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The Red Band ‘Leatherface’ Trailer in 50+ Images!

Today Bloody Disgusting shared the world exclusive red band trailer premiere for Leatherface, the next installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise that will see an exclusive DirecTV release on September 21, 2017, with a limited theatrical run and full VOD release through Lionsgate revved up for October 20, 2017.

One thing about the trailer is that it’s extremely dark and even when I was looking for a cool screencap to use in the header I was having a difficult time. It’s old-school horror in the sense that Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo aren’t giving anything away and aren’t allowing shots to hang on special effects for too long.  They aren’t allowing our brains to fully process what we’re seeing and that is what makes things scarier in a horror movie. With that, I thought it would be super fun to go through the full HD trailer and pull some screens to share with you. There’s a lot that flashes by in the trailer but can be seen a little better here, including some spoiler-y deaths to Leatherface stitching together his mask. The most glorious shot of all, however, is that of a young boy wearing a giant pig’s mask. Okja, eat your heart out. I’m also obsessing over the footage of Lili Taylor giving a chainsaw as a gift for her son’s birthday. Can’t Wait.



  • Munchie

    Not sure the trailer is that great to warrant this lavish masturbation, but ok.

    • Necro

      HaHa wtf!

    • Saturn

      ***slowly zips up pants with an embarrassed look on face****


  • Neto Ribeiro

    The first photo is the door of Leatherface’s room in the original, where she takes Pam and the others to kill.

  • Darkknight2149

    It looks like they are rebuilding the original Sawyer house, per the first still.–ulHo/maxresdefault.jpg

    • Blade4693

      A light of hope! Lets keep our fingers crossed that they really love TCM and not just trying to lazily cash in on the brand.

      • BooMstick Critique

        They do the directors behind this film are talented an like horror.At the very least this film will be descent.

    • BooMstick Critique

      I thought the trailer looked great.An honestly looks like the most interestign thing ot happen with this franchise since the remake.If this movie is at the very least descent then I will be satisfied.But if its great this could very well be my favorite sequel.Because none of the chainsawsequels have been great thought 2 was good 3 was all right 4 sucked remake was good prequel was ok.And 3d sucked big ones.

      • Darkknight2149

        Yeah, I feel mostly the same. This has been my ranking of the films so far:
        7. The Next Generation – What were they thinking?
        6. Texas Chainsaw 3D – Bad
        5. Leatherface: The Texas Chansaw Massacre III – Some redeemable qualities but mostly bad
        4. The Beginning – Meh. Not terrible but not really “good” either
        3. Part 2 – Good, delightfully deranged dark comedy
        2. 2003 remake – Good
        1. 1974 original – Masterpiece

        • BooMstick Critique

          At the very least this movie will be better then 3d.If its at least descent then im satisfied.What will be the ultimate joke on the studio is if unlike 3d this one is loved by fans an dosent even get a wide release.

  • BooMstick Critique

    Im gettign hyped for this movie it looks like the best sequel but its a prequel lol.If thats the case its a shame it took like 7 movies ot make one great sequel.

    • Saturn

      I dunno, TCM was pretty good in a goofy kinda way (although it took a few viewings for it to click with me – I think I expected it to be “more” due the amount of time it was banned over here in the UK). TCM3 Leatherface is the best of the sequels for me – I like it’s mean spiritness (and again, it was banned for sooooo long over here).
      The remake was pretty good too.

  • Maxime C

    I had lost hope for this movie.
    But the trailer looks good enough for a Chainsaw flick.
    Gonna be better than most of the other failures in the franchise.

  • Luca Vasto

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant wait, Leatherface rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matty Ice 2016

    Direct TV……..The New Name In Horror …..If this film was any good at all, we would have had a Theatrical release…At the same time though, If I ever do watch it on TV, Expectations will be Zero….

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