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Abigail Breslin Slam An Ax Into These ‘Final Girl’ Images

Photographer Tyler Shields’ arty slasher Final Girl is finally releasing on VOD platforms August 14th.

Check out the new imagery from Final Girl, which looks absolutely bonkers after four young men’s game of cat and mouse turn on them. Abigail Breslin looks to have a bit of “Hit Girl” going on as she gets mediaeval on these sly foxes.

Abigail Breslin, Alexander Ludwig, Wes Bentley, Logan Huffman, Michael Trevino, Connor Paolo, Francesca Eastwood and Michael Trevino all star.

In Final Girl, “Loner Veronica is new to school, shy and vulnerable the perfect target for a group of teenage boys who lure girls into the woods to hunt and kill them for sport. It’s only after they get her alone that she turns the tables on them, escaping and revealing she’s armed and knows how to defend herself. Little do they know, Veronica is an assassin-in-training, and she’s chosen killing these boys as her final test. When the dust clears, Veronica will find out if she can be the final girl these boys ever have a chance to hurt.



  • J Jett

    i watched this the other day and i pretty much enjoyed it. going by the majority of comments/topics on the IMDB discussion board for the movie most people seem to be not liking this film. i admit the story makes no sense and REALLY big plot points are completely illogical/unrealistic and are never explained, etc. i like Abigail Breslin (she was amazing in MAGGIE) but i think she was miscast in this role of assassin.

    • lion7718

      I fell asleep & didn’t bother finishing it.

  • Stitches

    Cute. So, Bo from Signs and Ricky Fitts are joining forces? 😉

  • Kirby4Ever

    Anyone know the DVD release date?

  • Porty Guil

    she’s really putting on weight

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