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‘The Crow’ is Taking Flight Once Again and Here’s Who May Play Eric Draven…

Alex Proyas’ The Crow was one of my favorite movies growing up, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it hasn’t aged well. In fact, I’m sort of hoping that it gets remade and is even more faithful to James O’Barr’s awesome comic book.

Relativity has been developing a fresh take on The Crow for years, which has seen various directors and actors attached to the project. Now, after escaping bankruptcy (in some capacity that I’ll never full understand), The Crow is looking to take flight once again.

The good news is that The Hallow‘s Corin Hardy is allegedly still attached, with the fresh report (over at Mashable) also citing that Jason Momoa, the “Game of Thrones” alum who plays Aquaman in the upcoming DC comics films, is in talks to star.

Momoa posted a photo of himself with Hardy several days ago on Instagram with the hashtags #sealthedeal, #greatnewstocome and #dreamjob. The Crow is the only movie that Hardy is known to be currently casting.

Multiple people close to the project confirm to the site that Momoa is in talks to play the role, and has figured out a way to work it around his Aquaman duties.

Many people have been attached as the lead role of Eric Draven, such as Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston, although all have since moved on since the film has been through such a tumultuous history.

The Crow follows Eric Draven, who returns from the dead to track down his killers and avenge his murdered fiancé with the help of a mystical bird.




  • Darkness69

    “Hasn’t aged well”? What the hell are you talking about? There must be some delusions-inducing gas leak over there at BD hq.

  • ScabieBaby

    Jason Momoa lol. Terrible actor. The original version sucks ass too.

    • Jessi

      Your face sucks.

      • ScabieBaby

        Thanks, so does your mom.

  • IhopeLinneaQuigleyisinit.

    May Linea can play Draven…

  • Matt

    The Crow staring Brandon Lee (RIP) was a excellent movie that has aged just fine in my opinion. I have no particular problem with them rebooting/re-making this. I can’t be any worse than the other three sequels, can it? (The Crow: Salvation was somewhat passable) Khal Drogo in the lead role might be interesting. However I doubt they will ever make one that tops the original.

    • Weresmurf

      In todays ultra-liberal gender swapped world, we’ll get Melissa McCarthy playing the role no doubt in the end.

      • Matt
      • Rae

        I don’t see how that would be a bad thing, entirely, considering that the franchise have seen a couple females created – Iris Shaw, Hannah Foster and Amy Carlisle. Hell, in The Crow: Curare, it’s a little girl named Carrie.

        • Weresmurf

          Except creating a storyline based on a female that comes back is one thing but gender swapping to say “Erica” Draven would be another.

        • Deadred

          I would love to see a Crow movie based on Iris. She was one kick ass and brutal agent of vengeance!

  • Jay

    The Crow is a classic and has aged perfectly fine! No need for a remake…..

  • Shane Jones

    i think a remake could work but you know studiosare going to pg-13 this

  • CB Punk

    Jesus every couple of years with this bullshit.

    • Weresmurf

      Every few months now! This birds had its wings clipped!

  • Petey Pete

    if you think it’s aged badly then you’re watching it wrong

  • Rae

    The Crow has been my favorite movie since Summer 1997. I watch it twice a year, March 31st and October 30th. I have god knows how many things collected that have to do with it.

    However, I do have to agree with Brad on it not aging well. I can still tap into that and angst that drew me in as a teenager and keep from getting bored. It’s the fact that it clicked with me at a deep level that’s kept it in my heart. But objectively, it’s cheesy as fuck and cringeworthy at times.

    It needs to be freshened up, if anything for a whole new potential audience in addition to the one who has clung passionately to it for over 2 decades. If it can actually be even more faithful to the comic than the original, even better.

    • Alex

      Can u explain why you think it hasn’t aged well?

      • Rae

        Parts of the dialogue seem cheesy and almost hokey to me now. Plus some of the CGI was eh, but CGI was still relatively new, so it’s understandable. It does seem incredibly dated in the look as well. But, this is just my opinion and it still sits at my #1 favorite spot nearly 20 years after I first saw it.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Why do you watch on march 31?

      • Creepshow

        Brandon Lee died on March 31st.

      • Rae

        In Memoriam. It was something I started in 1998 and now it’s a tradition for me.

        • Matt

          Very cool. I too hold Brandon’s memory in high regard. I’ve often wondered what could have been. This role would’ve really changed his career, were it not for that horrible accident. So very, very sad.

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    Count me among those who think the film has aged very well.

    Also, there’s a profound and genuinely heavy poignancy to the film that will never be replicated due to Lee’s untimely and tragic death. The irony that The Crow’s underlying thematic is the acceptance of death given that Brandon died filming it – while a crushingly sad coincidence – is also what gives the film added emotional gravitas.

    Even after all these years, I still get very moved by this film and especially the ending.

    • SkyNett

      Agreed. His unfortunate death adds dramatic weight to the film.

  • Kaijudude

    They tried to do this about a year ago didn’t they? The fans said no.
    That was Brandon lee’s part , let it stay Brandon lee’s part. If you absolutely have to remake it , Make it a different character.

    • TheSlitheryDee

      Really isn’t his. They’re doing the comic adaption. Not remaking the movie… Apparently.

      • Kaijudude

        I still can’t really be on board honestly . You know you can’t trust hollywood. XD

        • TheSlitheryDee

          Only reason I’m in is O’Barr backing the new film. It’s too personal for him to sell out (I think).

          • Kaijudude

            Oh he is ? That actually makes me feel a tiny bit better about it , but idk.

          • I Am Colossus

            O’Barr is heavilly involved with this movie…he’s been on record saying, he has no desire to remake the original and erase Brandons memory, he just wants to make a closer version of his original vision that they werent allowed to make the first time. Jason Momoa looks the part and is usually the best part of any movie hes in, Conan fucking sucked but not because of Momoa.

  • Crow

    Did someone decide to write this article under the influence of alcohol?

    • Meisha’s Taint

      No it’s This site is an absolute joke now

  • Meisha’s Taint

    This is a dated movie that only appeals to a very small group of people around a very specific age group that for the most part only like it because Lee is in it/died. Why they would make a remake it or make another sequel now is beyond puzzling.

    9o% of horror fans don’t care. And certainly no one else outside the genre cares.

    Just stop it already

    • zob rombie

      Well, that’s just like, your opinion man.

    • Overton Green

      Nothing about the Crow is dated, and it definitely has a large fan base.

      • TheSlitheryDee

        Absolutely nothing wrong with The Crow. These dudes are clueless on just how huge this character is.

        • Rae

          Beg to differ. Just because the majority of the fanbase would agree with you doesn’t mean it’s an accepted opinion overall and it certainly doesn’t mean those who aren’t in agreement are incorrect.

    • 1) Yes, the original movie is dated. I will absolutely agree with you there. But that doesn’t mean that a new version will have that same feel to it. That’s the point of the remake, to make it more modern and freshen things up.

      2) Lee dying has nothing to do with people liking it. It’s just something that happened during production that makes the story of the film feel all the more potent. But had he lived, I’m certain it would’ve still had nearly the same impact as it does today.

      3) A remake/sequel makes all the sense in the world because there is an extensive comic library to pull from, so there are movies galore, if they so choose.

      4) “9o% of horror fans don’t care. And certainly no one else outside the genre cares.” – If this were true, then articles we post about ‘The Crow’ wouldn’t be some of the top performers of the day if not the week, which they are. Statistics prove you wrong.

      • Matt

        I totally agree with everything you said, except point one. The comic was from ’89, and the film from ’94. Why would they “need” to make it more modern? Should he be playing Pokemon Go, and posting on Facebook? If they do re-make the film, they should keep it in that time period.

        • Oh, I’m not recommending they add things that are specific to our time period. In fact, I’d say they should do the opposite. The films that don’t “age” for me are the ones that have nothing in them that would age. “Twin Peaks” is a great example where it simply doesn’t feel like it’s aged because they focus on characters and the story, not on objects that people interact with.

          I feel that there is a change in how we view relationships today versus how we viewed them in ’89 or even in ’94. Using today’s views on love, marriage, commitment, etc… as a point of focus in the reboot/remake could lead to some really interesting developments.

          • Matt

            Sorry I came across as kind of a dick in my original reply, I meant no offense.

            I’m glad to hear that you wouldn’t want to add all the modern ‘”gadgets” and what not, but I am afraid that’s exactly what they will do. There will be an appearance by selfies, Snapchat, Twitter, and all of that type of BS. I’d bet money on it.

            As to your second point, call me dense, but I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you want to talk about “dated”, that’s me. I kind of live in the past, but at least they know me there! I’m a bit dubious on what you mean by “today’s views on love, marriage, commitment, etc.”

            In there original, at the heart of the story (the way I see it) was Eric’s deep seeded love for his fiancé Shelly (his soulmate), and his primal desire to get those responsible for her death (and his own). Also there was his desire to look out for and protect Sarah, a girl he had come to see as a member of the family, if not his own daughter. He means to see these goals accomplished, no matter what.

            How do you think these things might be different in the ‘modern age’? I would think that these feelings would be timeless. Or did you mean something completely different, and I just missed the point? (I’ve been known to do that from time to time!)

          • No, you didn’t come across as a dick at all! No worries there!

            I’m really hoping they leave all those social media technologies out of the film. I think those would date it FAR faster than pretty much anything else.

            In my opinion, the way that relationships/marriages/love is/are viewed today feels radically different than what it was 20 years ago. We live in a far more fast-paced society, so it feels like more and more relationships are built with speed rather than patience and appreciation. I don’t know if it’s just me (and it may very well be) but I that’s how I see a lot of things happening around me.

            What I loved about Eric’s relationship with Shelly was that they were there for each other even though the world around them was shitty and they themselves weren’t in a perfect place. For many people these days (again, this is my opinion), those reasons alone would be enough to call things off and move on. But not those two. They always found ways to remain in love, as evidenced through the flashback sequences.

            I don’t know how it would be different in today’s day and age. But I do feel that it’ll be harder to prove to me that the same kind of true love is present.

          • Matt

            I see your point on the difference between yesterday and today. I think I can agree. However, I think a lot of people, living in any time, might have thrown in the towel if their relationship faced the challenges of Eric and Shelly’s. You are probably right, though, that that reaction would be more so in this time. People today want what they want, and they want it right now. If the road gets rough, they will often bail and find another road.

            This has been a nice little conversation. Thanks for taking the time to have it.

          • My pleasure! Thanks for being a part of it as well!

    • Travis_Bickle

      Cosign with Barkan – 90% of horror fans love this film.

      Please don’t speak for horror fans when you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Overton Green

    I don’t understand the argument that the movie “hasn’t aged well”? What about it hasn’t aged well? I think when looking at 90s movies it has aged extremely well, and is still watchable without getting pulled out of what is going on.

    I really wish you would have went into more detail because from a visual standpoint the movie holds up just fine so that can’t be what you think hasn’t aged well.

    • I Am Colossus

      He didn’t list any reasons because the real fanbase will tear his ass apart……..I guess I should say in my opinion

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Oh drat…… and I was all primed n’ ready for the return of Eddie Furlong to the role…..

  • ShadowInc

    Dafuq, Jason Mamoa? Really? Why not hire The Rock to play Spiderman while your at it?

    • Totally agree with you. Mamoa is too built for the role.

  • I Am Colossus

    Hmmmmm… ears just perked up a little, I will be honest about that.

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