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Werewolves on the Moon #2 Out This Wednesday

Once again proving my theory that werewolves are making a comeback…Dark Horse comics are bringing out issue 2 of Werewolves on the Moon this week. It’s a pretty fun comic and it should be since it’s astronaut werewolves fighting the king of the vampires on the moon. More info after the break…
Weremoon It’s not easy being the King of the Vampires. Especially when you’re living on the Moon. Sure you’re safe on the dark side with plenty of time to plan your vampire invasion of Earth, but it’s the little things that really ruin what would otherwise be an ideal situation. Like the fact that your choice of bride is the Captain of the Moon Patrol and would sooner drive a stake through your heart than become your wife. Or the sudden appearance of three werewolves named Ted, Jeff, and Stan who are causing general mayhem and threatening to turn the entire human population of the Moon into one huge, snarling, fur-covered roadblock on your road to total lunar domination. It can all get to be a bit much. It really makes you wonder why you even bother to get out of the coffin in the evening.



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