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Nancy Had a Sibling?! Rare ‘Elm Street’ Deleted Scene Changes the Game

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street has been released countless times on home video, most recently as part of a 5-disc collection that brought together the entire original franchise on Blu-ray. But not all the special features from previous releases were ported over for that Blu-ray, notably a series of deleted scenes that have mostly flown under the radar over the years.

Back in 1996, Elite Entertainment gave A Nightmare on Elm Street a Collector’s Edition Laserdisc release, and that was the very first time the aforementioned scenes were made available to the public. The scenes, running just a few minutes total, were subsequently found on a Collector’s Edition VHS of the classic film, but oddly enough, haven’t really been seen or heard from since.

And one of those scenes, well, it’s a HUGE game-changer.

In the original films, we learn the backstory of Freddy Krueger through an exchange between Nancy Thompson and her mother Marge, wherein Marge explains to Nancy that she and the other Elm Street parents took the law into their own hands and murdered Krueger. The brief scene, which takes place in the Thompson basement, ends with Marge showing Nancy that she still possesses Freddy’s murder weapon of choice, and then cuts to a phone conversation between Nancy and Glen.

But the expository basement scene is a bit longer in the extended version that Craven originally shot, and it includes a key bit of information that was left on the cutting room floor. Shortly before she busts out the glove, Marge tells Nancy that Freddy had years prior killed the sibling she never knew about, and he had done the same to Glen, Rod and Tina’s siblings.

You weren’t always an only child,” Marge tells a visibly shaken Nancy.

The additional dialogue serves to better explain why Marge and Donald were directly involved in the killing of Fred Krueger, and it also adds an emotional new layer to the ongoing battle between Nancy and Freddy – she wasn’t just trying to survive, she was also trying to get revenge for the murder of the sibling Freddy took away from her.

Rarely do deleted scenes change this much about the entirety of the story being told in a film, and the fact that this one hasn’t been included on the majority of A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s home video releases makes it one we wanted to bring to your attention. It’s likely that many of you reading this have already seen it, but if you haven’t, you can check out the game-changing deleted scene below.



  • Francesco Falciani

    Holt Shit! i didn’t know that. COOL!

  • Seamus

    That scene is actually on Blu-ray release – I think it’s in “focus points” feature…

  • Blade

    That is pretty cool, it’s odd that nobody mentioned that in Never Sleep Again. Idk how much it changes though because if it was removed from the final product then that to me signifies its not canon or an official part of the story even if it was originally intended to be.

    Still a cool find though, i am suprised that I am just now hearing about this lol

  • Nick Blackford

    It makes sense that the parents would retaliate in a more aggressive way if they’d already lost a child to Freddy as a child killer. It also gives a little more depth to Marge having a drinking problem. Seems a shame to me that this was cut out.

    • John Squires

      Right? It really adds SO MUCH to the story, and would’ve added less than a minute to the run-time. Really wish they kept it in.

  • Kyle Ord

    I actually knew this already

    It must be Ina bluray or something because I know this and have seen the scene

    I Consider it “old news” but aperently it seems more people haven’t seen it, so, glad it’s getting reported on.

  • Eastman420

    I like it, think they should of kept it in….

  • Pax Romano

    WOW! Just this brief addition adds an entire new wrinkle to the story. I wonder why It was cut? I mean, it adds much more to the story, and shows why the parents were so hell bent on killing Kruger (funny how they never use the term “molester”, though I am sure that was also part of the original story). I have often flet that Marge Thompson is the unsung heroine of ANOES, she knows the reality of the situation and she knows that she and the others killed Fred. Granted, she can not comprehend that her daughter is being haunted in her dreams by a phantom, so she takes sensible steps like putting bars on the windows – she is trying to deal with the situation the way any reasonable person would – as for her alcoholism, well, who can blame her? She lost a child to a murderer, lost a husband to divorce, raised her remaining child as a single mother, and had to deal with the fact that she and the other parents murdered someone (no matter how guilty that person was).

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    Nice way to go back and do a prequel to the original franchise, huh? 😀 <3

  • James

    I’m really surprised they cut this out

  • pablitonizer

    This could be a great prequel for ANOES, the story of Nancy’s little brother or sister trying to get away from Freddy Kruegger, a real child-style horror prequel: “Before the nightmare, there was torment”

  • Uter

    Good thing they cut this scene. As we all know, horror movies often suffer from TOO MUCH story.

  • ANOES is my favorite horror franchise! I want and I need a good sequel to finish the Freddy Krueger story.


    I don’t think I ever heard this mentioned even on Never Sleep Again documentary

  • AdamX

    Seeing this, the siblings of the original Elm Street kids ending up as the Dream Warriors or at least aiding them somehow would’ve been pretty cool.

  • Adam Clifton

    old news

  • Dr. Decker

    could have added a lot.
    so the question is why did craven choose not to use it.

  • Mark Lepine

    I still have the double VHS collectors edition.

    • kerinda

      me too I never give that away ever its a Rare VHS!

  • LoveAnimation

    I dont understand why they remove important scenes like this from movies and its not like making a movie a little longer really matter or changes anything in a bad way at all.
    The way Saruman died in the Lord Of The Rings Movies is another important scene for the story it was stupid to remove for example.

  • Crashbanksbuysilver .

    This should have stayed in the movie.

  • Dave Humphrey

    I would have had it freddy been obsessed with Nancy then finding out he was her father Marge could have had affair with him been knowing what Freddy was really like. But this sounds better finding out that he killed her sibling

  • Evan3

    I wish they would have kept that in. It actually adds more moral ambiguity to the parent’s decision and absolutely justifies their decision to keep Nancy in the dark about Freddy Kreugger. I’d love some commentary on the decision to pull this (alas, with Craven RIP, I doubt this will come to pass).

    • Evan3

      Also, it’s interesting, but Craven seemed really interested in parents avenging their children. Obviously Last House is the most overt example, but the (SPOILERS) killer in Scream 2 was Loomis’ mom. And now this – showing that Craven liked this theme all the way back in his first feature.

  • marklola12 .

    it changes NO game, they deleted the scene because they did not want the sibling story…if it was not in the movie or mentioned then it changes nothing at all
    plus it would have made no sense at all, fred kruger was killed when they were small…BUT not small enough that they would have not remembered having a brother or sister

    • The scene would’ve added a lot to the movie. (1.) It would suggest that Freddy is given life in death b/c of the parent’s guilt over what they did. (2.) It would explain why Saxon and Blakely are divorced. (3.) it would explain why Blakely is an alcoholic (4.) It would explain why Blakely gets the bars on the windows (5.) why Freddy goes after Blakely when he’s set on fire in the real world (6.) how the parents seem to know what’s going on, but refuse to acknowledge it. — Etc. etc.

      • ALearnedDoctor

        I think most of your points are already explained because they totally killed a guy.

        Sure it adds more motivation to why every parent banded together but for the Thompson’s everything that happened afterwards still makes sense.

      • FrankFontaine108

        Wait, Nancy’s parents were divorced?? lol I never caught that.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Would’ve been an interesting plot add-on, but ultimately changes nothing. Kids were being killed, authorities failed at their job, parents took justice into their own hands, Freddy returns after death and carves everyone up. Nancy once having a sibling doesn’t alter any of that.

  • The Chickapedia

    I loved this deleted scene. I got the special edition double vhs on ebay a few years back, then I got Robert Englund to sign it. (He loved it, and was like “whoa! retro!”)

  • DarkBree

    Wow, this is interesting. I wonder why they cut it, it’s such a small scene and it would add a lot in the movie.

  • baghutch

    I think it was cut because if Freddy is killing specific children of parents who killed him, they can’t do a sequel if they’re all dead. This way Freddy can go to the next set of kids/dreams.

    It’s a great little bit, though.

    • chien_clean

      Well why would the parents want to burn him if nothing happened to their children?

      • baghutch

        I think vengeance for the people who’s kids he did kill would be enough. You know, keep him off the streets by putting him in the ground.

  • jomes99

    Just because their first child was murdered, why would they try to hide/erase the memories of that child? That’s the part that doesn’t make sense and Wes Craven probably realized that during viewing/editing. People don’t block out a lost child (unless they really didn’t like them, but they killed Freddy over them, so they must have liked them).

  • Benoit Balls

    “Game changer.” Ha, ha. Okay. Fucking nerd.

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