAblaze

    Close Encounters is a horror movie??Yeah,I remember being scared shitless during that one.WTF

  • William C Rader

    Most of Carnival of Souls was filmed in Lawrence Kansas.

    • Chad

      But it’s set in Utah.

  • Alfred Manfred

    Dude. “The Crazies” for Iowa? That’s messed up. What about Children of the Corn?

    • Shaun ‘Gilly’ Gilligan

      Yeah, at the end, when the credits roll, that news reporter is actually a local iowan news reporter

    • James Daniel Massey

      Children of the Corn was filmed in parts of Iowa but based in Nebraska.

  • SF Bane Kid

    Return of the Living Dead wasn’t actually filmed in Louisville, though…

    • Darksaga

      It’s where they were set, not filmed. Although I’m sure some of these were filmed in their respective locations. Also I was pretty depressed the day I found out none of it was shot in Louisville…Not even a tidbit. I live like 20 miles from there.

      • Brian Omer

        Some of it was. they talk about it in ‘more brains’ documentary

        • Darksaga

          I’ll have to check that out. Thanks

        • Darksaga

          I never paid attention before but I just now watched the beginning again and you can clearly see the Louisville skyline while they are driving lol.

    • Brian Omer

      Yea some of it was.

    • Brian Omer

      Checkout ‘more brains’ documentary. they talk about it

  • THIS is going to be my new screen saver…just telling you because I know someBODY cares.

  • evilfairydust

    Terror at Tenkiller? Somebody made a movie about Lake Tenkiller??

  • Sabyen91

    “Packers win the Super Bowl!”

    • Boggy

      Someone on this page is obsessed with the nëgro, homosexuals, and feminists. That person is fat Jeremy.

  • Jim

    Apparently Alaska and Hawaii are pretty boring places.

  • Chad

    Only the first 10 minutes of Psycho were set in Arizona. The rest – and all the Bates Motel stuff – was in California. So that should be fixed. It’s not an “Arizona” film.

  • shay

    The Fog sucked! can’t oregon have a better one than that?

  • Ickey415

    AK = 30 Days of Night, HI = Jaws (the only horrible thing that could ever happen there)

    • Harry Palm

      You’re right about ’30 Days of Night’ but ‘Jaws’ took place in Massachusetts. It’s on the map.

      • Boone

        I think “Jaws: The Revenge” took place in Hawaii? Or it may have been The Bahamas or Jamaica maybe…

  • Chaz Huffman

    pumpkinhead for nc? bad choice

    • medusasmeow

      Dude. Pumpkinhead is awesome.

  • Matthew Moran

    I hate to tell you this, but “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” was not a horror movie, because when I first saw it, I was not scared. I:-(

  • Ryan Conerly

    1. close encounters of the 3rd kind happened in indiana (primarily, though was a world-wide event) and wyoming (devil’s tower)….

    2. the shinging occurred at a ski resort hotel in colorado.

    • Ryan Conerly

      in retrospect. it helps if the map you look at on google has all the states in the right spot… my bad (err, their bad i guess)

  • Ben Gleason

    Ugh. Why do they have the remake of The Fog listed on this map? That movie was one of the worst I have ever seen. John Carpenter’s The Fog took place in CA.

    • Walter J P Dominguez

      You are so right…the only thing that was worth watching in one of the worst remakes of a Horror Movie was the back story of the lepers…

    • Boone

      LOL, I guess the pickings are kind of slim when it comes to movies set in Oregon; Alien Apocalypse, Mr. Brooks, The Woods, Mean Creek to name a few. I guess my choice would go to Elephant, since Badlands is listed for South Dakota…

      • LastCubScout

        I’d choose ‘Coraline’ for the Oregon movie.

  • kurtsteinbach

    Halloween takes place in Hadonfield, NJ….

  • VictorCrowley

    Coulda swore NOES once took place in Springwood, IL.

    • lostboy408

      No, It takes place in Ohio. don’t remember where it was said at the moment. but it’s somewhere

  • Scientific Squirrel

    They missed Alaska 30 Days of Night

  • rabbitwithfangs

    Snowtown, South Australia. I grew up in that area.

  • MarkhamStreet

    “Jingles” my ass! Michigan is Evil Dead!

    • robacchi daze

      they travelled to tennessee in that old car to spend time in an old ass cabin. yep, sounds pretty much like what michiganders do

      • Mike White

        It’s only a 7 hour drive. Or you could drive 7 hours from Detroit and almost be in the upper peninsula.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Map totally sucks. Way better movies could have been selected. Close Encounters was a horror movie? Amityville Horror? Seriously? It never happened, it was just tragic murders by a sick older brother. Scream? Seriously?

    Who made this map? A 5 year old intern?

    • robacchi daze

      if you’re such an authority on the subject, why don’t you make a better map, then?

      • Rebecca Gardner

        That’s a good idea!

    • Shawn Kernen

      Waiting to see your “better” map.

      • Shawn Kernen

        Still waiting….lol

        Is it really taking 2 years to figure out better movies….lol

  • James Rivera

    children of the corn took place in whiting iowa not in nebraska

    • James Daniel Massey

      The original Children of the Corn story and film takes place in Gatlin Nebraska… 🙂

  • JBelle77

    Jeepers Creepers for FL? I thought it was supposed to represent the New Jersey Devil?

    • nocebo3

      It was filmed in Ocala, but I didn’t realize it was set there…

      • JBelle77

        I didn’t think it was supposed to be set in Florida either… The creature reminded me of the NJD so I thought I’d ask/comment…

      • Ian Graham

        If that true, wouldn’t the Shining be for Oregon

    • HoneyTree EvilEye

      Jeepers Creepers is based in Florida, they make that very clear through the entire movie.

  • Guest

    The Fog? Why is that even a thing? Shitty movie, horrible short story — UGH

    • Andres Schiffino

      The Fog was an original screenplay by John Carpenter. Maybe you are confusing it with The Mist?

  • CTobias

    Not that I’m expecting Scientific Method here, but what were the criterion taken into consideration in producing this abortion?

  • Michael Angelo Di Stefano

    Let’s not forget that Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind was in Alaska!

    • Joel

      I was leaning more towards 30 Days of Night

  • Ian Graham

    I would have the Dunwich Horror for Mass.

    • Tyler Keene

      I would identify anything Lovecraft with Rhode Island.

  • James Daniel Massey

    Actually “Psycho” started in Arizona but was mostly in California.

  • apm

    you’re missing two states

  • Mykal Faircloth

    Close Encounters was not a horror movie.

  • Camille Ramirez

    Wouldn’t Alaska be 30 days of night?

  • Reyna Yanez

    It’s just a freaking map! For fun, let it go. It’s not like it has to be accurate, it was made for fun, so just look at it as such and stop over analyzing shit! You people ruin everything!

  • Tim

    I agree “Close Encounters” wasn’t a horror movie to me either the aliens were too friendly. War Of The Worlds fits the Genre better but it probably wasn’t based in that state. And no Bloggers are aloud to blog What is that amendment I learned in high school oh yeah “Freedom of Speech and Expression.” They analyzed a lot to make it why can’t I analyze it to make sure it’s correct. NO SEQUALS

  • BMDenver

    “Badlands” is a horror movie? Since when? Maybe they just didn’t have any other options for South Dakota?

    • James Allard

      Well, sorta… I guess.

  • Andres Schiffino

    It’s weird that a well known state like Hawaii doesn’t seem to have any horror films set in it. The closest I can come up with is, A Perfect Getaway, which is more of a thriller.

  • Mike White

    What is “Jingles”? And should The Evil Dead count for Tennessee or Michigan?

    • disqus_f0m0KOHNzQ

      it’s a crappy killer clown movie

  • Martini

    The original CRAZIES was filmed by George Romero and is shot and takes place in Pennsylvania

  • Jennifer Globe

    Children of the Corn was filmed in Iowa not Nebraska.

    • LaSwampNinja420

      Its not about where it was filmed but more about what the movie is about. Such as Duke’s of Hazard. That is suppose to be a Georgia type of movie but it was mainly filmed in Louisiana.

  • James Baumann

    mr jingles is michigan which dumb it should be “Christine”, 30 days of night should be Alaska, they should also show from dusk til dawn as mexico as well even though its not the usa, and the lost boys or poltergeist should be california

  • Werewolf

    I’d much rather Georgia be known for Zombie Land than Deliverance.

    • Melissa Barbee

      To be fair, Deliverance is much more horrifying. 😉

      • Werewolf

        I’m inclined to agree on just about every level. I’d much rather take my chances with zombies than the guys in those woods.

  • Drew Douglas

    Missouri – represent!

  • If we’re just picking random movies for states then I pick Grumpy Old Men for Minnesota :P.

  • JazzleLove


  • JazzleLove

    can you buy this map?

    • Ridiculous

      You might be able to print out the picture…dunno about quality…

  • praesignis

    Actually, didn’t The Ring take place in Astoria, OR (and not Washington)?

    • taliaann

      The 2nd one did. The first was set in Seattle.

  • crixlee

    Where’s Alaska for 30 Days of Night?

  • hybridm0ments

    Um.. Evil Dead was in North Carolina, not Tenn. but you gave us Pumpkinhead?

  • Frank Marglon

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers for Washington DC, because…..well…..Congress.

  • Erik Christensen

    Jaws didn’t take place in Massachusetts. Yes it was filmed there, but Sheriff Brody’s truck had NY License plates and said “Amity NY” on the side

  • Richard Marcum

    The most obvious problem I see is that The Fog was set in California, not Oregon.

  • Aaron Springer

    How was Idaho Transfer horror?

  • Alex Bertolini

    Amityville <3

  • Kenton Forshee

    Close encounters? Hardly.

  • Mere

    They forgot Alaska. 30 Days of Night.

  • Ben Shevinsky

    All good points, however, the biggest problem on the map is that “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” a movie about a real serial killer, which happened, as well as the movie being set in, and filmed in Texarcana, Texas. The town shows a viewing of the movie every year in a park they built, which is right next to wear two of the bodies were found. I’m not saying it should replace “Texas Chainsaw,” I’m just saying get your states right when it’s a true story.

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