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‘Tank 432’ Gets Described as ‘Dog Soldiers’ Meets ‘Jacobs Ladder’ (Images)

Bloody Disgusting has the first batch of images to go with the previously released trailer and poster for Tank 432 (A.K.A Belly of the Bulldog), which is screening at Marché du Film Festival de Cannes and coming to UK DVD August 22, 2016.

Described as Dog Soldiers meets Jacob’s Ladder (does this mean it’s a werewolf movie?!), Tank 432 was executive produced by the great Ben Wheatley, best known for Kill List, Sightseers and the upcoming High-Rise, not to mention the awesome ABC’s of Death short.

From director Nick Gillespie, the thriller about a band of mercenary soldiers battling to escape a mysterious, unseen enemy.

On the run and with nowhere to hide, a group of soldiers and their two prisoners take cover from a mysterious enemy inside an abandoned military war tank. Whilst they try to keep the forces outside at bay, secrets are uncovered and little do they realise the real enemy is already among them, locked inside Tank 432.

TANK 432



  • Grimphantom

    It does look interesting so i might give it a shot!

  • poopsadaisy

    I don’t think the Dog Soldiers comparison necessarily implies werewolves so much as the idea of a group of soldiers being trapped in a small space together due to a supernatural enemy outside

  • Harbottle64

    Ben Wheatley and Gordon “The Borderlands” Kennedy? I’m in!

  • Mr. Dry

    Seems pretty interesting.

  • could be good

  • Un Gsund

    The guy from Kill List? Im in!

  • Satanzilla

    A military war tank?

    How about an armoured combat war military tracked battle tank vehicle?

    Or just a “tank?” There aren’t military peace tanks, or civilian war tanks, so no need to distinguish.

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