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The Overlook Hotel From ‘The Shining’ Gets Turned Into a Gingerbread House

Update: A new album that shows how the house was made was uploaded and can be seen below.

I love seeing family traditions in action. Sure, I may not understand them and their weird ways. But it’s lovely to see a family come together to do something meaningful for them, even if it makes no sense to those around.

When it comes to Aaron and Austin Keeling (the directors of The House on Pine Street), they have a family tradition of making gingerbread houses every year for the holidays. This year’s theme? The Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

Using, “…gingerbread, icing, fondant, candy, and Rice Krispie Treats,” the two crafted an incredibly impressive house that feature multiple iconic moments from the film, including the Grady twins, the bathroom scene, the maze, and more! According to descriptions on the photos, the entire building is nearly 4 feet long! It really is a marvel of fan love.

Check out the gallery below and then let us know if you have any family traditions around the holidays!

Gingerbread Overlook Hotel from 'The Shining'

Making of the Gingerbread Overlook Hotel from 'The Shining'




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