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Radical’s Detective Exorcist Returns In ‘Hotwire: Deep Cut’!

Today it was announced that publisher Radical Publishing would be releasing a new arc in its popular “HOTWIRE” series with “DEEP CUT” this July. For those of you that haven’t heard of the exploits of Alice Hotwire, I think that to sum it up I’ll just borrow a line from the first arc: “Alice Hotwire is a detective exorcist with implants. Most people don’t like her, but she gets her job done.” Interested yet? Inside you can see the cover for the first issue and get the full synopsis. Read on for the skinny. “Alice Hotwire is a very intelligent detective exorcist who is working at the Metro Police Station in London. As a detective exorcist she has to fight against ghosts. She can be considered as to be very quick on the uptake because she is able to use her intelligence to defeat ghosts even when her weapons do not work on them. Unfortunately, her extreme intelligence makes her arrogant, so that she is very unpopular among her colleagues. But also normal people do not like her very much which often leads to her being in trouble.”

CREATED BY: Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis

“Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire is back! After the events of Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead, the city’s only supernatural investigator is taking some much needed R&R. But when a Blue Light from her colored past appears in front of her door, it sparks a series of events that lead Hotwire and Mobey across the city attempting to stop the results of a secret government project from turning the city into another living nightmare. With backup from Coroner Love and Metro Police, can Hotwire and Mobey save the day one more time? Join groundbreaking creator/writer/illustrator Steve Pugh for a glimpse into Alice Hotwire’s past and peer through a gateway into her future.”

“HOTWIRE: DEEP CUT” Issue #1 (Of 3) Drops This July From Radical Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)



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