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‘Avenged’ Director Battles ‘The Russian Bride’!!

One of my favorite independent films from the past few years in Michael S. Ojeda‘s Crow-esque Avenged, which featured stunning camerawork, cinematography and excellent choreography.  According to the film’s Facebook page,  filming is underway in Flint, Michigan on Ojeda’s The Russian Bride, about a Russian woman (Oksana Orlan) who travels to America with her daughter (Kristina Pimenova) to marry a reclusive billionaire (Corbin Bernsen), who turns out to be a madman and sends their lives spiraling into a living hell.

As stated above, the film described as a mix between The Shining and Misery, stars Corbin Bernsen (“Psycho”, The Dentist), Oksana Orlan, and Kristina Pimenova.

Check out a promotional trailer to go along with a cool piece of art and some stills from the first few days of photography.



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