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‘Fright Night’s’ Tom Holland Bites Into ‘Fresh Blood’

Bloody reader Rob Smith tipped us off to a surprising story over on foreign horror site Aullidos where they break the news on a new vampire film from Fright Night director Tom Holland.

The site reports that Holland has teamed with Extinction writer Juan de Dios Garduño (“And Despite Everything”) on a new vampire pic, Bad Blood, which tells the story of a group of teenage vampires who kidnap a bus driver and his daughter to attend a concert.

He is working with both Holland and Fernando Martin Samper on the screenplay with the aim of creating something in the spirit of eighties-style Lost Boys and Fright Night.

The plot perfectly sets up an 80’s-esque horror drama, but I’m not sure about Holland as a director anymore. The last feature he got behind the camera for was nearly 20 years ago… the 1996 Thinner.




  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    I don’t know man…Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales was some whack shit…

  • EvilHead1981

    Well, let’s see if Holland still remembers how to do an 80s-style horror movie. If anything, I think horror directors from the 80s might “know” how to do the 80s-style more than some of the guys out there now claiming their movies are 80s-style(*cough*Hatchet, Gingerclown, Lost After Dark*cough*).

  • hacknslash

    Im down! I love Fright Night and Childs Play. Ill definitely check this shits out

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