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‘Saw: Legacy’: Production Beginning (Exclusive)

Bloody-Disgusting can exclusively confirm that production is beginning on Saw: Legacy, the eighth film in the franchise created by James Wan (Dead Silence, Insidious, The Conjuring) and Leigh Whannell. And while we don’t know the story or cast, we have been shown a couple of revealing set photos, one of which piqued our interest quite a bit.

So as not to reveal a potential spoiler, I’m going to offer the information we do know first and then put a trailer in between that and the photos.

Saw: Legacy is written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfiner, the duo behind Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD, and Sorority Row. It is being directed by the Spierig brothers, Peter and Michael, who are responsible for Undead, Daybreakers and Predestination, while Dan Heffner and Oren Koules are allegedly producing.

Another interesting item of note: the IMDb has Saw: Legacy listed for release on October 27th, 2017, although that is not a confirmed date.

Alright, here’s what’s interesting about the two photos. They show a cemetery and the second photo reveals John Kramer’s (played by Tobin Bell) grave dug up with the coffin sticking out of the dirt. Why the grave has been dug up is a mystery. It could be sycophantic fans desperate to be close to him or it could be an exhumation for investigative reasons. At this point, all theories are on the table and speculations can run high!

For our younger readers who may not have seen the Saw films, these photos are a huge deal because Kramer is also known as “Jigsaw”, the evil mastermind behind the Saw films! He died in the third Saw, although Bell reprised his role throughout the franchise in a series of flashbacks. The Final Chapter revealed that Kramer/Jigsaw had either purposely or unintentionally created a cult of followers who continue to share his message long after death: appreciate the life that you’ve been given.

While we cannot confirm the validity of the below photos, here are the potential shots from the set:



  • Liam Pendergast

    I’m torn on this. The series became a complete joke after 3 and over stayed it’s welcome far too long. But on the other hand this new film is being directed by The Spierig Brothers who’ve made some really solid little genre films like Daybreakers and Predestination. The film could easily be crap but I’m optimistic seeing that it’s being helmed by some pretty competent directors.

    • Matt

      I totally agree with your assessment. The last several films became a caricature of the original classic. I am willing to give this a chance, but I’m not sure where they can go with it that will not come off as silly.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      4-5-6 are a mess but they tried to do something interesting and tell something and it was leading somewhere (tough they changed everything, even Jigsaw personality) then 7 came and it was rushed, forced, gimmicky, ridiculous, like a parody, it was a total disaster, and they ruined the whole story, of the whole franchise and every single movie, so i am very curious as how they are gonna continue it

    • I don’t know, VI was really great, and the connections to the previous movies, especially Saw III, were phenomenal.

  • Barry El Beardo

    Personally I think Saw 1, 3 and 6 are the best ones. I think 2 is terrible, 4 is even worse and 5 a slight improvement. I enjoyed the final chapter but it definitely became a victim of its own success resulting in cheaper entries.

  • tyler

    Hoffman better not be in this…PERIOD! Jigsaw and Amanda better be… and not in stupid flashback form! “Saw” usually prided itself on twists and turns so they can twist it back around so those 2 are not really dead and put the focus back on them because they were what made the movies entertaining.

    • Nah, they’re dead, period. John could come back in flashbacks, but I don’t see Amanda returning. Her story ended in VI

  • James

    How is this horrible serious still going on?!?

    • Grandpa Fred

      Why so series?

      • Chris Genro

        you win the internet sir! ha ha

  • Weresmurf

    Fucking love this series. Even the bad ones. The story was great. Cannot wait for this, you had me at Spierig Brothers, was fortunate to interview them years back for Daybreakers and they were such legends! Predestination was a great adaptation of All you zombies as well. Cant wait to see what they do here.

  • Christian

    How can you confirm that the production has begun if you don’t know if the photos are credible? Doesn’t make sense.

    Perhaps you should add a question mark to your headline.

    • Braker

      Investigative journalism. They’d rather just run a story than ask the many people they know connected with the movie.

  • Blade4693

    I think the last one I SAW 😉 was 6? I might have seen 7.

    Does anyone else think this series could use a fresh start? I feel like continuing to add stuff and more connections to the kramer guy was already getting a bit over the top earlier in the series lol

    • Lirabelle

      I think I missed 7, too. And I agree, the need to connect everything back was making things convoluted. I felt like I needed a map and lots of post-it notes after awhile to keep track of who knew so-and-so that wronged Bob and gave Marvin weed and drove Alice to work and shot Jim’s best-friend’s dog.

  • Khy

    They started filming Tuesday already. Yay

  • Ivy Julia Carey

    I need them to bring back Amanda, I don’t care that she already died, it’s Saw.

    • Eliza

      I want her back too, she is my favorite character, she needs to comeback.

  • Shayla Francis

    Seriously cannot wait!!!

  • I’m only really a fan of the first Saw movie, but I’m interested to see what the Spierig Brothers do with the franchise.

  • Adaaification

    SAW is a tough choice. 1 was great, 2 was medicore at best, 3 was pure torture porn. 4 did a good job at connecting both trilogys with each other. But there was something that showed up, everytime they needed something to work they corrected it in flashbacks. But that would get worse in the second trilogy. 5 and 6 were both on the same level, not that good, not that bad. And 7 was a loveletter final for a series that overstayed its welcome.

    I don’t know. Legacy should do on its own, no connecting at first to the seven movies before it. Maybe they will connect them with the usual flashbacks, but i hope that they let it be. They should move forward and make the series great again and show that there is still some thrill and in it.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      i hope they do something different, like a remake/reboot without talking about previous movies tough they have the same characters, because what 7 did is beyond repair of any kind

      • Adaaification

        7 was not that bad in my eyes. It was the only logical way for a open ending. Everybody was tested, everybody was killed and the true successor of Jigsaw has arrived as only survivor, who build up a cult or something of helpers. But i hope they don’t follow it up at first, they need like you and i said fresh blood and a fresh look at the series.

    • VII was the WORST entry in the franchise. It ended in VI for me

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Jigsaw Lives.

  • For me Saw was excellent, Saw 2 was a masterpiece, Saw 3 was amazing, Saw 4 was so bad, Saw 5 was okay, Saw 6 was a bit better, Saw 7 was in the line between bad and okay.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      7 was the worst by far

      • Scotty James Savile

        Yes I think we get the hint that you hated part 7.

        4-6 were the worst to me.

      • Lirabelle

        Wait, which one was the worst? I think I missed it somewhere.

  • Khy

    Uh do you guys remember what you post? Lionsgate announced that release date months ago. duh

  • Adam Nixon

    Words cannot describe how excited I am. Yes, the sequels were hit and miss, but the franchise was such a phenomena and it was such a huge part of my adolescence and early adulthood, I can’t wait to see it return.

    Here’s to hoping they do something new and exciting with the film. I will say that by the time the “final” chapter came around, the formula was starting to wear a little thin, so it’d be nice if they maintained the same tone/universe/characters established in the previous films but did something a bit different with the material.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      me too, but VII was such a terrible movie en every aspect that is hard to see what they are going to do, but the directors are good and interesting

  • Francesco Falciani

    october 2017 is the official date…also has the same date

  • Adam Clifton

    I always knew there’d be more after Saw 7. Glad to see it’s continuing

  • Justin McGill

    is anyone else confused that these are considered official photos? The article makes ZERO mention if these photos have been verified.. It looks like some guy’s twitter feed who found pictures on an IMDb thread asking if they are real?? did I miss something?

    As for the actual film Can’t wait. I didn’t want it to go out like it did. 7 while I didn’t mind the ultimate result was just a very very weak and rushed film. hopefully they drop the 3D which while it may be cool in the theater..when thrown into 2D it looks like a cartoon.

  • James Allard

    First one was a train wreck. A great, bloody mess of a train wreck. I loved it. The lack of budget caused a low level of WTF but overall, the beginning was rocky and worth the ride. Each film after, well, varying levels of meh to Whoa! Personally I loved the fact the (formerly) last film in the series was a well made attack on the health insurance industry. Well made and IMHO long overdue considering what the film series was saying from the start… Cherish your life, you might end up at the mercy of the medical profession, the health insurance industry and big pharma.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    with VII they ruined the WHOLE story when they could have done something great, not that the movies that are not the first one are good, but they wasted a huge chance and VII is a terrible movie all around

  • Bart Crowe

    Weird to think that the Saw franchise is getting a soft reboot. I think the last Saw movie came out in 2010 so that seems like enough time has passed considering they cranked out those sequels year after year for awhile.

  • Irving
  • kmd

    I have to admit, it’s going to be hard going to see this movie. Saw 3D was just so bad on so many levels and I swore I wouldn’t go see another movie if it came out. That being said, I’m shocked to be a little excited this is coming out. Maybe I secretly missed the series … after all Saw 1 (and only Saw 1) was probably my favorite horror movie of all time … and yes, that does include the classics that I swore would never be topped.

  • luna13darke

    My favourite horror movies ever. I have had a crush on Jigsaw/Tobin Bell since the first movie. Jigsaw is brilliant. I spend every Halloween watching the movies back to back. To say that I’m excited about a new Saw movie is an understatement. Thank fuck Charlie Clouser is back for the score.

    • Kaged

      I liked saw when it was about the psychological terror rather than the gore (so the first one and the first one only) the rest is just gore porn with no originality.

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