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Artist’s Watercolor Horror Movie Posters Will Melt Your Mind!

Thanks in no small part to the many limited edition posters, collector’s edition Blu-rays, and must-own vinyl soundtracks constantly being released by companies like Mondo and Scream Factory, fan-made horror movie art has become more popular than ever before in recent years. Those releases are often adorned with stunning visuals that essentially beg us fans to bust out our credit cards, and they’ve helped to usher in what I can only describe as a golden age for seriously badass alternate horror movie art.

None more badass, I assure you, than the art we’re showing off today.

Wisconsin-based artist Christopher Shy specializes in fantasy and sci-fi artwork that is quite unlike the output of any other artist. Shy, who founded Studio Ronin in 1994, has worked for companies like Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, and Lionsgate, illustrating countless books and graphic novels, and he gained cred here in the horror community when he whipped up the concept art for Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th remake. It’s not hard to see why Nispel chose him to help redesign Jason Voorhees, because Shy has a knack for giving bold new life to horror favorites.

By now you’ve seen countless posters for movies like Alien, Ghostbusters, and The Thing, but we can promise that you have NEVER seen art like this before. Ready to have your mind blown? Check out a gallery of Christopher Shy’s gorgeous movie posters below!

You can also purchase several of these right here.

Alien 2



Escape from NY

Friday the 13th

Fury Road


Halloween 3

The Fog

The Thing



  • J Jett

    these are fucking GORGEOUS!!! incredible!

    • K-Dogg

      They truly are…I want The Thing poster NOW !!!

      • J Jett

        i want them all! 🙂

  • Mehliens

    Some are really good. The Ghostbusters one is way too dark and the only one that is totally missing the mark :/

    • Mehliens

      Also the Blair thing looked way more scary in the film, So many artists overdo monster design nowadays. Its supposed to be fleshy and contorted not looking like a monster from a video game.

  • Richter Belmont

    How I wish film studios would hire artists like this guy to do their movie posters instead of the Photoshop hacks they usually employ nowadays.

    • J Jett

      Richter, i agree w/ you 10000000000000%!

  • That’s watercolor? Omg that’s impressive. Makes my artwork look like child’s play.

  • Unholy Christ those are impressive. And he’s definitely on to something with the F13 poster. How to make Jason terrifying again? He kills in the nude. Presumably with a huge erection.

  • Lirabelle

    This guy needs to be hired to design movie posters YESTERDAY. Get on that, studios.

    That first Alien poster is stunning, and perfectly captures the macabre and somehow beautiful nature of the film.

  • CaseX


  • Justin

    “Thanks in no small part to the many limited edition posters, collector’s edition Blu-rays, and must-own vinyl soundtracks constantly being released by companies like Mondo and Scream Factory, fan-made horror movie art has become more popular than ever before in recent years.”

    Yes. But the primary reason it has become more popular than ever is because the state of the “official” poster industry is at an absolute creative nadir.

    Unlike official posters of decades past, there is no longer any creativity or imagination in marketing material. It all based off the same photoshopped templates that all the studios copy off each other from – focusing on little more than the actor’s faces and having no real thematic connection to the material or offering any sense of mystery.

  • kelly forbes

    Very pleasing designs. The Alien especially.
    These aren’t water colours though. These are digital paintings.

  • Steve Oliveri

    Chris’s work can be purchased as prints at

  • Jared Moraitis

    I’m curious as to why the headline mentions that these are watercolor paintings. These seem to be very clearly digital paintings, especially as quite a few of them incorporate movie stills. I cannot find any confirmation on the artists page that he works in watercolor, which would make sense because I don’t think you can even achieve technique and effect such as those on display here with watercolor paints without a heavy degree of digital assistance and manipulation.

    • leftylimbo

      I agree. The artist is talented without a doubt, but I also visited the artist’s/studio website and there isn’t any mention as to what media/techniques were used. Great effects and composition nonetheless..

      • Wiizzy Wiig

        If you check out the “History” page at Studio Ronin it does mention that he has worked with tempera, colored pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder medium but usually egg yolks. Has similar translucency as watercolor but slightly more opaque. I can’t confirm the pieces on this page are done that way but it sure looks like it. Maybe mixed media? with a little photoshopping at the end? Still, the work is beautiful.

        • leftylimbo

          Thanks for the info! =)

  • Halloween_Vic

    Regardless these are STUNNING! Great job.

  • suffering

    soooo beautifuuuuuulllll!!!!

  • cKHAVIKk

    Every one of these is fantastic.
    The F13th one has Jason looking a bit like the Lord Humungus, though…

    • Omnis Odium

      and Jason didn’t look like that until Pt 3

  • PO Andriot

    i love them all but i dont recognize the one beneath Beetlejuice ?? Can someone give me a hint ? :0

    • Tony Polley

      Escape from New York

      • PO Andriot

        thanks a lot !

  • Serhiy Krykun

    Hey! Whom do I kill to get featured here? 😀

    • gabriel

      a newborn baby is a good start. A baby that won’t stop crying

  • onlyomen

    y does the painting of friday the thirteenth make the character look like he’s naked..interesting turn on the movies if you are so inclined I guess lol

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Incredible! The first Alien-Poster and The Fog are must-haves!

  • I Am Colossus

    Halloween 3 was the best one, they’re all pretty cool. I’m not really feeling the direction of the Ghostbusters poster though. Still awesome work

  • Omnis Odium

    Should be Friday the 13th Pt 3…

    Just saying.

    • William Anderson

      Not if it was for the remake.

  • CapedBaldy

    So uh I need to buy some prints here

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