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[Review] ‘Caught’ is an Escalation in Terror

[Review] ‘Caught’ is an Escalation in Terror

Jamie Patterson’s Caught puts a new spin on the home invasion subgenre by throwing aliens into the mix. Yes, this alien home invasion sci-fi thriller takes us East Sussex in the UK where aliens were sighted in 1967.

The film begins when two small-town reporters notice the military camped on a hilltop, which leads to two unusual strangers knocking at their door. It’s quickly implied that the man and woman aren’t normal, acting strange and speaking even more bizarrely. Tension escalates pretty quickly when these aliens demand something that the family can’t provide, which forces the duo to become prisoners in their own home.

Patterson’s film does carry a heavy 70’s aesthetic, although it lacks cinematic qualities; it looks and feels cheap, often taking the viewer out of the action. With that said, there are a plethora of wonderfully weird moments that will warm the hearts of gorehounds. Patterson looks to have been inspired by early John Carpenter films, delivering skin-crawling effects, which hark back to films like The Thing.

There’s plenty of tension, with the performances by Cian Barry and April Pearson (the two “aliens”) carrying the entire film on their backs, not to mention an escalation of terror as the family’s two kids being thrown in the middle of the invasion.

While Caught won’t abduct everyone’s attention, it’s a strange, unique, and intense indie that will be welcomed by both sci-fi and horror fans alike.

Caught premiered at the Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival on Feb. 28th.




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