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‘Turbo Kid 2’ Officially Announced!



Yesterday brought the incredible Le Matos music video for “No Tomorrow”, which acted as a prequel to 2015’s festival darling Turbo Kid (review). It told the story of Apple (Laurence Leboeuf) and her companion, who dies pretty much right away. The ending of the video shows that the companion is the same skeletal remains she has when first introduced in the film.

Now, filmmakers Yoann-Karl Whissell, Anouk Whissell, and François Simard have told Journal de Montreal that a sequel is officially in the works and it will take place immediately after the events of the first film!

Yoann-Karl explains, “It will be a direct sequel to the first film, taking action where it ended. No other details have been released and it isn’t confirmed if Munro Chambers of Leboeuf will be reprising their roles as “The Kid” and Apple, respectively.

In the first film, “In a post-apocalyptic future, The Kid, an orphaned outcast, meets a mysterious girl. They become friends until Zeus, the sadistic leader of the Wasteland, kidnaps her. The Kid must face his fears, and journey to rid the Wasteland of evil and save the girl.