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French Found-Footage ‘Cold Ground’ Freezes to Death

The lucky ones freeze to death…

Are you ready for a new French nightmare? Cold Ground is allegedly the first French found-footage movie.

The action is set in the 70’s, in the mountains. Melissa and David, two young journalists, leave for the French-Swiss border to investigate a strange case of cattle mutilations and record testimonies. Yet, once they get there, the scientific team they were supposed to meet has gone missing.

Cold Ground stars Gala Besson (Les garçons et Guillaume à table!, Horsehead, Little Gay Boy), Doug Rand (The Transporter, Arthur and the invisibles, Albert est méchant), Phillip Schurer (Black Venus, Ma Femme est une actrice), Geoffrey Blandin (Dead Crossroads, The Wild Diaries), introducing Maura Tillay and Fabrice Pierre.

Filming began in January and will wrap this March.

“It’s been a tough January for the team. We spent most of the month shooting in the snow, in extreme conditions, sometimes in dangerous places, said director Director Fabien Delage. “Shooting in the cold night and day isn’t easy and I’d like to thank the cast and crew for their efforts and involvement. This adventure could not have been possible without them and the result will live up to all our expectations.”



  • J Jett

    the creature design looks pretty good and i’m definitely interested (despite it being a 1st person POV/found footage film) but if the camera work in it is going to be a unwatchable as little bit they showed in this video then fuck off. i wish this was filmed in the traditional style. not to be rude but is the reason why so many movies are made in found footage/1st person POV is because the director’s of most of them don’t know how to film in the traditional style? it really doesn’t seem hard to to shake a camera around and declare it’s a “film”. any 5 year old can do it.

  • Guest

    that poster is such a classic throwback to 803/90s horror!

  • Luke LoCurcio

    that poster is such an AMAZING throwback to 80s/90s horrror! wow

  • Tigernan Quinn

    that poster is such an AMAZING throwback to 80s/90s horrror!

  • brewers_rule

    Yeah, support us because at the new “fair” 75% tax bracket, no one’s left to fund our movie ventures in France.
    This movie reminds me of The Last Broadcast for some bizarre reason. Here’s hoping it turns out better than that Jersey Devil flick did.

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