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KILLER GRAPHICS #5: Interview With Artist Brandon Heart!

What really gets me sometimes about the Killer-Graphics column is just how many people I come into contact with whose work I already own. A very good example of this is horror and macabre artist Brandon Heart, who only after my interviewing him did I realize that I’ve worn 3 of his designs in my time. So for those of you who would like to get inside the head of another of the industries’ top artists read on beyond the break for another action* packed installment of Killer-Graphics!

*action not included, some restrictions may apply, valid to Mars residents only, please consult a doctor before using, do not read with alcohol or while pregnant.

THEoDEAD:” First of all thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. I’ll ask you the same question I ask of everyone before I jump into these interviews, what’s your “origin story”? How did you get into the field of t-shirt designs? Why horror as an aesthetic?

Brandon Heart:”I think it started as just being very into music and wanting to do band merch so that I could be part of the music more. I grew up on horror movies as a kid so it just seems like death and gore come really easy to me and there seems to be a fairly large market for it, plus I have always been really into the death metal scene and the two go hand in hand. ”

THEoDEAD:” Growing up was horror something that you were really into? How did you get into the genre? What films influence your art?

Brandon Heart:”As a kid I was really into horror films. I was completely infatuated with the Friday The 13th movies and any of those classics from the 80’s stuff like The Thing, Texas Chainsaw, Day of the Dead, I couldn’t get enough. Luckily I had cool parents that would let me watch those kinds of things. It has definitely stuck with me over the years and probably one of the biggest influences on my artistic style. ”

THEoDEAD:” You’ve created some very epic pieces for “Zombie Liquorice” in the past. How did you get paired with the company? What is it like doing these designs?

Brandon Heart:”ZL hit me up when they where first starting out, before they released their first line. I had no idea what would become of them so it’s been really cool watching them grow and become successful. They always have some interesting ideas for me and they aren’t afraid to let me experiment and try new things which is great for any artist. Although I haven’t met the guys in person I believe we come from similar interests and backgrounds so that makes for a good working relationship. The quality of the final product is always spot on as well. It’s important to me to have the integrity of the art preserved. ”

THEoDEAD:” One of the shirts you designed for “Zombie Liquorice” is called “Twilight” and it depicts a zombie eating a vampire. I have to ask you since it’s a personal favorite: what was the inspiration there?

Brandon Heart:”That was actually an idea from Jason(ZL). He will usually give me a loose idea and I just run with it. To me it depicts the zombies obvious superiority over the vampire, especially after all this Twilight garbage has brought down the entire vampire genre. ”

THEoDEAD:” When it comes to designing horror t-shirts how do you approach the projects? How do you decide what you think people will want to wear?

Brandon Heart:”I always try to push myself further with each piece and try different techniques. I’m not really concerned that much with what people want to wear because I think that this kind of stuff has it’s own audience and as long as the art is done well people will be into it. However I do try and think of imagery that is fresh and exciting, something people haven’t seen a hundred times before. ”

THEoDEAD:” Do you have any projects coming up we should know about? This is your chance at a cheap plug! Haha

Brandon Heart:”I’ve been working hard on some pretty big projects that hopefully I can post soon. Finally working on getting a legit website together and hopefully I will be starting to put a book of my artwork together soon. ”

THEoDEAD:” Gotta ask before you go: Freddy VS Jason-who wins?

Brandon Heart:”Gotta go with Jason on that one!”

Everyone here at would like to thank Brandon for the interview. For those of you who would like to check out more of Brandon’s work, or buy some of his designs, be sure to head on over to, or you can visit him on his DeviantArt Page. Also be sure to keep it locked here at Graphic Content as we bring you another awesome interview next week!



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