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Interesting New Detail On the ‘Ghostbusters’ Logo Spook, Rowan

We broke the news during Toy Fair that Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters would feature a ghost that looks exactly like the logo spook tied to the storied franchise.

His name is Rowan, and “SNL” veteran Neil Casey will be playing the character.

But before he’s full of ectoplasm, Rowan is allegedly HUMAN. According to the press release for new Funko action figures, the character is being referred to as “Rowan’s Ghost.”

Rowan is allegedly a convicted murderer who turns into a ghost after his execution is hit by a supercharged electrical storm. This gives him the power to raise an army of other ghosts, which could be made up of famous villains throughout history.

This idea is echoed in the “Ghostbusters” video game, in which Civil War vets haunt a museum.

In theaters July 15th, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones will be strapping on newly designed proton packs to save New York.



  • Grandpa Fred

    “Hey super interesting check it out Ice Cube is in the new Ghostbusters etc.” I know I make fun of this a lot (and in doing so am letting you guys know it’s still a problem) but seriously, is it ever going to get fixed?

    • Geno1987

      Ice Cube when he’s mad is scarier than any ghost.

      • Bludy_st00l

        i aint afraid of no spook

  • Dr. Gitrog Crow

    I really don’t like the fact they have a cartoony dumb ghost as a villain. Really takes me out of the entire setting.

    • Michael_Ponder_JR

      Yes cause a giant Cartoony marshmallow man is totally different….

      • Dr. Gitrog Crow

        Yeah it is. Stay Puffd is a construct.

        • Michael_Ponder_JR

          *face palms*

          • Dr. Gitrog Crow

            Stay-Puft is the physical embodiment of a cartoon character. The killer guy is spirit of a deceased individual. Ghosts in this canon at least looks facial similar to a human.

  • Octavia

    Sounds a lot to myself like the plot behind the 80’s Horror movie ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

    The more I hear about this movie, the more it sounds to me like Feig was concentrating so much on making his film PC and empire-building (planning a franchise, multiple tie-in products) that he rather forgot the need to make a good movie that people would be interested in spending their money on to go watch.

    …talk about putting the cart before the horse.

    • Creepshow

      90’s horror movie ‘Ghost in the Machine’ 😉

      • Octavia

        Mea culpa; as IMDB says you are correct. Seems longer to me for some reason?

        • Creepshow

          It was just nice to see a Ghost in the Machine reference pop up in discussion. I saw it in the theater. I still love the post crash test scene. With the hand dryer mishap in the men’s room. Thanks, great reference!

  • Darth_Siskel

    Actually sounds kinda cool

  • Midaroco

    Why the fuck do you bother putting images or vids up if you insist upon slapping ads over them?!?! This site has seriously gone to shit. There is ZERO QA control. Are your coders checking their work?!

  • Momma June Bug

    Sounds like garbage

  • Daniel Jake

    This is going to be such a flop

  • Theorn

    Hopefully Feig’s career goes down with this disaster of a stunt.

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