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A ‘Colossal’ Theatrical Opening Planned


From the exciting new distribution company, Neon, Nacho Vigalondo’s widely praised monster movie Colossal (review) will open in theaters on April 7, 2017.

Our very own Kalyn Corrigan reviewed Colossal, calling it “a clever and fascinating mega monster movie that’s just as deeply comedic and entertaining as it is casually wise and perceptive.

The pseudo-monster movie, from the director of Extraterrestrial, V/H/S Viral, and Timecrimes, stars Anne Hathaway as a hard-partying New Yorker who uses her mind to battle a giant lizard half a world away in Seoul. Dan Stevens (The Guest) and Jason Sudeikis co-star.

Radius co-founder Tom Quinn and Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League will distribute the film that made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Quinn, who was head of acquisition for Magnolia Pictures, was also the Radius executive who acquired and helped champion the horror classic It Follows. League is not only the owner of Alamo Drafthouse, but is also behind all sorts of important things in our pop culture, including the incredible Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. This is an exciting pairing that will be fruitful for us genre fans.



  • Russell Reball

    I want to see a pic of this colossal monster!!! What’s it look like?

    • It looks pretty good! You’ll just have to wait and see. =)

      • zombie84_41

        Does it look like godzilla a little. I hope it don’t look like a giant frog like clover does.

        • You’ll just have to see. 😉

          • zombie84_41

            They got a trailer out for it but I don’t think I wanta watch it.

          • It’s a 55-second trailer. Not very spoiler-y. But seeing the film blind is definitely the way to see it.

          • zombie84_41

            Ok cool thanx Trace. can’t wait to see it for sure.

  • alan70

    This had completely fallen off of my radar. Glad to hear a release date is finally set!

  • Satanzilla

    Was a little worried it might not see a wide release — it’s been a while. Sounds interesting!

  • Zachary Brown

    still no trailer either?

    • zombie84_41

      I think its better that we don’t have one. Keeps us in suspense more.

  • zombie84_41

    Finally at least I know when it is released. I hope that this will actually be a like Kaiju movie and not some stupid boring drama. i love giant monster movies and wanta see something interesting. I wonder if it be R. That be different.

  • sam7447

    Stopped reading after “horror classic, It Follows”. Lol.

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