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Can the Writer of ‘Arrival’ Save the Alien Invasion Subgenre?

Eric Heisserer was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his adapted screenplay of Arrival. The sci-fi drama is one of the first alien-themed genre films in what feels like decades to break mainstream and land among the all time greats. It’s Spielbergian and has the emotional impact of E.T. or even Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But because it was a drama, the film was carried by incredible acting and a touching story. Can Heisserer pull off a similar feat with a darker, more volatile alien invasion movie? He’s going to try…

Heisserer, along with Spenser Cohen and Brad Caleb Kane have penned Extinction, which will star Michael Pena (pictured; Chips, Ant-Man, End of Watch) as a man beset with a recurring dream of losing his family, followed by a brutal alien invasion of Earth. As he fights for his life, he discovers the strength to protect his family.

Ben Young is directing. Deadline first reported the news.




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