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City of Dust – Why Aren’t You Reading This?

I’ve recently come across the first 2 issues of City of Dust, a series that until this time was under my radar. But as soon as I started reading issue #1 and saw gore, jetpacks, werewolves and 1984-like totalitarian government; I furiously read both issues. Here’s a visual aide for what you should expect:
The story is about a cop from the future where imagination is outlawed. His beliefs start to bend after a couple freak occurrences of unexplainable murders happen. Could these murders be done by stuff of imagination?…

With writing by Steve Niles(30 Days of Night,) and art by Zid, I think Radical publishing really has something on their hands. Issue 1 and 2 are already out, with issue 3 coming out early next month. So if you felt Blade Runner or Minority Report needed more monsters and gore, this comic was made for you.



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