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Poe Coming This July

Coming this July is Boom Comic’s Poe. A story about the author himself fighting against the supernatural. This seems to be somewhat in the same vein of the Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft. I’m pretty excited for this and really hope for the best. More info after the break.
poe He created Horror. Find out how horror created him! In this pulse-pounding issue Poe must rescue his brother and his brother’s wife from The Red Death! But when The Red Death offers to bring Poe’s wife Virginia back to life in exchange, will Poe make the right choice? Supernatural adventure for in the vein of Millennium and Hellboy!

Written by J. Barton Mitchell, art by Dean Kotz, covers by J.K. Woodward and Jeffrey Spokes. 24 pages, $3.99.



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