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Adam Wingard’s ‘Death Note’ Is Now a Netflix Movie!

After Warner Bros. put the film in turnaround, Netflix is getting behind Death Note, which it to be directed by Adam Wingard.

Wingard has been on a tear after helming the micro-indie Pop Skull, having got behind the camera for my A Horrible Way to Die, Bloody Disgusting’s V/H/S and V/H/S/2 as well as You’re Next, The Guest and Cinemax’s upcoming “Outcast”.

Actress-singer Margaret Qualley (pictured below) is starring opposite male lead Nat Wolff.

The story follows a student who discovers a mysterious notebook that kills whomever’s name is written in it. When the student meets the notebook’s previous owner, a demon bent on ridding the world of anyone it deems evil or useless, he ends up tracked by an Interpol officer investigating the unexplainable deaths of several criminals.

Wingard is directing with a script by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four). Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka are producing, with Doug Davison and Brian Witten executive producing.

Filming begins this June.



  • Daniel Baldwin

    Netflix tends to allow people full creative control, which is why Ayer/Smith took Bright over there. This is an upgrade, as far as I’m concerned.

  • RidleyScott

    I’d like to show all of my haters love

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m bummed that it won’t be in theaters, but I’m glad it’s getting made.

  • Dallas Burns

    Should I be worried that Jeremy Slater is writing the script for this?

    • Kruger

      No. He wrote original FF script that is awesome. The thing that was released was patched up and rewritten way too many times by way too many talentless hacks.

      You can find his script called Man of Tomorrow. It is very good.

  • Toby Townrow

    I started reading a script for this that’s been knocking around the internet for a while. It was fucking terrible.

  • What’s My Point?

    The anime of this was great. They already did a live action English dubbed version that was distributed in the US in 2007, which from what I hear was fairly decent. Why do we need this one? I like Adam Wingard’s films, but not sure why he is focusing on this project when there are probably other things he could be doing. Netflix must have money to burn chasing after “original” content.

  • Robert a Bb

    anything they try to REMAKE in America that was already made in Japan is never any good compared to the original. Ju-on from japan is way better then the Americans GRUDGE. same with RUNGU- THE RING. OK i mean i guess its unfair to say ALL of their remakes aren’t good i know i haven’t seen everything.

  • Elsa Falcon

    Hollywood, no! stop trying to “improve” movies by remaking them, you just keep making us fans angry. Just stop.

  • mph23

    I’ll stick with the anime. Which is on Netflix right now.

  • mph23

    Incidentally, if you want to make some ‘new’ horror/creepy shit, why is no one attempting to do /good/ cthulhu mythos movies or series? OK, we got some nice surprise things from HBO’s 1st season of True Detective…
    There’s an untapped goldmine there. A horror ‘expanded cinematic universe’ waiting to be done by decent screenwriters and directors who take it seriously.

  • Peter Johnson

    Only if L is in it. If they fuck his role up, there will be no forgiveness

  • Flurdt007

    God damn it 🙁

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